Monday, December 16, 2002
*clutches head and SCREAMS* ARHG!!! LADY MARMALADE OF THE MOULIN ROUGE FAME, with the KAMUI Skin of him holding the shinken, looking sweet with huge purple eyes and red shirt.... ARGH! BETH!!!!! I'm holding you responsible if I get my cwk marked a D!!!!! ARGH!!!!! BEEEEEETH!!!! You EVIL girl!!!! I can't believe your evil influence is on me after more than a YEAR! Dear LORD! ARGH!
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:41 p.m.

Monday, December 16, 2002
Oh dear lord saaave me. Brit Spear's "Stronger", accompanied by Souma Kyou of FB, in strong orange. Irony.
I'm a bit hysterical at the moment.. haven't been sleeping or eating properly (eating I've done, just not properly) and I've been typing away like a rabid dog (just with more control) for the past 7..... hours? Ish. But!!! I'm on my last piece! THE LAST BLOODY PAPER!!! YESYESYES!!!!!
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:37 p.m.

Monday, December 16, 2002
My computer is fucked up. Bleh. And Kazaa is evil.
Once again, doing Drama cwk. PLEASE...... only a few more days left... only a few days... arghargh~ and I'm sooo sick of this text. The social and traditional issues, mostly on sexism, is disturbing, as is the feeling of helplessness the playwright is trying to express. And it makes me feel like I've been grown in a hothouse, like I've been sheltered all my life.
On a completely different tangent...... my winamp is disturbing, in a totally different way. It has SPEED's song 'Sophisticated Girl' playing, with a dark Fuuma-holding-shinken skin. Blergh... it's as twisted as my mind.
Let's see the next one... Dark and Daisuke blue skin. Glay's "Beloved". Huh.
Oh yes... and once again, I'm too busy to even post translations off. I'm getting so annoyed- I won't have any free time till the Christmas break. It's been hectic for the past few weeks and months!! September was such a lull next to this...
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 07:40 p.m.

Sunday, December 15, 2002
Somehow, I feel like Onnatachi needs to be archived... after all, it's been 2 months, exactly now. Ah well XD (too lazy to be bothered at the moment)
I spent the entire day doing nothing but reading... and buying cards. Christmas I love you, but honestly, the cards really do make a huge hole in the wallet. I've spent a third of my allowance on CARDS. Jeez. Now I need to write them out... I normally LOVE anything related to Christmas, but it's a little hard to be enthusiastic about ANYTHING when my head feels like there's a vice on it, and a lack of thisthat vitamin's making me ill. -_-; ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT TILL THE END OF TEEEEEEEEEEEEEERM...... one week, ONE WEEK!!! Must survive!
In other words, back to doing crap drama coursework -_-;
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 07:47 p.m.

Saturday, December 14, 2002
1. The first story I EVER posted/read was: (if you don't remember, describe story)
...Ruroken. Tin-nee's To be or Not to Be. I think. Not sure. Something about babe-dono???

2. The fandom for that was... (if you're too ashamed to admit it, lie!)
Ruroken. Nyah.

3. And this was actually back in...
...Er. Er....? Around 1998, I think. Ish. Not sure.

4. My favorite genre to write is:
Something wistful with description, like a painting in words. Genre? What genre! I don't EVER post something I write. I HARDLY ever show... and when I do, that's usually the end of the story.

5. My favorite genre to read is:
Er. Usually... something incredibly mind-boggling in a GOOD way. None of that crapass a "1(add unit below 4~6)-year-old-wrote-smut" shite. Gen. Dunno.

6. My TOP FIVE or VERY favorite fan-author(s) is/are:
Tin-nee. Leareth. Midnight Blue. Meg Kelly. Chelleybean. Anna(not me -_-). Beth. The list goes on, but these are top list, in no particular order. Metrovamp goes as well... and Riley's quite good.

7. My favorite published-author(s) is/are:
Jane Austen. Bronte. Mark Twain. Alexander Dumas. Anne Rice. JK Rowling(though it's mostly the ideas I find better than the writing itself...). Shakespeare(you gotta love him). Homer... Tolkien, to a certain degree. Mangawise... heh. Hisaya Nakajo, Tanemura (but she has such inconsistencies!!!!!!), Tomoko Hayakawa, Saenagi Ryo, CLAMP and Takaya Natsuki. And mustn't EVER forget Minekura Kazuya. Oh, and Yukiru Sugisaki.

8. I can often be found haunting...
Onnatachi, blogs and MLs.

9. My current passion is:
Something you don't want to know. XD. HP, actually. I don't read anymore manga-wise, unless it's by people I know, or it's been recommended by a reliable source. really does your brain in, in the worst possible way.

10. A fandom I kind of miss, and still have a few unexorcised ghosts for is:
Er.... *sheepish grin* Sailor Moon. XD And CCS, but both, I disliked the whole group of fans. Never was in SM fandom to start with, but have BAD memories of being on the CCS ML... of all the moronic, circular *idiots*... no one in specific, and certainly no one on the links list.

11. My strangest, most unexpected fandom turn was:
Er. Saiyuki and HP. HP most likely, and because of the characters in question... *sweatdrops*

12. Something I wish I could write for, but never did/never will was:
Never did for most of them. Chickened out halfway through. And probably never will for FB, cuz I can't make up my mind. FB is evil in that way, so I might throw convention out and take Hatori instead. Uo-chan and Kyou are funny together too... HEH.(I remember breaking Tin-nee's brain with THAT)

13. I'm happily (or unhappily) anticipating being ambushed at some point by:
UN-happily expecting something along the lines of god-knows-what.

14. A secret fandom urge I've never confessed is:
Um... go under a pseudonym, write BULLSHIT I know is crap and see it massacred by the masses. Or, loved by the idiots. I might even send it to Leareth, saying it's the dumbest piece of shit I've read, and have fun dissing it. Am I screwed up? Yes.
Oh yes, and another one... write without fear of being contrasted to those around me.
One more... go kick the living shit out of idiot-writers.

15. I am most proud of (reading/writing/being involved with) this particular fandom aspect:
Here. Being here, and being able to talk to said 'celebrities of the fandom' -_-;. Being accepted, and being allowed to say what I like. Not being judged on my appearance, past mistakes, grades, status whatever, but being judged on my intellect. (not that I have a problem with any of the above LOL *whistles innocently*). Oh yes, and good fics challenge and widen the limit of vocabulary. And it's just fun to run away from real life.

That was fun~ *cackles*
Actually, I came home today, after a 2-hour morning exam (English exams are the worst, on par with media exams), 2 hours of waiting and 4 hours of shopping for friends. Jeez, waking up at SIX on a Saturday morning... brutal, baby, BRUTAL. But I did have fun shopping with Micchan, cuz we always have fun~ the pollution I could do without, though.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 06:47 p.m.

Thursday, December 12, 2002
HAHAHAA~!!! Just go to Arashi's mp3 site and download the South Park Christmas tune. ;____; Boy, it's really pulsating with Christmas spirit.
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:28 p.m.

Thursday, December 12, 2002
I've been doing such dumb things, dumber than my usual. I managed to scald my palm with a lit piece of incense, so there's a strange white mark on my palm, which I'll assume is a blister.
Athletics day today. Long Jump- threw myself into it, got sand in places and the last one had Ms.N say "My god Anna, you'll break your nose like that one day". Missed doing the 100m sprint, so in the end, I only did shotput and long jump. I even missed my triple jump event! In all, it wasn't too bad XDXDXD. Only my body aches a bit.....
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 07:14 p.m.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002
PS: Sinfest is the best!
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 12:04 p.m.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002
I love Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai. What a fantastic anime!! ^_^V I would make a site for it if there wasn't such a good one up already. ^^ And Cowboy Bebop turned out very good as well, as expected. Better even, than my expectations. Good anime is such a great way of passing idle days!
Now downloading Full Metal Panic and more .hack//SIGN. I can't seem to be able to stick with the latter. It is so confusing in the beginning. But she says it's worth it, so I'll just download all of it first and watch it slowly. I also want Excel Saga and Kimagure Orange Road. ^__^ Manga has taken such a big backseat now. I think I got tired of looking through the shelves at my store and seeing the same old titles over and over.
Am going out later again, to watch He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. (Last time the tickets were sold out so quickly...well, not really, since we arrived about 15 minutes before the movie. Ah well. At least I got to check HMV for the Fruits Basket OST <-- not available =_=)
I have been reading more Charlotte Bronte (Villette), given up on job searching (it's futile! And besides, I only have two weeks of vacation left), and accomplished little of what I had set out to do in my to-do list some entries back. Gah. Never mind, I guess it's forgivable if I accomplish other things.
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:53 a.m.

Sunday, December 8, 2002
The most eerie... or Just Plain Weird Moments in the last 12 hours...
Mom went into Mrs.Fields. THIS, is MAJOR shockshockshock. She bought two muffins... bigger shock.
We were in Seibu. Went to Polo Jeans. She got me a shirt... Anna goes into a mild state of confusion.
We then move to Ralph Lauren. Mama really likes this really nice coat... she asks for a medium size and makes me try it on. She then BUYS it. Anna goes from mild state of confusion into near-full confusion+state-of-denial. With a fair dose of "Who are you and WHAT have you done with my mother?!?!"
Was at this Sony centre... and at the MD section, took my MD player out, explaining to the rather cute guy (-_-a) that it keeps saying 'BLANKDISC'. At that point- the stupid MD starts working. Insert Anna Gaping.

Today has been a VERY confusing day.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 07:09 p.m.

Sunday, December 8, 2002
-_- I did the SATs. Just for the record... I was freezing my arse in there, and the seats were sooooo bloody uncomfortable... it was hard to concentrate with that. So I'm assuming I'll have to take it again sometime next year. Bummer, that.
I came home yesterday after that.. and promptly started watching the rest of Fruits Basket. Hanyaaan~ I loved it ^^ But the quality wasn't v.good, especially the ending T_T but oh well. I have a feeling the anime was reaaaaally leaning towards Kyou. We had none of the Evil!Shigure in it (ah. more's the pity) and I didn't like the colour of Hatori's eyes (yeah, sue me, I love Hatori!) but... much liked. Oh yes and I HATE Motoko. Always did, always will, as I'll always love Saki~ XD Which reminds me...

Anna: yeah so which FB character am I like?
Asuka:...Hanajima. And Uotani.
Anna:*sweatdrops* aaah. So a mix?
Asuka: Yup. You look like Hanajima, and act like both of them.

--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 12:29 p.m.

Saturday, December 7, 2002
Taahhh!!! RAW, Heart of a Tennyo and Mint Candy 'N' Kisses have new layouts. ^___^V (RAW also has a new X TV screencap gallery, Monou-sama centred of course.) Next I will be working on Hanakimi translations as well as Mononisuru. Phew! What a load of links.
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 06:55 p.m.

Friday, December 6, 2002
Though _technically_, I shouldn't even be online, I wanted to wish Leareth a VERY Happy Birthday~~ This year, I actually got it on time!
And, er, since I'm online anyway... my fingers smell like oranges, cuz I was so stressed out today during school... so as soon as I got home, I took some oranges out of the fridge, and started carving into the pith, to make some Chrismas pomanders... the ones I saw in a book were so pretty. I hope it'll dry out properly, but who knows, with HK's climate. It was finally getting cold last week.. but this week, the temperature's climbed back up to the 26~+, so I am currently, not very much happy. Bleh.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 06:49 p.m.

Friday, December 6, 2002
Best of luck for the SATs, Anna!!! *_* And yes, I have a crapload of photos albeit in other people's cameras on other people's film, but I've made them promise to pass some to me when they're developed. And yay for Fruits Basket anime! FB has always struck me as a more 'anime' manga than a 'manga' manga. ^^; Maybe because of the fast-paced action and humour that's so much more vividly put across in colour on a screen.
I've downloaded all of Cowboy Bebop, and am watching it now! :D Yes, where have I been the series is so old you are a loser for watching it only now. So far, it's nice, reminds me a lot of Trigun. But it's just not...fantastic? Maybe not yet. I'm sure the coming episodes (seen up to 16) will be fantastic. The close to the ending episodes always are.
I'm going to watch the French movie today--that one starring the girl who played Amelie in well, Amelie. I'm very excited about that! ^_^V I really like her. I'm told she's not all innocent and Amelie-like here though.
I also have to burn a couple of CDs for the friend I am going to meet. Furikuri/Fruits Basket/Spirited Away??? I'm thinking I'll try Furikuri because it makes people laugh, even the people not so acquainted with anime, and he could never watch the South Park parody without loling so. Fruits Basket requires more um, experience with SD-ness and bishounen (my mom wasn't convinced Yuki was a guy until much later and yes--she is actually watching it. XD I'm making her. LOL nah, she just wants to cos it looks cute and she wants to improve her Japanese, she's taking lessons). Non-anime fans would just think it was weird and pointless and dumb and like every other anime out there on Cartoon Network. When we all know it's most definitely not. *_* Spirited Away is actually a better bet, just that the file I have is sucky. =/ I don't think I can download fast enough on Kazaa now. (I am only a guru now. I was a Supreme Being with a participation level of 1000 only some days ago. All thanks to Cowboy Bebop.)
But I am sooo sooo broke, and I really want a lot of things. ;___; Ergh. Nadia and I were debating whether it is worse to have money and not be able to spend it, or not to have money at all. I say the former. Because money burns holes in your pocket when it's there, and an empty pocket is just...empty. ^^
So, next week, I have yet more things to do. I'm busy and I still don't have a job yet. Gahhh.
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 1104.m.

Wednesday, December 4, 2002
Happy Birthday Selene-sama~, and HAI, I _am_ working on the chapters!!! ^^
Doing drama hwk... and how could I have not known, HANDWRITING the damn cwk is sooooo much easier!!! Plus, handwriting takes more space XD
I deleted so many files off my computer... as opposed to the 3GB of files, I now only have 1.86GB of music/video files left on this computer. VERY much a computer illit, so don't really know how much of a difference that is, but I do understand that 'Giga' is HUGE. That's ALL I know XDXD
And sooo..... listening to the wonderful voice of Teru and drawing stick figures in my cwk XD
I am slowly, but v.v.v.surely panicking over my SAT I this Saturday. T_T Suffering And Torment- T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T
Charlene!!! I'm so glad to hear the dance went well... have any photos? *winks* will give you some highly amusing photos of me once we meet again online XD In the meantime.. .let me finish my drama cwk and sleep early, as I need to be in tooooop condition for Saturday XD
Oh, and JUST one more thing. A friend of mine lent me Fruits Basket.. the anime. I don't know if I've ever mentioned, but my knowledge of anime is veeeeery limited. My grand favourite was Sailor Moon (you see how deprived I am?? I've only watched GW, Fushigi which I HATED btw, CCS which I loved and Eva, which frankly scared me), especially the last series, as I have this..., I just don't like Mamoru. He sucks. Destiny, my ARSE~
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:40 p.m.

Wednesday, December 4, 2002
I'm tired. =) Just got back from the graduation was cool. Not fantastic, but I never had high expectations anyway. It was nice...being there...everyone there...cordial handshaking, some hugging...everyone's friends and friendly (because everyone's beautiful) for that one single time. I guess this was the last time we're all gonna be together. I'm a bit sad when I think of it--well, maybe not sad, but pondering and reflective. Well, I had a good time. A suitable closing to one chapter in my life.
Sad to say, the highlight of it was when I released two balloons into the sky on the way home and screamed to the stars: "HELP ME UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF LIFE!" and "PLEASE GET ME A GOOD BOYFRIEND NEXT YEAR!" (Celestine declined the second baloon, so I made full use of it. XD) And then, I inhaled some helium (a whole balloonful actually) and tried to record my voice with Celestine's handphone. It was really hilarious. XD Too bad in all the excitement Celestine forgot to actually record the thing, but I was too deflated (excuse the pun) to try again. Anyhow, I had two witnesses and that's good enough. I hope I was ample amusement and entertainment for the love birds. =D
There is something magical about watching two beautiful people in love together.
Yeah...and that's all I have to say except that I am now officially really broke, and have to go earn my bread and not live on my mom any longer. I am also very tired, and I am also a geek for writing this in the morning after my dinner.
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 12:46 a.m.

Sunday, December 1, 2002
Man... I am so tired. What are the odds to finishing my drama essay reaaally quickly, and sleeping now, waking early and doing my artwork THEN? Because... I really don't think I can face up to staying up late, at least not in my current condition. The supposed 'nap' I had earlier in the day was horrible, as it didn't help ANYTHING. It's made me more tired, rather, since I kept getting interrupted by mom and phone calls- the latter requiring a lot of concentration since I was trying to answer questions about our drama hwk.
My eye hurts. A pity mom won't let me stay home tmr.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:50 p.m.

Sunday, December 1, 2002
Beth- actually, Snape Hermione really depends on the writer (as always XD) if it's been written by an idiot, you'll be totally turned off by the said pairing, which is already a bit of an issue. But... if it's been well written, characterwise and plot blahblah, then it's actually really good to read. Maybe it's just me, cuz I'm tired of teenybopper fics and characters who weep at every opportunity, and maybe it's cuz both Snape and Hermione have a lot more going for them than looks (ESPECIALLY Snape XD). Takes a really good writer to actually write a intelligent character- you can't actually WRITE a brilliant character without being pretty smart yourself XDXD. But I agree on lots of points about SH, cuz the entire idea of student/professor relationship really.... er, not my cup of tea. Pawn to Queen, though, is quite a good one, except for certain parts when Snape goes totally weepy- but very minimal, and not really 'ugh' types, so that can be excused XD. Another pairing which made me go "GAH!!!!!" (as Charlene so eloquently puts it) was Harry/Snape, but the thing is... Mirror of Maybe is good. And the idea itself (not the pairing, but the story) is intriguing.
Ergh, enough of me on that. I've woken up from a fretful not-quite-sleep... kept getting interrupted by mom and various phone calls *growls* I NEED the sleep so I can stay up tonight and do my work! ARGH! Today's been an incredibly bad day, what with my parents waking me up to a breakfast of SEAWEEDS, of all things. Normally, I like seaweed, but not when it dominates the table, and I've woken up with a headache. Y'know, the ones that make your head feel like it's vacant, yet full of cotton wool. And THEN, they dragged me out for lunch, except I didn't eat anything, and I got so pissed off at them- dad especially, for trying to make me eat 'safe' stuff, only later I find out it's got shrimp in it. Jeez, he's so hopeful, trying to make me eat seafood, but the bottom line is, I'm ALLERGIC to seafood, and my reaction to it is painful and embarrassing. It makes me feel even more angry because, for all the brains he's supposed to have (and even WITHOUT that, the bloody normal average brain would KNOW) he just can't accept the fact that I DON'T eat certain types of food because it hurts me.
Argh. I just want to scream and hurl something preferably heavy at something.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 04:30 p.m.

Sunday, December 1, 2002
The Hanakimi Project has been updated! ^_^ With a new layout, new sections but sadly, no new translations. Yet. Please, please go visit and maybe even sign the guestbook???
I'm going shopping later for more Cambridge dinner stuff. I got my gown (black, long, niiice) already and now I need the heels, the purse, jewelery, etc. Ja!
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:28 a.m.

Saturday, November 30, 2002
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:01 p.m.

Friday, November 29, 2002
*Hurls Brick*
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:42 p.m.

Thursday, November 28, 2002
Quick entry- must leave in five minutes to go and teach science *laughs*
Am munching on a Shanghai Bun... v.full~ I feel like I've spent to much money. And to be honest, I HAVE. I bought the hat I really wanted, Penguin Brothers 5 (the last volume! the last!!!!), this weird cute metal thing, and really really pretty candy, which I'm going to fill up Miho's present with. I swear, I am so stupid... I keep forgetting to take her present to school -_-a
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 05:45 p.m.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002
BTW... just to drag on the procastrination a bit, someone asked me why I say 'mou'... -_- apart anything else, I don't think 'assib!!!!' sounds particularly nice or even whiney, as my 'mou' is supposed to sound like. Of course, given that the 'asshib!' is more like a 'damn!', things get weird. Not to mention that 'ah sshibal!' (another frequent use when under duress) is probably the Korean equivalent to 'oh fuck'. To put simply, Korean is harder to romanize than Japanese... and it sounds a helluva lot more nasty, given the correct accent and intonation. Think of it as spitting out the word "shit", just make it more clipped. It pisses me off to no end, when non-Koreans go around drawling "aaaaaah shEEba~l", which they assume is the same as a Korean (more specifically, ME) spitting out "SSHIB!!! AH SSHHHHHHIIIIBAAAAAAL!!!!!!".
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:01 p.m.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002
Funny- I seem to blog only when I'm trying to escape doing hwk. I'm trying to write up the draft for my drama coursework... the form and structure part of it. If anyone tells you drama is simply about acting it out, then you're in for a v.overwhelming surprise. In many ways, it's hard for me, because I write ESSAYS, and literature essays at that. I'm no good at language essays-leaflets, reports, all that rot- NO GOOD AT ALL. And with drama, it's so easy to step over that fine line, and do a literary analysis and deconstruction of the play.
All very flowery words just to say I'M STUCK.
So, here I am, cradling a yet-too-hot mug of raspberry tea (...unripe raspberries drenched in honey morelike) for my health. And I still can't deny that I am horribly, and utterly STUCK. Mou.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:44 p.m.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002
I went to register at the job agency this morning. I hope they can find a good job for me soon! I really want to be busy this holiday. All my past holidays have been spent laying around indulging in god-knows-what. Well not this time! Also, after that, I went to school to collect my leaving certificate and some other misc stuff. We were also briefed on how to apply for JC entry. Yosh~! XD It was a firly quiet graduation, with the principal and some other teachers nagging on and on about how once we leave we'll become part of the circle of outside friends of the school, and must forever continue to shine as a PL Lite. (PL is my school, Lite is just...uh, light. They've got something with the candle in the darkness imagery going on--we're a Methodist school.) I was happy to finally leave the place. Not to say there weren't happy memories of course, but a change is always welcome. Who knows, maybe I might miss it sometime in the distant future.
After that I went out again to get dinner and rent manga, and then came home again and went out again to buy groceries and ice cream with dad. When I finally came home, I had time to open Candice's very lovely and thoughtful Farewell present. She had prepared some for the few special people close to her (aw, I feel loved ^_^) and mine was in a shimmery gold paper bag. I got an RK poster, a Karekano poster (yay!! I haven't ever seen those in shops), a pretty Pucca notebook which says on the cover "Garu is the boy whom Pucca likes very much. Soundless jumping power and remarkable landing is his ability." (awesome!! XD), a handmade Japanese girl origami, a cute purple bracelet, an Ayashi no Ceres postcard, and the infamous green feather off her Ikea featherduster which all her friends have at one time or another coveted. XD;
It was all tremendously appreciated, and I felt so happy putting the posters and stuff up on my walls. Candice is very thoughtful like that...and it's very surprising, because nobody ever thinks to prepare stuff for special occasions like she does. Nobody else brought farewell gifts or anything of the sort. I think it pleases her to be a Santa Clause or something. ^___^
Tomorrow, Nadia is coming over for an entire day devoted to watching X the anime. LOL I am trying to get her to change her mind and watch Fruits Basket instead, but to no avail. Nevertheless, I will persevere. Also, I will be going to watch "Singing in the rain" the musical/play/whatever tomorrow evening. Yay! ^_^ After all this, I suppose I must get ready to get down to work. I am looking forward to that too.
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:03 p.m.

Monday, November 25, 2002
EXCELLENT WORK Beth!!!! I saw the fic... and HEH, it was so fun to guess who the characters are! As it is, methinks I've gotten all of them~ (I guess I'm not dead from CLAMP yet XD) *gives a hug* T_T COS opens in January? Dear lord... we should really give the movie industry a kick.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 05:25 p.m.

Sunday, November 24, 2002
I am sick and tired, of being treated like I'm worthless just because I failed to churn up a straight A+ record. I am NOT the perfect student, nor am I the perfect daughter. If anyone out there thinks so, let me enlighten them. I am a slacker. I never do my work on time, I fall asleep during class, and I have procastrination tuned up to an art form. The grades doesn't necessarily mean I'm studious by nature. I have a passion for what I believe in, my faiths and what interests me, and for any of these, I am prepared to look up and read up on- to a certain extent, and ONLY BY MY OWN FREE WILL. I am SICK of being bullied by my art teacher, oh-so-holy-last-word-on-my-art!!!! I have other obligations, and I happen to WANT my currently non-existent life, thank you very much! Parental units seem to think that NOTHING is as important as my SATs, come December 7th. They don't give a SHIT that my hands hurt from being worked too much, that my head is throbbing from constant migranes, my ankles are suffering from bad circulation resulting from oh I don't know, maybe sitting at the damn computer for eight hours a day after school, and trying to concentrate on whatever essay my teachers have sprung on me. And all the bloody teachers, except for my math teachers are complaining that I don't do my work properly. Hello? I have four AS subjects. I have, more specifically, the MOST ANNOYINGLY DIFFICULTE *CREATIVE* subjects, thank you. The only reason my math teachers are happy with me is because I happen to be good at math without extra effort- which is a blessing, since all three of my OTHER subjects need TIME TIME and TIME to work on. Art- go fig there. I am so dropping the course. Drama- "You must set your priorities straight", BULLSHIT. I do the MOST work on drama, but it's NEVER ENOUGH. I have to watch carefully, trying to be TACTFUL in suggesting any ideas for ANY of the abstract, because simply put, I am automatically assumed to be less than efficient in drama because I didn't take the GCSE course. Hello? Do we have our fingers stuck soooooo far up our arse, that we can't simply ACCEPT new ideas? Why is it so hard for SEVEN people to get together and just act it out? What happened to all the passion I heard so much about? The so-called expectations I am supposed to live up to? What if I can't SEE the bloody expectations? All I can feel is a lukewarm atmosphere, where the physical aspects of a subject PHYSICAL in it's own nature is JUST NOT THERE? English, what happened to English? What happened to the power of the words, the vocalising of what we can only imagine, sheer abilty and power to evoke an image in one's mind, the subtle meanings of a word and the pure delight in what people have been reading and writing in all of the written history? WHERE IS IT, DAMMIT.
At least with math, all you have to do is apply a method. And you don't have to suffer from a block in the brain.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 08:46 p.m.

Sunday, November 24, 2002
Listening to Bond... quite good, yes ^^
ANNOYING AS HELL- Harry Potter COS Opens on fudgking DECEMBER. And not December 1st or anything like that, it's DECEMBER 19th. BLOODY F*ING HELL!!! This is soooo unfair. I'm betting even KOREA starts faster than that!!! And now that I think about it, Lord of the Rings opened sometime around mid-January here as well... T_T Bloody hell, I am sooooooo pissed off!!!
Not much more news... and Charlene, thanks for the g'luck on exams. It's not really examS per se... it's my SAT I. And bloody hell, I am so screwd, my verbal and maths are BOTH screwd!
Ah yes. I just looked things over, and I realized, that my 'swearing' is very indicative of a short and inefficient vocabulary... in short, I don't have enough intelligence or knowledge to use my vocab to my full potential. -_-; GAY.
And last thing... can anyone tell what '' means? It happens to be the last part of my name "". I don't particularly like my name, but it's mine and strangely enough... I think people grow up by their name. I certainly hope so, with my own name.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 04:19 p.m.

Sunday, November 24, 2002
Gah. I've downloaded just about everything Fruits Basket I can get my hands on and now there's nothing left! Not a thing. I really really want the OST though... T_T Early Xmas present anyone? There's this one track that plays whenever Kagura turns uh, boarish on Kyou (most significantly on Valentine's Day when he tries to "take a vacation" but she waits for him at the school entrance). I really want that track. It makes me laugh. I went out the day before to endeavor to grab myself a copy of the excellent soundtrack but came back only with the FLCL second drama/soundtrack collection and the OST of an anime called Brain Powerd (or is that just the title of the OST, I know not) because they were selling at a Buy One Get One Free and everything else good or familiar was snapped up long before. Never mind, try HMV next time. *_* I also bought a lovely suede sling bag. ^___^v (Thanks Nadia! :3)
Ah! I've been spending my time with rewatching FB, re-reading FB, relistening to FB...even downloading the 'making of' special! (But it's incomplete...gah!!!) I took a little break to buy a new mousepad (the one I had of that infamous Squall and Rinoa scene...y'know, the one with the floaty quotes of "I'll be waiting...I promise" etc, was getting all dirty o_O), 25 CDs to frantically burn on before my PC dies of overwork and "Jane Eyre" to occupy myself with. The mousepad works wonderfully, my PC is temporarily relieved of immediate breakdown thanks to the CDs and Jane Eyre is very, very fine! It made me cry, but then what doesn't. But sincerely, I love it. It's almost as good as Wuthering Heights.
I've also been working on and off on some of the site stuff I have planned...but then my exams aren't -completely- over you know, I still have one tomorrow. And that will be my excuse for not trying to edit text off Mizuki's dress any today. Would you believe, after my exams, in a state of mindless ecstasy I tossed ALL the books and notes I had spent hours on filing and organising out immediately, without a single thought of my one last exam. LOL I would have nothing to study now had my Phy/Chem ten year series not been left forgotten in my schoolbag. ^^;;; (And she still dares to use this last exam as an excuse!!)
I am now starting on .hack//SIGN and a little of Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai (it is very weird thus far, but then it IS Gainax). Also keeping up with the latest Inuyasha eps which are all hilarious btw. ^_^
I am going to get my job next week, immediately after my exam. my mom says she's giving me a number to call and they will place me all seems so quick. ^^ I must also remember to get the gown for the Cambridge Dinner (why they call that I have no idea) and I hope I can find something suitable. (Anna looked dazzling in hers when she showed me her photo some time back btw!! ^___^V) And yes, Anna, I really want/need/DESIRE to talk to you very soon! And Tin-neesan too, because I have not talked to her in months or even more (O_o) and where on earth is Lime Rain. (We even got a searchengine query sometime back "where is tin lime rain".. ^^)
Good luck with your exams Anna-chan! :3;
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 02:24 p.m.

Friday, November 22, 2002
Comment number one. I'm taking exams, having too much work, stress, stress, stress, oh, and stress again. Sporadic blogging- is painful. But typing is making my hands get worst, and I really would like to recover before the damn exams start.
Next Comment. A friend of mine has EVERY SINGLE FUGGING VOLUME OF MY HANAKIMI. I have to get the translations done!!! I've been slacking off from manga itself! And I still haven't spat out a SINGLE chapter!!!! ARGH!
Pain, pain, pain and more pain. No sleep. Pain. Lugging huge stacks of art around. Pain. You get the idea.
Really REALLY want to talk to Charlene sometime soon.
Really REALLY want to talk to Tin-nee sometime soon. And also, to wish her a Very Happy Birthday!!!
Really REALLY REALLY REALLY must get cracking now.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:12 p.m.

Thursday, November 21, 2002
Just notes for Drama- will take down as soon as I have it done on paper!!! *bag is currently locked into a classroom and Anna has no key T_T*
Brecht. Flashback sequence, with a hug bam, from naturalistic to brecht. the woodcutter sequence... voiceover??? three woodcutters. cloak? Idea of the Three Fate and moira. inevitability, the cosmos. BAM, overly high and loud Chinese opera music, drums, gong et al- will be a total slap in the face, as play is Western-European and in full english. in tempo- the moon and beggar woman sequence- fast, very little from the context and more keywords spitted out. Flashlights from the bottom- alienating effect, verfremdungseffekt. Bridegroom and Beggar woman- death. Stepping on Beggar woman-? Bride and Leonardo- red and blue gel (if they're still on, if not too bad) passion and coldness, bitterness from the colours, totally intense and focused. stick to script or improvising? "naked bitch" (remember quote!!!) "Fused as one in the moonlight, my loins, your hips"How do we visualize this? TOTAL silence for this scene. Flashlight to Leonardo's face. Blackout. Piercing scream. lights slowly back on, to mother and bride.
Bloody hell, I HATE this keyboard. the key don't even WORK properly unless I slam on them, makes my hands hurt like hell T_T oops, English class in five... anyone who reads this, don't be freaked, it's just my notes on the bit we're going to enact on Tuesday's Drama lesson ^^.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:19 a.m.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002
HAHAHAHAHAAA! ****^__________^****
It's over and done with! (Well, not ALL of it but who really cares?) It feels weird, the feeling of not having to remember to study for an exam in the back of my mind anymore. Like, I don't know what to do with my time anymore. o_O BUT! I have made plans!

  • get a job
  • buy FFVII and play!
  • give Shizukesa a much needed update. I have a lot of things planned! =D
  • work on my Kagura fic
  • earn to pay my way for the Japanese course (my mom has offered, but independence no matter how slight beckons! *_*;;;)
  • clean my room (also very much needed, haven't done much but leave my stuff all over so it's piling up like crazy...AH! I get to throw/burn/rip my notes and books!!!! Or, well, I could just be generous and give them away.)
  • teach two people HTML...ha
  • read lots of good novels, more Shakespeare
  • make plans for my future, be sure of myself
  • find the meaning of life
Well if I could do all that then it surely would be a damn productive vacation! XD; And I'll be sure to share the meaning of life with everyone here, if I ever find it out.
I've been watching Fruits Basket throughout my exam period (baka Charlene!) and it has now become my favourite anime! ^_^ It really is a very good anime. Everyone who thinks it's just shallow shoujo with lots of lame comedy, held together simply by fantastic looking bishounen should think again. Really, I mean it. I would write down what I felt when watching the series' conclusion here if I wasn't the considerate person I am. ^_^; (You do not EVER want to be spoiled for this series...TRUST ME.)
Yeah, alright. I'll be back when I clean my room and do some other things that badly need doing.
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 06:49 p.m.

Saturday, November 16, 2002
I'm coming down with flu. Oh, way to go Charlene. =_=
I have three exams next Monday, two on Wednesday, and after that I can go see The Chamber of Secrets!!!! (Cos there's only one last one on the 25th, a minor one which we all will have studied for by then.) YAY! This time actually seemed to pass pretty fast.
I made a list of things to do after the exams and they include getting a job, learning more Japanese, buying the original version of FFVII and playing it, and (possibly) replaying FFVIII if I can't get hold of the former.
Things are looking up! (Even with this choked wind pipe.)
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:33 a.m.

Thursday, November 14, 2002
Carpal tunnel syndrome. Normally, I'd say it's a REALLY REALLY bad thing (cuz typing hurts like hell, and so does moving the mouse) but.... BWAHAHAHA I might just be excused from PE. NYAHA. NYAHAHHAHA. Buuut... the BAD side to that is, I actually do like netball... -_- WHERE out of HK would I ever play this again???
Total randomness -_-; I've noticed since the Summer, I haven't been writing regularly, or even with a POINT -_- bl oody hell, I'm losing it!
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 01:13 p.m.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002
I'm really really hoping I don't screw anything up on Onnatachi cuz I just twiddled with some parts of it -_-;
Ah yes. Parents Evening, v.surprisingly went quite well... no one said ANYTHING bad, which I think is a first... and I really can't believe they didn't mention the not-done-hwks. But I am SO no complaining. And also... I feel total gratitude toward my teachers. I really do. And now I wish I hadn't let them down so much.
So me sitting here now, listening to some music and trying to concentrate on my language essay for Drama. And trying not to get a headache from what the REST of the week will be like. Hamlet, as I think I've already mentioned, will be about 3 hours long on Friday night. I will get home LATE. I have two Korean school exams on the following morning which I haven't prepared for. And THEN, there's that tiny fact that I've forgotten... it's Flag Day on Saturday morning. I need to go out there for charity. It clashes with the exams.
Damn. I have to miss flag day. And I really really need that on the CV. Ah mou.
...One of my guy friends just now sent me the 'Yatta' video... I think some people will have a good idea on what I'm talking about. I should have known -_- I just took one look at the singing, supposedly naked men with figs on the you-know-what and just shut the window down. -_- I'm going to KILL him for that!!!
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 09:33 p.m.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002
Heh. I'm sitting here on one of the school's computers, trying to concentrate on my English Essay (Graham Greene, you may be a genius but I HATE you at this particular moment in time, so to speak... as my art teacher says -_-). But nooo, of course I find myself checking the blogs and having a generally fuzzy morning break -_-.
Sakki-unni, isn't it suuuch a warm fuzzy feeling when you realize that Koreans are the same ALL OVER THE WORLD??? I mean, here, in HK, the idiot boys 'borrow' my CD. I get it back maybe a year later, about 8 months at the earliest.... and when I DO get it back, the jacket cover is RIPPED, the casing is broken and there are tons of scratches all over the damn CD itself, and it doesn't WORK anymore -_-. Of course, not to give a 'bad' impression of the Koreans in general(I might be too late on that...), most of them are really decent people... but it's just the idiotic gits who think they're being cool by standing out (they only stand out cuz they're skyhigh on drugs to start with -_-)... blah, rant is getting too far. Me just going to slink off and do my essay again -_- Oh ye joys...
Oh yes... I got home around 10 last night, cuz I went to watch a production of "The Tempest". It was quite good... but man, I was sooo tired last night, and I think I'm still half dead cuz of that. The one on Friday night is going to be THREE hours... I love Shakespeare, but I have two exams on Saturday morning... and it turns out that I've got flag day as well -_-
Oh yes, and joy of all joys, I've got Parents Evening tonight. Wish me luck, cuz I'm going to need it.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 07:59 a.m.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002
Physics will be the death of me! *shireks and sotompss all oevr her books* I hate you I hate you I hate you ac generator!!!! Transformer, you suck too.
Gah. After the first two of four exams in the week, I am ready to tear my hair out. The O'Levels aren't all that difficult if you study consistently and understand concepts, but the thing about it is it stretches for so bloody long and that's why nobody can stand it and most drop off one by one gradually like flies and then rarely perform up to their standards. (My theory, anyway.)
Phoo. Yesterday's A Maths was hard. Harder than anything I've ever attempted in my life. ;___; I did the TYS (questions from exams of the last 10 years) and nothing compares to the monstrosity we sat for yesterday. So sad...don't think I can use it for my L1R5 anymore. I thought that to take C Maths you have to get a B3, but some people are saying a pass is enough. I really hope I pass. ;____;
So far everything has been alright except for Social Studies and A Maths. I'm betting this Friday's E Maths 2 will be killer, but ah well. I have confidence in the first paper.
I'm ever so bored. (Desperate to procrastinate as long as I can, more like!) I need to stop blogging about my exams. Hmm. I also need to go study now.
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 07:12 p.m.

Saturday, November 9, 2002
The Dandelion
The Dandelion sees the magic of the world and is aloft in an overwhelming sense of union with the beauty of the universe. This is often translated into fluency with the language, a poetic sensibility and an ability to see beyond the measure of the day to day. The inner beauty of the animate world often preoccupies the Dandelion, a sense that there is a union in all the life forms of nature.

--From the Colourgenics Archetype page...
Heh... is this soooooooo.....
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 02:14 p.m.

Friday, November 8, 2002
Btw Leareth, did I tell you I actually had to SING that piece of Mozart you've got on your blog. It's a nice bit though ^^
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 05:10 p.m.

Friday, November 8, 2002

What's your inner fangirl? Take the test!

Hmm.. I felt really sad today, when I realized "Oh man, today's the last day....." Some of the kids were hugging me and telling me not to go, and even the boys gave me hugs and kisses. Seriously... I don't know what I'm going to do after this, because I'll really miss them. If their school was close by, I'd go visit as often as possible (damn near impossible though, since my school hours are longer and we more or less have the same school days) but... too far away. There was something I found really funny today though... the teacher was telling the kids "Eight o'clock is TOO LATE children!!! You must ALL be asleep by 7.30 at the latest!!!!" .... when she turned to me, and asked my opinion, I didn't dare grin and say "I sleep at 3 in the morning and wake up at 6.30 to go to school". She would have KILLED me. So instead, I smiled and said "Look, if you want to grow taller than me and get smarter than me, you need to sleep early"
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 05:05 p.m.

Thursday, November 7, 2002
what the fuck is wrong with pitas??? and I can't find Tin-nee's blog again!!!
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 06:27 p.m.

Thursday, November 7, 2002
In school... break time now. I'd been taking photos of the kids, and man, they are absolutely adorable. I don't know what I'll do without them after tomorrow. It's going to feel so sad and empty... and I hope I'll get to visit some time again, cuz I honestly love these kids.
Bored now... but don't want to go out. In some ways, I want this week to end, but in others, I want to stay here for ages and ages and just be with the children. I never thought I'd actually love being kids, because they used to scare the hell out of me... with good reason, to be honest. I'm the youngest in my family, as well as youngest on my mom's side. I'm not the youngest or oldest on my dad's side, but they're in the same range... so I've had like zero contact with children. Apart from my cousin, who should be sent to a REALLY strict boarding school cuz her parents spoiled her terribly in the worst way. She's not sweet, she's a bit of a nutcase, not a case to be 'admitted' into, just... well, I can see my uncle in her, and he's a perverted bastard if there ever was one. Nuff said about HIM -_-
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 12:22 p.m.

Wednesday, November 6, 2002
(A Few of the)Things Which Bother Me--
When I forget the title and author of a really really good fic.
When I see friend and some other person smooching. It's just disturbing. If said 'other person' is also a creep and a perv, add warning bells.
V.Bad Fics, but we went thru that already.
The General Universe.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 09:42 p.m.

Wednesday, November 6, 2002
*plops head on desk* listening to random music... CA's 'Dirty' is... -_- weird. Miraculously enough, I don't have any Japanese songs on THIS particular list.. Avril, T, CA and a bunch of Korean singers. Been too long since I've just made a list of random singers O_o;;
No news on the school frontier... only that the kids love me even more, if that was even possible!!! O_o;; I think I'm having some physical problems though -_- The bones of my right hand are acting strangely, and my ankles are killing me. OW T-T I think I'm actually looking forward to seeing my mama again. Can't wait till Saturday, when she comes back... then again, she's going to KILL me once she figures out how much money I've spent in her absence. Ergh.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 06:52 p.m.

Wednesday, November 6, 2002
Taking some time off Julius Caesar...
My teacher gave an exam paper and the answer scheme from this other school for some Julius Caesar questions, and the answer scheme actually included a lot of seriously funny mistakes the students made in their answers. You don't have to have read JC for some of them to get a good laugh:

  • Cassius has his physical unfitness.
  • No man can be as dangerous as danger.
  • Brutus has the milk of human kindness by the quart in ever vein. (No, I don't really get it either. o_O)
  • Caesar has a disease called epilepsy. (HAH!)
  • skeeming person
  • Cassius kept on pressing Brutus' buttons.
  • In conclusion, I feel that as a leader, Brutus is a better leader than Caesar, maybe a bit, but otherwise, not at all.
  • schemingness
  • Cassius is very nice.
  • Antony is just a limb on Caesar's body.
  • We can tell that Cassius is a man who greatly prizes material possessions from the phrase 'Are those my tents on fire?' (I laughed for 10mins after reading this)
  • Brainless Brutus
  • All the conspirators are nobles.
  • To a minimum extent Brutus was the better leader.
  • Brutus lacks observation or eyesight.
  • Some of Cassius' character was shown in the scene and I had a deep impression of him as shown by his character.
  • Furthermore, he was brave and decisive to send his best friend into danger.
  • Brutus was a great lover of Caesar.

--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 02:18 p.m.

Tuesday, November 5, 2002
I didn't mention that I'm a teacher at a British Primary school for my work experience, did I? I'm looking after 6-year-olds. They're really adorable, but they don't take me seriously. They all come running to me for hugs, or cuddle into my lap. That's really cute of them, but I'm having back strain and my muscles are aching now... and I don't understand half of what they're saying O_o;; Apart from a couple of children with ADD and some kids already showing promise of a bitch queen, they're ADORABLE.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 06:14 p.m.

Tuesday, November 5, 2002
I had my Social Studies paper earlier. (English at 2) God, I studied so fucking hard for it but what I did was misread one word in the very last question (and the one with most mark weightage) and that just screwed it all. Well, not all, but it feels like it. How could I have misread "Separation was a disaster" as "Merger"??? I could have just killed myself when I noticed it the very moment the invigilator collected my answer script. That's 13 marks off 50. If I pass it will be a miracle! I'm so angry and frustrated at myself now. And miserable as hell too. Why oh why did this have to happen during the O'Levels? I had expected an A1 for this paper. That means I have to get a 45/50 for Geography (worse case scenario: I get 30/50 for 45/50 even possible???) to get the very much needed A1 for SS/Geog. I could kill something. I could really, really kill something.
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:54 a.m.

Sunday, November 3, 2002
Situation: Anna is Jabbing at Instant Pasta
Why: Because Parents are currently Out Of Hong Kong.
So?: ...She's just spent more or less her entire allowance on of all things, a skirt, shirt, some hi-tech pens and food
Conclusion: ...She is Not Happy.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 07:31 p.m.

Friday, November 1, 2002
Ow... I am in PAIN.
The video thing went fine, but at the end, I was jumping down a few steps. Normally, it's no prob, I do it all the time. But I had a running start, and the momentum made me land and roll on my side. -_- I have bruises on my elbow, left hip, right knee and various parts -_-I think it was only my jeans that saved me from having horrible scratches -_- but I'm a lovely blue and red colour, like the Korean flag.
Watched "The Ghost Ship" today... and well, even though I more or less grabbed onto something and nearly flat out refused to go and watch it, it wasn't too bad, in terms of 'blood and gore'. But still.. -_-; I want to watch "The Ring", which comes out in a week or so. But... well, some people will know, but I am an absolute coward when it comes to horror movies. I'd rather watch the Japanese version of the Ring myself, because I can't really imagine caucasian/european people being scary in the creepycreepy sense, the type the Ring use. Now, Japanese and Korean people on the other hand.. have their work cut for them XP
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:22 p.m.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002
Really, REALLY _REALLY_ busy doing coursework atm, but I really need to link this- first, it's cute. Second, I can't bookmark it cuz I'm a comp.illiterate-
Bugging You. It's really cute, so go and take a look. Turn on your speakers though.
And just quick note, since it's been a while since I blogged properly. The drug incident, I will clarify that only one has been expelled for trafficing, and four (+- alpha) suspended. Hash put into brownies, these circulated around, and some suspended for a few days from knowledge of drug and intake. -_-;;;
Doing english essay on Mark Twain and his short stories. If I wasn't so pressed for time I'd actually enjoy his stories, but as it were........ --_
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 08:19 p.m.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002
Phew! Shizukesa has moved! (The kind Alexa has agreed to continue hosting me :D) Please, please update all links as soon as possible. Thanks! ^_^
My mom left for Nagoya with her sisters earlier this evening. I was sad. =/ For some unfathomable reason I burst into tears as I saw her off, and my cousin was laughing at me all the way home. =/ =/ I've gotten really close to her since this year began. Pre-teenhood was a terrible time for both me and her (but mostly her) but now our relationship has gotten so, so much better. We watch Korean dramas together all the time, listen to the same music, I love burning new CDs for her (just did a Maaya Sakamoto one *_*). I'm gonna miss her. T_T (And it's only for a week! Sheesh, Charlene!) I just hope I can remember to take the garbage out before it gets too smelly. ^^;
And my dad is going to KL for business some time soon too, so I will be left alone in the house for a while. Aw, no matter, I still have my cousins to run to right? ^_^ *cousins throw disinterested side-glance and turn back to TV* They're such bums. =_=; I was actually invited to go sleep over for a night or two, but I don't think I can sleep very well in the huge and foreign bed. ^^ Very inconvenient too, considering I have to have all my books at hand. Ah well. (This "hiatus" doesn't seem to be working...? Whhhyyy~? ;_;)
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:52 p.m.

Sunday, October 27, 2002
You know what's really sickening? Some kids decided it would be fun to put weed (or some other drug like heroin or cocaine) into a batch of brownies, baked for a bake sale. They then sold these to the entire school, which for American schoolers I will explain that we have the middle and high school together, as a secondary school. So they sold drugs to a bunch of unsuspecting children, some of them barely 11. That is just SICK.
So... 10 kids are either expelled or suspended. I personally wouldn't care about some of them from personal experience, but really... that is just sick.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:28 a.m.

Saturday, October 26, 2002
I'm going swimming in a while's time...meantime bumming around, listening to Inuyasha OST 1. Sango's theme is very good! ^_^ You can download it at most Inuyasha sites. I just started the 88th episode download last night! Sure hope it'll complete soon. ;_;
Ok, so I haven't been the greatest about not being on the PC at all, in fact I've been using it every other day. ^^;; But! I have been pretty much following my study schedule and am happy about that.
Yeah. I had the bestest conversation with Phil last night! *beeaaams* Something very exciting is coming up! (Don't know if I should announce it or not--in fact, I'm not even sure if it is definite yet, but the prospect of it is exciting! XD)
[ YAY! Ep 88 is now downloading faasst! YAY! ]
My tutor brought up the idea of being a surveyor part-time end of this year. You run around in people's flats and survey families and stuff. She said it was fun, more fun than any office job could ever be. And she's probably right about that. I'm thinking about it...but still, I don't know. Maybe I'll just do some random tutoring and hope I earn enough for my Japanese course. Actually, I probably can--easily, in a month.
My hair is long enough to tie now, and I actually think I'll grow my hair long for a least until I'm sick of it. After that I'll probably chop it all off until it's really short again. We'll see.
Um, ok. How's that for randomness? ^_^ On a final note, if you're a fangirl with a wicked sense of humour: HERE NOW! (No kidding, it's hilarious--check out the movie posters, ads and Big Buttocks.)
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 08:04 a.m.

Friday, October 25, 2002
"Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs,
Being purged, a fire sparkling in lover's eyes,
Being vexed, a sea nourished with loving tears.
What else is it? a madness most discreet,
A choking gall, and a preserving sweet."

^^ Yes, I do love Romeo and Juliet. I love Shakespeare, EXCEPT for his history plays. Bloody awful >_< okay, me gonna go back to reading...
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 09:14 p.m.

Thursday, October 24, 2002
DAMN IT. My mom took my tuition fees, saying I'll spend it all in a week unless she 'safe keeps' it. Bloody hell... and I've spent so much on Janice's birthday present already! But then again... spending money on her present doesn't bother me ^^.
Hmmm...... it's been so boring recently, so I don't think there's really anything much to say, really. Though... I'm going crazy over manga again. Well, Korean manhwa, actually, but it's not really much of a difference -_-;;
Okay, should go take shower but before that... Leareth, I think X Therapy was EXACTLY what everyone needed... had me in stitches XD. And Anne? Loved Goblins, but I'm still too scared to watch The Ring... and what happened to Umeda-sensei and Kijima-da-bastard????? I am SO not going to look at your blog at night!!!!
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 08:53 p.m.

Monday, October 21, 2002
...I splurged. And I bought DN Angel 7. Forgive me for going kyaaaaa and swooning, and then dying, thanks to my empty wallet.
And it's only Monday.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:52 p.m.

Monday, October 21, 2002
I woke up this morning feeling quite...surreal. o__O; Like where am I?...what day is it today?... *glance at handphone calender*... O_________O!!!! NOOOOOO! Yeas, like that. ^^;;;
It's Oct 21st, and I'm still messing around with anime and manga...this has got to stop. I am typing this and staring at a screen all but obscured with post-its saying "STOP!" "GO STUDY!" "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" etc etc. I reaaallly have to start studying today, or I'll never be able to get anything done before the actual exams.
I got quite scared earlier, and quickly did some filing and organizing of my worksheets and stuff. I think I'll have to stop blogging (or being at the PC at all) for a loong time, until after the exams are over. (IF I can stand it.)
Well then, see you all again after Nov 25th! (I will be blogging sporadically, but just sporadically.) ^^;; Wish me luck!
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 09:02 a.m.

Sunday, October 20, 2002
How do you calm down a brain that's been shot by caffeine? Diet Lemon Coke Caffeine, at that? I'd been drinking that in hopes of keeping me awake enough to finish ALL my work by tomorrow. Of course, that could have gone well, except for the fact that I was out doing sports at the stupid Korean Sport Day thingimajig, and my face looks v.rosy thanks to the scorching sun. We had to play basketball and dodgeball sometime around 12.00, meaning NO FUGGING SHADOWS. It was a not-so-funny-for-end-of-October 30degrees today. I HATE HK weather, especially when it's just between October and December. Damn skies can't make up their mind.
I have to write an essay on King Henry Vth, by Shakespeare... on one of the chapters. The thing is, unlike Romeo and Juliet, which was amazing, and unlike ANY OTHER SHAKESPEARE PLAY, King Henry V is just plain BORING. And pointless. Maybe it's the teacher, cuz I'd rather have Mr.H be teaching it than her. Mr.H being my English teacher since yr10 and the Head of English here... wonderful man -_-, but I just realized calling him 'Mr.H' does not sound too good, especially not in THESE circles XD. But... jeez. I've been slaving away at my art since 6 pm today, and NOW I have to write a bloody essay on Shakespeare. I love his plays, but I bloody well HATE history plays. They, in short, SUCK. BLEH.
Though... something funny happened today. Clara, Jane and I were watching over this nine-month-old baby... and this baby happened to love me for some reason. She kept reaching out to me with her arms so I'd cuddle her... never mind the fact that I (usually) LOATHE kids, I turned into a big puddle of goo and walked around with this BIG DOPEY SMILE on my face. I don't know what came over me, but I was gushing over her, and was tickling her toes. I am just plain weird... and Clara went so crazy over the baby, she just said "damn, I want a baby now". Actually, that part was funny...

Clara:Damn, I want a baby now.
Anna:You're of age. Why not?
Clara:Actually, by Hong Kong law, you're not allowed to until you're 18. BUT, if I have a child now, by the time it's born, I WILL be 18.
Anna: XDXDXD!!!

Heh. And of course, whilst I DID agree with what Sakki-unni said about babies (XDXDXD and laughed me ass off, i did), just looking at little Shiina (I'm sure that was her name... sounds Japanese, but she's Korean), you just can't think of a blood-and-food-sucking parasite XD. Oh yes, and the thing I liked best about this baby? She's QUIET. Doesn't even cry, but she laughed when I tickled her feet ^^
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:48 p.m.

Saturday, October 19, 2002
..Leareth, that is one cool layout!!! The image... I've never seen that one before O_o;;!!!
Could someone please try explaining, why exactly I am sitting here, STILL with my drama homework and listening to, get this, BRITNEY SPEARS of all people?!?!?! Okay fine, it's her old songs, and I did like her a lot, like... four years ago? Three? Anyway, I did and still do like some of her songs. Just not the ones screaming 'do me do me'.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 08:18 p.m.

Saturday, October 19, 2002
...Was yelled at all week for not doing work. Yayheyhey.
Which probably explains why I'm sitting here, with my glasses on, trying to write something up for drama. And also why I was sitting at my seldom-used desk, ALSO with my glasses on and poring over trigonometry... something I haven't done since year 10, actually. And to think, I'm actually studying... maybe the yelling did good, even if it hurt a bit. Maybe.
I'm beginning to think... what if I won't get accepted into ANY good university? Actually, I don't really mind what university it is, as long as it's good, but aren't they all? Only my parent's definition of 'good university' is in the Ivy league... huh. I took a mock SAT I Verbal... and it seems like I need to really work on it, because at the moment, it's only around 550. That's not good enough, especially not for my parents. And for Harvard of course, but hey... I want to go to Berkeley, not Harvard. But then again... if any deluded people from Harvard decide to accept me, I am SOOOOOOO Not Complaining.
And, in other news... I'm into Princess Diaries. I'm serious, and it's not funny. I actually want to go out and buy all the books available, the movie, etc. The soundtrack is nice ^_^ but I hate the track with Aaron Carter on it. I hate songs like that. Otherwise? Bring it on baby~
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 03:16 p.m.

Friday, October 18, 2002 exhausted. =__=;
The open house was pretty okay, we did a lot of walking around and in the end it turned out to be more like ECA (extra curricular activity...well, actually now it's CCA--first C for compulsory -_-) Promotion Day or something. The CCA I liked best was Drama, but then I'll probably end up doing something truly boring and which requires little time and effort like maybe being in the newsletter writing committee, or creative writing or whatever. The drama club put up three performances, all quite impromptu, slightly reminiscent of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and I just couldn't stop laughing during the two I watched. This guy, the leader, was very confident and cocksure but he could sure put across some hilarious stuff on the spot. It's actually...quite rare to find here, everyone does lame jokes. (
I met Celestine's boyfriend for the first time, and he turned out to be a very nice person. He was very formal and gentlemanly, and he spoke very good and formal english like "So, shall we sojourn now?" and "My sentiments exactly." I mean, I type those things sometimes, but I never say them. In place, probably "So shall we go now?" (or even ikimasho ka?) and "Hey, I was just thinking the same thing!" ..... ^^;
Yeah. My feet are aching a little, but I have hot horlicks and Inuyasha manga waiting. Ja~
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 08:16 p.m.

Friday, October 18, 2002
I hate you, school. After our two hour practical exam, they shut us up from 10+ to 1.30pm in the most filthy room I have ever been in in my life. The floor had a thick layer of dust on it. The chairs were all taken by the lucky (smart) people who got in first (three classes shoved into two classrooms) and the desks were also disgusting. There was wax, bits of tape and just, A LOT of dust on this side table top which I wiped with several of Celestine's tissues before it got relatively clean, and we sat for a while until we couldn't feel our legs anymore, and then I noticed some plastic bags which we lay on the ground to sit on. Disgusting. There were even ants! o__O;
Can't they treat us any better? We are the graduating batch after all... =___=; This is probably why we aren't performing up to standard. I couldn't move my ass for a couple of hours and with the volume of three classes combined, studying wasn't really an option. It was so good to get out and experience being able to move around freely without bumping into someone else again. (Even though I'm not claustrophobic or anything like that, it really wasn't pleasant.)
Anyhow. The practical exam. It went pretty alright, and I was glad. I managed to draw a straight line for Physics and I was very happy. (Usually my points lie anywhere but in a straight line, and the graph ends up hitting none of the points at all .. ^^;) Chemistry was bad because I didn't hear the 'pop' sound the reacting metal was supposed to make, so I took the gas as carbon dioxide when it really should be hydrogen (and I did the damn thing twice too, to make sure) and thus got half the identification of sample P wrong. =___=;
But. I was happy to get out of that dingy place, breathing fresh air and knowing I had the rest of my Inuyasha episodes waiting at home to be finished. I came home, watched the rest of Inuyasha, ran out to meet Celestine for a while, rented some manga (Inuyasha! I think it's got more romantic Inuyasha/Kagome scenes in it than the anime, so I wanted to check those out.), bought some things for mom, drank ice blended blueberry tea (which tasted like sweet diluted water), came home, downloaded Inuyasha mp3s, listened to them, checked the reviews for my fanfic, was glad there were people who were bothered, and now am writing out a sketchy storyline for the fic. (Also downloading .hack//SIGN, wondering how it will turn out but knowing I won't be able to find out very soon at all, considering the upload speed.)
I've come up with some interesting ideas for Kagura! *_*; Gehehe. I really like her a lot, I think her red eyes are just lovely and all that anger at not having her freedom is really intriguing. (Really, when compared to that creepy Kanna...)
I am going to the TJC Open House tomorrow, with Celestine and her boyfriend, and I wonder what it will be like. I heard about the cross-faculty (stream?) combinations and am very interested to find out more about those. Two of my cousins went there before, and I may very well end up there too--next year.
Going to two more Open Houses on Saturday. Er. Yay.
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 12:21 a.m.

Thursday, October 17, 2002
Happy Birthday, Jiro!!! Gosh, he's THIRTY already?!?!
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 01:27 p.m.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002
After consecutive 7am-1am Inuyasha anime sessions for more than a week, my first piece of fanfiction in years! I noticed there weren't any Kagura pieces out there, mostly Inuyasha/Kagome ones, and I was quite disappointed. I really like Kagura, and I think she's beautiful, and an intriguing character to work with. Well, it's nothing much--just the prologue, and it hasn't really been proofread or edited or anything like that, but I was so anxious to get it online. ^__^;;;; Please do feel free to leave reviews!
Yes, this is what I do while waiting for the episode downloads to complete. I even uploaded all my old (and very bad) fanfics to yesterday, and I got some nice comments so I guess that's what made me want to write something. Kagura. *_* I'm happy.
Uh, what I've been doing all this time. Inuyasha, inuyasha, inuyasha. Watching it, reading it, listening to it, etc etc. My O'Level Phy/Chem Practical is tomorrow, and I'm still bumming around, staring desolately at the status bar, waiting for the bloody thing to budge. XD; Am up to 78 now. I read there was some Kouga action in the early 80+ eps? Can't wait! *_* Am I the only one who thinks he's cool? I squeal like a stupid when he sweeps onscreen in that hurricane, and when he says dismissively "Inukkoro!" Aaaahhh....!! *_____* *kisses her Kouga plushy* I love you Kouga...
Ok ok, I'll go now. [Visit them!]
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 03:31 p.m.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002
DAMN. Had an entry typed out and the computer crashes. Heh. Anyway, Onnatachi's archived for the first time in 2 months, so enjoy the faster loading page!
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 06:06 p.m.

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Anna is the resident 16-year-old evil of Hong Kong. She tries to conceal her streak of insanity, but somehow never quite succeeds, much to the chargin of her best friends. She is Korean and multilingual (albeit a bit 'off' on some XD) and has a really bad habit of falling into bishounen-filled manga during her exams and other extremely inopportune times. She loves creating beauty, reading manga and listening to JPOP and JROCK. She also adores all bishounen, but don't we all? Charlene brings out both the evil and cackling part lurking (deep) in her brain. A word of caution to the unwary: This is One V.Dangerous Onna you're dealing with here. Do Not Mess With Her. Beware XD. [ @ AIM ]

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