Tuesday, October 15, 2002

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Aww~ Cute! I used to hate cats, but now... I find them interesting. Maybe I'll get one someday... but I love my doggie too much ^^;;.
My teeth, atm, hurt very much. The pain was nonexistent DURING the drilling etc, but whatever they injected me with has gone now, and it HURTS. T_T I can't eat my luuunch...
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 04:00 p.m.

Sunday, October 13, 2002
Heeeh! I somehow ended up in Shenzhen (y'know, China, just across the Border from HK) this morning... mom and I spent LOADS in Lowu station~ =3 I now have...
A (fake but v.v.genuine looking) Louis Vuitton backbag, in black... a credit to fakes, really.
A checker-type Louis Vuitton wallet (...I never went for Louis Vuitton, but heh)
Two bracelets a la Cartier, with diamonds(...whatever) studded in them.
I think about 5 pearl earrings, in black, white and orange pearl. All genuine pearls and if anyone tells you Pearls are expensive, they are lying thru their teeth! Also have these v.pretty pearl bracelets, in those three colours.
A somewhat elaborate but pretty hair stick (I mean those double pronged hair things -_-;;;)
Three huge butterfly clips, studded with cubics and a smaller one... supposedly some for gifts, but come ON...
Two rings, v.unique style and a bit too thick for my tiny hands.
Three earrings, dangly.
One Belt.
...What else? I can't remember >_< but you know the drill.
Whew. It DOES look like I've done tons of shopping, ne?
Moving on to business... I DO have Saiyuki Reload 1... and I have a BIG FRUGGING PROBLEM WITH IT. There is no FURIGANA on it!!! Hello?!?! I can't READ THE DAMN KANJI! I can barely scrape thru with furigana, without it, I may as well be blind and poking at the page with a stick. -_-;;
I am still freaked out at the fact that I almost got my wallet stolen today, here in China. I wouldn't even have NOTICED... but someone yelled at the FAMILY, the ones who were picking my bag. I will just say oh my god, and get saad at the reality of this place. And go back to happy happy lala land. -_-;
Man. This apartment of my dad's.... it's GOOD. Really nice... nicer than my HK apartment, nicer than my KOREAN apartment (apart from being smaller, obviously)... DAmn.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:44 p.m.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Which Yami no Matsuei Character are You?

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Heh, Leareth, i this a coincidence or what -_- I ended up reading my YnM manga yesterday... and whilst that got my fancy, that Tatsumi pic did it. NOW, I'm starting to read the damn fics again.. I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER OBSESSION NOOO~ I guess the bright side to this is that I've already GOT all the manga -_-;;
Lex... er, I ended up going out and buying Saiyuki Reload. *curses* It's even MORE expensive than Gensoumaden!!!!!! ARGH!
Tin-nee, those fic snippets are intriguing... is that the end or you gonna go on with it??? Ne? As for Handcuffed Teddy Bears... -_-;;; did I mention I've got teddy bears all over my room? That's just scary now~
Charlene's disappeared again!!!!
Lika, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!?!? I sent an email to you BEFORE SEPTEMBER and you still haven't replied!!! Jeez girl, it's never been that bad! I'm getting worried here.
Right. That just about covers it? Nono... I seem to be missing some things...
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 01:35 p.m.

Saturday, October 12, 2002
...I'm sorry, but can anyone enlighten me? Is the Saiyuki Reload tank 1 a continuation of Gensouden Saiyuki, or just the beginning all over again? Cuz if it's a continuation... I was being STUPID and I didn't buy it a few months ago. -_- and I CAN NOT buy it for another 2~3 weeks or so, cuz I need to buy this absolutely stunning necklace... *scratches head* bah. Mou. MOOOU.
Update on cold: I am now Officially Sick. My throat feels and sounds like it's been sandpapered, and I keep sniveling. How wonderful... and the funniest thing is, my parents don't give a shit about me being sick UNTIL I start being REALLY sick... as in, coming home early (like yesterday) and hacking away with a cough and asking not to go to school. THEN, they start being overprotective freaks *rolls eyes* I don't get them sometimes... it's so weird, they treat me like an adult in almost everycase. I never had a babysitter, and I've stayed home alone since I was 8. I even had the bloody key to the house since I was 8, which is normal for me but not for a lot of the kids here O_o;. I went on public transport alone since I was 8, another thing that SHOCKED my friends... and they expect me to act like an adult with EVERYTHING. Except for that tiny bit that they patronize me, and never even let me out. What's the deal here? I just don't get them. Sooo weird. And I get the feeling that they don't understand me either, cuz I'm so different from my sisters. That confuses them, since both Karen and Jo were docile and obedient children. They didn't even go through that irritable and silent phase of adolescence. They are WEIRD. Or maybe I am... afterall, "There's one in every family...."
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 06:52 p.m.

Friday, October 11, 2002
Eeeeeh. I came home early from school today cuz I was sick... and well, frankly, I wasn't up to school today. Had some sleep (wonderful, sleep!!!!!) and going to sleep again... probably in an hour or so ^^;;
Leareth~ I sounded sooooo moronic over the phone last night! The thing was, I didn't even think it'd WORK on my phone, so I was kinda startled when you DID pick up the phone. Love your accent!!! Nice, really, and you've got a hint of Brit *lol* but my voice was crackin up on me last night (polyphonic, you might say --;;) and I sounded like suuuuuch a terrible idiot, cuz my mind was going round in circles and I kept saying 'Totally'. Argh. Trust me to sound like an idiot XD But anyway~ maaaan, next time I'm calling you properly, instead of just pressing a random button and getting surprised XD
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 07:20 p.m.

Thursday, October 10, 2002
Oh my bloody fucking god. I'm at my friend's house, going to sleep over tonight... okaa-san is in China right now, and I didn't really feel up to being alone. It doesn't bother me, and I've stayed home alone since I was 13. But... dunno, just wanted to be at Janz's place.
Now, where does the problem begin? For starters, her computer's playing up on me. She's got a really good connection, Broadband, really. But... Freechal is not letting me in. That doesn't make sense. Actually, that SUCKS.
Nah, nothing that really matters. What DOES make me feel like crap is that my nose is blocked, my throat is swelling up, and I'm getting a head cold. *sighs* I keep feeling like shit. Must be cuz it's nearing the end of this term (well, half of it anyway.) I will have NO SCHOOL FOR A WEEK! A WEEK!!!! *kyaas* I'm going to die. Actually, no, I'm just going to be happy happy happy.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 09:39 p.m.

Wednesday, October 9, 2002
Brain feels like pickled cabbage at the moment, so I'll just pause and reply the DUMBEST thing I _almost_ said.

Anna:...Damn, do I really have to wear house colours? I mean... Purple is nice, but not the jefferson purple... (nb: I'm in the Jefferson House. Think Harry Potter and House systems, if you aren't familiar)
Anna:...*pointing to green sweater* I was actually thinking of passing for Sly...er, Schweitszer *silently curses for almost letting 'Slytherin' slip*

Yes, laugh all you want *dissolves*
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:20 p.m.

Sunday, October 6, 2002
...Seishirou Sakura-dork-a peering out at you in total black (clothes, background et al) and the song "Winter Again" is rather amusing.
...Dark is looking wistful and wishful and yummy yummy yummy in soft mauve/lilac/blue with white wings... with a wonderful Korean song called "Gunyuhga narul bonae" (She looks at me... or is it "she sends me away"?) by the absolutely brilliant Brown Eyes. V.wistful song which I looooove.
I find a Tooru skin (fruitsbasket tooru at that and in PINK) with the song "Lady Marmalade" incredibly... wrong... wroooong....
Tenchi Muyo's sad piano with Tomoyo looking sad in a kimono is kinda... well.
*bursts out laughing* Having Yuuto being a waterho with the song "Miss United States" is just FREAKY!!! -she's beauty and she's grace, she's queen of different states, she's elegance and grace, she's MISS UNITED STATES!!! *cracks ups* HOLD YOUR CROWN UUUP HIGGGGGGGGH~ HOLD YOUR CROWWWWWWN UP HIIIIIIIIGH~ RAISE IT TO THE SKYYYYYYYYYYYYY~
Dark with "Song of the Rain" is rather strange as well...
Sei in blood with a song called "Candy" is just... freaky.
XD Krad and Dark with a song called "Love is Over" is kinda ironic, in some sort of way.. hmmm...
When in doubt for a fic bunny, just turn on your winamp. It brings incredible flashes of inspiration.
There has GOT to be something wrong with a song called "Girl" and Umeda Hokuto being the skin for it -_-;;;
Hmmm... listening to Boa's Japanese songs in Korean. I must say... whoever composed these songs, I love them. ESPECIALLY the one who composed and wrote "Every Heart ߫ʫ "... I absolutely adore that song. ^^;; But I must say... a lot of these songs sound a bit more awkward in Korean than the original Japanese, even with the fact that Boa's Japanese pronunciation isn't perfect. -_-; whatever.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 03:23 p.m.

Sunday, October 6, 2002
Today's blog will find me listening to my Winamp and looking at which random skin comes with another random song. I find it amusing... and besides, my mother is lying on the bed next to me, and I am taking NO BLOODY CHANCES in reading anything here. -_-;;;
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 03:22 p.m.

Sunday, October 6, 2002
The tab button is working again, and I am in a bit of a grouch, as it is the morning, and I have tons of work to do. The stupid computer is STILL being a bitch, and I can't seem to d/l the Japanese Language support, my fonts are missing and I'm getting really pissed off.
I think I should go out and buy McDonald's breakfast. Haven't had those in ages... fries.. mmmmmm......
ANNE!!!! I WANT SOME MP3'z of the Hanakimi draaaaaaaaama CD~~ (jeez, I still owe you some stuff O_o;;) They have Kujou in this? *drools* I absolutely ADORE Kujou... and Umeda XD Sano, of course, as everyone's first love, doesn't count XP.
Hmmmmm...... Should go out and get that breakfast meal now.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 09:44 a.m.

Saturday, October 5, 2002
My computer, it seems, is completely screwed up.
Well, really, I don't expect it to be in mint condition with ME handling it... but really, the of all the things it has to go crashing on me, it HAS TO BE the damn Japanese Language support. Jeez *rubs head*
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 08:01 p.m.

Saturday, October 5, 2002
..There seems to be a problem with my computer as it DOESN'T SHOW THE DAMN JAPANESE TEXT!!! WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!!
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 02:35 p.m.

Thursday, October 3, 2002
...I have been awake for... hmm, about 36 hours. Impressive. My mind is awake, but it feels a bit dulled, and I'm not really tired, but my eyes hurt. I think I'd better sleep sometime soon- never mind that it's only near 7pm now. -_-
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 06:53 p.m.

Tuesday, October 1, 2002
YAY!!!! ANNE IS BACK!!!! I was getting worried -_-;; and I ABSOULTELY ADORE YOUR NEW LAYOUT!!! KYaaaaaaaaaa~~~ UMEDAAAAAA~!
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:52 p.m.

Tuesday, October 1, 2002
Aiyah. o__O; I just reserved a set of 5 Inuyasha UFO Catcher dolls at my friendly neighbourhood anime store which cost $60 which I don't really have on hand now. ^^; I have to collect them on Friday...how am I gonna get the money? *_*;; (This is bad. Very bad. I should never get a credit card ever.)
I went there for the first time in ages today, with Celeste, had lunch and stopped by the anime shop to have a look. O_o I am really backdated--they have a lot of new anime which I thought was only available online and not here. (They used to be really bad about getting new anime in--I had to wait months for the X movie.) Now I guess it's cos anime is proving to be a very lucrative business and everyone wants to cash in on it. XD; They have Furuba and the Kenshin Seisouhen and Rahxephon and the X TV series...my, where've I been. ^^;
Today, a lot of strangers were being quite direct to us. ^^; When we were swinging on the playground swings, two girls came up to us to ask (more like, tell) us to let them use them. We weren't even swinging very long, maybe about ten to fifteen minutes. I swear, kids these days are getting so bold. ^^ I would never have done that years back. Then later, as we were walking along a slippery tiled floor, this lady came hurrying by and told us "If you're going to walk so slow, would you mind if I go ahead?" in a sarcastic tone and pushed past us. o__O; We were only doing so to avoid slipping you know, geez. People are getting so rude.
But anyway, it was fun swinging on the swings...it's rare to find swings these days--quite sad actually. I might go there one night to swing and enjoy the night breeze and stars. Whee. ^_^
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 06:17 p.m.

Sunday, September 29, 2002
Watch me GLOAT as I now have my camera connected to my computer! MU!HA!HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
Okies, that brings me to problem#2... HOW do I load these things on? I've got photos I want to show, but don't know HOW. *pouts*
Okay, time for me to have a little rest. Not feeling too good...
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 05:02 p.m.

Sunday, September 29, 2002
Hmm.. I've been neglecting Onnatachi these days. I wish I could really blame it on my cold or even my school work, but really, it's largely due to the lack of time spent on the net. I've been online but... well, I don't feel like typing anything. That probably includes chatting... another reason for being moody on chats.
News on my v.v.v.annoying flu! I don't know the difference between a flu and a cold, only that they're BOTH annoying as hell, and I'm sick (literally) of it. My head feels dizzy, but not nauseous enough to puke, my throat is like sandpaper (and so is my voice.. either whispered in a high pitch or grated out) and my nose is blocked. I talk with bouts of hacking and coughing interrupting me, and my nerves are frayed. And this at the beginning of the month too...
The english essay I was writing turned out well, and I was praised by the Mr.H... but as I say, I do well in what I want to do well in.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 03:23 p.m.

Sunday, September 29, 2002
Wow. It's raining so hard outside it looks like we're in the middle of a huge thick grey cloud. o__O; Really, it's so thick I can't barely see the flats on the other side. Really, really heavy storm. The thunder is loud too. And it feels like 4pm rather than 12.
I like it. ^_^
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 12:34 p.m.

Saturday, September 28, 2002
Oh-ho!!! Hari and Ruri for our new layout~ beautiful~ *huggles Charlene*
Oops, I think I let out a little slip to Tin-nee. Really, I am INNOCENT~
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 01:59 p.m.

Friday, September 27, 2002
Yeah baby, a new layout! ^__^v It's Kouryuu's kitten harem (I forget what their names are) from here! =D; Aren't the images there pretty? I wonder if that's from some new Wish artbook that I haven't heard about (actually, most probably) or the owner just painstakingly hunted up all the excellent Wish colour images. Brushes are from here and some other places linked at my site.
Yeah, I'm off now. ^_^ (Oh, and as you can see, Anna's little Onnatachi history text is back! XD)
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 09:26 p.m.

Friday, September 27, 2002
Singapore is hazy now... X_x; It's hazy and gloomy everyday.
I got a 11 point L1R5 for my prelims and still don't really know where I want to go for the first three months. I thought I might go to AJC (yeaah...boriiing~) at first, but it turns out the open house for AJC and TPJC are on the same day (19th Oct) so I thought I might drop by both just to find out more. With this mark I can go to most of the places I want, cos I would never aim for the top schools (^^;) mostly because I'd like a more comfortable less competitive atmosphere to work in.
Hm. Anyhow, now I'll have to work really hard and score a single digit for my O's and I'll be happy, and then I really can make it anywhere I want.
I've been reading comics at here (seems to be down now though?) and here. I really like the art in both places, really lovely. ^_^ (There's more by these two artists here.)
So far we've been closed up in the school hall (airconditioned, thank god) until about 4+ on some days, just doing mock papers and going through the answers of those papers, and listening to teachers tell us just how fortunate we are cos the entire school is sacrificing a lot to accomodate and help us. (I think they're just truly worried about the marks we're producing.) Aw, blah. I realize they are working very hard yeah, but it's kinda sad to be reminded of it over and over every 1 1/2 hr session we have really.
There was a paper we were given two days ago, with the compo question: "The ring felt heavier than the simple gold band on her finger..." (or something like that) I chose it cos the rest were just uh, blah. ^^; And then of course it had to be a love story and I ended up writing about a forest nymph and a dwarf and yesterday, Mrs Lum came up to me and told me that dwarves and nymphs don't go down very well with the Cambridge examiners.
^^; I was tempted to ask if it was just her with whom it didn't go down very well, or really the examiners. Cos that just reminds me so much of my mom who refuses to buy me some things with the dismissal: "Your dad won't like it!" when actually it's her who doesn't. =_=
Well, I didn't get such a bad mark on it really. Still, I thought it was an okay story and what else can they expect--with awful titles such as these? XD;
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 05:45 p.m.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002
Okay, now add delirium and a blocked nose to that and see what we get.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:43 p.m.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002
Coming down with flu- I'm losing my voice steadily as the hour passes, and I'm starting to have pains. Swollen throat- what a wonderful way to feel -_-;.
I repeat once again... cliches and tritness is something I HATE in a fic. And I really don't want to see OOC and PWP on top (maybe even literally) of said cliches and tritness. It doesn't give me a peace of mind, and that is exactly what I need. So why does it seem so hard just to feel my brain unwind.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:32 p.m.

Monday, September 23, 2002
Ah yes, once again blogging to escape hwk. How very typical.
...I seem to be lapsing into certain speech patterns... for example, like the style of speech Snape uses in HP fics. I should REALLY clear my head out of junk...
Writing a critical essay. I haven't done that since... well, since last May. No wonder I'm so out of shape... I start writing about in medias res and something about cataphoric references and I'm floundering about. What a mess~
Lex dear, have a hug... I hope your roommate doesn't keep being a B*tch -_-;;; and I also hope you'll feel comfortable in a few days ^^. Ganbatte ne~
Leareth, how was the ball~ it sounds like you had fun~ stilettos indeed. I twisted my right foot five times today thanks to the 10cm heels I was wearing (but they were high in the front too so not much strain!!)... my lower leg is in a fit of muscle pain thanks to that and I shudder to think of me going around TST tomorrow in the art gallery. AND I have to get back to school after that to take SATs..... life is sweet, is it not.
Right, enough escaping, back to work... Charlene, enjoy your post-exam time!!!!!!
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 09:48 p.m.

Sunday, September 22, 2002
Tomorrow--a new day of nerve-wracking waiting for exam papers to be returned and marks to be calculated. ^_^; I got enough marks back to know I can surely make it to the JC I want for the first three months. I got my A1s for English and Lit, and very surprisingly got 86 for Geography (!!). I'm confident about getting an A1 for Social Studies, so that makes it an A1 for SS/Geog. If I count my chinese (B3) and my E Math (A2), it's 8 points for five subjects and I have to take a science for the sixth subject so that makes it Bio (Phy/chem ruled out cos of a C5... ^^;) and I just have to get a pass to get 14, which means I can stay home earlier than some people, which also means I can more or less get into the art stream of the JC I want! Yayness. ^_^ (Sorry, I've been running all this through my head the entire weekend.)
I spent all day today with RAW, making a new layout, screencapping the X TV series and stuff. :D (Not updated though, you'll have to wait for some time--a few weeks maybe, or even after my O's.) Uhm...I watched Sweet November yesterday, it was kinda boring but it made me cry in the end. X made me cry also, and Nadia too! LOL...couldn't believe she was actually tearing up at Saiki's death--that, at having seen none of X before and knowing nothing of the plot. I'd just like to see her reaction when you-know-who dies for you-know-who. ^_~;
Yeah, I'll go off to squander what I have left of my post-exam free time. ^____^V
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 09:43 p.m.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002
Tweaked the profiles a bit, and not to make Charlene sound like a narcissist, I put all credits of the profiles to me *lol*
I had my SAT preparation class today. I fell asleep, thanks to staying up late doing hwk. The vocab part was easy (for today, anyway) but the math was so weird! Easy as hell, but WEIRD!
I _did_ change from psychology to drama... and I'm having fun there. A bit annoying thanks to an anonymous fellow student in the class, but I can bear it. It is quite... challenging, as I bite my lip before I say what I think.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:00 p.m.

Monday, September 16, 2002
MUWAHAHA. It's 6AM and I got up at 5 to study A Maths cos I spent every minute (and I mean every minute) of my weekend on downloading. And now I'm back at the PC again! Weeheeehee! *glances at time* Ok, better head for school now.
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 06:19 a.m.

Sunday, September 15, 2002
Anna--as quoted from the most generous Mike:

anna, i send much luck in your coming to america! parsons is a great school. even if your parents don't approve (well, your dad... i don't know what your mom thinks), don't give up on it! you could always come stay with me if you really wanted to! i live only a train's ride away from new york city!

XDD;; Now ain't that dandy! ^_^ LOL Oh, and that image is...amazing. O_O;; Everyone go LOOK NOW! =D!
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 10:38 p.m.

Sunday, September 15, 2002
Oh MAN...... Check this out!!! O_O!!!!!
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 08:46 p.m.

Sunday, September 15, 2002
*blank face* Invitation, Charlene?
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 08:32 p.m.

Sunday, September 15, 2002
Anna, lookie! You got an invitation. XD (Sep 7th entry)
X is turning out pretty good! I've been taking screencaps of Fuuma's pretty face with his pretty magenta eyes (magenta!! *_* I looove magenta..) for RAW. The storage space will be courtesy of the lovely Phil. ^_^; I really like the way Kamui turned out, he's a whole lot manlier with a nice suitable voice and resembles Subaru more than his manga self.I still can't really get used to the huge shoulders and tiny hips though, they look soo unnatural. ^^
I have three more exams to go before a period of rest and then comes my real real O'Levels. Yikes! ^_^; Exams are truly frightening. I honestly don't know how I will do for my prelims, I'm terrible at gauging my marks (when I expect an A I get a C, and vice versa) but I really hope I do well enough to get into a good JC for the first three months. Working sounds appealing, but well, JC is my first priority.
I've been reading a lot of web comics now, the really old ones that have been running for years and everyone but me knows about. ^__^;; (MT, Luminosity Pro, Okashina Okashi, A Heart Made Of Glass (this made me go misty-eyed ^^), etc) I really want an MT T-shirt or any merchandise at all... ^^;
When my Bio Paper 1 on Wednesday is done, first place I'll run off to is the manga store. I haven't been there in ages! ^___^
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 05:13 p.m.

Friday, September 13, 2002
Ah. Well, lunchtime it is atm, and I've nothing to do. It kinda gets sad when you find yourself with nothing to do cuz your friends are at a meeting, which I don't intend to go to. And so... here I am, trying to decide what I am without my friend and struggling with this malfunctioning keyboard.
Friday 13th, black friday indeed. There's really nothing special about today and I all I can think of is how much my wrists hurt from this keyboard. Blergh.
Leareth, I ended up deleting your number by accident T_T so I can't even txt msg you now!!! Mou!!! Send me a message, yo~
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 01:12 p.m.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002
It's been... well, it's been a year. I do remember chatting to Tin-nee on AIM when it happened... and of course, things went straight down from there.
For Hong Kong though... not much people mourning, but trying to get home. Tropical Typhoon, whatever... we left school early to get home, but it took an hour *scowls* and then I had to talk to this woman about her child, who's in yr.8 at my school. She wants me to tutor him... twice a week. And once for Art!!! -_- dear lord, do I even KNOW what to tell him?? -_- I feel so random today. But really, HAH, I missed psychology class. I'm almost 99% sure I'm changing to drama from psycho cuz..... I'm not sure if psycho is my thing. -_- Really.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 08:40 p.m.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002
Long time no blog. ^^
Exaaams... I'm so worn out everyday I barely have time to go online. (Although I do leave the pc on to download the X OVAs--this is taking forever on iMesh--and more CB.) We had chem and geog today...I think I did pretty okay by my own standards...for the first time in the whole of my pitiful school life I could do a mole question. How very accomplished I am. In geog I chose to write about deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil and how Singapore aims to become the clean and green city, etc etc. It's quite interesting how Singapore always aims to be the 'hub' in everything...tourism, IT, manufacturing and service sectors... =____=;;; Anyhow, things went alright. I am quite happy with the way my Lit and Social Studies papers went, and well--that's all the humanities. Physics and Bio within the next two days. Hidoi...
I hurt myself quite a bit these past few days. o_O; Yesterday I scratched my leg on the sharp edge of a file I'd left lying around, and it bled! o_O! Today, while chewing on my lip and thinking of an answer, my lip started to bleed (worse than usual--yes, my lip bleeds quite a lot ^^;;; too much chewing). Then, I nearly sprained my ankle when running for a bus, and when my bag strap fell off my shoulder I looked down to put it back and nearly ran into an old lady. ^^;;;; As if that wasn't enough I almost hit someone in the face with my hand when the bus jerked and I reached out to get a grip on something. *LOL* That was kinda funny...this morning, I got super drenched in the rain when walking to the bus stop and a lady fell on me when I moved to let her in the seat beside me. She started laughing, and so did I and well...highlight of my bus trip. LOL... I always laugh at myself when I get clumsy in public and so I forgive myself when I laugh at others. ^^ (And I am always, always clumsy...)
I can't get enough of Maaya Sakamoto's Hemisphere (named for Selene's great mp3 site) and Frou Frou's Psychobabble. Two very addictive songs. ^_^;
Yeah I'll stop blabbing now and start work on physics... Electricity... T_T
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 03:12 p.m.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Hmmm... it's my free period atm, so I'm on the computer. Can't read the fics atm cuz well... -_-a I have an image as an innocent and naive student to uphold *snorts* yeah, RIGHT.
I have my psycho lesson in a few minutes... which reminds me, I haven't exactly written in onnatachi for a while about the oh, ever so interesting life in South Island. My psycho teacher is nice enough, but I don't know if I should really tackle psycho this year, if it's not going to get me the top grade. I might move the class into drama though.. that's food for though. I want to do drama but... I haven't done it in AGES. Not since I was in year Nine, and I'm in yr.12 now -_-;;;
Lex, my inbox shouldn't be too cluttered up right now, but it's the STUPID STUPID STUPID spanish spam... it's like 315k each, and I get like FIVE of them in one go. That just about blocks out my inbox since I'm using crummy hotmail and that ALWAYS (more or less) has analrentive limits on the account *scowls*
Okay, 10mins till I get to psycho class. -_- geez.... and I HATe this keyboard.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:11 a.m.

Sunday, September 8, 2002
ARGH!!!! LEEEEEEX!!!! I can't SEE anything from this file!!! I can HEAR everything, but I can't see...... MOOOOOOOOOU~~~~~~~ *is listening to something with a lot of crashes and bangs and no images T_T*
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 12:18 p.m.

Sunday, September 8, 2002
Uuuuuuh... please ignore the things I said yesterday -_- I was out of my mind.
You like Won Bin? Aaagh~ he's so cute! Have you watched "Autumn in my Heart"?... or is that "Endless Love"?? I know it was famous in the Asian circles, but not sure of the titles -_-;;;. And you enjoyed "Guns and Talk"? ^^;; never managed to watch it cuz my friends warned me against it (for some reason.. it's got good eyecandy though!!!) but it looks okay ^^. The real title is "The gossip of the Killers" but well... Guns and Talk seem better, I suppose XD.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:32 a.m.

Saturday, September 7, 2002
My father just clearly stated he will not support me if I go to America just for studying Art at Parsons. He says he is not going to make me gamble my life. I take that as his not having faith in my ability to do art. he doesn't understand art, not the world i'm in, and not what i am. he said yesterday he's sending me to america so i could have better prospects of developing my talents. but he's being nasty about every choice i have. what good is it if i can go america but not do what i want. art isn't necessarily my first and foremost love, but its something i love and i am good at. he doesn' tunderstand what my life, as an overseas student is. he doesn't understand life isn't the same now from what it was thirty years ago. he doesn't want me to go to america to do english literature. he says something that has potential but not too crowded. he thikns of media but it's killing yourself to go work in that field.
And we were talking about this over dinner, him with a vodka bottle and me steadily eating a bowl of kimchi to keep from feeling nauseous. now i'm sitting with the door locked because i can't talk to anyone, and i only have this to say something to before i throw up or start going mad. i hate my life, i hate the fact that its taking a big toll on my parents to send me there and i really really really hate my life. what good is my talents or passions to me when i'm chained down here, and i can't do anything? why have the bother of educating me here when all he wants is to make me live the rest of my miserable life in Korea where I'll be disgusted by its society and get jaded continuously. i don't want to live in korea, i don't like korea and no matter what I am, my mindset is not 100% korean and it never will be. I'll always be the freak student who never fit into the class and who will disappear to another place or a country and never be heard of again.
my father was getting steadily drunk and as usual, his personality warps and he turns into something i never want to talk to. its the feeling i have from him. if he were not my father i would never want to see him again. ever. my sanity is running away and i have nothing to hold on to and i hate this i hate this.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 07:44 p.m.

Saturday, September 7, 2002
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STEPH!!!! HAPPPY, HAPPY, HAAAAAAAAAAPPY Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Throws confetti and flowers*
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 07:47 a.m.

Friday, September 6, 2002
Meg, I hope you get to read this, as I have NO idea what your email is...
I'm not sure about the cantonese for 'Ryuuga' (Dragon Fang, SINDY, are you reading this?!?!), but I'm pretty much sure Momoka will be "Tou-Fa"... the accent for the 'tou' is a little dip (-_- sorry, zero knowledge of pinyin here) and for the 'fa' it'll be a straight line. So more like going Down on Tou and going up on Fa... am I making sense here? Really hope you get to read this... or if anyone, like Tin-nee can tell her? I'll find out what Dragon Fang is in Cantonese ^^. And if I'm wrong, just tell me... I'm saying this cuz I only know peach is 'Tou' from Wedding Peach (Momo) and Touya from CCS. Both are called "Tou-Ji" here in Hong Kong XDXD. So we have 200%+ masculine Kinomoto Touya-kun having a GIRL'S name XDXDXD. It's a bit like me with a guy's name, really. Oh, and if this helps, the "Loon" of Kowloon (HK, stuck to the mainland), is the dragon... cuz Kowloon means "Nine Dragons". It'll be funny if Ryuuga's called Loon-something though *snortles*
Er... it's almost decided that I go to the States. Or maybe even the UK, if it's Oxford or Cambridge (in that case, it'll be Eng.lit). I feel like I'm in a dream.. just floating, waiting for it to break into reality.
Tin-nee, I love your new Furuba fic. Nuff said, and I'll see you online *stares*. You too, Twin-san *stares* what with your new broadband connection and all XD. FINALLY, after AGES of wheedling!! We have the same connection now! I miss you two so much!
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 08:09 p.m.

Friday, September 6, 2002
Haha! Toshi has fun enacting weird scenes on her study notes in claasss~! XDD;; *surreptitiously stows away her physics book with all the FFVIII character sketches on it--Zell's Ergheiz!* *_*;;;
I really like the new DAI songs at Selene's. Yay, free music!! And Pei Yi's new layout and location rock. The domain name is great! =D;
I've been downloading lots of things...Cowboy Bebop, hundreds of mp3s, and the Kenshin Seisouhen. *______*! I thought it was a wonderful production, though of course it didn't have the dramatic impact that the first 4 OVA eps did, because it was a lot more colourful and cheery and didn't exactly involve a lot of fighting. I agree with Lex that the fight scenes had gotten rather dull and didn't quite match up to that of the previous OVA eps. The music was very good, but definitely not as good as before, and the whole thing seemed to end up being a huge summary of the entire RK series instead of anything more concrete or solid... ^^ I liked the Kenshin and Kaoru scenes (for once!!) and Kaoru and Yahiko were soooo out of character. ^^;; There was only once the younger Yahiko got mad and looked a little SD, but only a little. Aah, but what can one expect with the heaviness and realness of the art. It would have been impossible to like it if it were like the anime series and its appeal lies in the differences after all. What I really liked was seeing Sano fresh from Mongolia (or wherever his travels took him) though I wasn't really aware there were tigers in Japan...well, I can't be sure but it sure shocked me when the atmosphere turned so tropical rainforest-ish and a tiger just appeared out of nowhere. ^^;;; And why was Sano so touchy-feely? ^^;;;;;; *tiptoes around spoilers* I also liked seeing Enishi animated and I'm glad they tossed the whole four body guards thing...they were such a nuisance. >_<;
Yeah...I'm going to download the X OVAs now, if I can find them! And watch Cowboy Bebop, and other things... ^_^v
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 12:14 a.m.

Wednesday, September 4, 2002
Hello! This is Charlene with her new broadband connection!!!! WAAAAAHHHAAAAHAAAA!!! *goes on a crazy download spree*
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 09:06 p.m.

Wednesday, September 4, 2002
I wish my dad would understand that I need to stick to one area. I can't study for both Korean and English at the same time. I'll admit to not studying for my GCSEs, and yeah, that's why I got low in Math and Science, but it's also the part that says "Why bother? Will it even matter, if you go do well? You need to focus on what's important". They've put me through countless lessons and told me to give up art.
And now, after more than two years of believing I'd have to give up on art, my dad says if I get into a GOOD school, he'd send me to America, or the UK. He's thinking of sending me to do media. And mom suggests Art. I only feel frustrated and angry right now. I've given up on it for so long, and now... I just don't know what to do anymore.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 05:33 p.m.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002
Yes, well, I had good reason to go splat.
School started yesterday... and as I'm newly in the sixth form, I got an induction day, with the rest of my year. V.fun, but also v.exhausting, and I'm BURNT, like an over-baked lobster. Mou...
I did get my GCSE results yesterday... they're better than I expected for some, but CRAPier than I thought for some others. Don't know what to say, really....
Ah yes, and one big thing to note- no more uniforms.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 09:20 p.m.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002
*goes splat*
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 09:07 p.m.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002
Big thank yous to V-chan, Tin-neesan and Pei Yi (where'd you go? =/)!!
Oof, I'm having my one week of holiday now, just before my prelims start for real. Oh! I'm so afraid. ;_; Exams are such scary things. I have this awful study schedule to follow, and it's a traumatic way of spending my holiday. T__T
But! I bought Trigun and Ribon on Saturday, and have watched half of the former. It's fantastic!! *__* I can't believe how much I've missed out not seeing it, and dismissing it as something with some gun-toting cool hero guy with little much else to it than that (of course including the occasional ego-trip, angsty flashback and rescue of the damsel in distress) but it really is a lot more. This reminds me of back when I watched the entire Fushigi Yuugi in two days, and Escaflowne in not much more than that as well. I must get into anime again!
And I keep getting reminded of Himura Kenshin as I watch Vash the Stampede...they're so similar. o__O; And several of the enemies in the series as well, like the Gung-Ho Guns (Juppon Gatana) and one of them--EG Mines I do believe, resembles that flying man in RK whom Yahiko defeated. Ha...! The most interesting character is Milly Thompson though, she's just too sweet and she's BIG! She's a gentle FEMALE giant... And Nicholas Wolfwood is very cool. And what's up with Kuroneko? XD
*runs off to watch more*
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 09:53 a.m.

Sunday, September 1, 2002
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:06 a.m.

Saturday, August 31, 2002
I'm back in HK, I've had little to no sleep, my room is in a mess, someone messed with my manga so it's jammed in all the corners of my bookshelves, and I am ready to kill. There are clothes strewn about, tons of letters from school (and some are BLOODY MISSING!!!), I am pissed and the only thing that gives me happiness atm is that my computer monitor is now bigger and the connection is faster here than the one in Korea. ARGH. I've been unpacking and reading my school letters in between since THREE and I've only barely managed to shove my clothes into my wardrobe.
I think I've finally realized the reason why I didn't blog so much in Korea... mainly, the keyboard there and the mouse is rather still, and I have to strain to see the monitor, and the seat is uncomfortable. Oh yes, and slower connection. Here, I have a v.big and bouncy office-boss type chair (comlete with high back and armrests, thank goodness) and a v.big screen which does stops me from squinting and a nice connection. Maybe being back in HK isn't as bad as I thought...
Charlene and the Hanakimi crew (sorry, no html, too busy), I'll get back to you ASAP, but I'll be glad to help for volumes 10 onwards... I'll have the slight problem of my studies though, since I'm coping with both the British and Korean curriculum (or education, I'd say -_-) and I'm in NO WAY familiar with the computer... bah, I'll get back to that. Must unpack...
And as a final note.. I usually try avoiding Watase Yuu's manga, cuz the series get long and boring after a while. But read Alice the 19th (is it??) and it's cute ^^ And a more original idea -_-;;;
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 05:23 p.m.

Friday, August 30, 2002
Actually, I'd like to help out at the new Hanakimi Trans/Scanslation Project. Of course... my scanner is busted (and I wouldn't know how to put on online anyways) so I can't do the scanslations, but translate, I can. And I have both Korean and Japanese versions of Hanakimi, if it helps anyone... my grip on both Korean and English is extensive, so I'll be able to put the 'puns' or the word plays into comprehensive english shite... ^^ Charlene, let me know if you guys think I am worthy~ *bows*
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 07:36 p.m.

Friday, August 30, 2002


Following suit, visit and fill the guestbook up with nice encouraging comments please!!! *_______*;;
We had Teacher's Day today...the concert was very fun, we had our class T shirt and it turned out quite pretty in the end... Nothing much else has happened...oh, I re-read Sylvia Plath's "The Bell Jar" and started getting interested in it, and found a couple of sites on her, and the book. I discovered that Sylvia Plath actually killed herself by first plugging her children's bedroom door with towels, then turning on the oven, placing a towel inside it, wrapping her head in a towel and placing her head inside the oven...thus being gassed to death. (And baked.) It's interesting to note that she did this at the time when the cleaning lady was supposed to come around as if she wanted to be discovered (so she could reclaim her husband's affections through pity?--he left her for the wife of another poet), but that day the cleaning lady arrived late--too late to save Plath even though she might've, had she been on time. The lady Plath's husband (Ted Hughes) left her for killed herself the same way years later.
On a completely unrelated note, September 1st is the second anniversary of Shizukesa! Heee~ ^__^v
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 03:11 p.m.

Friday, August 30, 2002
I was looking through the files on my sister's computer just now... and found some rather amusing AIM chatroom stuff, dated about a year ago. Tin-nee and Charlene are in this one, and it scares me to see how immature I was... and also how evil we were. I'll bet Tin-nee had a huge laugh over Charlene and I going crazy. Nakago and ancient Chinese underwear indeed, and the secret behind Groping -_-;;; XD I'm having fun reading the files.
And I haven't been keeping track of time... I have to take a shower and go meet someone.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 11:01 a.m.

Friday, August 30, 2002
Am slightly put off to hear my flight's been pulled forward -_- to the morning. Damn, I really hate morning flights... on the other hand, it lets me do stuff before mom comes *cackles* like, say... go and splurge on my manga stores. I'll bet the storekeepers will ask where the hell I was ^^a;;;;.
-_- Completely random, but I was flipping through BoA's Korean 2nd album, and I noticed that in addition to her already butt-ass expensive Tiffany bracelet (the one I begged my mom to get and she said NO WAY), she was also wearing the ring identical to my sisters. Also Tiffany -_-;;. It's on my finger atm cuz Jo obviously didn't bother to wear it today... but I helped her choose this, (on the damn day mama said no to the bracelet -_-) and happen to know the ring is expensive. My sister's is silver... so it's actually a pretty modest price, but BoA's is GOLD and that's like twice or thrice the price of this one *_* Now, were the Codi-tachi crazy, or did her parents give this to her? And when BoA's practically younger than me?!?!
That WAS, actually, pretty much pointless and it only serves to show how greedy I am (I never could resist Tiffany's... or any other piece of jewelry, for that matter)
Listening to some random Japanese music... Hyde, W-inds., Chemistry... Utada Hikaru... -_-;;;
I just can't believe I'm awake this early, considering the time I went to bed at. But then again... my sister came home around 2am, and she has to wake up at 5.30 to get ready to go to work. So really... I'm not complaining.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 09:34 a.m.

Friday, August 30, 2002
Right. I've been away from HK for roughly 2 months and a week, and things are changing. I'm still in Korea... as I'm leaving on Saturday afternoon. I'm on msn with MJ atm... and an old friend is leaving, MJ and I are in different classes (DAAAAAAMMMMITTTT!!!!!! WHY?WHY?WHY?!?!?!?!?!) Of course, MJ and Asuka HAD to be placed in the same class. This puts me at a HUGE disadvantage, as always, since they're always plotting against me... I shudder to think of my 12th year.
I just heard some not so very nice news, so I'll go sleep now, I think.
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 12:20 a.m.

Sunday, August 25, 2002
*hugs Charlene* yes, of course I'm back ^^. I'd never abandon Onnatachi XD
Um, a few changes to my appearance. My hair is no longer the somewhere in between curl thing, but now dead straight. Also... a bit layered ^^ Think of Arashi minus the fringe... but did I also mention a few weeks back, I passed by a wig shop and happened to buy a fringe wig? XDXD NOW that makes me look like Arashi *cracks up* it was really funny, making my sister scream.
And as always, I am stuck to the HP fandom(-_-....) and I have no intention of coming out of it. -_-a I might be forced out of it, but I have no doubts about rebounding there XDXD.
Ah, I seem to be in a good mood.. I'm doing "XD"s everywhere ^^. I left my wallet at my cousin's yesterday though, so it looks like I won't have a wallet full of photos to show anymore... at least, not until tomorrow, when I meet her again.
Oh, watermelon calls -_-;
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 09:30 a.m.

Thursday, August 22, 2002
WELCOME BACK ANNA!! ^___^v *hugkissglomp* I'm glad you enjoyed yourself...how I wish I could see Cheju-do. It sounds truly lovely. *_*
*coughs* MINNA! (Boy, haven't used that in ages.) I have an announcement to make. Well, albeit a very late one, but an announcement nonetheless. A while ago, I was asked by Selene for permission to allow my Hanakimi translations to be mirrored for a Hanakimi Scanslations-cum-Translations project--the aim of which is to unite all the scattered Hanakimi translations into one site for the benefit of Hanakimi fans all over the world. :D; Well, the site is already up (and has been for some time ^^;) at HERE. It has just started out though, so please be patient as the scanslations are churned out (hee) bit by bit. Bookmark the damned place!!! *_*
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 06:43 p.m.

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Hello all, and welcome to my insanity. Or rather, welcome me BACK into my insanity.
I've been away for a while, to this really beautiful Korean island called 'Cheju-do (Jeju-do, whatever)'. It's where one of the World Cup Stadiums are situtated (coincidentally, v.close to my condo) and altogether a very quiet, peaceful and green island. The ocean was beautiful, the Teddy Bear Museum was absolutely adorable and the food was.. well, it would have been good if it weren't all seafood. As you'll remember, I am _allergic_ to the bloody genre of food. Tin-nee would be horrified, because that would mean my life is deprived of the wonders of Takoyaki. Actually, does your cousin Lloyd happen to have allergies against seafood? That might be the problem behind weirdass tongue and all.
But I get off my point again, as usual. Although the trip to the island was in terms of the scenery, quite beautiful (you won't believe the waist length walls made of large stones), the company was NOT. My family went as a whole and of course that is a disaster waiting to be spelled out. Everyone ended up really upset (or in Karen's place PISSED OFF) thanks to our darling otou-san, and je pense que that is all I have to say.
Borrowed "Lord of the Rings" and I can't WATCH it atm cuz I have to go out. I watched "Crossroads" yesterday though, starring Brit Spears. Even if it was full of cliches... I think it was actually a nice movie, putting Brit into a better perspective. Seriously though... you 'must' lose your virginity before you go to college? How lame is that??
But.. I'll say that the guy in the movie was really cute. *goofy smile*
I also, on a post-note-blah, have really quite a lot of photos from the trip in my brand new digital camera. It's a Nikon... er, something model, and nice ^^. Okies, gotta go now, baibai~ *hugs Charlene for good luck on studies!*
Oh yes, and Lex? I'll make sure to tell you when I get the package ^^
--Anna purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 07:28 a.m.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002
So I had my bio prelim practical exam today...it went...alright really. It should've gone more than alright, considering the amount of studying I did for the damned thing, but I guess I am...satisfied. We had to draw the outside and inside of specimen W1 (French bean, I think--long bean? Is there a difference?) and well, I forgot some of the proper labels for certain parts of the fruit but I guess I more or less made it. I was quite annoyed though! All along I'd expected something unexpected like inheritance (counting peanut lengths and making a table out of it all) or well, just something other than drawing the stupid insides of a fruit but oh ah well. Mrs Loo (bio teacher) decided to be nice and give the mark to those who assumed fruits would come out, not knowing some would try to be crafty and base the larger amount of study material on everything other than fruits...OH, rant over. >_<; (I will NEVER be crafty again!!!)
Now there's Physics and Chem to look forward to on Friday and well, I just won't be caught off guard again cos I -never- know what's gonna come out so I can't make assumptions which is in a way, good, but in every other way bad. Sorry...Studying just changes everyone into pessimists. ;__; (Just lookie at our class.)
My dad rented Lord of the Rings some time back, and I had fun watching it again. I didn't get scared when Bilbo pulled off his 'Raaargh!' though, like I did the first two times...thank goodness. ^^; And gee, what up with Arwen. Her scene was so overdramatised just because it's Liv Tyler and she's the most beautiful person in the entire movie.
More disagreements and political happenings (^^;) in our class. Funny! ^_^;; We never used to be like this...wonder what caused the change. Must be the fact that it's our last year and everyone wants to make their mark by doing something "for the class." How irritating.
*re-reads entry* Oh...I sound so annoyed by everything. ^^;; Must be the post-studying um, syndrome. Aaah, it's probably just me... *sigh* I must write happier entries cos happy is good!
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 06:38 p.m.

Saturday, August 17, 2002
I'm rolling around being bored and hot...why is the weather here so awful. >_<
There was a pretty big bitch fight of sorts in class yesterday...it was really amusing to watch. Some people raised their voices, someone looked like she was about to cry...I really don't like our class anymore. Our class as a whole, I mean. Some people just take charge wherever they can and others just let them... A perfectly lovely design for the class T shirt, done by someone who was CHOSEN by the CLASS to be in charge of it, is now in danger of being voted out. All of a sudden someone decided to make a new design and allow the class to vote for whichever they liked. Now that sounds reasonable enough, but the fact that the someone who was chosen in the first place, had spent a lot of time and effort on her design and the other person just decided 'oh! some people don't like it, let's swop!' and whipped up a mediore (to my eyes at least) design in two days...which now has one vote over the other prettier design.
It's not really the design at all...just the fact that people can be so assertive and domineering all the time. There have been tons of other similar incidents, and some people just decided they wouldn't take this shit anymore and spoke out. I was slightly pissed off by the whole thing as well, but didn't say a thing because I never like to take part in shouting matches like this...in the end a compromise was made grudgingly which didn't solve the problem in the least but oh well...at least opinions were voiced out and there is now a greater chance of things looking up than before.
Mm...I have to run off to meet mom at office now.
--Charlene purred as Kouryuu's kitten harem must do @ 04:27 p.m.

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