...the result of two girls who live in different countries and would have never met if not for one fateful day on ICQ. As time passed, they discovered some disturbing facts about their sanity and their love for purty bois, and found out they shared the same brainwave... One day, Charlene offered to create a shared blog for the two scary onnas, and here we are!  
* Tuesday, August 13, 2002
Yeap Anna, I finished watching All About Eve on Sunday. Hee~~! It was great, so great. I felt...I dunno, perhaps a little empty about the ending. Very tempted to blab, but too lazy to. Anyhow, all in all, it was a good ending and the only good way to take it. Any other way would have fallen flat. It is such a good series. ^_^v And yes! The camera guy is gorgeous...I started to not like him so much though (after he got drunk and unshaven all the time) but his reasons for that were perfectly justifiable. I like the other guy, with his puppy dog eyes and endearing smile. My mom and I never fail to burst out in silly giggles everytime he stops in the middle of something important to watch his loved one in action with a dopey grin on his face. XDD;
I had a slight fever and stayed home sleeping all day today. I did some work though! ^_^ My lit assignment, and work for the Bio test tomorrow. And, I got my Chinese O'Level results back today (yes, just when I am sick... =_=). I did better than I expected, and I am very happy with my results: a B3. Of course, the distinction is what everyone aims for, (A1 or A2) but I felt that I would've been satisfied enough with a B and considering I'm not even planning to use my Chinese grade in my L1R5 (the score that will decide which JC I can go to for my next two years), I think it's pretty ok. ^_^
And I have a 1/4 finished Onnatachi layout on my desktop... ^_^v
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 08:27 p.m.

* Tuesday, August 13, 2002
^^ Charlene, All About Eve... the Korean drama you mentioned? I loved it~ the music is good too. And the all-bitch-act YoungMi puts on, isn't she so good at it? The thing is, she's so pretty.... you want me to give you spoilers or not *winks* Trust me, it's gonna get irritating, but I'll be you'll watch it to the end, as it's only 16 episodes. The men in it are really... ^^;;;; the camera guy is really hot (and also the guy my sisters met at this naengmyun place) and the other guy, he's one of Korea's big stars. V.good casting ^^
My institute finished last Friday, but I didn't manage to blog often. You can tell, cuz Charlene's actually blogged TWICE in a row!!! WOW! ^^ *huggles Charlene* Hmm.. what else to say... my dad's coming over from HK today, and he's brining our new digital camera. The brand's Nikon, from what I hear, and well, I guess it's good ^^. I'll finally be able to post pictures on!! Though I don't even know how to load it on.. I'll probably send pics thru emails.
Lika is it me who's forgotten to write back or you? I've been so scatterbrained of late, I can't seem to remember, but I haven't had an email from you for over a month!!! OMG!!!! *bawls*
Hmm... later, amigos, my doggie's stealing my icecream -_-!!!!
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 12:51 p.m.

* Monday, August 12, 2002
I want to cosplay again!!! T__________T;
I went to develop a roll of film with Nadia today at some place near the school. We took a class photo with the last remaining shots left on her camera. Very fun. ^__^ We all dressed up as...lots of things, and ended up looking very messy and mismatched...like a bunch of people thrown together in a colourful...mess. *isn't feeling very descriptive as you can tell* LOL sorry!
Anyhow, I bought a little bracelet for myself at some shop next to the photo developing place and it's got turquoise beads on it with little metal rings and um, moons and stars hanging all around it. Oh dear, really--my descriptive ability seems to be dying off.
I bought something else too...for a special someone. Hehe. ^_^ The month of September is coming quick!
I printed out a picture for Nadia...she better appreciate it.
I have some things to do by tonight: Decorate the two pages reserved for me on my friend's autograph book with heartfelt love and good wishes! My lit assignment. Make little lists of presents for people whose birthdays are arriving (Two special people for me *hearts*). Remember to get the $50 required for the End of Year Farewell Dinner at some hotel from mom. Make some headway in chemistry revision. Defrost fish for mom's dinner (better go do that now).
I better go get them done before I drop off. (Tired...slight temperature...contemplating skipping school...even though parent told me that's not an option any longer...) Good night!
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 08:06 p.m.

* Sunday, August 11, 2002
How Charlene spent National Day and Saturday:
I watched four episodes of Tenchi Muyo after rummaging in all the old anime I'd bought back when I bought anime. XD; And lo and behold! I discovered it was actually english subbed! I put the disc in and sat back, ready to watch (desperate to alleviate my boredom) and found out why I stopped watching it after two episodes before. The subs and dubs don't match! XD And it's awful to read something and hear another. It's still quite funny though, and I might watch more after I finish my Korean Drama.
I watched disc after disc with my mom of All About Eve--a really really really GOOD Korean drama!!!! I CANNOT get enough of it...it's one of the best series I've ever seen in my life. I especially like Youngmin, the bitch whom everyone hates, because her character is really well fleshed out. She's one of the best developed characters I've ever seen and boy can the actress act. *listening to Jigeum Chuhrum* I love it... ;____;
I didn't even watch the National Day Parade at all...I make a really lousy Singaporean citizen.
I watched more All About Eve on Saturday, and then went to an Irish pub to have dinner with all the aunties on my mom's side. o__O;; There was only my nine year old cousin to accompany me and he was very interested in patrolling his fighter plane over the bread in defense of an unanticipated attack. ^__^;;
Well I had a nice time. Now for more chemistry--just what I need to complete my wholesome weekend!!
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 09:36 a.m.

* Friday, August 9, 2002
Get well soon Anna! O_o; *flowers and hearts*
It's National Day here in Sunny Singapore! (Well it looks very hot outside.) There will be nice programmes to watch on TV for once. *ambles outside lazily*
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 08:20 a.m.

* Tuesday, August 6, 2002
I have a high temperature, migrane, aching neck (as in feels like bruised neck*wince*), heavy limbs, blocked nose, weirdass voice from swollen throat and sneezing at intervals. Does this qualify me as having a cold?
Well, uh huh. I've had this for days but noooo it must be my overactive imagination working again *rolls eyes*. Poof.
Congrats to Leareth for comleting In my line of work II and I was really touched you gave me credit for the name *lol* can't believe you still remember that! And I don't even have to say it... it was great work, as usual. No more words than that.. and if I was any good at drawing fanart, which I'm not btw, I'd send you stuff. STUFF. XD but even if I can draw nice manga images (...), can't try for hoot to imitate another drawing. Nuh uh. So... ^___^ You'll be waiting for that doujinshi and maybe some other stuff, around say... December? XD In time with your birthday, perhaps (yeah, I owe people a LOT of stuff ^^a)
Now that's it, I'm not gonna handle staying up much longer, not with this bugger of a cold *swears*
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 08:46 p.m.

* Tuesday, August 6, 2002
I'm really wanting to go see Signs. Any movie by M. Night Shyamalan I -will- see! *_* When I caught the making of Signs, it got me really interested in crop circles. Once, a long time back, I saw a documentary on it involving two men who'd claimed to be the creators of all crop circles and actually saw them carrying it out. I thought that was the end of it--what a pity it's not some cool supernatural cause or something, but no.
See here.
Of course, you don't believe everything you read but it's intriguing nonetheless. There are some real pretty ones there, specially this one with 400+ circles in it, the most complex formation up to date. What I thought was extremely cool was this one incident (related in the year-by-year accounts) that occurred some years back or so. A field was wired with ultrasensitive microphones, sensors, lasers, all that overnight yet after a mist descended and lifted in the morning, a crop circle appeared without any of the equipment being triggered.
Yeah...anyhow. I got my very first issue of Newtype last Saturday! *beams like a stupid* It's so pretty...pages and pages of glossy anime images. *_* I scanned some things out but can't really find anything suitable for a layout for Onnatachi. I'll try to get one up by this week though.
I also heard that AXN on cable here is showing Yami no Matsuei, Ayashi no Ceres and Maison Ikkoku. ;___; All this after I moved and have no cable. I'm pretty sure I can get broadband soon though, my mom has been looking at my dialup bills and it's very clear that broadband will save her a lot of money. ^^;; (I have cut down a lot though, the past month.)
Right, now it's time to learn about exothermic and endothermic reactions. *puts on reading glasses*
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 03:31 p.m.

* Monday, August 5, 2002
...Oh. We really did forget Onnatachi's first anniversary, ne? XD You were busy on Hiatus (or simply disappeared darling *_*) around that time... and I was... well, preoccupied. March 14th is White Day. We have it here in Korea as well, when the guy or the receiver of chocolates on Valentines returns it to whom they love. Aaaaw sweet, ain't it. There's also a Black Day, according to some rather unreliable sources (from RL) but dunno what that's for.
I was watching Charlie's Angels today... and I've gotta admit, I loved it and still do. Lucy Liu kicks ASS. Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz look great, and as guys, v.cute XD Lucy Liu has the job cut for her, and I'll just say she's the kind I used to idolize ^^;;;;.
An idea though... when I saw the Creepy Thin Guy from the movie, my mind went automatically to 'Krum'. Viktor Krum from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. His expression in Charlie's Angels was... funny XD and I'd have loved to see him play Krum in the fourth Harry Potter movie, except he's quite old. Born sometime around 1964? that'll make him twenty something years older than Harry, not four. Bah, anyways.
My mind's been on Harry Potter non-stop.. must stop reading fics online, but the problem is, it's GOOD. And I was kinda getting fed up with anime fics. Don't get me wrong, the good ones are brilliant. But there're more bad ones than good, and I think that's really sad. Besides, I was getting royally pissed at the really stupid fics where they have Ron, Harry and Draco in a threesome, with guest appearances made by Snape. Ludicrous. Make it work, write it well and I won't CARE about the weirdass couplings.
Er, oops, that wasn't supposed to be Ron, Harry and Draco, and forget about Snape. That was supposed to be Kamui, Kusanagi, Sorata in a threesome with Hinoto's tentacles. Not that there are any fics like that, but it's just the kind of thing you'd get in the incredibly twisted CLAMP community. Of course, I have my fair share of shounen-ai fandom (if not, why would I be here?!) and evil, twisted plots, but I really do hate the immature types of cliched writing. Harry Potter fics... do have this, when written by the aforementioned immature writers.
...I'm going out to buy icecream.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 02:33 p.m.

* Saturday, August 3, 2002
I was looking at Onnatachi and wondering how old it is now, and so I went to take a look at the first archived page and realized that we hadn't remembered its First Year Anniversary! o_O; March 14th...it's one year and about four and a half months now! Yay, I never thought we were so old. LOL I must make an anniversary layout... =D (Oh hey--isn't March 14th one of the Valentine's Days in Japan? They have two right? One for when the girls give guys chocolates, and another when the guys return them. March 14 must be the latter.)
I got back from swimming a couple of hours ago, and am waiting for a call from my mom to tell me to come down to her office so we can have Japanese food again. (This is becoming something of a routine activity to my Saturdays.) I am thinking of getting a nice big painting up on my room walls--they are so bare except for a few posters here and there, an X wallscroll and a couple of geisha postcards. (Colourful and feminine.)
Yeah, so last night I was searching for dark atmospheric music with heavy rhythm in it for some dramatic parts of a script Candice and I had created for Drama Nite at our school. I ended up choosing almost 3/4s of the La Femme Nikita soundtrack (which I had ripped from a friend) because I personally don't listen to this genre. (House? Techno? Um?)
Oh! What happened earlier as Nadia and I were walking to the bus stop from the pool was that this guy left his house with the tiniest puppy I had ever seen on his heels. My goodness, I really don't think I've ever seen anything more adorable. The owner said it was five weeks old, and as I trailed behind with a *_* expression, it attempted to climb a long flight of steps and we had much fun watching. (Nadia was far, far behind though. She is afraid of anything that moves although she did admit that the puppy was nowhere near intimidating.) I got to carry it! It was soft, felt like a soft toy except warm and very very light. After it got tired after climbing all those steps, the owner picked it up, popped it into a little carrier bag and headed for the bus stop. *^_^* How utterly endearing. (Now you'll all think Charlene has never had experience with animals in her whole life and is an ignorant, deprived, strange little thing. You're wrong, I had a puppy once. His name was Rascal and he was a mix between a Shih-Tzu and a Schnauzer. I miss him. ;_;)
One of these days I'll upload a photo of him. =D
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 02:45 p.m.

* Friday, August 2, 2002
WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MATTER WITH FF.NET?!?!?!?!??!!?!?! None of the stories are coming on!!!! AND! How about Sugarquill.net?!?!? Neither of them have the stories up!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!
Oh yes, btw, the good Harry Potter fic I said I was reading, it's called "After the End", by Sugarquill. Read it, it's good, I swear.
Oh, and I've been blogging like mad today, cuz I've got no classes until Tuesday, and even so, my institute finishes on the 9th of August. My leaving date to HK has been postponed until the 31st, which is rather stupid, really, since school starts on the 2nd. Or is it the 3rd, since school starts on the monday only for the new students??? I don't think I'd be a new student, after being at South Island since I was 11. Man... I can't believe in in year 12. GCSEs finished (still feeling sick to the stomach about those), and no more uniform!!!! OMFG, it's real XD.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 03:17 p.m.

* Friday, August 2, 2002
Leareth, dear, you need a hug. And if it'll make you feel any better, I can come online sometime to MSN and we can cackle about Seishirou in a black tutu and Kusanagi in a green dress sprouting artificial feathers (we can never have mr. Save-the-earth wear clothes with REAL feathers now, can we?). Just... *hugs*
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 03:14 p.m.

* Friday, August 2, 2002
...I've just discovered that after a month of almost NO english reading (classes don't count), my vocab's gone TOTALLY down. Just now, with the other entry, I couldn't find the words in my head. I mean, how hard is it to remember "Powers of observation"???????
Korea is having a bad influence on my brain.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 11:23 a.m.

* Friday, August 2, 2002
One of the things people never believe or learn of me is that anyone who hurts my loved ones will pay. Some people think I'm too cold-blooded to even care, and some aren't attentive enough to see it. No one's ever hurt my friends before, but if they do, I'm throwing all morals out of the window. They can get away with insulting me, cuz it's not worth the trouble I'd get into, if I were to retaliate. But if it involves my friends or my sisters, I just don't care. I would beat them up. I'm not that strong, and maybe I'm not intelligent enough or whatnot, but I won't stand for any bullshit.
This statement makes me feel utterly ridiculous because I'm sitting here, being angry, when there's a deranged woman stalking and making my sister miserable. The woman, or bitch, is calling up my sister on her mobile phone and the HOUSE PHONE... bitching to her, how she's never going to forgive my sister and how she's going to make my sister miserable for the rest of her life. She apparantly knows where we live, and she told me sister to 'watch out for her back' at night.
I couldn't say anything to that, because simply, I was too angry to say anything. A few days ago, this woman came up to my sister with a bunch of friends and slapped her. When my sister was with a bunch of colleagues. After she slapped my sister, she started her hysterics, saying how she'd never forgive my siser, calling my sister a bitch and a lunatic. The thing is, her friends didn't even say anything but they joined in.
My only conclusion is that this could be the same woman, or maybe different, but if I were there, I wouldn't have just stood there. If this woman is some sort of past history with my sister's boyfriend... well. I already know it'll be a rage before they can actually get permission to get married. I said I'd support her, but if he causes my sister any harm... from the looks of it, he's not a great guy, IMHO cuz he was at a nightclub dancing while my sister was crying. I heard her talking to him on the phone, and crying. I could pretty much guess he's just another dumbass jerk. If I hear her crying because of him I'm going to get his number one way or another. Call him, meet him (for the first time, yay -_- after a fucking YEAR) and I'm going to be the bitchy sister. If he loves my sister, his place is NOT at some nightclub chatting up a girl to dance.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 11:11 a.m.

* Wednesday, July 31, 2002
Mmmh..! School has been so very busy. *bunny ears flop* Tests left and right--well okay, not so much of that, more of "IT'S A LITTLE OVER A MONTH TO THE VERY IMPORTANT PRELIMS SO BUCK UP ALREADY!".. Well alright, the prelims aren't that important...they only decide which place I'll be in for the three months before my actual O'Level results come out, but still. I want to be in a good place!
I've been going swimming every Saturday and it's been very fun. Brings back all those memories of when I was nine, and I went swimming every week and got so tanned. My skin also gets dry very easily and ugh, dark and dry--not a very nice combination.
Our class has also been planning a series of amusing items for the Teacher's Day concert and for the first time I actually feel involved. I and seven other people are doing the 'hidey ho' song (the one from "Whose Line Is It Anyway") and I composed the lyrics:

ohh hidey (x6) ho
English is a subject which all of us like
We won't deny that nouns and verbs makes us all psyched!
ohh hidey (x6) ho
Now we have a teacher, her name is Mrs Lum
She says 'hidey ho' are nonsense words so here we come!
ohh hidey (x6) ho
She's the discipline mistress, it's not hard to see
Cos when we have no nametags, she calls us Fifi!
ohh hidey (x6) ho
Now we all know that English is really truly fun
So all the teachers always say we have to score A1!
ohh hidey (x6) ho

LOL...and it's true too, about that Fifi part. Ah well, it is such a stupid song but it is our last year so we might as well go out with a bang. (Though it be a stupid, pointless one.)
The weather has been good lately. Very breezy, and the sky is simply lovely--the clouds rearrange themselves every single day in some new divine formation. ^^v I have a very good view, see.
Yeah, that's about it. Manga-wise, Ahiruno Oujisama #2 (by author of Yamadatarou Monogatari--Ai Morinaga) is out, and so is the 6th volume of the english translated Neon Genesis Evangelion. I haven't been going down very often at all cos of work and lying around thinking of work, and so on. ^^;;;
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 04:17 p.m.

* Monday, July 29, 2002
My Senshi Colors Are:

Purple: Gentle, Easy to Please, Relaxed

Silver: Powerful, Intuitive, Self-Aware

Get Your Senshi Colors At SailorOrion.com

Uh huh, right, another one to start off the rant.
Long time no see, missed you all you know the drill. I was busy studying and reading _one_ very good Harry Potter fanfic series, one that works and is creative, and thankfully, has good grammer. What more can I ask for? (I know there's a spelling mistake in there somewhere but can't really be bothered.
Today was the LAST friking mtest... no more studying ass off during weekends XD!!!
Am still busy and will just note that I am wearing a red top and have my nails and toenails painted RED. Deep crimson red, maroon, call it what you want, I'm going now, bai
*checks clock* Exactly three mins writing this.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 03:38 p.m.

* Sunday, July 21, 2002


I am a natural story teller, and tales unfold in my mind almost without thought. I can entertain myself by reading a book that exists only in my head, which might make me seem distant from people at times.

Me likes this image ^^. I'm not supposed to be online, in preparation for the weekly Monday tests (yeah, 'test' they say, call it torture please)... but the entire family's out, and I've already gone thru all but two of the stuff. There are three math teachers there, and I can only understand one. The others, I have to study the entire part on my own. Stupid crapass idiots.
Furuba is REALLY getting scary... Akito is the bitchass he always was, so no surprise there... but the last part where the black feathers are? ...It sounds like he was beating Kureno or something like that. And that BASTARD, he was thinking of killing Tooru -_-!!!
Onee-chan, forgive me if I'm wrong, but did I get the dates for your trip to HK wrong? I must be getting senile. And sorry for the late post (I never managed to check blogs), but I hope your flu is better. And I really really hope you're having a better time than I am, cuz I'm having a miserable time, with no manga. -_-;;
...I hear something WEIRD. *peers out*... it's the dog snoring. *inserts dotdotdot*
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 12:14 p.m.

* Friday, July 19, 2002
*huffs* This has been the busiest week I've ever had this year... I had my detention sessions (first time in my life, and for a silly practical too...my reasons were justified! *_*) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and had tuition on both these nights as well. We sat in the lab and copied stupid things like newspaper articles and science diagrams on Mon, cleaned chairs behind the large airconditioned hall some of which looked almost mouldy (>__<;;) and today the teacher in charge of detention, who seemed to have taken a liking to Candice and I, took us under her wing and told us to stick chemistry related articles on the chemistry board outside the lab for her, while the others had to clean goodness knows what! We also played a lot of badminton during PE and skipping as well (tiring! =_=;) on Thursday and Friday so I am just about ready to drop of exhaustion on my bed. I have tuition in half an hour though...so I can't... -_-;
I haven't even had time to go online or check my mail, or do anything at all...really, yesterday and the day before must've been the first times I've not been online at all the whole day since a long time...
I also saw MIB 2 yesterday...it was very funny! =D But definitely not as good as the first one, and it seemed a little rushed. But Will Smith is cool... ^_- And I am going swimming tomorrow...good lord, I am actually doing some exercise of my own accord (PE is not of my own accord) and I might get Candice to teach me tennis some time... I have been helping her out a little on her site and new blog and it's been fun though a little exasperating to receive calls everyday asking about 'alinks' and 'absolute positioning'...I have promised to go over to teach her some things properly so she'll know what she's doing when she types a particular something, instead of me telling her what to type and her not understanding what it does. Yeah...this brings back memories of when I first started out... *smile* ...
Yeah, I gotta run now.
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 06:33 p.m.

* Friday, July 19, 2002
-_-+++ The damn quiz thing screwd the page up, and I didn't even notice until today. Not just one, but two were screwd up... and so, out one goes and one gets fixed.
I have a new english teacher in my institute... and he's from Harvard. Very eccentric, and quite... arrogant? Takes a lot of pride in his acheivements. And it's like a discussion thing instead of grammer and shit. He uses 'shit' 'sucky', 'shitty', 'crap', 'pissed off'... -_- blahblah... I kinda like him tho, cuz he's so different XD. Oh yes, and at the beginning of the lesson, I accidentally broke my necklace and exclaimed "SHIT!!!!"... the class went quiet and then started laughing as I was apologizing over and over. The guy only said "You and I are gonna get along VERY well"
Uh huh.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 06:41 p.m.

* Thursday, July 18, 2002

Who's Your Inner Koyasu-sama?

Uh huh, wonderful, now who the hell is this? He looks a hell of a lot like Aya from Weiss... -_-;;;

what's your inner flower?

[c] s u g a r d e w

I'm a rooose~~~ I wanted Cherry Blossom (cuz it's my fave flower but out of season most of the time) but I got rose.. which is okay, since I love roses too ^^ I love most flowers -_-;;;

Uh huh, my fave kind -_-;; Shi-chan darling, everytime I go to your blog, I end up taking the quizzes!! ^^ Having fun tho... great layout btw ^^ late, aren't I. And Beth HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I _am_ quite belated, but I haven't been on often ^^
Lex I wouldn't worry about it. It took me ages to find the places -_- you were only in HK for a few days... DAMN, I really wish you'd be coming to Korea -_- I could treat you and take you everywhere.. and most importantly, I'd be seeing YOU! -_-;;;
I bought 10 CDs in Korea... Yurisangja(glass box), T (I LOVE this!!!!! ^_^), Shinhwa 'perfect man', Voices of Korea and Japan, Sumi Jo, Celine Dion, Lee Sooyoung, Wax, ...
I have to go now. Damn.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 03:33 p.m.

* Wednesday, July 17, 2002

You are Kusakabe Marron | Kaito Jeanne

You are generous and talented, though often widthdrawn. You tend to have just a few close friends, rather than many. You appear very cheerful and enthusiastic, but struggle to keep up with what others expect of you. In the end, your perseverance and sacrifices help you pull through.

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Long time no see, people ^^ Anyone miss me? *insert usual crickets chirping* I guess not ^^
Life, hectic as hell, and a little peeved at myself atm. Well, peeved at everything in general, really. My hair (which btw Lika is not like Karen from X anymore but Karen from Time Stranger Kyoko -_-;;; depends on it's mood), is annoying cuz if I brush it, it's just curling in at the ends but if I DON'T brush it, it'll be curly and divided at the wrong and most horrible places. So brush it, it is.
I watched MIB II yesterday.... and I must say, I loved it. The Koreans behind us ('us' being three other amigos from Mexico and me yelling "tortilla!!! Nacho!! Tequilla!! SALSAAAAA~~!!") didn't get the movie. Come to think of it, none of the non-english speakers DID get it, cuz how fun is a comedy full of linguistic nuances and puns when translated into a language with totally different roots!?!? (Damn, my Korean classes are making their evil influence on me) in ANY case, I have the feeling I was being a bit rude, cuz we were snickering over how the Koreans were dissing the movie when it was really fun. I burst out laughing when Will Smith said to the girl "I'll flash you later", but the entire cinema was QUIET. -_- bah.
It's a public holiday today... and so, no classes and a movie to watch with Janz (it's been like 2~3 weeks since we've met last)... she wants to watch Scooby Doo Movie, but I don't think it's on. I wouldn't mind watching MIB again XDXD
I should go now -_-;;;
Which Cute-type are you?!?!
Sweet and beautiful! You have troubles with only thinking about others' needs, and not your own. You're usually in a cheerful mood, but you have your fair share of bad days.
I'm Angelic Cute!!
made by Jen

Yeah, really gotta go XD
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 11:47 a.m.

* Sunday, July 14, 2002
Haha Anna... ^^;; Recent searchengine query:
+Anne of Green Gables+fanfiction+japan
I'll blog properly tomorrow. *frowns*
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 09:21 p.m.

* Wednesday, July 10, 2002
I understand that posting this on the Net is definitely not the correct nor productive way of dealing with this situation, however, you did post your say (very obviously, your say to me) instead of telling me what you were unhappy about to my face, so I guess I will return it in kind.
Here, this is what happened as I saw it. I msged you about the A Math test, you replied ages later, I made a comment about the delay in your response, and you told me you were having tuition with Sunshine, and seemed very happy about it. Of course I have no problem with you spending time with your boyfriend, I have told you many times to your face what a great person I think he is, and how lucky I think the both of you are. However, I had the misfortune to type in a harmless comment of how you are spending time with him so now you have no time for your friends--and I even phrased it in a joking way, to show that I was teasing-- it was only in JEST. I can't even properly remember the remark now, it was so insignificant.
Now, I called you to apologize immediately after I read your blog--not for what I said, because I felt that it was completely harmless and I shouldn't have to say sorry for something so insignificant, but for the fact that I offended you. I told you that I understand everyone is different, some people take things seriously, others are just too laidback for their own good. Every person takes comments differently, and I am sorry for not thinking before I made this particular comment, because it is really something I would say to anyone at anytime--simply a passing remark meant to annoy, but which both parties would mutually understand it was playing around.
And (this is still the way I am seeing it) you told me in an extremely patronizing tone of voice that everything was more or less okay now (after I asked) and said you had to go take your nap. You obviously didn't want to hear me out. That still isn't the thing that irks me the most. You were probably still irked yourself.
What really pisses me off right now, is when I re-read your entry carefully again today... (Having skimmed over it lightly before, registering only the fact that you were offended by my comment.)

To date, I haven't officially gone out with any 4C-ians and I don't intend to. Why? Because the trips always get cancelled the day before or hour before. I'll rather go out with my reliable Sunshine than to risk a disappointment. =))

Reading this first makes me think that really, how are you going to make friends if you go on in this way? Maybe you don't want to make friends, maybe you're too scared of cancellations that you back out first, maybe you had some bad experience in the past...I don't know. It seems to me that you detest 4C, and in many ways, I agree with you on this. However, it is your class and will be for the rest of this year. One would normally try to make life for themself slightly more comfortable, because these are the people they will be spending a lot of time with, especially during this period of stress and oncoming exams. Maybe you don't want to--that's perfectly fine, to each her own. However, it is just quite simply inconsiderate to cancel a meeting which YOU organized in the first place simply because of this. It makes no sense either.
You say as well that people in the class treat you like you have a disease or something, but really...have I ever treated you this way? I can't say we are close friends (as this incident has proven) but I would definitely have said we were close acquaintances. We sit together during Chinese class, and discuss all sorts of things (mainly Sunshine lol) and you are a great person to talk to. Also, how can you expect to make good friends (or using your terms, people who don't treat you like you have a disease) when you cancel on outings you plan because of fear of other people cancelling??

I'm very sure I'm capable of my grades and a very, very happy life, so just quit picking on me and get on with your own -life- in a small, dingy room with mountain piles of notes and textbooks. At least I can roller-blade and know where Suntec City is. *rolls eyeball*

Celestine, I am also capable of grades. I am happy with my life and things in general. I can't say I am as fortunate as you though, to have met your perfect match and to enjoy spending time with him as much as you do. So why then all this anger? If you feel that others (namely, me) cannot be happier than you, why let anything I say or do affect your happiness? Even if you think my comment offensive or derogatory in any way at all, it shouldn't bother you because quite obviously, I am the unhappy miserable low-life here who cannot possibly be as happy and content with life as you.
I have never thought that you are a miserable loner. How can someone who has told you that she thinks you are fortunate think so? I know for a fact you have a very active social life, and you of all people should know that I know, because you tell me about your friends every time we sit together in chinese class.
LOL and I also cannot accept those meaaan things you said about me not being able to rollerblade and not knowing where Suntec is like those are disabilities. (See the "LOL" and the "meaaan"?? Those are clues which emphasize that this sentence is a JOKE and that I am KIDDING. Just to clear things up...) Really, I would have thought that a person like you would have the smarts to confront me personally instead of throwing personal insults here and there.
I am truly sorry that one unthinking comment with no intention of offending at all has affected our acquaintance-ship so much. I have always thought you a great person, and still do look back upon our conversations with fondness. (I have learnt a lot from talking with you--which are the best JCs to go to, what love feels like, what Primal Fear is all about...) I still hope that we can sort things out, and if you are willing to, we can talk about this face to face instead of these huge blocks of text which are useless in conveying emotion and thus cannot put the right point across in the right way at all.
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 07:57 p.m.

* Tuesday, July 9, 2002
Argh. I get so pissed off when people take my jokes seriously. Does no one seem to get that when I say things I wouldn't normally say in all seriousness, it's a joke? Yeah the people who don't know me well enough to judge whether it's something I would say are cleared. But seriously, what kind of person do I present myself as? C'mon, I have never ever been angry at any one single person in my class who isn't one of my closer friends...and even with my closer friends I very seldom get truly angry. I don't get how people get so easily mad at little things I say, like light teasing--and they can't take that. I am not about to go add "But I am only kidding you know" after every comment I make that is so bloody obviously a teasing joking remark. It is annoying, boring and quite simply, a drag.
I understand that there are people out there who will take anything you say seriously, and of course I respect that. There is nothing more frustrating than a person who won't take you seriously when you want to be. But sometimes everyone's gotta lighten up a little...simple remarks meant in jest should be taken that way--lightly.
If I weren't so bloody antisocial I wouldn't have to bloody rely on messaging or the internet to get some pathetic lighthearted joke across... And so I won't anymore dammit... Maybe I need to go get a life complete with socially proper conversing skills and all that...
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 04:27 p.m.

* Monday, July 8, 2002
Umph...I just got back from Toa Payoh (again...seems this place is getting popular, my friend seemed to want to get something she saw in a magazine...) and I bought lots of things (again as well...)! Yay, I like shopping so very much. ^^v I got a bag, a top that looks like a frilly child's dress, two buttons for my boring white (gradually becoming grey) bag, brown socks, and two other tops to wear at home. One says "Cherry Princess" (or somesuch thing) on it, and the other I got just for the fun of it. (Hey, it cost about $3?? Cheap fun.) It has a photo of F4 on it!! HAhaaaa~~ Nadia wouldn't believe me when I said that I got it because I wanted to get a kick out of wearing it, I don't really really like them you know...it's true!! o_O; My mom will be so pleasantly surprised. :D She likes F4.
Hmm...we had a really nice lunch as well, and Nadia got a lovely top that made her look a little Pocahontas-ish...very lovely, that top. She was soo glad she got it...and I pointed it out to her! So yay for me and my good taste (and eyesight). ^_~
Oh, and I made a little Miyazawa Yukino layout for Delusion yesterday...I haven't written fanfiction in aaages, but at least I can make sure my fanfiction site is still ok-looking. The fanfics made me cringe when I re-read snatches of it as I edited the files... O_<;
PS: Anna, does your new crushee look like the guy whose photo you showed me the other time? Hee! He was very cute. =D; Looked like he could be in Shinhwa or something...
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 04:07 p.m.

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