...the result of two girls who live in different countries and would have never met if not for one fateful day on ICQ. As time passed, they discovered some disturbing facts about their sanity and their love for purty bois, and found out they shared the same brainwave... One day, Charlene offered to create a shared blog for the two scary onnas, and here we are!  
* Friday, July 5, 2002
Pouring outside... was in the rain thrice today -_-;;. And then was exposed to air conditioning at full blast... dear me.
Eh... heheh... I think I've found someone I like. As in... 'like' like, SUKI -_-;;;.
He's TALL. I mean, REALLY tall, by Korean standards. 190cm. He also looks a LOT like my old crush -_-;; looks clean, glasses, and great dress style (Hip hop can look GOOD and semi-formal when the guy is TALL) but... ^^;; we'll see. He lives in Spain -_-;; and he's in my class for the summer course. I ended up acting like a headless chicken, like I always do when I go into crush-mode. I am so silly -_- I can't believe I'm acting like this at 16. When I was younger I thought 16 was a ripe old age where girls don't act like idiots in front of guys (guys, btw, still do, as I thought before and still do). Well, I was proved wrong -_-;;;
Am going to Bennigan's for dinner... ureshii...
The few things I'm really peeved about atm... I am not allowed to read manga. I am not allowed to go out. I am not allowed to spend money on frivolous things because I don't HAVE the goddamn cash. And... because I am expected to study my ARSE off (despite that, Monday's MTest Math results were horrifying 31%) I am not allowed to do anything other than sleep, study or eat. Mom threw a bitch fit and was going to kill me or ship me off to HK cuz I was reading Bridget Jone's Diary. DAMNIT. My mother is a control freak.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 06:48 p.m.

* Wednesday, July 3, 2002
Who on earth is Alice in Underpants??!! o__O;; Email me, if you please, you mysterious person you. It ain't Candice, she's cleared herself....or has she? *suspicious side-glance* It might be Celestine but...she would say if she wrote a comment in my guestbook...oh the suspense is killing me...
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 06:11 p.m.

* Tuesday, July 2, 2002
A little groggy after my nap...boy school is getting so exhausting... =_= I'm starting to nod off even during Lit lessons...LIT! My favourite subject in all the world... o_O; We have Chinese Listening Compre this Saturday, and now I have to attend three detention classes (sessions, whatever) because I skipped one Physics Practical last term because the teacher told us so late, and I had tuition which I felt was way more important than connecting wires to batteries and bulbs and observing the readings on the stupid ammeters and voltmeters and whatnot. Yeah, I know, I am a student who studies in an institution which has rules and all, and I am supposed to abide by them if I want to continue being under it, and I don't take decisions like that into my own hands and oh, whatever. Argh, it's not the detention that irks me, more of having to get my parents to sign the slip and I am really dreading that, cos I've never had DC and they probably wouldn't understand or try to understand my side of it... Well at least I can be glad we didn't get the three demerit points we were threatened with initially. Boy these teachers sure love to threaten us with bullshit at the beginning...guess they have to let off some steam too. (Just as we do, skipping classes...)
Well, the World Cup's over. Ah well. My friend is sooo obsessed with Mr Mansiz and this doesn't seem to blowing over anytime soon though. She has articles of him and people flock over to our seats just to get a glimpse of him shirtless, and is obsessing over him just like she did with Angel (yes, David whatzisname--Boreanaz? Or something?). I as her sitting partner used to get really sick of her drawing Angel signs all over her worksheets (and mine) though sometimes I'd get her to draw one on my wrist for the fun of it--it looks quite cool, actually. But now I am rather enjoying this Ilhan craze...Ilhan is very cute and he's 27 but he has such baby pink complexion. =D; I think I quite like him actually, but I better not say--Nadia gets anal about other people sharing her obsession like it's exclusive or something...I mean, nothing wrong with that, but she gets mad and all weird and pissy and stuff. *LOLs* (Really...she hit someone who said he was gay, and there were red marks on her arm...oh the wrath of a fangirl! o_O;) I'd better just keep my silence and continue leading a safe and conflict-less existence sitting next to her during classes cos apart from her obsessions, she really is a fantastic person. I even promised to make her an Ilhan wallpaper as well...hah.
I got Karekano 13 today! The plot is getting slightly more interesting now...I really am very impressed with how Masami Tsuda keeps up with such a seemingly mundane cliched school life kind of storyline. Yay, I like Karekano...it's so good, maybe even as good as Hanakimi. *_*;
Having a handphone is fun...I think the best part about it must be receiving goodnight messages from people. I love that--the feeling of knowing you were thought of, and the ease with which that thought can be transmitted to you.
Yeah...I think I might have to go order some pizza or chicken through the phone, my dad seems unusually hungry... o_O; And he's too lazy to go out to eat...I think he's been eating out for the last few days of the World Cup, sleeping god knows where, and I hardly ever see him during the weekdays anymore...it's strange...to not see a person who lives in the same house as you. I notice he likes to come into my room when I'm not home, and touch my things though. o_O; And my mom says he yells my name when I'm not home either... ^^;;; Ah well, at least we're both home at the same time now.
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 07:19 p.m.

* Sunday, June 30, 2002
Aw fuck. The stupid button =_= I had an entry, but it got wiped... Anyways.
Following Anne, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS KAMUI!!!!!!!! AND!!! Meta, I will agree with you that this Hakkai is the most GORGEOUS guy ever... tho I still hold on to my LOOOOOVE of Sanzo *Huggles Sanzo and avoids hit*
Er, yeah.
So Turkey wins and we end the world cup in 4th place... the first goal... I missed it, but BLOODY HELL IT WAS SO STUPID!!! Myungbo must have felt so crappy after that, especially with this being his last World Cup et al... >_< I really really like Myungbo~~~ my current faves go for...

(in no particular order)
Ahn Jung Hwan
Hong Myung Bo
Hwang Sun Hong
Kim Nam Il
Song Jong Kuk
Lee Wun Jae
And finally, I love, Adore, LOVELOVELOVE Lee Chun Soo!! He's not exactly goodlooking or bish... but I really like him XD

Yeah, I like Lee Chun Soo. A pity he didn't get any goals in... he did play well yesterday. He's called the Mashimaro XDXDXD I love our TaeGuk Warriors!!! XDXDXD
Okay, back to watching the match... Germany's so good!!!
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 08:50 p.m.

* Friday, June 28, 2002
Ugh... I think I'm going to drop and sleep like the dead for the next n hours -_-;;;
Went out after my classes today with my new friends from the institute. Jules(Joo Young) and Min (Minhee) and Bin(Sungbin) and I went to Coex Mall today... we took a StarShot =_= I look like their MOTHER. I just took a look and went "My god, this is like Little Women!! HELLO MARMIE~~" -_-;;; My hair is a cross between Karen and some renaissance lady with curled ringlets -_-;; But my sister and Mother are complaining about how it's not curly enough so they might make me do it again -_- sit thru 4 hours again... *shudders*
GAH, brain feels like it's having a seizure... -_- I have to study for monday's test. Er, that is, some time other than now XD
ff.net still down -_-;;
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 08:25 p.m.

* Friday, June 28, 2002
Aiii...my legs feel like they're about to crumble beneath me with every step I take... We had the first PE lesson of the week yesterday and man...I don't think I can take this...I am unfit yes, but this is crucial examination period time, give us a break! It wasn't the 8 rounds we ran, that was still alright (I like running sometimes), it was the skipping that killed me...oh, the pain... *wince*
Oh we had our Chinese O'Level Oral today...I blew it! *wrings hands in utter despair* My chinese sucks I'm not afraid to admit that, but it makes me sad that my spoken chinese is lousy to the extent of well--very very lousy. Sigh, I think there were close to 5 words I misread in the passage...damn the examiners who set the paper. Fucking hard! Kill kill kill! The examiners who took me were great though, helpful and polite and just really nice...I was so regretful that I bungled it up even with such great help.
Oh well, as long as I get at least a B for my chinese I will be eternally grateful...
I think that I must at least master something in my life...I'm at a point in my life where I suddenly feel so useless and untalented and just, very crappy. I'd much rather perfect something I like and do that than spend all my time doing a lot of stuff which I will eventually end up forgetting anyway, and which won't do me good or don't bring me enjoyment at all.
Must remember to get GLAY CD back from Candice...I suddenly wish to hear them badly.
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 07:12 p.m.

* Friday, June 28, 2002
Just a comment.
My sister, who works in a hotel as one of the directing whatever teams... tells me the Italian football team vandalized the hotel rooms and facilities in Korea, in the hotels they stayed in. -_- Is it just me, or do I see RUDE people out there?
And OMFG, my hair is now short and curly, like Kasumi Karen from X. Lika-chan, fall in love with a Karen lookalike!!! XD
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 12:38 a.m.

* Wednesday, June 26, 2002
Damn. Korea lost to Germany... MAN, the German goalkeeper was so good! So was the Korean goalkeeper, despite Germany's goal... I say that because there was nothing he could have done. He did try to stop it. ^^;; I'm just proud that the Red Devils did cheer for Germany, as well as Korea at the end. It was my first time watching the WC matches... the HUGE Korean flag really made me go "...wow." A surge of pride ^^;;; it weighs around a few tons, they say O_o;;
Oh crap, gotta go again -_-;;;
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 10:58 p.m.

* Tuesday, June 25, 2002
I...I am so sad.
I can't believe Korea lost. Before the match, I'd never seen them play and had serious doubts of them securing victory over Germany, which although can be rather sluggish sometimes, is a very strong and lucky team.
But then I started watching them, and they played so hard and so well it really touched me. They were so unexpectedly strong! I had a really, really strong feeling they would win, even after Germany's goal. I believed until the very last second that they would score the equalizing goal before the end of the match, and no team has ever made me feel like that. Aw man...I even started crying for them. I just really really couldn't believe that they had fought so bravely all this way, and couldn't score a goal even with the very good chances they were given towards the end.
Arrgh! But what I was very pleased by, was how well the Koreans took their loss. They were applauding the Germans for goodness' sake...and they had very good players. The Germans were incredible as well, but I just can't shake the feeling off that Korea should have won. They have more determination and perseverence than a lot of other teams. =/
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 09:50 p.m.

* Tuesday, June 25, 2002
I am on the last CD of Peach Girl the Taiwanese teen soap opera based on Miwa Ueda's manga. Waahaaa~~! That series is superb, it is perhaps in some ways even better than Meteor Garden! The piano bg music is great, creates the atmosphere of each scene fantastically...the actors may not be very *cough* professional or natural, but for teenaged amateurs they are pretty alright. The girl who plays Momo (Xiao Tao) made me cry...ahhh... ;___; Anyone who makes me cry is a good actor/actress in my book...even though that probably makes it just about every single actor around...
I'm feeling so nice and happy right now...it's just rained and it feels so wonderfully cool in my room, such a refreshing change from recent weather. Listening to some very good music, and replying to a couple of emails, and randomly surfing around....not watching the last episode of Peach Girl though, cos the Korea-Germany match is in half an hour and I wanna catch it, and won't watch the remaining Peach Girl episode cos I know I won't be able to leave it in time for the match.
Peach Girl is so great. It makes me want to go buy the manga series for myself now. I read it before, and loved the art but never bought it. I guess I should now... But really, the ending in the Live Action series is shaping up to become even more exciting and intriguing than the one in the manga (which hasn't come yet...it just seems rather slow-moving currently...I don't really like the whole thing with Kiley's brother and Momo and all that...quite a big turn off. Momo's love triangle with Toji and Kiley is great enough as it is, adding another party just messes things up. In the series, Toji is a lot more intelligent and appealing although he has a rather rectangular face (his side profile is lovely though) and I just love how he looks when he plays basketball...I must take screencaps. The girl who plays Momo seems to have been born for the role, she's tanned, healthy and athletic looking and also very pretty as well, I might add. And Vanness, who plays Kiley, is also very well cast...although he sometimes is a little melodramatic, he really is sooo adorable. Ay ay, I feel another obsession coming on!
I had my Prelim English oral exam...the reading passage was sooo easy, a lot of dialogue though, and I messed a few words up with my nervousness, but pretty good still I think. The conversation thing was scaryy...I have a lot of trouble 'conversing' with the examiner eye to eye...it's unnerving I tell you...normal people don't converse looking deep into each other's eyes unless it's something deep and serious. Anyhow, she asked about the dangers people might face if they spent too much time and money on ways to improve their physical appearance, and of course then I knew she was trying to get me to mention the whole local Slim 10 issue, and so I obliged. I really hope I did okay.
Have plans to watch the last PG ep after the match, then it's chemistry work (wah, Charlene spontaneously revising...) and more email replying and song downloading. Need...more...Mr Wainwright...
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 07:06 p.m.

* Monday, June 24, 2002

You're Minoru!
You're young, but more worldly than your 'elders' could ever hope to be. Personality and circumstance have dictated that most protean of roles to you - that of the 'mature' one. You're sensitive and gentle, and your pleasures are taken with the same quiet smile as your defeats - not that your pillow hasn't known the sting of your tears. As intelligent and independent as you may be, you're still just a child.
Which Chobits Character Are You? quiz by Neru

*slumps* I've read TSK, I Wish, Saiki, Hanakimi... -_-;;; I don't quite think I'm quite okay ^^;;. I had the stupid goddamn f*cking ENTRANCE exam. WHAT entrance exam for a damn INSTITUTE?!?!?! -_-! MOU!
Not much other news... I don't really go on the net much in Korea, cuz there's a lot more to do than be online almost 24/7. -_- You won't be seeing me too often, la.
Already feeling the dry sense of humour I get when I come to Korea... or at least, as dry as mine can get.
...I sent off an email personal quiz thing to some of my friends. --;; a friend of mine, for...

Q:*who's the loudest?
A:Ellen, she's like a bloody machine gun- with unlimited ammunition. Anna, you're the apocalyptic nuke- one hit kill.

Which brings me to the question of "HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO _KILL_ him?!!?!!? He also answered "Anna" for the question "Who's the weirdest?"
Gonna kill him when he comes to Korea -_-!!!!
Ah well. Not really much for me to say now ^^;; Jaaa~
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 06:05 p.m.

* Sunday, June 23, 2002
Wa-hey! My dad got me my new handphone a couple of days ago...am feeling so so very glad about that. It's a Nokia 8250 and a nice silvery lavender colour...now my mom wants one too.
I've been busy learning how to sms faster...I'm sooo embarrassingly slow, as well as trying to face the fact that my four week (actually, two week...the first half was taken for school lessons) holiday is nearing its end, I go back to school on Monday...classes are until 4 tomorrow...I really don't know I'm gonna survive that. And I haven't done any of my holiday homework either, I will get down to it today...
I went to my uncle's birthday at some restaurant where the food served was fantastic yesterday. I was kinda sad that Senegal played so crappy...they weren't playing offensively at all...what happened, Senegal? ;_; Everyone at my table was rooting for them but they were sooo sluggish. Pfft.
Candice having problems with her boyfriend...I wonder what's wrong... =/ I burnt her a CD to cheer her up; I made it a data CD so I could put close to two hundred mp3s in it and I'll bet she'll be really happy about that when I give it to her tomorrow. It's got all my Rufus Wainwright and Badly Drawn Boy mp3s, some Snow Patrol, Trembling Blue Stars, Pedro the Lion, the whole Amelie from Montmarte OST, the whole Maximilian Hecker CD, some dEUS, and a whole load of other miscellaneous artist songs...why don't people do things like that for me? T_T
Yeah, I have to go off and get some groceries for my mom. See y'all later! Oh, and ANNA, enjoy yourself in Korea dear! =DD;
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 03:00 p.m.

* Saturday, June 22, 2002
*SCREAMS* KOREA WON SPAIN!!!!! OMFG, KOREA WON SPAIN!!! SPAIN, YOU KICKED ASS, OUR GOALIE, YOU _GO_!!!! XDXDXD *sags* I didn't get any sleep on the plane -_-;;;; but we were told the results, and people started cheering like mad ^^;;; There weren't that many people on the plane, some Korean group tourists (I did not like them -_- it was like the highway bus atmosphere)... but anyways. ^^;; Spain WAS good tho... HIDDINK, WE LOVE YOU!!! XD!
Now, off to bed so I can actually wake up tomorrow and meet Jess ^_^!!!
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 11:20 p.m.

* Friday, June 21, 2002
Packed in less than two hours, with a load of different stuff going on. Hm. To think that I won't touch this room or my bed for 2 whole months... and to think my dad might touch my MANGA... *freezes*I need to hide Saiyuki. The man understands Japanese, can't afford to have him see and think I read religious parodies (Tang Sanzang with a gun and cigarettes, yes). Though, he doesn't really mind religion, it's the LITERATURE he'll have a prob with. Bleh.
Have so much to buy, and so many restrictions against it. Bah.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 11:04 p.m.

* Friday, June 21, 2002
I'm at Janz's house right now... tired out of my ass, and my eyes feel like they're going to pop out!! -_-;;; Just joking around... and it's already this late?! I'm supposed to be packing for my flight to Korea -_-a;; I'm going to Korea tomorrow!! And my mama is making me go to Korean school tomorrow morning! THAT IS CRUEL. >_<
Saa -_-;;; I don't know what I'm doing right now. Just... really tired? And maybe a bit hungry too ^^;;; I should get going home, cuz it takes like an hour to get to Jan's place. No direct transport... it would take like 20 mins by car, but we've got no car in HK, since... jeez, 1997. I do miss having one ^^ even if I HATED my dad's volvo 960? 940? Does it matter?
Inane ramblings... it feels weird, thinking tonight's the last time I'm going to sleep in HK for like 9 weeks. Hm. Dunno what I feel like. I feel moronic, just typing away with no idea in my head.
On a really random note, if I ever get a car, I want a Volkswagon Beetle. Maybe light silver or a really pretty lapis blue... maybe light lime green XD or lemon yellow. ^^;;; I like really dark colours though, so probably dark blue. They're just so cute~~~ me likes veddy much. It's a bit small though... -_-a
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 07:44 p.m.

* Friday, June 21, 2002
*glances at other entries* I'm still trying to make head or tail of my rant entry, which really tells me I should stop blogging when I snap, especially on things that insult Korea -_- after all the shit I've talked about "overly prideful Koreans" (i.e. who beat up the Japanese kids for no other reason than existing -_-), I guess it's not fair for me to group all Americans and Italians together... I think I feel a bit guilty.
Stanley yesterday... bought a green Thai silk wraparound skirt/sarong which was a bit lower than the knees... and the long blue-green Thai silk sarong. I've really got to stop buying these, but they're so comfortable to walk around in XD.
My blue contacts... are actually pretty nice ^__^ they don't make my eyes look like they're about to pop out; it looks natural, strangely enough. -_-a I'm going with Janz today so she can get her grey ones. Her bro lost the other pair -_-. I bought a bracelet, a pretty blue/green one with small chinese beads (you know, the metal ones with melted coloured glass) and the bluegreen crystals at each side... and then I got a pair of earrings like that, but it's red -_-;. I bought a necklace as well... a small star studded pave style with blue rainbow zicrons and a tiny star hanging from it.... ^_^;; I could never resist stars XP.
Oh yes. I also bought Furuba 9 off airmail... was wondering if I should get "Full moon wo sagashite" as well, but... I spent way too much already, so I resisted temptation XD.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 09:35 a.m.

* Thursday, June 20, 2002
Yeah, so end of exam.
I watched Hwan Jin Yi yesterday... First time watching a traditional Korean opera. They were good, but because of the World Cup the night before, their voices hadn't recovered XD. But they were still good ^^. The girl who played SulHee, she's the girl my mom met the night before. She's so sweet, I can't believe someone like that even EXISTS. She's that nice.... and she's really pretty too *is in envy*
Going out to Stanley... *yawns* Oh yeah, I ordered a pair of sapphire blue contacts... should get them today. Wanted the amethyst but... Sapphire first ^^;;
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 09:50 a.m.

* Thursday, June 20, 2002
*ahem* So I guess I'm one of those slanted eyed gooks now? I have American friend and people who are fiercely patriotic about their nation, but they know how to take a hit, and not be sore losers about it. I refrained from saying anything before, because well, hell, I don't really want to bother causing a ruckus. But this goes way beyond STUPID. Americans, Italians and Russians, you lost, bai bai, see ya America in your match against Germany.
I believe I said a whole load of shit about racism before. It's just such a sad and pathetic world when people beat other fans for a stupid sport, or a music group for that matter. How do these people expect to be respected, when they don't DO anything to be so? As far as the individual goes, these people are FINE. The whole group of them? Insulting another country on national tv, it's not a very safe thing to do. If the Americans think they can get away with insulting Korea because we are such a 'small country without a decent nuke or army to fight back' go get them a spoon and tell them to eat out of their asses. I don't believe in insulting any country for no apparent reason. But insult my nation, you insult me personally, as I am one of them.
Italy. "Do you remember 1966"? If Korea beat Portugal, Poland and USA, why not you? Our team tried our best, and even if you say the refs were biased, we played a fair game, instead of sending YOUR players on the stretcher. You lost, too bad. Why attack the Koreans. If it were Korean fans beating up the Italian fans IF Italy had won, what would YOU say? Bring up some dirty shit? You'd be ecstatic if Italy won, but you'd have the smug dirty look on your face cuz oh, you're a GOOD team, and you lost to an _inferior_ team like Korea. Oh go bite me, you stupid little ass.
It's not like everyone started off best. France was #1 last time, they got smashed in their first game. What does that tell you?
I was in school yesterday for my last exam (Which I flunked royally, btw), and some of these STUPID IDIOT SHIT FUCKHEADS were insulting my junior Koreans. They'd have insulted me too, but I'm about 3 years older than these stupid fuckheads, and a head taller than all of them. -_- Brainless twits.
Altogether, what a foul morning. Bah.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 09:26 a.m.

* Thursday, June 20, 2002
Haaaiiii....it's updated.
And 3am no less. =_=; Well, not many updates really...just two new chapter translations, as well as the manga volume summaries up to 17 (excepting 13 which got stolen/misplaced, according to the police report) for READ:Hanakimi.
Strange how my immense pity for poor Nakatsu has driven me to so much in one night huh? Well no, Shizukesa's layout was done and ready a long time ago...but the translations and the summaries, all tonight (and morning). *smiles a little vaguely* ...I think I'm slightly fuzzy at the edges now, from late nights. I think I need sleep, yes? Yes.
Oh, PS: Would someone give me feedback on how shizukesa's layout looks in 800x600 for a much smaller monitor? If it's possible, please drop a note in the gbook.
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 03:10 a.m.

* Wednesday, June 19, 2002
I just got Hanakimi 17 today...ah, I think I'm starting to like Nakatsu a lot more than before now...I have more respect for him for one thing, and now Hisaya Nakajo draws him so well...he's not all SD or spastic or hysterical or melodramatic anymore.
Slight spoiler, but very, very slight...I realise that Sano is going through a bad patch in his life right now, and that this will pass with the high jump competing and everything, but now I can't help finding myself hoping that Mizuki and Nakatsu might end up together after all...although of course that goes against everything Hisaya Nakajo has set up in the course of the entire series, but still. =/
And, right now, I feel so disinclined to go on updating with my Nanba shrine and instead am contemplating a little site of shrines for the supporting characters in Hanakimi...like Nakao, Noe and Sekime, Kagurazaka and of course, Shin. Mmhmm...that would take a lot of work and can only be put together after my O Levels, but oh well, just a thought.
I will go off and be sad about, for and with Nakatsu somewhere else now...
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 06:36 p.m.

* Wednesday, June 19, 2002
Aaaahhh!! *runs around squawking* The sky is falling! All songs on Audiogalaxy are unavailable noww!! Aaauugh! I had a 52 song list lined up as well...whyyyyy~~??? At least till after the rest of Rufus Wainwright, that would've been alright...but nowww? *wrings hands in despair and weeps*
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 11:51 a.m.

* Wednesday, June 19, 2002
About half an hour ago, my dad came home, pushed open the door to my room and plopped on my bed mumbling something about how terrible it was that Italy had lost... He's still dozing away in his clothes on my nice clean warm bed...he smells... >_<; But I don't know what to do, I don't want to wake him up...I kinda like the feeling of my dad sleeping on my bed while I type away at my computer listening to Rufus Wainwright's "California"...Much as I sometimes don't want to admit it, I do love my dad quite a lot.
...Even though he is responsible for that huge dark stain-like bruise on my right leg which doesn't seem to want to disappear anytime soon... =/ I guess I will get down to a bit of the integration I thought I might tackle in the morning. (Looks like there won't be a morning for me tomorrow anyways...)
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 02:22 a.m.

* Tuesday, June 18, 2002
Angsty Kakyou in the shadows with a song "The Day you come to me"(Korean --;;;)
....Lan from Clover, with "Ex Dream" (Myuji).... -_-;;; love both skin and song!!!
Now... History tomorrow.
!!!!!! Subaru with the skin I mentioned before, in white kimono et al.. .with Madonna's "Frozen"... I love this song and it FITS GODDAMMIT!!!
And of course, Brit Spear's "Stronger" is quite odd with the same skin....
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 11:41 p.m.

* Tuesday, June 18, 2002
*snorts and spits out dietcoke(I'm getting addicted)* I put Winamp on random skins... J-Lo's "Waiting for tonight" with a Dark (DN Angel) skin... Dark looking sexier than ever, biting his sleeve, dark blue clothes with white shirt (half open)... had another interesting combo, "Nothing Really Matters"(Madonna) with Subaru in white kimono, red string, bandages... sakura... XD
Now... Satoshi, being ICY blue... with the song "Night of Fire"..... -_-!!!!
This is fun ^_________^;;;;
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 11:20 p.m.

* Tuesday, June 18, 2002
FUCKING HELL YES WE _BEAT_ ITALY!!!!!! YEEEEEEEES!!!! *SCREAMS ASS OFF* (I'm alone at home though O_o;;;) YES WE BEAT ITALY OMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIGOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!! *grabs Sakura-unni and Meta-unni and ANYONE else* YEEEEEES!!!! *dances around crazily* Right now, outside my apartment, there are about 100+ Koreans, wearing red and cheering "DAAAAAAE HAN MIN GOOK! DAAAAAAAAE HAN MIN GOOK!!! *WILD CHEERING*"
I am high on diet coke. And I am happy!!!!!
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 10:18 p.m.

* Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Find your Realm of Influence at SailorOrion.com

I'm at home. I was watching a video during the Korea/Italy match. We don't have cable. Therefore, I can't watch. My parents are both out at this hotel, watching the World Cup with the cast of HwanJinEe, a Korean Musican I'm going to watch tomorrow.
Boy, is my life pathetic.
Today's physics... was really easy. But since everyone says it was hard... the biiiiig chances are, I've screwed up royally on it and just didn't realize.
Ah well. Damn?
Tomorrow's my last exam. I'd yell and cheer, but I've got a headache no doubt from the fumes Aceton gives off *looks at freshly painted nails*. I just painted my nails "Cherry Blush" from Revlon... cute, sugary, and boring -_-;.
I feel really sick now.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 09:11 p.m.

* Tuesday, June 18, 2002
Waaahh...boy it feels good to pass on FFVIII fever. My cousin who sniffed and snorted in disdain at my obsessive ff8 playing and replaying has now been influenced by the fact that his girlfriend is thoroughly obsessed with FFX to try ff8 for his own. So of course he came to me, asking (rather meekly too) whether he could borrow my game CDs. Hahaha!! Oh, how I relished the feeling of superiority and triumph at that moment!
*cough* Anyhow, he just left with my game in hand, after a little tutorial I gave him on the basics and essentials of the very, very complex game. I hope he doesn't try the card game too soon though, he might end up losing everything like I did the first two ff8 games I attempted. Better to try later in the game (around end of disc one and after that) when he's acquired the more powerful cards to do battle with. ^_^ *self satisfied smirk* He was kinda boggling as I ran through limit breaks and weapon remodeling and oh, almost everything I could think of...ohohohoo~
Well, yeah. Anyway, I went to the library again today, and discovered for the first time the variety of books the shelves apart from Fiction offered. I ended up borrowing a book about Cezanne, another about design in the 20th century and one about Zen. If you know me, you'll know I never read anything apart from novels and more novels. So this was really a step in the non-fiction direction and aaah, I realize how much I don't know about the things I really want to know about like Japanese art and history, art and history in general, and oh-so-many-other-things. Glad that the thirst for getting out of my little blissful shell of ignorance has finally hit me...
Yeah, and I'm into Rufus Wainwright now! He sings so good. ;_; He's up there with Badly Drawn Boy on my favourites list.
Oh, and Anna! Thanks for the linkies...those are some gorgeous phones. o__O;; I don't think I could afford them though, and they don't exactly seem appropriate for a student (here, that is, in Korea probably everyone uses them--those trendy youngsters ;_;) and my dad probably wouldn't be willing to pay for a colour screen I probably wouldn't end up using at all...ah well. But really, Samsung phones look so much better than Nokia's... o_O;
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 06:29 p.m.

* Monday, June 17, 2002
Charlene, I know Nokia's the craze there, but these sell in Singapore for Samsung (yeah, I still stick to Samsung... grew up with my dad bossing people around there ^^;;)
This one's cute... pearl white's the best colour for it. This one's the one I told you about, the colour screen... and for some reason, The Queen Phone's really popular, though I personally dislike it ^^;;;. They don't have mine though.. ;_;
I just checked the Korean Samsung Mobile Phone site... and DAMN they have a lot! Yeah, I knew Korea ran on trends but... maan....
*glares at red ears*...*glares at uncooperative earrings* This is why I hate ring earrings with a hole instead of a click thing -_-
I've been told by someone that I've mutilated my ears. That is not true. It's got seven holes yes, but two aren't USED because they were my first ear holes and too high up for Korean earrings. So. I had two ear holes punched in my left earlobe and one on the right, closer to the edge. And then, about two years later, I go with Asuka to pierce HER ears and somehow, to pacify her, I end up piercing a hole on the side of my ear, both ears. So I have seven, five in use. The math teacher in our school has 12 in ONE ear. -_-;;; Have I really mutilated my ears? Dunno. I just know I want another hole so I can wear cuffs like Hakkai does XDXDXD! (JUST KIDDING)
La-dee-dah~ I'm not doing physics~ *gets punched down by conscience* DAMN
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 09:18 p.m.

* Monday, June 17, 2002

What Flavor Icecream Are You?
^_^;;;; I've never tried this flavour out, btw

-- Click Here To Take The Test --

*koffs slightly*
Shi-chan, lovely new layout there ^_^ I guess I'm not as dead from the X community as I thought I was.
Erg. I think I ate some raw/half cooked chicken just now... stomach feels weird... and I'm getting addicted to Diet Coke. It's the first time I've ever asked my mom to buy me a fizzy drink on the way home... and I've been drinking the stuff for about a week now (HELLOOOO McDonald's!). I think it's the caffeine fix on me. Yeah, and no sugar, that's a bonus. *couckhackwheeze* OOOOOW...
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 06:11 p.m.

* Monday, June 17, 2002
Okay. Archived.
Blinks... Ah, no wonder that name sounded so familiar. ^^;;;; Thanks Beth ^_^
The media exam... was... well, easier than I thought it would be. -_-;;; But if I was allowed to do so, I have certain nits to pick with the STUPID boards.
No, Hong Kong doesn't have TV listings magazines, as a matter of fact, thank you, Welsh Board, before you ask. How the HELL are we supposed to know what the FU*K it is?!?! I've never seen one in my life before, you morons. If this stops me from getting well on my exam, I will rip you apart -_-! And. YAaaaaaaaay, yes, we're doing Disney Animation Feature Films, stupid emphasis on the FILM part you smarmy assholes. How the hell are we supposed to deal with CARTOONS, and ADVERTISING CARTOONS, you stupid half witted GITS! *snarls* For the only exam board in the UK which does GCSE MEDIA, you guys are BLOODY HELL stupid and short-minded. Hello, I speak for a minority, since there's only one school doing GCSE Media in Hong Kong (yes, that being US -_-!!), but that gives you no bloody excuse in making the fu*king thing unfair. It's so Anglo-centric! We don't HAVE talkshows here, we don't HAVE the bloody Tv-listing magazines and we have CRAPPY local channels here. England's on the opposite side of the globe, hoo yeah, and it's only tiny little HK Island, the former colony of the UK -_- diss us, why don't you? Stupid piece of jackshits you are, try developing some neurons and a harder skull so we don't think you guys are all idiots there. At least our teacher is a DAMNED SMART woman (....She's got a Master's Degree on Media Studies from OXFORD. Tell me she's stupid and I'll die).
-_-.. Okay, now that I've got that little bit out of my system, I'm more or less functioning properly now. No offence meant to any Welsh or UK people out there. Just the idiots on the board.
Though... it cheers me up slightly that Ms.Wilson told me I got an A* for my coursework, despite the shit work I handed in 6 months too late... *beams*. Okay, fine, not slightly, a lot ^____________^
Snort, yeah, Physics tomorrow. My doomsday -_-;;;;;
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 05:37 p.m.

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