...the result of two girls who live in different countries and would have never met if not for one fateful day on ICQ. As time passed, they discovered some disturbing facts about their sanity and their love for purty bois, and found out they shared the same brainwave... One day, Charlene offered to create a shared blog for the two scary onnas, and here we are!
* Sunday, June 16, 2002
I can't say much more to this than "OMFG" and stick to the belief that life is REALLY screwed up. The thing is, the guy's name is really familiar but I can't catch where I heard it... Sakamoto Ryuji... where did I hear that name before...
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 10:09 p.m.

* Sunday, June 16, 2002
...And taking a look at Onnatachi, I must say... our ending lines are PERFECT, Charlene. It describes what I feel like about 99.9% of the time ^^;;; You're a genius. Luv ya, mwah *hugs*
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 07:46 p.m.

* Sunday, June 16, 2002

Are you NASTY or NICE?
Quiz made by Angela
^^;;; *sheepish grin*
ARRRRRRRRRRAGH!!! I've got my media exam tomorrow! It's like... the ONLY thing I really truly am SCARED of. It's the longest, brainsqueezing exam out of them all, and I HATE it. Okay, hell yeah, I fugging HATE physics, but I can handle physics. What's so hard about understanding radioactive shit and a few formulas (just not the acceleration one, that one's got a jinx on me)?? Media. Hoo boy, do I just luuuuurv media *rolls eyes*
...Was digging thru the computer's files. I found the old napster folder... -_- transfered the songs into the Kazaa's folders. Deleted the damn Realjukebox files. Bloody hell, there were like 600 music file on it. I had a vague impression of 200MB or something like that but not sure... it was probably a different file. Let's just hope this helps the computer NOT to spit out on me and die. Despite having a DSL connection (and since last summer? -_- didn't even ask for it), this computer is royally screwd. Yeaah it's got a LCD monitor and yeah, it's fugging huge and YES the computer's got a fast connection, but the thing itself drives me nuts cuz it NEVER shuts down properly. *growl*
So, end rant on stupid computer. Should name it, really, but what?
Yeah, I know, I should be getting back to my media revision *grumbles*
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 07:31 p.m.

* Saturday, June 15, 2002
Oh yeah, and regarding that Aoshi thing, Lex-chan... IT WAS SOOOOOOOO FREAKY. Saitou and Aoshi was even WORST!!!!! My friend, she didn't buy any of the Kenshin dj, cuz... well, Kenshin looked too much like a girl. And it was quite obviously TOTALLY ooc. Blah. RK yaoi is something I really don't want to get into. Weiss, maybe, and Gundam Wing, hell yeah, but nonononononoo for RK. Though... if Kaoru is anything like the blithering idiot in the anime, HELL YEAH KENSHIN find a better one!!!
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 11:55 a.m.

* Saturday, June 15, 2002
OMFG~~~ *glomps Mary* I LOVE YOU!!! WE LOVE HYE SUNG!!! AAAAAARRRRRGH~~~~ YEAAAH Shin Hye Suuuuuung~~!!!! You know, he was in this talk show... and he was leaning over to pick up a tangerine to eat... when the host called him "Chung Pil Gyo-sshi!!" (The 'sshi' is like '-san' in Japanese... like mr.chung? dunno) and... Hye Sung was caught by surprise and he knocked over the fruit basket XDXDXD soo cute! Oh yeah, and that think about having a complex on being too thin? It's more like being too chubby... he gets really chubby/fatish during their resting periods, so he has to lose weight before performing again XD The poor kid has the saaame bloody problem as I do, only I don't eat half as much and I NEVER lose it.
YEAAAAAAAAAH~~~ Sakura-unni!!! KOREA KICK ASS!!!!!!! The next game's against Italy though.... *crosses fingers* We're gonna beat the living SHIT out of the teams, yeah baby!!!! *glomps Meta and twirls* YEAAAAAAAAH BABY!!!!!
*sweatdrops* Since when was I interested in Football... I don't even have cable to watch it!!! *bawls*
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 11:48 a.m.

* Friday, June 14, 2002
Er. *calms down a bit*
The useless things I've bought today when I should have saved my money....
Top. Forgot South Chinese women have tiny bones and a stick figure. Does not fit comfortably, feels like it's glued to my chest *curses*
Earrings. Really cute... silver, rings with these big flowers... I can use these silver flowers for a pendant... XD
WC manga. XD!!! V.nice illustrations.
Eva doujinshi, as I said, to Leareth (Darling, I am getting scared of your stalker)... GIMME YER ADDRESS! I swear I'm not going to stalk you.
Two really cute pairs of hair ties... the little bauble types. In clear plastic chubby stars... mauve and blue XD
...by freak of accident, the Saiyuki Gaiden in Mandarin, which I will be sending to Singapore as a present for Twin-san.
...Wallet is bummed out. Yay. I knew I shouldn't have gone to WanChai.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 10:03 p.m.

* Friday, June 14, 2002
PORTUGAL, EAT YER ASS OUT!!!!! Two red cards, not a nice reputation and WE WON!!! YES YES YES!!!! We're into the 16th!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES FUCKING HELL YES!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *whoops*
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 09:56 p.m.

* Friday, June 14, 2002
My dad took me to work with him today...well, not really, it was more like a half day for him, he just went around, talked to some people and collected some things, and I just waited in the car for him. It was booooring... I only went cos he said we'd see a movie together later, but in the end all we did was watch the second half of the Japan-Tunisia football match at his cousin's shop.
Wooo! I like Nakata! ^___^v My dad reckoned both Tunisia and the referee were bought... o_O; But anyhow he bet on Japan, won, and won on the Belgium-Russia match as well. Yay. I think I can get some shopping money out of him. .... >__<;; *hits self* Bad Charlene! No more shopping for the rest of vacation!
Yay, I'm so glad people are leaving nice comments at the gbookie! Thank you for the layout comments everyone. *grins happily*
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 06:03 p.m.

* Friday, June 14, 2002
I'm going to go out soon (with the same person *lol* she had a dentist's appointment *wince*) but...
...I've ended up buying the first volume of Weiss at a second hand bookstore... which sells.... well, a LOT of doujinshi. There was a huge box full of Houshin Engi doujinshi, for interested parties... and there was a LOT of RuroKen, even if it made my stomach lurch (SAITOU and HIKO!?!! _AOSHI_ and HIKO?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *gags*)... and for a certain person... well, I bought an Evangelion one. And just in case you want it... Leareth, gimme yer address. It's got Kaworu in it ^___^ a little sad though cuz he dies anyway -_-;;;;
Damn. The top I got doesn't fit. The Hong Kong women (and most of the men -_-) have such small bones... and of course, with that, a small figure. Get a normal size here and even my stick thin sisters won't fit into it -_-;;. Plus the material's not stretchy... I realy like it, but it's kinda tight on me, so lemme see if I can get an exchange -_- moou.
Ah yes... speaking of clothes. For the dinnerdance, my friend MJ, she wore this really simple one-piece dress/skirt, which would be perfect for casual (and maybe even a small date, *lol*)... I went to Jessica's by chance, with my mom cuz we were bored... lo and behold, they still have it, and it was on 30% discount. I still can't get over the fact that my mother actually BOUGHT it for me. WOW. From JESSICA's, no less O_o;;
We also went to Morgan's but... well, still very expensive, but very pretty clothes. -_- damn.
And I was supposed to go shopping with Sindy next Thursday.... *looks at empty wallet*
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 02:59 p.m.

* Friday, June 14, 2002
Yeah. Er. Right.
*blinks* HEEEEEY~ we have a guestbook!!!! *glomps Charlene* AAAAAH you actually went through and got one? ^__^ You work so hard for Onnatachi, I feel guilty O_o;;; And of course I will reply to guestbook entries!
...Twin-san... how is it, that I can NEVER catch you online?? -_-;;;; And Tin!!!! I AM GOING TO _KICK_ (preferably maim) that stupid connection of yours!!!! You disappeared after ONE bloody minute!!!!!
Urg, yucky ramen. I really need to get the good Korean type, not the bad Korean type. *looks at time and freaks* SHIIIT!!! I need to meet someone at CWB in half an hour!!!! *zooms*
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 10:23 a.m.

* Friday, June 14, 2002
There is a force.
There is another Force.
And then there's the force.
I am betting, currently, all three hate me.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 10:20 a.m.

* Friday, June 14, 2002
Yay, we have a guestbook now!!! Everyone please go siiiggn...you can leave your comments there and pretend it's a comments system as well...I'll check it often and reply. *grin* And so will Anna, ne ne?? *nudge twin-chan*
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 12:19 a.m.

* Thursday, June 13, 2002
I went to see 'The Sum of All Fears' today...it was a pretty good movie...I liked that it was realistically dramatic and not overly so, like most films about nuclear warheads are. And I thought Ben Affleck looked especially good in the movie for some reason, better than in others I've seen him in. And I liked Morgan Freeman as well, always had a soft spot for the old guys with the hanging wrinkly cheeks (MR WILLIS! *_*)...
Today was the first time in a while I went out in a group (i.e. more than just my friend and I) and aaahh...I really don't think I function well in a group at all. I tend to go very quiet and just...not as responsive as when with just one other person. It must be me I think... *sigh* I won't deny that I am a very antisocial person...when my friend invites me to places I have to ask who else is going and if just one or more people come along, I will get pretty disinterested and reluctant to go. I honestly don't know what it is in me that makes me this way, and it's not even as if I don't like being like this...I sincerely prefer being with just one other person at all times, either that or alone.
Well...anyhow, so we took a neoprint and I scanned it (shh! my friends would hunt me down if they knew I posted it on the net for all the world to see..) and so here it is. I'm the one in red... Yeah, I scanned it cos I was bored and cos I need to do something productive with the flat sleek grey gadget collecting dust below my PC...
I also bought two bracelets for myself...something I haven't done before...buy bracelets I mean. The saleswoman was incredibly enthusiastic and pleasant, and as we chatted I found out that she absolutely adored Suga-san of Love Revolution...a Jap drama I'd gone berserk about some time back. She's seen all the Jap dramas there are on TV and soon we got to discussing all the cute male leads, and I was very amused when she began squealing and clapping her hands and declaring how 'CUUUTE' Takuya Kimura was in love Generation (*insert soft girlish sigh*)...I wonder if she's married, she's not exactly very young either...maybe in her late thirties or so. Anyhow, she gave me her namecard and told me to call her should I somehow get my bracelets spoilt or should I desire to discuss any other Jap drama (and their cute male leads) any time. LOL...
Yeah, and I saw an FFX FMV at Annexe (the one where Tidus embraces Yuna in the dark evening mist of a pond) and was so fascinated with it, I stood there while my friends ate ice cream and sat on the bench behind, looking on and making stupid remarks about it... -__-; Aaaahhh, I am seeing Final Fantasy FMVs everywhere...could this be a sign??? ('Sign?' you ask...a sign to get PS2 of course!)
Oh, and one amusing incident which occurred as we spanned Orchard Road was when my friends stopped at a little booth where a guy with a really great smile was making a container of some sort out of clay for a customer...he turned to my friend, gave her his really great smile, and asked if he could do anything for her. She declined the offer, and we continued walking, but as we did, she began to regret that she hadn't said something more. I was like..."Do you want to or not? I'll dare you, two dollers! Go up to him and say something dumb..." Like? she asked. Someone suggested that she say she wanted to have his babies...and we started laughing like mad right in the middle of the street...much later on, when she complained again about not having said something more than 'No thanks' to him, I told her "Yeah...he was really cute...such a nice smile...and I'll bet he's good with his hands too!" Well, I didn't really mean it that way, but she took it that way nonetheless and got quite exasperated. ^^;;;;;;
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 08:58 p.m.

* Wednesday, June 12, 2002
Saaa. There must be some force up there, conspiring against me.
Am back into Saiyuki. Am doomed. I bought Wild Adaptor today... and was prompty shocked by the prostitutes -_-;;; and call me naive, but it was a mild shocker to see a guy kissing another -_-;; not that I have anything against it, no XD The thing is... it was a Hakkai lookalike and a Gojyo lookalike.......... *grins*
Which brings me to the question... what IS this about? My head was aching after reading W.A... but my real question is, can anyone give me description... or title of this series of Minekura Kazuya's manga... er, not sure, but something about a private school? >_< I need to buy this, but not sure if it'll arrive in HK before I leave, if I order this..... leaving for Korea next week, on Sat22nd XD!!!
私立荒磯高等学校 生徒会執行部 ... can anyone translate this? It's the title to the manga I was asking about...... and dammit, some of the characters aren't working.....
Yesterday's math exam wasn't EASY, but I didn't kill myself like the last one... as for History Essay exam, screw that -_-;.
Am currently searching Sakura's archives just in case I find a little bit more info on the minekura-sensei's manga series *sweatdrops* Am I obsessed or what.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 10:41 p.m.

* Wednesday, June 12, 2002
Selene has mooovvved~! Spike looks pretty in the melancholic gray blue, Selene. ^_^
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 10:57 p.m.

* Wednesday, June 12, 2002
I just got back from My Little Day Out (tm). I went to Toa Payoh to get a tube of St Ives Apricot Facial Scrub for my mom, because her facial lady claims that it costs $3.80 at this little shop there, and elsewhere it was something like $7+.. o_O; So, feeling obliged to my mom for getting me a really pretty belt and little red bag on Monday, I bravely volunteered to go search for the little shop even though I didn't have much information to go on at all...It is near the interchange, is what I was told, and I didn't really worry all that much about it...thinking that I'd better take this chance to get out in the fresh air and get a little exercise amidst all my FF8 re-playing (this time I'm obsessed with card battle! woo!) and library book reading.
Anyhow, so I went there, and it turns out that it was that kind of greyish day with no sun yet no rain--basically no anything except a really thick humid heaviness in the air all around. The fact that the place was packed really didn't help. So I was really getting hot as I wandered the lines and lines of shops...the place is biig. I got so many false alarms...there were several shops displaying huge banners "$1 LIMITED OFFER" or somesuch thing, and I had to keep crossing over to the opposite line of shops through tons of hot and bothered people to check it out. Also, there were plenty of lovely shops selling pretty clothes and shoes and bags, and of course I had to make little detours here and there for them--but because I was so determined to sniff out that ridiculously cheap apricot scrub, I promised myself I would come back later with scrub in hand. Well yeah...and there was the tiny little detail that I wasn't really rich enough to get that $40 skirt but yeah, tiny detail.
I think i must've spent close to 45 minutes searching for that shop until, finally, exhausted, dehydrated and famished, I gave up and went into a pharmacy to get it. When I found that it cost $7.20 there, I stared at it, then at the lady and said... "It's so expensive..." She blinked. I swallowed. "I heard there was a place nearby which sells this for three something..." I was hoping. Then... "Oh yeah! Li Hwa! They sell things very cheap there!" YESS!!! I jumped up, tossed the tube back onto the rack and inquired where this elusive Li Hwa place was. Conspiratorially, with guilty side-glances at her boss, the lady told me to walk straight on and I would find it. Yay.
So I did, and I got the stupid scrub...and on the way back to the interchange (wow, I didn't lose my way.. I'm impressed at myself...) I bought a pair of platforms and a pair of slippers, both $9.99. YAY! The platforms are made of the same kind of material that chinese cheongsams are, bright red silk with gold embroidered flowers...ahh, pretty. And the slippers are grey, with splashes of white and grey-blue Japanese calligraphy....ahh, nice.
As I was taking the bus home, I noticed two little boys dressed in identical Pokemon shirts in the seat across from me. They were adorable! One was large and bony, the other small and round. And they kept shuffling a couple of Pokemon cards and then calculating the vital statistics of the monster on the card (I think) and the person who got the highest value won. Later it became more of the larger boy (the older brother I think) watching his little brother calculate the values slowly and carefully, and pumping his fist in triumph when he finished. Then they both grinned identically goofy grins, as if what they were doing was the most secretive, most engaging and interesting thing in the world. The fact that they had identical dimples as well simply made me want to burst out laughing.
And several times I did too, quietly of course, and I tried really hard to keep it in too, pressing my lips together and looking like a real idiot...and later on they started noticing this, and began to fool around for my amusement, looking up to check if I was laughing each time. I dutifully obliged, but sadly had to leave just as the little brother slipped his feet out of his slippers and sat like the old men at the coffeeshop smoking and drinking kopi and this tickled me so much, and his brother as well, which tickled me ALSO, that I just couldn't stop giggling to myself as I made my way home. Aaaahhh, they were so very adorable.
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 03:38 p.m.

* Tuesday, June 11, 2002
Thunderstorm in Hong Kong. Tons of rain. The fugging exam is still on. *curses*
In other words, I am screwd because I haven't revised for History or Math. Hoooray. I was reading up on America last night but got lazy... curse history. Reading about Black American civil rights isn't really fun, cuz really, it's depressing. Reading about McCarthy and America's paranoia over Communism isn't too fun either...
And damn, kaa-san is being bitchy again. Dammit.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 09:44 a.m.

* Monday, June 10, 2002
*sweatdrops* or at least, I think I did... everything was really easy, apart from the STUPID SHIT QUESTION about balancing equations for total combustion of a hydrocarbon... not usually a problem but the thing was a fucking hexane, and I _HATE_ balancing equations to start with. Blergh. Tomorrow's HISTORY.. bloody evil history of the Americans (McCarthy you bastard) and the Chinese (Communist and GMD history IS evil). And... math paper 6. Holy shit I'm screwed.
.....Korea-USA 1-1.
.....That's it. Corea had better kick Portugal's ass or we're screwed.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 05:22 p.m.

* Monday, June 10, 2002
Am banned off the computer. Will have Chem exam in 4 hours. Will make this quick--
Shi-chan... Asuka and Shinoko are real life character, er, people. As in Asuka's in my school and year (incidently being part of our 'trio' of psychos XD) and Shinoko's in a different school... and also very much real. You'd howl over if I told you what their FAMILY's like O_o;;;;;;
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 09:31 a.m.

* Friday, June 7, 2002
Actually Charlene, I did wonder about that ^__^;;; Kagura and Yuki are not two individuals I'd like to think together... for one thing, it's impossible for Kagura to get over her Kyou obsession, and Yuki's just not the type who'd like Kagura -_-;;;. But anyways... it's still a cute layout XP
Lex, eh... I'm not sure about my computer cuz it's automatically set to Korean... why not try both and see if it _seems_ to make sense? Sorry ^_^;; but I don't think I can help with this... all the other languages on this computer have these weird 'something' types next to it, but Korean's not -_-;;
I am getting booted off this computer, courtesy of mama and nee-chan and the STUPID KOREAN SCHOOL EXAMS tomorrow. *growl*.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 10:07 p.m.

* Friday, June 7, 2002
Oh and I forgot to mention...having read Fruits Basket volume 1, and halfway through 2, I realized just how dumb it is to put shy looking Kagura (it's a facade!! don't believe it! she's a scary obsessive nut! really!!) on a background of Yuki's lovely eyes...I kinda got Kagura and Tohru mixed up, and I sorta kinda know that the main female character and Yuki have something going on...so. *sigh* Mental note: Always read series before making layout with scans else you end up looking like you don't know squat about the series, which whether true or not, isn't a very nice impression to project.
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 12:48 p.m.

* Friday, June 7, 2002
A useless random snippet of a conversation....

this isnt anytin...lesbian is it..?
and i don't think i have formed any relationships up to now which would kill me if they fell apart...i've never been close to a person that way
just checkin..?
it might've been.....
just kidding...
but i used to always joke abt acting lesbian with her when school boys on public transport annoyed us
alrighty..just wanted to put the mickey in the situation
oh and how did they annoy u?
all sorts of ways...you'd be surprised at their creativity
of course...
('of course...i was a schoolboy once also you know...') ???
somehow..men do become very practical and innovative in these situations
but i didnt say anythin..so dunt get funny ideas?
no i won't...just highly amused is all
oh you are so lying..

--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 12:25 p.m.

* Thursday, June 6, 2002
I'm so glad you like it Anna! ^__^v I borrowed some library books today...and I got up at 11+ this morning! Haha~~ I've not done that in quite a while, for some reason I've been quite the early riser the past few weeks, and getting up at 11 after sleeping at 4 isn't even that bad... Also, I went down to the manga store today, and got Fruits Basket!! 7 volumes of it...number 8 was rented out... Can't wait to read it later. *_* I got some other random manga as well, I might scan some just for fun.
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 06:51 p.m.

* Thursday, June 6, 2002
*blinks at screen*
*blinks again*
W...woah... CHARLENE!!! *glomps* THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU~~~ The layout is so sweet!!!! Especially the 'gah'!! XDXDXD Furuba POWER baby~ WHOO! And don't worry about the intro, it's so much better *hugs* Ano NE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP AT FOUR _AM_?!?! *_* you're even worst than I am! Go to sleep!
Take the 'What kind of Wing are you?' quiz!
'What kind of Wing are you?' by. Xera
Shi-chan, Shinoko is Asuka's little sister... and while _she_ thinks I'm weird (and a lesbian to boot O_o;;), I really wonder about her brain structure. Let's just say she's 13, Japanese and fascinated by the S word. Oh yes, and she can't wait until she loses it -_-;;;;;;. Completely different from her nee-san XD. I have a hard time believing what Asuka tells me about her family, but I know it's true cuz Asuka never lies (she might not tell part of the truth but she never lies) and after about 5 mins observing their family, yeah, I can believe that the Iida siblings openly as their parents obscure questions regarding the *koff* procedure in which they were born, so to speak. -_-;; It's a unique and diverse world -_-;;;;;.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 08:30 a.m.

* Thursday, June 6, 2002
*yaaawnstretchyaawn* AHHH...finally...done. Had those Fruits Basket manga scans on my desktop for ages now...they were taken from this lovely FB site, and brushes used were from here. Anna, I'm soo sorry I had to shorten the blog intro, I had to fit it into that tiny box there...there were other alternatives of course, but that would've taken a while to think up...I'm so bad at tables. ;__; Rest assured though, the original one will be back with the next layout.
Meantime, enjoy the manga bishounen goodness! (...I realize that the ending of each entry sounds dumb...look at the image of Yuki's head on Kyou's shoulder (no, I haven't read the manga yet--that's what the site said)...that's "Gah" for ya...I can't get over how enormously adorable that is...) Right, I'm off to bed. *points at time*
--Charlene drooped over and said "Gah." @ 04:17 a.m.

* Wednesday, June 5, 2002
My hit list would include Hotmail, My Mother, and the idiots who form the education board in Korea.
...it's a sad world. The big sad truth is the majority of human beings are ruled by idiots.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 09:27 p.m.

* Wednesday, June 5, 2002
Actually, Beth, I don't think your team sucked... from what I heared, it wasn't an easy game... my mom n dad say the Polish time kicked ass big time, it was just luck on our side ^^;;. Korea's in a chaotic frenzy right now, and all these exaggerated headlines... *shakes head* I just get the feeling they're going to get really cocky about it. I kinda feel bad about our win, in a way, because there couldn't have been more than a handful of people supporting Poland, in ratio to the zillions of Korean fans, as Anne says. I'm not expecting too much from our team but one can hope ^^.
My sister..... will arrive in 3 hours. Nyah. And she'll be home in about five... mou, so looong~ T_T but I've waited for 3 weeks now, it's only a few hours more ^^. People reading this blog... can probably tell how much I love and admire my sisters. I get accused of Sis-complex at times, but I can't really deny it. We've got a large age gap, and they've never been anything other than my protectors, my friends and a bit like my mother. I've had my share of getting scolded by my sisters, but I listen to them more than my mama. Not to say that I don't like my mama either *hugs mom*. Our family's traditional in many ways, and that includes absolute obedience to the parents and those above you. And since I'm the youngest in the house... *shrugs*. My parents are really smart; mom was like THE genius of the school from primary, secondary, high to university *rolls eyes*. It doesn't help that my dad's been like that too... and my sisters, they make incredible effort for their grades. It's no wonder I want to be like them. But as much as I aspire to follow in their footsteps, I can never be like them.
And in a way, that saddens me.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 11:07 a.m.

* Tuesday, June 4, 2002
(Er, sorry Beth) but KICK ASS KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO! GO BABY~~~
Actually, to be honest, I don't really care about the World Cup, cuz I still remember the stupid 'arguments' Korea and Japan had over it (These two countries... should really give it a rest), and I never really liked Soccer to start with. But... well, Korean Pride XD!
Lex, you've got HANAKIMI and FURUBA!??!?! GOOD GIRL!!!! XDXDXD!!! You know, I'm gettin back into Saiyuki, and my fingers are itching for the Gaiden *lol*
*bounces* Nee-chan is coming to HK tomorrow!! YAAAY~~~
Anna's Mental Status: Currently on High, brought to you by ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS in Diet Coke. I always said Diet Coke is evil, and now I'm justified.
--Anna drooped over and said "Gah." @ 09:28 p.m.

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Charlene a 16-year-old Angel with no wings. She is also the sweetest person alive on this planet, as long as you don't get her into the same chatroom as Anna and Tin-nee. Her interests lie in webdesign, anime and manga... but we all know the truth, that she's in love with bishounen! Her interests also lie in alternative music and indiepop, writing and tomatoes(biiiiig, beeeeefy and reeeeed~~~). Oh yeah and she rarely drinks water XD. Anna brings out the Evil in her, cracking her seemingly sweet personality XD. Altogether, read: Super nice with a touch of evil. [ @ AIM WWW ]

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