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* Monday, June 3, 2002
Waaa~ sugoi, Charlene! I'm glad you had fun at the UK fair thing... though personally, I would die before I went on a ride like the reverse bungee thingy. I can handle heights, I can handle speed, both to a certain extent, but together is a nono. Planes are a different story XP
Aaaaah... got HanaYume. ^_____________^ Guess who's a Happy Happy Baka right now... currently on a Furuba high (the latest edition is a squealer XDXDXD!!! Just a hint: purty boy crying and.. NYAHAHAHA). And! In Hanakimi... *spoiler* SANO is getting sooooo bloody jealous, it looks cute XP. And Mizuki's starting to, er, get in touch with her feminine side. Er, even more than before, that is. Rawr.
Am wondering whether I should study for the media mock tomorrow, the chem.history.math6 exams next montueswedns or just go out and get some fresh air.
If I'm not revising, might as well go out an take some fresh air >_<
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 01:22 p.m.

* Sunday, June 2, 2002
I've had a nice weekend! ^_^v Yesterday I went shopping with my mom and bought lots of nice stuff, a skirt, a frilly top the colour of my room, a nifty denim jacket and some other stuff...today I went to the UK Funfair and had a greaaat time. It would have been better if I'd brought more cash of course...but how were we sposed to know the rates are doubled on weekends.
Anyhow, the bloody Reverse Bungee cost $20 (owch) and that took what--2 minutes? Almost worth it though...it was a breath-taking experience, to say the least. Although I'd brought quite some money out, we saw a movie and bought some misc things and in the end didn't have much for the actual fair anymore... *sigh* Well anyhow, it's open till the 25th, so I have plenty of time to pay another visit during the weekdays...
The Reverse Bungee was really freaky...I get super scared of shit like that, and this was some scary shit. The dude was like "Nervous? *shakes head* Don't be...hey, what time is it by the way?" My friend looks at the watch and before we're ready, he hits the button and we shoot into the sky. SHIIIITT~~~~
After that I had only enough money to play one game, and take a ride on the ferris wheel which was something I really wanted to do. (Visions of a fast-oranging sky and wind in your hair and seeing as far as oh, say Catholic High school...) The prizes were huuugee...they were maybe 3/4 my height, which is pretty damn big, cos I'm quite tall...I really wanted the Siberian Husky at two of the booths and did try, but out of four, only got one ball into the bottle... =/ =/ (You hafta get 3 for the huge husky, and 2 for the smaller one.)
Well, after that I came home, had dinner, and my dad took me out to return his vcds and borrow new ones, and we had Haagen Dazs ice cream together, and that was nice...and oh, all in all, a very satisfactory weekend indeed.
--Charlene dusted snow off the pero @ 10:10 p.m.

* Sunday, June 2, 2002

The Vague But Nice Quiz by blusteryvirgin


Elegant, beautiful and classy. You're most likely very feminine, or, if you happen to be male, "in touch" with your feminine side. Sometimes you might seem rather pretentious, but you're nonetheless calming and quite graceful.

take the "which neglected jrock band are you?" test. or something.

HAH, yeah right!!! Who are these guys???
Lovely layout there, Shi-chan... ^___^ but I have to avoid letting my mom see it cuz she'll think I'm doing something I'm Not Supposed To Do. -_- Paranoid little, mama? Anyhow, lovely ^^. You know, I get you mixed up with Asuka's little sister, Shinoko... then again, knowing what ShiNOko's like, I can't mix you guys up XDXDXD!!!
*is green with envy* Maa, Sakura, I AM jealous of that CD XDXDXD! YUBIIIIIN~ *kyaa* WOOHYUN~~ *kyaa* XDXDXD And you've read Let Die? ^___^ I think it's the first explicit shounen-ai manhwa I've read... I feel sorry for Die and his bitch!family though... the characters in there are really screwd over. Oh yes, and I've just remembered... I have this Harry Potter poster parody, featuring Seo Taji+aiidul somewhere on my C-drive... you want? ^____^
^_____^ Nice layout and very you, Leareth dear... I hope you're feeling better *hugs* And after a few searches for some good/halfdecent fics to read, I will repeat my announcement that I HATE FICS WITH BAD GRAMMAR AND BASIC SPELLING MISTAKES. For heavens SAKE people, LOOSE and LOSE are completely different things and SOUND different, so WHY do you get the goddamn spellings wrong?! And! Check over typos will ya, cuz TOO and TO are also different! Jeez! Oh yes, and do, _please_ do put the damn fic in paragraphs? Or didn't you learn that in primary school to use paragraphs?
-_- Mou, ranted again, sorry la, but this particular nit has been bugging me for years.
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 02:04 p.m.

* Friday, May 31, 2002
Just had a chat with Charlene *hugs*... but I was kinda off cuz I was talking to someone on the phone as well... I felt so rude! ^________^;;;
Whee... World Cup Opening Ceremony... the president REALLY REALLY pisses me off. Koizumi had power in his voice, and actually sounded waaaaay more convincing than our old dwadling president. You can tell I hate the current president... aaaaaaaaasshole. Thank god there's a new presidental election in Korea this year -_-;;; I liked the ceremony... it was like a mix between old Korea and the modern... but I dunno, somehow it wasn't what I expected.
Can anyone recommend a manga character who's JUST LIKE ME? Please? I need it for something... just think of sarcastic, cynical but loyal... oh. I know EXACTLY who... my friends in RL would agree with me on this 100%.. that I am a mix between Uotani Arisa and Hanajima Saki. Really. XDXDXDXD!!!!! I look a bit like Saki sometimes, just with no fringe... and personality-wise, I'm like Uotani, from her agression (I'd like to call it passion, thank you XD) to her gentle, protective side with Tooru. XDXDXD!!! Charlene, you hear that?!
Random note... today, during a phone convo:
Anna: *starts cackling about what's she's writing to Charlene on AIM and half mumbling*
Jane:...That's it, she's finally cracked!!! (remember, this is Korean, so think of it as 'koitsu' instead of 'she')
Anna: *whine* Noooooooo~~~~ *cackles*
Jane:...Anna, it's time for your medication!
XDXDXD mmmmmm........don't wanna go to korean school..... I think I need to sleep. Damn.
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 10:07 p.m.

* Friday, May 31, 2002
Fruit(s?) Basket has art which I would definitely call sugary shoujo. *_* The pictures I viewed were all very pretty indeed, but I feel more like a manga image. I think I'll have to go rent the manga and scan a page or two..keke. (Anna not here... T_T)
--Charlene dusted snow off the pero @ 05:20 p.m.

* Friday, May 31, 2002
Waaaaha~~! In between classes today there was a two and a half hour break, so Candice and I went to the neighbourhood mall and strolled around a bit. We went to the manga store and lo and behold! We got to see an FFXI FMV! *__* It was absolutely beautiful...really, really amazing.
It showed a beautiful crystal at first, with a narration of its relation to the earth and blah blah (I didn't really listen; too busy gawking at the shimmering beauty of the crystal--what can I say? Am a visual person.) and then it showed a war taking place, between some elven (adopting the Lord of the Rings term..) looking people (there was a feline-ish female character who looked a lot like Merle of Esca, as well as a dark Elven archer whose face resembled Uriel of Angel Sanctuary slightly) and some very evil and monstrous uhm, turtle-ish warrior people. They looked a lot like the Adamantoises in FF8, and they brought with them some HUUUUGE Behemoths to trample on the villages of the Elven nation (I am guessing...).
Well, 'twas a spectacular war but in between scenes of violence and brilliant exploding meteors summoned by small dwarf-like er, summoners (LOL), a boy with his older sister ran through what looked to be an underground mining area (?) trying to escape being killed. In the end, the turtle-like enemies cornered the sister after she'd heaved her brother through a small hole in the rocks to safety, and the last we see of that are the turtle dudes' claw things clawing at the hole, roaring angrily....it seems they got the sister...but it's pretty obvious the boy will meet up with her later on after he's all grown up and we can play him right? My guess, anyway.
Anyhow, the boy appears again later, all grown up and handsome with ashy hair blowing in the wind, Merle and the elven archer and all the aforementioned elven nation at his side. I wonder how come they don't look any older...oh! *hits self* Elves don't grow old of course! Just like Queen Amidala looks 18 even though she's supposedly what?--12 years older than the Anakin guy?
Well...very satisfying experience. I will so get playstation 2 when I can wheedle my mom into it. (After the O'Levels probably...yeah.)
Also! In a glass display case just next to the TV, I discovered Squall's Griever chain necklace!!! It cost only nine bucks but is now my pride and joy. (Even though it says "Made in Japan" at the back... =/) I have decided to cosplay as Squall this year. The only tricky part of his costume is the jacket...I thought of getting a plain black leather jacket and a grey boa and sticking it on the collar, but Candice mimicking a mama-san ("C'mon over, I'll give you a Lionheart!") really turned me off that idea. Well, I'll look hard. Am not planning to construct some gunblade though, cos anything I could make out of cardboard or some other crappy material just wouldn't cut it. (Very naturally... ^^;;) Besides, he always walks around without his gunblade on the world map, and when he needs it, it magically appears from his pocket, so...I'll stick with that.
--Charlene dusted snow off the pero @ 04:56 p.m.

* Thursday, May 30, 2002
My sister's coming to HK next Wednesday! YESYESYES!!!!!
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 11:38 p.m.

* Thursday, May 30, 2002
Sugary shoujo? Charlene, check out here and here, but... I'm in no hurry to change the layout cuz it's pwitty. BUT! Given my obsession to Fruits Basket... and your obsession to making a new layout, darling..... meet me on AIM XDXDXD
And you liked the profiles?! YAY~~ I was so worried!! *huggles*
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 11:22 p.m.

* Thursday, May 30, 2002
Ahaha~~! *claps* Those're the best profiles I've ever read Anna! Of course, they do make me sound incredibly narcissistic, but they also make me out to be sweet with a touch of evil...and who could resist that...ohohoho! ^.^ (But really, I do love the profiles; they're hilarious and oh-so-true. Although, must admit "her interests also lie in...tomatoes" sounds pretty weird...completely true of course, but nonetheless, really, really weird. XD) Now all we need are pictures heh.
Today I went to school again...felt like a dork cos yesterday I came at 8 when the class scheduled then wasn't for people who didn't take English tuition at the school. and had to drop by Candice's house to avoid sitting around in the canteen alone for 2 hours. I hate having to go to school for half of my one month holiday...I haaaate it...it is a draaaag and a total waste of time and effort on both sides. =( The only good thing is that we have one Lit lesson for every day that we come back...and aah, it kinda makes it worth it.
I feel like making a new layout already...although Maho and Yukino look so warm and pretty together, it is a rather dreary kind of layout... =/ We need some sugary shoujo.
--Charlene dusted snow off the pero @ 09:12 p.m.

* Thursday, May 30, 2002
*drops dead _again_* I just came back from shopping with my friend... my feet hurt >_<. We went to Stanley... Miho bought me a deep blue Thai silk sarong... *hugs* she's such a sweetie! I bought two Chinese silk bags... a pair of flipflops... and that's about it, I think XD. But it was fun, despite getting caught out in the rain with no umbrella ^_____^ mama's a little grumpy that I was out though.
I got wiped out in math exam yesterday... it was so.damn.HARD. -_- I was in a bad mood before the math exam cuz I'd done the french exam before it, and THAT was kinda bad too... BUT! I AM FUG'N _FINISHED_ WITH FRENCH!!!!!!!! YES YES YES _YES_!!!!!!!!!!!! *demented laugh* maaan, after five years of it, I am FED up with French. Still feel bad about the math, though I'll have another math exam in about two weeks time. Meanwhile..... I have no real exams. Life can be a bitch but it lets up sometimes.
The profile's bugging me... I feel so self conscious now >_>
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 08:16 p.m.

* Thursday, May 30, 2002
*drops dead from the layout* Fantastic!~~~~ I've never read karekano, but everyone tells me it's so good! The layout's beautiful Charlene *huggles*. Oh yes.. and the profile's changed... you can probably guess from the writing style that I was the one who wrote it. But I think I'll have to change it some point soon, cuz the people who don't know us will think Charlene's a narcissist cuz I wrote all that stuff about her being an angel *points to the left*. Blah, but we all know the truth, ne?
Gonna take shower and go out, so bai~~~
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 11:51 a.m.

* Wednesday, May 29, 2002
This is quite, quite dull. =/ But I had to...Yukino looked so cute, and Maho so lovely beside her and Pero so adorably tiny... Also, please take note the manga background (quite hard to see with the text); it's Maho more gorgeous than they've ever allowed her to look in the anime. I like her. *_*
Yeah, so my MT O'Level has come and gone. The exam went a lot better than I had expected, and I actually understood what they were asking! *gasp* I guess our school sets really hard papers...either that, or all that mugging really did work. o__O *double gasp*
I saw "Murder By Numbers" today, and was quite impressed with how Sandra Bullock handled her detective role...I never expected her to be the detective type...just like I never expected Kirsten Dunst to be the MJ type... Well, 'twas a nice movie. Nice, fun ending. ^_-
After that, Nadia and I sat outside Coffee Bean sipping some iced tea which gave me a stomachache, watching the ferris wheels and rides at the UK Funfair on the field directly in front of us. It's...so, so scaryy! The reverse bungee thingy (surely you can imagine how it looks) was downright frightening...I would never get on that thing, never ever. Not for money, not for all the manga in the world. *shakes head*
Well...I'll be going this Sunday anyhow, I hope to be able to gather the courage to get on the Mega Drop... *cringes and sweatdrops*
--Charlene dusted snow off the pero @ 10:06 p.m.

* Tuesday, May 28, 2002
Which 'fallen one' are you?
Take Which 'fallen one' are you? Quiz by Xera
You're undeniable smart and inteligent. You love intelectual pursuits and other complicated matters. People respect you and you tend to look down on them, since you are better.... Careful, you may fall because of your PRIDE, the first sin ever, and the same sin that cast down the used-to-be greatest angel, Lucifer

I had my bio exam today. I flunked it big time cuz Edexccccccel(..so I won't get caught, ne) decided to be a MAJOR MORON and gave out totally IDIOTIC questions. I'm not saying this cuz I did bad, it was just a BAD exam. Not necessarily HARD, just totally moronic. Craptacular.
Maths and French. French is a laugh (after five years, I AM _FREE_!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Maths...... well, kodomo no play desu. -_- I don't think I have a compus or a protracter so I guess I'll have to buy some tomorrow... AGAIN -_-;;;;;;
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 11:00 p.m.

* Monday, May 27, 2002
*wince* my nails... are beginning to hurt me.
For the first... I dunno, about 14 years of my life, I had a bad habit of chewing my nails. One day, after a few days in Xian, I realized it was DISGUSTING to chew on them. That was probably from the overly dry and dusty atmosphere of Xian... dust was caked in my hair, clothes and nails. Bleh. Yeah. So I managed to grow my nails... bit by bit. I have phases when I totally chew my nails out during movies or exams when I'm thinking or am nervous. I rarely ever get to cut my nails with a nailcutterm simply because I do a great job of keeping them in the perfect shape with my ever-so efficient nails. Yeah.
The point of this is... well, I have very small but well shaped nails. They're not _small_ just quite narrow and very feminine (thank god it fits with my tiny hand -_-). But now, they're a bit long... since I haven't cut my nails for about three weeks? Dunno. They don't look too long, since they're quite small to start with... but I can't hold my hand in a fist without having these talons digging into my palm.
Yes, that was quite pointless wasn't it.
The fugging toilet is not working again. What is UP with this stupid building?!?!?
I have my bio exam tomorrow... the last I will EVER have in my life. I like bio, and I have, er, natural talent(XD!) with it... comes from my dad. I despise physics... you can guess what I'm like. But. I am NOT taking ANY sciences next year cuz I am fed up with investigations... -_- I shouldn't have taken art for AS, cuz frankly... I know I'm not going to be able to churn up tons of work. Quality, I can handle with ease, Quantity, no way in hell. I'm already missing so much from GCSE..... I'm really really screwd. REALLY.
Other news... got new sandals from Nine West. I happen to LOVE Nine West, cuz they've got great shoes, and the other shops like Hush Puppies in HK SUCK. HP I like, just not the HK versions. Le Saunda sucks cuz their shoes break after one go. -_-;;;
That was a very random musing spree from Anna.
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 11:41 a.m.

* Sunday, May 26, 2002
...*kicks Tin's AIM*
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 08:58 p.m.

* Sunday, May 26, 2002
Saaaaaaaaa Lex-chan, you LIKE me sl0ring you with FuruBa, and you KNOW it XDXDXD
...Yesterday, our toilet stopped working with no notice. So has all the other toilets in the block... -_- damn idiots.
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 11:41 a.m.

* Friday, May 24, 2002

which Episode II character are you?

Probably the greatest Jedi Knight of all. Like Obi Wan, you are wise and keep your feet on the ground at all times. You will not be outsmarted by anyone. You are always faithful to your friends. Be careful though, danger lurks around every corner - you could even be betrayed by those closest to you.

OOOOOOH~~~ I LOVE OBI-WAN~ but I also love Yoda! What a paradox.

which Episode II character are you?

Yoda. Jedi Master. Your word is pretty much gospel, as far as others are concerned. You stick to your roots and have a good head on your shoulders. You can always provide a good response to those in need of answers, or those who just want to talk. You may not look tough, but inside you've got more power than the majoirty of people.

Then again, maybe not XD
urg, must go offline (damn!) Lex, I won't be online tomorrow morning cuz of stupid Korean school -_-;;;;;;;;;;;;;. So. T_T postpone our ranting about Y-K-W and collect the URLS XDXD
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 11:26 p.m.

* Friday, May 24, 2002
I am 75% worshipable! And you? Find out!

Hah, as if~~~
Having much fun talking to Lex, will blog after lesson. Bai~~~
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 10:46 a.m.

* Thursday, May 23, 2002
Oof. I cut my hair. It's very short. Just below my ears, I think. I haven't felt this cool in a while. I like it.
Well...one day more and it'll be the end of term, and then my chinese O's and then two weeks of exclusive classes just for us, and then two weeks to myself...CAN'T WAIT! If only the chinese O weren't pervading the background like some thick putrid smell...then I would be truly happy. Well, not really. *laughs*
This here is a really great lyrics site...I love it. It allows for such interaction between music lovers and best of all, contributing is so easy and fun. Hee~ (Why, oh why, do I sound like I'm advertising for it?)
Today, as I was taking the bus home from my haircut at the salon (and scratching and swiping madly at the back of my neck cos the dumb distracted hairdresser hadn't cleaned the cut hair off my neck properly), I noticed a tall old Indian man with a great big grey beard wearing a blue sarong walk down the bus aisle and sit down in the seat behind me.
I was humming "Batten Down the Hatch" by Snow Patrol to myself, when I heard the man sing some soft song in a low voice...I couldn't make out the words, but it sounded like some love song which was very sad. Then he started sniffing in the drawn out painful way men do, which is really pitiful to hear. I stopped and turned my head, just so I could see him from the corner of my eye and listened until he stopped.
To my surprise, he got off at the very same stop as I did and went off in the opposite direction before I got a chance to get a proper look at him. I walked a safe distance from the bus stop where people wouldn't be curiously staring, and stood a while, and watched his great blue-shirted back grow smaller.
At one point he actually turned around and although I don't think he actually saw me (we were so far from each other), I thought how wonderful it would be if he had turned because he had felt me looking at him.
He seemed to me to be so sad, and lost. I had to take a deep breath of the humid breeze before I could continue my way home.
--Charlene dusted snow off the pero @ 06:56 p.m.

* Thursday, May 23, 2002
Saaa... Lex dearest, I read the stuff about You-Know-What on icq XDXDXD I must say, this is one of the best results at converting people... XDXDXD
Watched Star Wars again today... and I'm gonna watch Spiderman at 7:20. Nyah. Dunno what's up with me and movies lately...
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 05:25 p.m.

* Tuesday, May 21, 2002
TO: Fellow Onnatachi Member
Re: Online Timing

Twin-san, are you SURE you're online??? Cuz I am on AIM and MSN, and thou art not online. I was trying to get on AIM about five/ten mins ago, but it booted me off. -_- ˇĹ I am of the opinion that AIM disagrees to us talking (for WHICHEVER REASON XP) or it is some unseen force stopping us from talking -_-;; Either way, I do hope we can talk soon. I have FURUBA to get Charlene deeply into (XD)and to discuss the comments stuff as well as the next layout (which reminds me, there's a great gallery Lex gave me the URL to this morning...... ah yes, it's here... =3 time for crazy women to make an attack!! *cackles loudly*
*Is seeing a room full of chains and whips Tin-sama will be nudged into next time we meet online* ^_____________^ *NIKO©÷*
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 04:23 p.m.

* Tuesday, May 21, 2002
Alright...either we don't have a comments system installed, or we move to blogger.com or some other weblog which YACCS supports, OR we move elsewhere and use movable type or some such thing to enable comments, ORR...we just stay here.
Pft. Finally, when I get to register an account with YACCS, I find out pitas.com doesn't have a unique ID for each entry and thus enabling comments would be a real, real hassle, and would have to be done each time an entry was posted...which isn't very practical or convenient at all. Hmph.
Okay...I will consult with fellow Onnatachi member next time I see her...I do hope it is soon. =/ For some reason the times we've been online haven't coincided (sp?) in a while. Mm.
--Charlene dusted snow off the pero @ 04:13 p.m.

* Tuesday, May 21, 2002
Ah, back to Star Wars. I loved Natalie Portman's costumes... absolutely gorgeous. The new queen looked REALLY WERID, probably cuz she had white paint on her face... she looks Indian, judging from her facial features and skin tone. No wonder the white paint doesn't agree with her. Obi-wan, of course, I love, though his transition from padawan to jedi is very... large? ^^;; I loved the old Anakin thoooooough~~~ T_T What happened to the sweet little boy? His accent's totally changed. I felt really crap when Shmi died though ;_; and hmmm... what else... oh yes. Samuel Jackson was great as Mace Windu (you've gotta loooove his purple lightsaber) but it was YODA I was really wowed by. You know, everyone in the theater started to laugh when Yoda made a kung-fu stance O_o;; and laughed even harder when he revealed his lightsabre... XDXDXD. He seems to have developed a bigger sense of humour XP Seriously, Yoda fighting was one of the best ^^
Maa... it seems like I need to go off now... too much time on the internet not studying will kill my exams. I've got PE theory tomorrow, which to be honest, I don't really give a damn for. ^^;; A LOT of the girls and some boys have dropped PE cuz they didn't see the point in taking the exams. Most people fail miserably at theory, and since you have to pay quite a lot to take the exam in the first place, what's the point? I ask that question myself and I still take it. Brilliant -_-. Not too worried about the exam itself, cuz theory's pretty easy. It's just the question of how lucky I'd be if there's a lot of physiology involved in the exam cuz THAT particular part of theory is the same as bio. It's just the stupid shit about creating a program for circuit trainint which irks me. --;
Enough rambling about PE. FURUBAAAAAAAAA!!! I think I've managed to successfully hook Lex-chan into it... and I KNEW she would, but she adores Shigure and Akito... KYAHAHHAHAHAHA. Now, does anyone know where I can find some subbed anime episodes to d/l???
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 02:19 p.m.

* Monday, May 20, 2002
I watched Star Wars ep2... VERY nice deshou... and that's all I can say before I get booted off this computer.
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 08:23 p.m.

* Monday, May 20, 2002
Saaa... I haven't been online for quite a while... actually, to be honest, I was, but I was busy reading Furuba Scanslations...
TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN I'll KILL YOU!!!!!! For disappearing on me yesterday, you owe me a Furuba fic!!!! And YES, I will expect Tooru, Yuki, Kyou and Uotani Arisa in it!!!! Consider it a late birthday present, ne? KEKEKEKXDXDXD (you're sooooo dead XD). And make a full recovery of that ear, hai???
Eh, Charlene... no more words, but just a hug for you *big hug*. Take a mug of hot chocolate (or Tomato Juice XD)and curl up with some manga (I SOOOOO recommend Fruits Basket, obviously XD. Methinks Yuki is beautiful..O_o)
Ah yes... I almost forgot to mention. I had my dinner dance(prom) on Friday night... ^_____^ It was pretty good cuz it was in a good hotel and all... it was more like a disco though cuz it was all fast music. I think the only thing EVERYONE danced to was the macarena (for old times XD)... it was pretty funny, everyone in black tie dress jumping to the crazy song. I received niiice comments about my dress and stuff, so was happy ^^. Most of my guy friends were avoiding me though -_-##########.
Argh, gotta go watch movie... jaaaaa
--Anna dusted snow off the pero @ 10:57 a.m.