Onnatachi belongs to two girls who live in different countries, live different lives and have different dreams. They would never have met if not for one fateful day on ICQ in which Hanakimi and bishounen were reigning topics. (They still are and probably always will be.) As time passed, they both realized just how frighteningly alike they were in numerous ways (bishounen? flared jeans? taste in music? umeda!?) and Charlene offered to create a shared blog for the two of them to rant and rave in. This is the result...isn't it just dandy?

Anna is 16 and lives in Hong Kong. She is multilingual (!!) and has hobbies including creating art, reading manga and listening to JPOP and KPOP. She also adores all bishounen. Ne, ne! XD [ @ AIM ]

Charlene is 16 and lives in Singapore. Her interests are webdesign, anime and manga (but manga more), alternative music and indiepop, writing and tomatoes. And bishounen. ^.^ [ @ AIM WWW ]

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[ Friday, May 17, 2002 ]
=_= I...I'm tired.
Whoever heard of an exam two weeks after the dreadfully draining mid-years. And this being an 'O' Level exam, the big huge extremely important your-future-relies-on-this kinda exam. I never imagined I would undergo this...of course I thought about how it would feel like, and got intimidated when I observed the seniors before me mugging like mad but I never truly imagined myself doing that, freaking out and all. This is one and a half weeks before my exam...god, I'm scared.
Today seemed to be a culmination of all the stress and pressure that'd been building up gradually since a few months ago...and this is truly weird, because I've not allowed myself to feel stress ever since I opted to drop to a class with a lower standard. I slackened greatly yeah, but although my grades dropped significantly (from back then when all I had was study) I guess I never caught on that if I was gonna keep on this way, I would regret it this year, my final year in secondary school. Yeeeeesh...!
Well, I didn't do badly in my mid-years in comparison to my classmates and even some of the top A class girls (I was 0.3 from being first at english in the level) but I failed by far in some of my personal targets and that is...pretty demoralizing. I was so tired today, my tuition teacher came over, asked if I was alright cos I looked sicker than back when I got sick pretty badly with flu at the start and middle of the exam period, and then, not satisfied with my answer, stayed only a half hour, promising to teach me the rest of integration after my Chinese O Level.
I've been so distracted of late I couldn't believe it was already the ninth week of the term, making it one more week to the four week June holiday (two weeks of which will be taken up with classes...whoo.) and almost couldn't believe my friend when she told me. How is it possible this year is flying by so fast when last year absolutely crawled so slowly it almost seemed it was doing so deliberately so as to leave some long-lasting bitter aftertaste. (NGSH...now I am spouting incomprehensible nonsense...long incomprehensible nonsense at that.)
Aw, this is such a big bunch of whining and wallowing and not-getting-myself-together-to-DO-something lameness. Well, I promised myself I'd start tomorrow. ^^ But seriously, I will...I just need one last day to pull everything together, get that sense of urgency my teachers are yelling at us to cultivate in my head and put away (with reluctance) the manga, computer, music and games for a couple of days just so I can ensure I won't have to be a retard and retake Chinese again end of this year.
I am quite simply dreading this.
Anyhow...in some local news, a pretty well-known 17 yr old dude who starred in a local sitcom which is really popular here, recently accused his principal of molesting him. This is turning out to be a very interesting saga...my cousin, my friend's boyfriend and a couple of my online friends are from that school, and quite simply, they don't believe a word that boy says. It's really quite funny, a couple of people (heresay/gossip from my friend who heard it from her bf) found the guy at school and beat him up pretty bad, and the teachers actually permitted it. I don't know how true this is (probably as true as it sounds...which isn't very true at all) but this coming from teachers who hold the handphone numbers of their students and call them up after marking their papers to tell them that they 'sucked'--direct quote of course. This is pretty much unheard of in my school...nobody holds anybody's handphone number, nobody says 'you suck' instead it's pretty much 'please buck up ladies...you're Sec 4s, we shouldn't have to tell you this...' etc etc.
Sigh...this is becoming a massive ramble/rant/whine. I will go off now, and enjoy what's left of my self-imposed freedom time. *blink*
--Charlene tossed flowers to the wind @ 07:00 p.m.

[ Thursday, May 16, 2002 ]

Which movie heroine are you?
I did say something about hair tied up in an elegant french chignon, but hai... O_o *glances at hair twisted in a bun with hair sticks*
...Yeah, was doing that art shiet, but mom was hogging the computer with her stocks. I swear, the woman's going to be doing it when she's in her 60s... -_- you can tell I HATE thinking about the economy, currency and ESPECIALLY STOCKS. They can make you a millionaire, but it can also make you a beggar overnight -_-;;;
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 09:06 a.m.

[ Wednesday, May 15, 2002 ]
Er. Lang exam went okay, though I only used about six sheets and still had two left over from the booklet... let's hope the examiner just thinks it was written concisely and simply, cuz honestly... they were SHORT. I finished in about an hour and a half maybe? Even less? This either spells out BIG TROUBLE or GOOD MARK cuz... for the first one, I haven't concentrated... or, for the SECOND option (which I favour, btw) cuz it's a summary, a speech and a letter.
I was in such a bad state today... I was a bit tired, sick to the stomach... and afterwards, during lunch, my art teacher called me and told me I didn't have the artist shit and stuff in my work. My art work was being moderated today... he called me about an hour ago, and I just told him the truth, that I hadn't done it. He took pity on me, and said if he has it in tomorrow, he'll mark it. My exam starts at two tomorrow, so I think I'll be able to manage... I think I made a mistake in saying "To hell with the lit exam- I didn't do my work and I must take the responsibility for it" when he said he didn't want me to fail my lit exam. -_-;;;;; I think I was in too much pain to think coherently.
Bummer, really.
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 08:25 p.m.

[ Tuesday, May 14, 2002 ]
I swear, I am the laziest person in the world! I came home from school having suffered from cramps (yow ;_;) and am staying home today as well, even though it's not all that bad now. This must be the thirtieth time I skipped school this year. =/
I've been playing The Sims and Harry Potter now. Whee! I'm in a really laidback mood now, which is terrible, cos I have a major exam on the 28th, but argh. I'm through with caring and worrying, at least I'll leave that for until two days before.
I've also been downloading tons of fonts and brushes to um, rejuvenate my collection (I didn't get my old fonts back in the old hard drive, nor my mp3s too... T_T) as well as surfing tons of really funny/interesting sites. (Here, here, here.) I have to find something productive to do soon...
Also, I am in the process of er, adding my old links to the link list here--something I should've done ages ago, but was simply too lazy to. *sigh* Sorry. I guess I'll go design something now...
--Charlene tossed flowers to the wind @ 01:09 p.m.

[ Tuesday, May 14, 2002 ]
Damn, pitas is being stupid again. *huffs off to do bio revision*
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 11:17 a.m.

[ Tuesday, May 14, 2002 ]

You are 10% evil! [?]
That's right! You're the meekest of the meek! You're the least amount evil! The philosophy in ying and yang is that no one person can be completely good or completely evil, but you're pretty close to complete, goodie-two-shoes!


Find your emotion!

...Okaaaaaay O_o;;;

Which Kiss are You?
Which Kiss Are You?

*snort* Am I, now???
JEez, what the hell am I doing... I should be studying!!! ...But I've only got two exams this week... and it's English Lang(resit) and English Lit (...)!!! There's nothing I can do to revise for these!!! *wails* And I've only got PE theory exam next week... and only bio, maths and french after that... >_< all the hard subjects come in June T_T I'd rather have the harder ones done and over with... and maybe it'll get my parents off my case -_-#.

Who are YOU most like?

Er, OKAY O_O;;;;;; I got American on the first try. Changed one and got Australian O_o;;; And to be honest, I don't HAVE an accent in that it's like a hybrid of American, British and something else. I do get these fits though, which make me speak like an Australian or a Brit.. or an American -_-;;; I can NEVER attempt a Korean accent when I speak english though ^^;; the truth in THAT is cuz it's just too damned awful to hear, ESPECIALLY if the speaker's attempting to try and roll his/her/whatever's tongue to sound 'authentic American' -_- *rolls eyes*
Metamia, I'm surprised you only got a few unpleasant surprises... I mean, I love going back to Korea, but I see all the bad points there, and why the country's going down the drain in terms of the people. If you go to places like daechidong or abgujungdong, you'll see how the kids are treated as things to study their asses off 24/7. And the worst part is, they all say "it's for the child" when in reality itz mostly from their own greed and pride, just so they can prove THEIR children are better than others. 한마디로 허영심 덩어리지...
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 10:53 a.m.

[ Monday, May 13, 2002 ]

How Gay Are YOU?

Huh... I thought I'd get a leetle higher than that, but hey~ kekeke. The think I'm a lez at school cuz I'm always with MJ and Asuka, but the truth is... holding hands or linking arms in Korea is what you call 'normal' for friends. -_- I saw guys doing the same thing, and THAT was a little shocking, but who's to say what? ^^;;
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 07:54 p.m.

[ Sunday, May 12, 2002 ]
...Which reminds me.. I have some new links up.
HELLO to Shesta and Rinian~ I haven't checked my tracker in ages (and I get the craziest stuff on it...) so I didn't know ^^;;. I LOVE your layout... go visit Charlene's hanakimi site. V.Good, especially since it's made with Alexa XD.
Another link... for Carlos *waves to new links*. I should really pay more attention to the tracker.....
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 09:56 p.m.

[ Sunday, May 12, 2002 ]
...Back from dinner. I got my tiara~~~~~
Well, technically, it's not a tiara... just this thing to put on the crown of the head... with hair piled up, methinks XD. It'z like branched out rainbow crystals... or rather, crystals sticking out at wires. Pretty~~
.....I bought it at an underground mall... and man, there were SOOOOOOO many weirdass sextoyshops. I felt REALLY sick when I was passing by >_< I am NOT made for... looking at.. things. Especially not neckties which have paintings of... the 'dokidoki throbbing manhood' Tin-unni mentioned a while back. And there were some other stuff I never want to see EVER again *covers eyes*
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 09:16 p.m.

[ Sunday, May 12, 2002 ]
i'm Cherry flavoured!
Dinner, will blog later
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 08:13 p.m.

[ Sunday, May 12, 2002 ]
HELLO~ this is Anna, at Janz's house. Janz, say a word--
....she says she's da queen of the world and Anna's gay. I disagree with both points, if you please. XD Nah, I'm just writing what she WOULD have said, cuz she can't be bothered to type on the computer.Very easy to type on this keyboard... I wanna steal it off her *glances at Janz*. BTW, I LOVE her room (who wouldn't?) but I don't love HER (*janz punches Anna*)... Itai....
...Her mom just came back, and we were scrambling to make things look like we were studying before she came... I turned off the monitor, we were piling revision studies on the desk... KYAKAKAKAKA... Charlene-dear, I'd say this is my evil-twin-san in real life XP but don't worry, you're still my brain-futago XD
Hm... FRUITS BASKET, PLEASE *wails* are there ANY good fics out there?!?! One which will NOT melt my brain out??? PLEASE? I will be eternally grateful if anyone points some out to me T_T
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 03:54 p.m.

[ Saturday, May 11, 2002 ]
Ouuuuuuuuch..... long long day, not much sleep and a headache.
Tiara, or no tiara for the dinnerdance... ... Tiara it is XDXD.
I almost broke my back carrying all my art stuff today... jeez, the stuff was so BIG, and HEAVY... my art teacher took pity on me and helped carry it cuz I was buried in it O_o;;; got ALL the stupid labels on, had to put up with idiotbitch!#1's whining and stupid questions... and we were all short of uhu glue. -_- lovely day.
FRUIT BASKET, give me good fanfics PLEASE!!!!!!! T_T
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 11:02 p.m.

[ Friday, May 10, 2002 ]
Only one comment on the entire fandom fiasco-- if you have a problem with something, think it through before you bitchslap someone. I don't know what's going on, and personally, I don't _care_ cuz for as far as I'm concerned, the CLAMP fandom is just going down the drain. Don't EVER Dare to attack other people for stuff you don't truly appreciate or think about. Leareth-dear, you're waaay better than ANYONE out there, so don't let all the crap get to you. And while you're at it, do X Therapy, will ya? XXXXXXXXXDDDDDDDD
On other news... today, I finished the last year of compulsory education. I will take my exams... and I will go for a summer of not relaxation but hard study. And somehow, I'm totally resigned about the situation, resigned that I have probably zero chance in going to the states or overseas for university... and so, I decide to study in earnest for my university entrance exams next year. For Korea... Then again, I never do what I say I would :P
I ordered Fruit Basket at Asahiya's today... none of the stores had it!!! Y_Y I was about to go maim someone... and I just ordered it -_-;;;;;. I'm spending too much money... I bought Takuro and Vannessa May's CD -Flow of..... forgot, will edit later. It's good, but I was expecting Vannessa's incredible violin... not an orchestra. Disappointed, but still good for listening to.
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 09:44 p.m.

[ Friday, May 10, 2002 ]
Whoo hooo! Today is a holiday for me cos some classes are taking their art exam and I don't take art. YAY! I'm going to see Spiderman with my friend todaaaay...hah. ^_^v
Gosh, I am so bored. I completed my second ff8 game last night and now I don't really have anything to do. I'm not about to start another game, I'm not that bored, but I can't think of anything else to do. There's nothing on TV, no work to be done (yeah, like I would even consider doing it) and I'm too lazy to do good responsible site-owner stuff like making new layouts or writing content or whatever. Mmmmmhhh...!!
You know what? I think Onnatachi needs a comments system, so people can write their comments and stuff. Come to think of it, we don't even have a guestbook! *gasp*
--Charlene tossed flowers to the wind @ 08:23 a.m.

[ Wednesday, May 8, 2002 ]
Yooo.... this is my PE theory lesson -_-;;;
I'm showing my friends Onnatachi... =3 cho ureshii~ they love it! And they want to move to pitas! XDXDXD
I borrowed vol 7 of furuba... and needless to say, I'm in love!!! YUUUUUUKIIII~ Tooru's so cuteXDXDXD But I dont' have any of the other volumes so I'm going to buy some at the manga store... I just hope they actually HAVE the damn volumes!!!
Today's parent's day in Korea... -_-;;; I will make no comment.
Hmm.... not much to say, apart from... -_-a I forgot. I'm getting senile..... oh yes, Leareth-chan, I would hide it... but there's no space for boxes in my house O_O;;; and plus, how do you hide 200~300 volumes of manga?? XDXDXD no way~~~ kekekeke
Shi-chan~~~~ I'm glad ahou-san actually let you view onnatachi~~~ And send your compliments to Charlene-chama~~~~ twin-san, how I miss you ;_;
Tin-unni, I won't be here at the end of June!!! Or July!!! I'm probably leaving for Korea on the 22nd or the 30th (probably the 22sn) of June, just after my exams finish T_T Does this mean I'm actually going to MISS your visit!?!?!? IYAAAAA!!! HIDOI!
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 02:34 p.m.

[ Tuesday, May 7, 2002 ]
Er. Hi, I'm back ^^;;
First, Kudos and Thankz to Metamia and Beth for linking back~ ^^ ^^ ^^. Metamia (언니!!! ㅋㅋㅋ), it shouldn't be that hot at this time of the year... but spend July and August in Korea, WITHOUT aircons and you will DIE. Or whither, as I did last year. I had to sleep on a leather couch, almost zero ventilation and no fan, no aircon. We have two fans and an aircon in the living room (as opposed to the aircons in every room, here in HK..), and I was deprived from all of them. The fans were taken by my sisters... and as for the stupid aircon, in Korea, once it passes a certain point, the electricity bills MULTIPLY like crazy. So, uh, almost no aircon during the summer. -_- yuck. Hot, sweaty and sticky. Yuck yuck yuck.
.....er.? Yeah, so Korea shouldn't be that hot right now XDXDXD. I get off track too much.
I had my GCSE French orals today.. -_-;; I was writing out the speech five mins before the exam and then totally spazzed out during the damn exam. -_-;; Hammond says it's a high A, but I'm not making any bets till I get the results... at the end of August (DAMMIT). So three down, 14(? 15?) more to go.....
Er, yes, I have been alive (very fast, Anna). I finally got the Pink Box necklace I've wanted since last November(!!!). It was more than the price of any singular piece I've bought(which equals, er, a lot for me), but...? It's beautiful. It's just a small pendant... a maltese(?) cross, with fleur-de-lis on each side, with a small red/pink gem heart in the middle, four small diamonds on the four sides and four tiny blue sapphires on the four corners. Kirei... and it's on a leather string XD.
That aside, this week is my last week of compulsory education... it's the last week of school for year 11s, and we start exam leave. I've got english lang resit next wedns, literature exam on thursday, and my dinnerdance (prom) the next day. Mhahahaha~ but that damn strap is still missing.....
I'll be blogging sporadically cuz, well, I've got my exams. I'll probably be online at times, for my email and stuff (Lika dear, do I owe you an email or do you???)but not lots of blogging. ^^ Charlene dear, let's both keep this nicely updated.
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 10:32 p.m.

[ Tuesday, May 7, 2002 ]
Oof, where's Anna gone? T_T;
I'm sitting here listening to Nobuo Uematsu's FFVIII music, waiting for my tutor to arrive in 20 minutes' time. My exams are ending pretty soon! =) I had E Math and Chinese today, will have A Math and Geography tomorrow, and then Phy/Chem Paper 1 and CME the day after that and I'm done!! ^__^
I was supremely happy with the way the Lit exam went. I used up all six sheets of paper provided writing like there was no tomorrow and had a slight cramp in my right hand, but it's all worth it. ^_^v
I'm looking forward to life after the exams soon, but we'll be having out Chinese O'Levels on May 28 so I guess I shouldn't be happy too soon. Harumph.
I shifted Shizukesa's layout archive to here cos f2s doesn't host for free anymore and even took the liberty of deleting all my files without notification. >_< Thank god for my cousin salvaging my old hard drive.
I'm planning a big update for Shizukesa pretty soon...some new layouts for certain sites, new content, and basically all the stuff I should've been busy on all that time I slacked and was away. ^_^ It feels kinda nice to get started on webwork again.
Geh, I want to see Spiderman!! Even though I think Kirsten Dunst looks like a slut and makes the movie seem so...I dunno, teen-flickish? it still looks damned cool. =D I very much need to get out of the house this weekend, just to do stuff with friends or maybe even by myself. Not only because of the exams but aah, I dunno, everyone needs to get out some time if even for a breather of some sort. Though I don't know really, what I'm talking about--no one really can 'take a breather' in Singaporea's hot and crowded atmosphere. But ah well.
Alright, gotta go. Ja!
--Charlene tossed flowers to the wind @ 02:39 p.m.

[ Saturday, May 4, 2002 ]
Uggghh...I am stuffed.
My uncle took us all out for a huuugge dinner to celebrate both my mom's birthday and his son's. I haven't eaten this much since Chinese New Year...I feel like I can't look at another bowl of mango pudding. Ever. And all the while my uncle sat beside me, telling me nonsense in an absolutely straight face and I eat it up until it becomes SO obvious that what he's saying couldn't possibly be true, then I go "Now you're making that up!" to which he replies very directly and frankly, "Nope, it's the truth." It got to the point where he began telling me about eating snake and cat meat in Beijing and then divulged that the pork buns were actually human meat and I was like "Impossible, you're making this up!" and he just smiled. That was the reason why I misread "Hunan Steamed Beancurd Skin" as "HuMAN Steamed Beancurd Skin" in the menu and then of course the entire table began laughing at my mistake. -_-
My mom was being annoying! She kept pointing out how I'm always nitpicky about what kinds of food I take and when my auntie offered me something she jumped in and said that "Oh, Charlene doesn't take this...she doesn't take a lot of things you know..." and the of course my auntie exclaims how awful it is, how my hair will thin out if I don't eat this or that and that I should eat everything set before me. And I'm like but I didn't say that!!! But of course what I say at the table is insignificant. Because of this, I ended up trying a lot of things I'd previously never tried...like jellyfish, pigeon soup and soft-shelled crab which made me feel like puking--the fishy (or crabby, if you prefer) smell/taste was so strong. The jellyfish was alright though...as long as I imagined I was crunching on noodles and not the stringy floaty stuff. =X
But in any case, the plates kept on coming--can you believe we ordered three plates of crab!? There were about 8 of us there, and a helluva lot more dishes. (And my mom goes "Oh, I shouldn't try that--Charlene would say how cruel it is to kill a deer." ARGGH!!! The one and only thing I've EVER been REMOTELY nitpicky about is sharksfin, which I refuse to eat ever since I watched this documentary on how they removed the fins of sharks and threw them back into the ocean while still alive, helpless and vulnerable.
Charlene's inner feelings: Grr...if only it wasn't her birthday.........
Anyhow, I only managed to remember my mom's birthday as I was writing the date on the foolscap paper I used for my Chemistry exam and very very fortunately, had money enough to get her the Celine Dion CD, a small rose bouquet and three small cakes (I was $4 short of getting a $21 heart-shaped strawberry cake by then... =/). She was really happy about it. =)
Also, my cousin came over the previous night to transfer my old hard disk into my new pc, so now I have all my old files and Photoshop 4 again!! YAY~! He also bugged me to stop procrastinating (I am awful with wires and electronical...stuff.) about connecting my printer and scanner and so finally I did (with his help, of course!) and now I have a workable scanner and printer! Yatta! ^_^
I scanned some Hanakimi manga for READ as well as some random artbook images earlier. ^__^ I feel pretty good, cos I have Eng and Lit exams on Monday and those I can pass with minimal revision, and now I'm much freer than I have been the past week. That's why I cleaned up my room earlier today and realized that I'd accumulated a noticeably large pile of dust bunnies and eraser dust everywhere. >_<; How disgusting.
Oof, I'm off to play FFVIII again. Hopefully I won't be suffering from diarrhoea anytime soon. Ugh, wish me luck?
--Charlene tossed flowers to the wind @ 11:44 p.m.

[ Thursday, May 2, 2002 ]
Er. *eyes F4 CD* I think I know what you mean...
But it's okay~ ^^;;; I spurged my money again T_T a new pair of earphones (KOREAN!!! O_O) which look like earrings, the Meteor Rain CD and the Darren Hayes CD. The latter I regret buying... maybe I'll take it for an exchange. Nah... can't really be bothered.
Tired... really tired... but still having fun talking to Leareth on MSN~ ^^ a frequent and always welcome person to talk to.
Okies, heading for bed now... oh yes, and Sakura, my parents would have a heart attack if they saw CLOVER -_-;;; not to mention SAIYUKI (my mom would be PISSED cuz we're Buddhist XDXD Kanzeon as a hermaphrodite with sticking out boobs? Yeah, she'd be thrilled) and FushiYuu (BTW, I wanna SELL THIS PLEASE!) and X... RK... Yami no Matsuei (Now, they're REALLY going to kill me for that one). Actually, I think I'll follow your example and get a locking cabinet sometime O_O;;; I think my sister once read my email from the cffml... she said to my mom and elder sister "인덕이(me) 열라 야한거 읽어~~~"(Anna reads reaaaaally pervy stuff) to which I just gave her a glare. -_- yeah, so hahahah. My eldest sister is 9 years older than I am... so naturally, they think I'm the most innocent and naive of them all. Hah.
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 11:45 p.m.

[ Thursday, May 2, 2002 ]
OMG Anna! You like F4 now!? XDDDD;;; It just seems to spread and spread doesn't it. ^^;; I used to like them quite a bit, until I met them in person and then I dunno...I guess the effect kinda wore off... (Especially cos Ken Zhu was being such a PIG!) And now they're everywhere, literally. You hear their music in department stores, music stores, manga stores... Their photos and posters are everywhere...stationary shops, bubble tea shops, uh, manga stores... ^^;;; AND, in Taiwan I hear there's a Meteor Garden spin-off, a variety show hosted by F4, a variety show based on the re-enactment of scenes in MG and two members of F4 have each starred in other teen soaps...there'll be much more of that I'm sure. ^^
Uh...ah, what I wanted to say was, that the Meteor Garden song is nice to listen to, but really, don't buy the album! Their music goes beyond crappy...my friend was crazy about them with me, but now she wans to hide her face when someone mentions that she used to adore their music. Anna, just download the mp3s or something...the CD truly isn't worth the $$...get Celine Dion or something... ^^;;;
I had my Bio papers and A Maths paper both today... X__X;;; I have never felt so relieved that something has ended before. And whoo hoo, now I have Physics and Social Studies to look forward to! *big forced grin*
--Charlene tossed flowers to the wind @ 04:13 p.m.

[ Wednesday, May 1, 2002 ]

i'm a hamster.
what kinda pet are you?

quiz made by muna.

AAAAAAAAAW CUUUUUUUUTE!! I used to have.. about 5 hamsters. They were so adorable... I LOVE hamsters, I adore dogs, and I admire cats XDXDXD. The rest, I'm not too sure about but I do know I absolutely love guinea pigs. Hamsters are a bit more vicious than the piggies, but lovable all the same. -_-; they all died though... one died cuz I caught it eating her offspring and gave her a slap on the side... next day, she was dead, presumably from choking to death. She had two litters... the first one all died under mysterious circumstances, and the second... the 5 left alive all died cuz they didn't have their mommy to feed on ;_;.
Er, really gonna go die -oops, sleep now. *snore...*
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 11:23 p.m.

[ Wednesday, May 1, 2002 ]
Today was a public holiday... I felt strange all day. I was at the bookstore (not the manga store!) for hours today, standing and holding a HUGE hardback book, reading... I had such a crick in the neck.
Er, I wouldn't worry about that, Sakura, cuz... I dunno about your parents, (and I'm hoping my parents aren't like this) but Koreans.. are PERVS. -_-;; People seem to think of only the Japanese as having ecchi-oyajis and just plain hentais, but Korea's not too far off... and if you read the old stories or poems, you'll see what I mean. I mean, the story of 변강쇠 and 옥녀? It's the story of a man called Byun GangSwei and a woman called Oknyuh... and they LOVED TO HAVE SEX. And one day they met... *shrugs* all hell broke loose. But like I said... Koreans are pervy. Take a look at me (XD), and I'll tell you I am a VERY clean Korean, in general. I do get accused of SM at times though O_O for no apparant reason apart from beating the guys up. -_-;;
I got Darren Haye's CD today~ *twirls* it's been a while since I bought an international pop cd... 'insatiable' is a veddy pwitty song, yo. I wanted to buy Celine Dion's "A new day has come", but no money... and then, I ended up listening to F4, "Meteor Rain". Which would really explain me planning to go and buy it tomorrow. I think these guys are the first Chinese singers I've actually liked. I HATE Twins, and I dislike Faye Wong, HATE Sammie and Kelly. They all look alike and copy Korean songs like no tomorrow. I do, like Jacky Chan (the movie star) though XD. Leon's... a little weird, and Aaron Kwok ain't too good either. I may be a bit prejudiced, especially since they just aren't singing their songs properly- probably cuz it was written for Koreans, not Chinese people (Yes there is a distinction and no, I'm not being racist). Coco Lee is just about all I can stomach without going 'bleh'.
So, er, yeah. I think I heard the song 'Make a wish' before... it was okay, and good voice, but it was rather repetitive and... mono-blah. -_-;.
i don't want to go to school, I don't want to face my teachers and I really don't want to face art next week... or the next.. SHIT, there IS no next week! Year 11s end school on the 10th... and we start our exam leave. O_O!!!
Suddenly, I feel sick.
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 10:59 p.m.

[ Tuesday, April 30, 2002 ]
Finished. The. Damn. Exam.
I think I failed. Honestly.
Apart from the exam (K'sooooo!), I had to be at the city hall, being an usher for a concert in which I was supposed to perform in. An hour and a half of standing... my knees are shaking.
Updated links... Sakura-unni, lovely layout!! You've got wonderful words up there ^^. Congrats on the new domain!!!
Er... brain-dead, brain-bleached. Oyasumi......*snore*
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 10:47 p.m.

[ Monday, April 29, 2002 ]
Wow... I'm wiped out.
I had the first lesson of my art final exam today... Jezus fugging christ, five bloody hours of work... I didn't even know what I was doing till this morning. And then, I was sitting there with rice paper, my watercolour palette and randomly painting waves... the Japanese style. It's to a poem called 'NonGae'... Nongae was a woman in history of the late chosun dynasty. She was a very beautiful concubine? No, rather like the Japanese Geisha. She had a Korean lover who was a quite high ranking official in the government... but when the Japanese invaded Korea in the ImJinWaeRan (the outsiders attack of the Imjin-year), she took their most feared General and got him drunk... when he was totally stoned, she took him to a cliff, put her arms around him and hooked her fingers (the jade rings kept her fingers locked). She jumped off the cliff, killing the general and herself. The Japanese troops went into chaos, and she did a lot to save the nation.
So why, when I don't have anything against the Japanese and even LIKE them to a veryvery far extent, am I doing this?
Culture. History. National pride? I don't know. I chose to do the theme of 'On the Move'. Mine's time on the move... there are always figures of women who sacrifice themselves, like Jean d'Arc. They marked the start of a new era... and so I chose to represent Nongae as the strong selfless woman who sacrificed herself.
Back to my art... the waves I made into Japanese style because she's going to die in the water... and ultimately, it's the Japanese who end her life. My waves are not totally Japanese style though... it's also got my own style in it... and ripped up pieces of Japanese origami paper. You know, the totally fancy and rich type, often with gold or silver patterns on them... ^^;; I indulged. XD.
Er, so yeah... I just hope no one gets offended by this O_o;; but Asuka was fine with it XD I looked at her seriously and said "It's a woman who shoves a Japanese guy off a cliff" and we started laughing like a pair of hyienas. Go us.
Charlene, I'm glad you're feeling better... I think, we all search for someone... but we don't exactly know what we're looking for until we actually find that one person. Anyway... Ganbatte, ne?
Tin-unni, you serious? You're not that fluent in oral english? O_o;; that's a real stunner, especially since I've never seen anyone write like you do... But then again, speaking english is a totally different story from being able to read and write it, especially since the pronounciation is sooo damn annoying at times. The Koreans who just arrive... I want to tear my hair out at times cuz they can't pronounce the 'f' or connect the syllabols in a single word. -_-;; Seriously, with all due respect, Koreans are not fit for speaking english with fluency of accent unless they grew up with it in the proper environment. Yeah, it's a big thing in Korea, but if you don't have your ears open to english, you'll never learn to speak it. So if you come to HK, say... when you're about 12, you already have tons of trouble and you'll never get a pure accent. -_-;;; I get really pissed off when I hear Korean kids trying to say 'Fuck you' and all they end up doing is saying 'puk u' or rolling their tongues so much it sounds like a goddamned 'fork yoru'. How the hell does 'Aaron Carter' turn into 'Aaaaaaaaaron caaaaaardor'?
The most annoying thing is... they think they're so good.
I rest my case.
But yeah... Tin, it doesn't matter if you speak English as you say you do XDXDXD. Cuz one, you're WAY better than I am in English, and two, I'm used to Filipino type English- friends and helpers here. So COME TO HK DAMMIT BEFORE MY EXAMS START. What happened to that visit to HK in the first week of May?!?!?!
Oh yes, and I love you too.... thanks for the email!
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 08:45 p.m.

[ Sunday, April 28, 2002 ]
Mmm.. ^_^ *is in a much better mood* I have the "Amelie From Montmartre" soundtrack playing! It's very good. ^^v
Tomorrow comes my first exam of the two week mid-yr exam period. *sighs* Thankfully, it's only English Paper 1 (compo, letter-writing) and Chinese Paper 1 (same) so I don't exactly have to study much except for the format of formal and informal letter-writing and report-writing, and thank goodness cos I haven't been in the studying mood this weekend. At all!
I'm looking forward to getting Hanakimi 15 tomorrow and maybe some other stuff... ^^; Goodnight all.
--Charlene tossed flowers to the wind @ 10:13 p.m.

[ Friday, April 26, 2002 ]
I wonder...at what point in my life did I start searching and looking so hard for all the things and people I couldn't have...? I guess only now I'm truly conscious that I have been doing so for a long time now...years.
It's strange how I manage to always overlook the things that are so close and most important to me and only realize their importance to me when they're gone. I've been thinking a lot these past days...trying to re-evaluate my relationships with a couple of people...and I don't think I've ever been this confused and messed up before.
It's taken me a pretty long time to finally sit up and realize all this...I guess I had some pretty easy years before. ^_^; What scares me is how people can change so fast, and how I could (have?) change(d) so quickly as well without really noticing it at all, and without anyone to tell me about it.
Today I was sad, hurt and disappointed in new ways I've not known and discovered that the biggest flaw about myself is not being aware that now is now, and is happening, and will not happen again, nor remain the same forever. As I sat by myself in the canteen earlier today, waiting for my dad to pick me up, I thought that I'd never felt as lonely as I did just then.
I don't know where I went wrong with my words or actions, but vaguely I know I did, and I can't be sorry enough for it, and yet now it's too damn late to do or say anything. God!! It's always like that isn't it.
I can't say that I would make sure things changed if I was given a second chance, not for sure. And for that I couldn't hate myself more. Argh, I know that what's done is done and there's no use in brooding over it and yadda yadda but really, who can help themselves.
--Charlene tossed flowers to the wind @ 07:13 p.m.

[ Thursday, April 25, 2002 ]
Ah, yes, I'm in my Info Skills lesson again... ^^;;
Lex, thanks for the Birthday wishes~ ^^;; computer kept crashing and my brain felt bleached last night, so I forgot to comment... T_T. I will swear, that my head is going to KILL me. I was in such a bad mood this morning, and some of the people I'd normally HATE to talk to were commenting on "Oh Anna, you shouldn't vent out your anger~ try controlling it" Blahblahblah. -_- Bitch. If I want her opinion, I'll ASK for it, thank you. And this particular person is the type who I'd LOVE to punch a hole in... *growls*
I do remember being in a good mood this morning... I love the weather right now. The sun's not too bright, there's soft rain blowing in the wind... and the fact that there IS some wind after a loooong period of overly-strong sunshine (30degrees is my limit...) is something to be happy about. But nooooooo, someone decided to be bitchy and pick on me, therefore making ME the bitchqueen with PMS as a result. -_-;; It's probably the same case with everyone, but a very small thing can happen to irritate me and I'd be in a dangerous mood for the rest of the day. Maybe it's PMS time for me...
Hmm... I must be getting high strung again... Dunno why, but EVERY SINGLE BLOODY YEAR, during the next two, three weeks after my birthday, I end up in a foul mood... -_-;; everything goes wrong. It makes me wonder, if I have a jinx on me or something like that.
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 11:53 a.m.

[ Wednesday, April 24, 2002 ]
Argh! My entry got deleted yesterday!!!
First of all, Charlene, you are SUCH a darling!!! Thank you~ it's a BEAUTIFUL layout dear!!! *hugs and twirls around* you know I love you~~~
Lika-chan, I received your letter and present!! And the card!!! So sweet~ the bookmark is currently residing in my pencil case, to be used against pervert guy friends PLUS acting as a wonderful bookmark. Thank you~~~ (And yes, I owe EVERYONE stuff now!!!)
I added some links... actually a few days ago for Metamia and yesterday for Laine. Hi to both you wonderful people~ kyakyakya~ Laine's work I've seen a LOT (and frankly, I'm a FAN XDXDXD), and Metamia I've known about for quite a while thru Lika-chan's blog... fellow Korean!!! XDXDXD Probably the second or third Korean I've read about online..... kekeke.
Ergh, I had my swimming moderation today and I feel like shit. The strokes part was fine, I just did the dive wrong for the breaststroke, and ended up pulling the muscles at my armpits and chest. T_T. And Personal Survival!! THAT took the last straw. I ended up drinking gallons of pool water (BLEH) and almost killed myself. Swimming is NOT my thing. But (HAH) I got 8~ which is an A!!! YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!
Er, right. And I was... er, 'nominated', 'recommended', 'thrown to the wolves', whatEVER by the head of section to 'usher' the parents at this musical thing next Tuesday. And I could tell Mr.Parker (head of year) KNEW Mr. Saunders (head of section AND my maths teacher) was being 'funny' or 'sarcastic' when he said I'm a very "reliable and excellent student who always makes sure to keep her uniform correct", cuz Mr.P was smiling when he repeated that to me. So, uh, yeah, I agreed to do it... -_-;;; but that's Tuesday's when my Art exam finishes, and I might be like _dead_ by the end of it. *sighs* Life keeps getting more and more complicated.
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 10:24 p.m.

[ Monday, April 22, 2002 ]
Finally done!!! Twin-chan, I know I'm late (HAH, you thought I forgot didntcha!?!) but I wanted to give you your birthday greetings along with the layout. I'm sorry I didn't get it done by yesterday. (Argh, procrastinator I am. >_-)
But...a very very Happy Birthday to you dear, and best wishes for the rest of the year and especially for your upcoming exams. I love you very, very much and I hope you know this!! :3;
...*runs off to study for Bio practical exam*
--Charlene tossed flowers to the wind @ 08:11 p.m.

[ Sunday, April 21, 2002 ]
Ah yes, and Beth, Yami no Kopi-raito was in short, HILARIOUS! XD Way to go!!! As for Tatsumi to be Sei's great grandfather... that explains it. Please say you're going to do something with that idea.....
Shi-chan, I LOVE YOUR LAYOUT!!! Lantis!!! LANTIS!!! *swoons*
Sheesh.. I've had computer problems twice this morning, and it's only nine forty... -_- and I've got a MATHS lesson today. Sunday morning, it's my birthday, and I have to go to a MATHS lesson??! Where's the justice in THAT???
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 09:37 a.m.

[ Sunday, April 21, 2002 ]
It's funny... but for the simple reason that today's my 16th birthday, I feel different. Not something I can pick out, but I just feel different. But I think the sad truth is, I won't be treated any different from my family, only they'll tell me to be a 'grown up' though they would still insist I 'act like a student', whatever that means. I do act like a student, but I refuse to become one of the carbon copies in Korea... they have NO sense of fashion, originality or uniqueness ANYWHERE. And it's not just the students but the grown ups as well... that's just SAD. Yeah, so I wear a skirt and a chinese shirt, so is that any reason to STARE at me in the streets? Ha, give me a break.
..... yeah, so what started this would-be rant? Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to me.
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 09:32 a.m.

[ Saturday, April 20, 2002 ]
The weather is pretty nice today. ^_^ *looks out* It really is, considering all we've had the past weeks are either sweltering hot summery kind of days or dreary stormy weather...very extreme and inconvenient.
Burning a CD for my friend now, just before I go to meet her to celebrate her birthday. Feeling extremely bored and wanting to watch Amelie Poulain again... (my dad rented the VCD and I am so in love with that show)... I just had a brownie and am feeling thirsty...am also a little regretful that I can't spend this weekend like I did the last...sleeping the entire day into the next morning and then taking another nap in the afternoon and not being able to get a wink of sleep on Sunday night which makes waking up on Monday morning really, really, supremely dreadful.
I guess I'll go watch Amelie Poulain now...
--Charlene tossed flowers to the wind @ 12:08 p.m.

[ Wednesday, April 17, 2002 ]

you got sano! moody and silent, he's the main love interest for mizuki, the sort of guy who isn't very talkative at all, the sort of guy who keeps his feelings, his emotions, and basically everything he's thinking locked up inside. he's, you know, not so much the mysterious type as the brooding type, sexy and with the occasional "i'm so sweet" tendency, though he's not the best conversationalist.
take the quiz:which hanakimi boy is right for -you-?

Puhahahah~ this is the first one! And the Second one...

you got umeda! grumpy and bitchy, he's quite the social recluse, staying in his office (the infirmary) and drinking, smoking, molesting the male students, etc. he has a sad past, though we're not quite sure yet what that -is-, and it's one that's made him shun love in general, especially love in the form of akiha hara. still, we have reason to believe that he's actually quite a nice person, once you break that bitter, almost evil shell of his...
take the quiz:which hanakimi boy is right for -you-?

Of course. It's bloody hell obvious which ones to click to get Umeda~ heheh~
I still haven't found the damn strap. -_-#.
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 06:27 p.m.

[ Monday, April 15, 2002 ]
Er... Shit.
I have a DAMN throbbing headache and I LOST the strap of my dinner dance dress. Go me, the STUPID idiot from hell. ARGHARGHARGH.
Maybe Muraki stole it -_-;.
--Anna tossed flowers to the wind @ 09:59 p.m.