[ Saturday, April 13, 2002 ]
Er......... -_-;; I seem to be broke. And can ANYONE tell me how many tanks of Yami no Matsuei manga there are?!?! T_T And to think, I'm only up to vol 5 cuz there's SOOOOOO much kanji I don't understand. Jeez -_-#
Hmmm... I don't seem to be blogging much these days (BUT! *points below* Charlene blogged!!! YES!). I don't have the time... nor the energy. Strictly speaking, the first one ain't right, cuz time or no, I still go online for a few hours a day. But I read... and read only. Like I said, no energy to type or do much more than clicking. Seems like I'm turning into a veggie...
BTW Unni, what happened the other night???
Oh yes, and Leareth? I'm reading your YnM fics. Nyah. And like your other fics *koffXTHERAPYkoffkoff*, I'm waiiiiiiiiiiiiting for the next part of Orchids. Great timing there~! XDXDXD Oh yes, and I support both TatsumiXTsuzuki AND HisokaXTsuzuki. Nothing implied by the 'X' -_-;;;; Tatsuuuuumiiiiii~ reminds me a LOT of Umeda-sensei..... drawing style AND his attitude. Nyah.
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 09:39 p.m.

[ Friday, April 12, 2002 ]
Downloading tracks off the FFVIII soundtrack...Nobuo Uematsu is god! He is pure musical genius, yes he is. Tons and tons of beautiful tracks each so separate from each other and lovely it's really quite hard to believe he tries to attempt a feat of this immensity each version of Final Fantasy. O__o;
My fellow FF addict friend in class today let slip the fact that she was going to some friend's house to play FFX today. *tears hair out* Why is she doing this to me. And I call her my friend. I need to find out how in the world he has got his hands on it in backward Singapore where I haven't actually seen a copy of the PC version of FFIX yet. And although I know it'll take ages before the PC version of FFX is released here, I just can't help but hope...you know? ;_; Argh, I want to hear voice acting dammit!
After this, I'll probably head off to my old game file again, this time to before I entered Ultimecia's castle, and Tear's Point (otherwise known as point of no return--almost) to stock up fully on all those nice powerful spells and then try to fight Omega Weapon this time round (was too chicken the last time...) and give Ultimecia a real good beating for her bad pronunciation and her oh-so-cliche reverberating evil laughter. (Doesn't she know it doesn't work anymore and drips with cheesiness instead of cold creepy intimidation as intended?)
I figure I deserve a nice long break since my tuition teacher's been giving me exam papers from other schools lately, and I've been under stress to perform better than I should cos the mid years are in about 2 weeks (gasp, when I type it out and stare at it it suddenly seems so...much realer), not to mention the fact that I've had 5 tests this week (not a laughing matter...really) and am really, really tired. =/
I wonder what things will be like next year...will I be this ghastly shadow of my once healthy vibrant self? If things are so hectic so many months before those damned O'Levels, won't the actual process wear me down completely? *grimaces in mock fear* .....naw. I'll be damned if I let that happen. =D
And, this weekend, I'm determined to try some papers out of the 10 year series. Oh, I am so hero. ^~* Yeah, I'll run away now...this complaining pre exam babble is getting on people's nerves.
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[ Friday, April 12, 2002 ]
*Very Small Voice*Er... um. I somehow ended up buying Yami no Matsuei 1~10 yesterday. Er. And apart from being mildly(?) freaked, I have to say that I'm HOOKED. T_T
Exactly how many volumes of YnM are there?!?!?
Half dead, I'm going to bed now.
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 11:00 p.m.

[ Tuesday, April 9, 2002 ]

What bishounen type is your favourite?

By ShoSen of Totally Kawaii!

O_o;; Saaa....
I don't know what to write for my Statement of Entry for the Sixth Form. What the HELL am I supposed to write? I might as well just write "I want to be in the Sixth Form cuz I deserve it" -_-;; I mean, WHAT am I going to say???
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 06:17 p.m.

[ Tuesday, April 9, 2002 ]
Thanks so much, Anna-chama! Yep, am feeling a heckuva lot uh, perkier than the last time I blogged...are you getting better also? XDD;; (Twin-sans indeed...we even get sick at the same time...)
I have 5 tests this week... T__T;; Well, I've lived through 3 and am now enjoying a nice peaceful stress-free mid week as I no longer care enough to study any more for the remaining two. I've still been returning to my saved game file to defeat Ultimecia again and again (yeah, simply cos I get a kick out of it) and watch the deliciously gorgeous final FMVs over and over. Angie has been over to watch them twice and each time we're even more spellbound than the last...I'll make screencaps the next chance I get to prove my point. =D
Oh, I bought a book that I loved in my childhood yesterday: "The Silver Brumby" by Elyne Mitchell. A very lovely book! My old copy got lost in the move (s) along with "Little House on the Prairie"...I liked that one too! *_*;; And I also rented quite a lot of manga the other day, so I had quite a lot to do with my time aside from homework. >_<; For the first time I noticed that I'd actually rented chinese-translated Korean manga and then realized that both the main male leads in both series had the Kangta from H.O.T. hairstyle (ahahaha) and that the art, though not as superb as the lovely ones Anna let me see a long time ago (you remember twin-chan?), were really very yummy shoujo. Heehee...seems like Charlene now has developed a taste for Korean manga...ooh I smell trouble. XD I also saw Erin Brockovich yesterday! Uh...yeah. Very nice movie that. I like Julia Roberts. ^_^v
I'll be back when I have something more interesting to say. ^_^;
--Charlene floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 06:38 p.m.

[ Tuesday, April 9, 2002 ]
For my recent CME project on what the needs of the elderly in SIngapore are, and how to provide for them....

From : "isabella chen"
To : jillwentupahill@hotmail.com
Subject : just kidding abt lethal injections...
Date : Sun, 07 Apr 2002 11:59:03 +0000

Elderly people need constant medical care, them being old and easily susceptible to physical aliments. It would be good if elderly people who were always falling ill had children who called them regularly to ensure that they are well.
Elderly people whose spouses have died would also require companionship, which is very essential to their emotional and mental well-being. Their mental state has everything to do with their physical state, and when they are happy emotionally, they will be stronger physically. Healthy, happy elderly people can contribute more and be less of a strain on society in general.
Elderly people need to feel wanted and jobs created specially for them would be good. Jobs that they would enjoy of course.
Elderly people need mental stimulation, just like any other sort of people. They need exercise to stimulate them mentally and physically. Community centers could organize regular events that these elderly people can take part in. Handicapped elderly need their house to be set up for them in such a way that they will not have trouble turning corners in their wheelchairs. They will also require aids to help them get in and out of bed, and in and out of the toilet and such.
For the very sick ones, they would need constant medical attention, some one to care for them and make them as comfortable as possible as they are already very miserable in their physical inabilities. In certain cases lethal injection would be necessary. Very sick elderly people need that.
sorry..i know it not much... but that's really call i can think off!

....Wahahaha. ;___;
--Charlene floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 06:10 p.m.

[ Sunday, April 7, 2002 ]
*Reads Charlene's entry* NO WAY GIRL! We are SHARING this!!! Doesn't matter if you blog rarely, this is OURS and it'll stay that way! XDXD
As for the medicine... you okay now? Hallucinating... and blacking out? Are you sure the medicine is right for you? -o- get well sooon~!!!! Umeda-sensei is comiiiiiing!!!
Hmm... did I ever mention how much I absolutely ADORE Kujou Itsuki from Hanakimi? He's a bit ignored though~ T_T and Umeda-sensei doesn't seem to be appearing much lately! Mooou!!!
Er. I'm gonna die tomorrow...... School starts. I'm dead I'm dead I'm deadimdeadimdeaaaaaaaaaaad~~~~
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 08:41 p.m.

[ Sunday, April 7, 2002 ]

test by Leanne
which CCS character are you?

I am currently feeling like throwing up because I have not drunk more than a glass of water today, and I just had MnMs. I love those, so why is it making me sick??!?!
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 01:52 p.m.

[ Saturday, April 6, 2002 ]
*wince* Charlene, you poor darling... I hope your haircut and tuition went well today.
My eyes are NOT recovering from the monitor right now... I used to have a 15 inch LCD monitor. Now dad's decided to swap it for a SEVENTEEN INCH LCD monitor. -_-;; Dad used to be in Samsung Display Devices... so of course, he'd know all about the best quality LCDs and selling them, yes -_-;;;;. I do get spoiled rotten... now if only we can change the COMPUTER itself. Connection is fine, but the computer is royally fucked up. Really.
Hmm... I seem to be eating less and less and drinking water like there's no tomorrow... is there anything about getting addicted to WATER??? Yeah, FREEEEEEK.
Shitshitshit, school starts on Monday, I haven't done my coursework PLUS the supposedly INTENSIVE revision... oh well, I'll just blink and say "I came in to school during the entire first week cuz some idiot deleted all my coursework. As for the second week? I was sick and had to go to the hospital everyday. You want a note?".... someone please tell me I am not evil.
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 08:04 p.m.

[ Friday, April 5, 2002 ]
Gwah, I just got back from watching two of our school teams debate. One won, one lost...but the outcomes were pretty clear from the beginning. I'm really, really tired! The inevitable happened--FF8 made me sick...not really surprising cos I completed the game (AAHH FINALLY) the very day I was supposed to be resting at home, and then had to take another day off school because of how sick it made me. The medicine made me hallucinate and black out a lot... ;___; I got so paranoid I even got to imagining it was a UFO outside my window blocking out the moonlight and the strange eerie rhythmic sounds of my mom's music didn't help very much. Ugh.
Aaah...I am tired. Even so, maybe I shouldn't share this blog...I should be the strange little person who appears sometimes randomly, if you're lucky enough (or unfortunate, whichever) to catch her. ^_^;;; ....ah well. The blogger in me has kinda drained out and shrivelled up it seems. *great sigh*
I haven't had much time at all (what, with FF8 every free hour I got off school? Nottachance!) to check all the blogs on my list or even go online, or even check my mail regularly for that matter. And this coming from a person who's considering buying FF7 (her pirated version crashes the PC at the same point in the game everytime) soon. Tasukete!
Tomorrow I have tuition at 8 (AM) and then will go for a haircut (wish me luck! I have a tendency to get bad haircuts...it's bad hair karma or something...) and then get together with some friends to get some project work done, and maybe I will try to pick up the FF8 Official Game Manual (or whatever it's called) cos I can't stand having completed the game not knowing if there's anything I unintentionally missed out. Oh yeah, and manga! Hoo yeah. Say bye bye to good grades for my (very) important Chinese O' Level Exam this May.
Oh, I am so dead.
--Charlene floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 11:41 p.m.

[ Thursday, April 4, 2002 ]
Am having CABBAGES and CARROTS for dinner. Raw. Doctor's orders "Watch what you eat if you wanna get all that shit outta yer body". Of course, she put it in much milder terms "If you wanna get cured, watch what you eat to get all that garbage outta you", but same thing, ne? I like her XD.
Which all probably explains what I've been eating today. As Charlene would tell you, I just don't drink water... at least, I used to cuz I hate the water we have. Koreans usually don't drink plain water, but barley tea... and to tell you the truth, I didn't grow up with barley tea. In THOSE days, when it was plain distilled water, I drank like a whale. But spend about 8 years with barley tea, and you can chuck nostalgia outta the window. So yeah, no drink water.
...Mama and I decided a week or so ago to order Korean mineral? Distilled? water to drink cuz a)Anna HATES barley tea (it hurts my throat and I can't sleep!!!) and b)she can't be bothered to boil it anymore. So yay, we get water!!! WHOO!!!
Er. Yeah. So doctors orders, DRINK WATER. Water's supposed to flush the shit outta me XDXDXD (And literally, too -_-;;;;;;). I _think_ they're supposed to rearrange the bones in my legs (the two bones are stuck? together), and then concentrate on making one longer (I think............) to make the legs match (this of course, will be after I get the shit outta my legs) and then probably focus on other parts of my body, like my finger and stuff. -_-;;;. And da lady says "There can be a lot of reasons, but it's STRESS. Don't give her stress!" (Anna:.....XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Mama:.....). Oh yes, and rearranging the bones... hurt. But me, being the psycho that I am, started laughing. -_-;; crazy, I tell you.
Er, yeah, so that's my health report now~ XD
Like I've said, I've got the entire soundtrack for "The Lost Empire"... and I've been singing "If I Leave" nonstop. The parts I've forgotten in Korean, I sing in the English version and vice versa. -o-;;

If I leave
Underneath the cold moonlight If I can see my shadow lying there, shall I just tell you how I feel inside all that is in my heart~ If the wind may blow on my heart, telling me again, that I'm alone, should I just give out a sigh and ask myself, why do I have to live myself? Though I may be sad I've got to live, because I feel so sad I must go on~ I know that I will understand when I'm gone, why I just had to live my life here in this world~ you were the only one for me~ though sorrow of my heart, you loved me so~ please tell me so. Like the evening light so falls If all my memories just fade away will I hold on to joy that's in my heart oh, days of long ago~ wonder if the star in the sky he knows how I feel, my loneliness maybe that is why he is here with me, he just stays there all through the night. Though I may be sad I've got to live because I feel so sad I must go on~ I know that I will understand when I'm gone why I just had to live~ my life here in this world~ you were the only one for me~ though sorrow of my heart you loved me so~ oh, I hope some day you were the one to cry for~ me that made me full of joy though I was sad~ my love.

Man... my fingers hurt now. And I think I'm still a bit hungry....
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 06:49 p.m.

[ Wednesday, April 3, 2002 ]
Ah... from 'If I leave', the scene where all these ninjas jump outta the trees? That's the part where they storm the palace to kill the Queen... and the poor guy dying T_T. The costumes are lovely, aren't they... I love traditional gear. I think traditional Korean, Japanese and Chinese costumes are really lovely...
I must say, I absolutely love CAN. They're incredibly funny, and they always sing live, which, I can't say is the same for a lot of Korean singers. The really good ones are those who can sing live. I'd recommend YuriSangja, T, Wax, Country Kko Kko (These guys are just plain funny), BoBo... and if you want unique voices, try Kim Kyung Ho, Kim Min Jong, Cho Kyu Chan (he sang with Brian McKnight), Lee Ki(gee? Gi?)Chan... the list goes on and on. Oh, and Shinhwa and Click-B rule my world XDXDXD. Try Jadu for funny songs... and the voice is quite... new.
As for 5tion... I'm not quite sure about that. All I remember is dancing on trucks, out in the open, acting all American-pop style... -_-;; and a guy with hair to his shoulders. I normally find long hair on guys okay, as long as it's NICE hair. But this just doesn't suit him. And I see them as ninnies, yes.
Brown Eyes is a must. And try Sung Shi Kyung as well. The latter, apparently, happens to be the son of a longtime acquaintance of my mothers... -_-;; whatever. We know Soy(TTMA) and Hey as well (they're sisters). I went to the same school as they did in Taiwan... and man, we HATE their family. Yaaaaay.
I went to this Chinese medicine thing, cuz of my problems with my knees. It turns out, as I had predicted, my body's got a LOT of problems. Such as, one leg's slightly longer than the other, which is why I fall over so easily and have knee and ankle problems. Oh yes, and one side's a bit thicker cuz of the uneven length. I do make myself sound like a cripple, don't I? -_-;;;.
Tired... and I've got a lesson later T_T
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 06:15 p.m.

[ Tuesday, April 2, 2002 ]
The Harry Potter Personality
Test - Who Are YOU?
You're honest, good-hearted and always with a good sence for right and wrong. Your friends have your full support and love you for being who you are. You don't want to fuss about everything and sometimes you loosen the "rules" a bit if you think it's really necessary.
Who are YOU?

Hmm.... so the manga kas are putting legal action into preventing doujinshi and fanfics... -_-;;; On one hand... I can understand why, cuz there ARE a lot of disgusting doujinshi around, and some fics should just be toasted and ground up *kofffanfiction.netkoff*. I was at my friends house once, and found him looking at porn on the net, but it was manga and anime porn. THAT really got me pissed off (I think I yelled at him for looking at porn in the first place O_o;;;), and if I was a manga ka, I would probably want to copyright my stuff as well.
On the other hand... they're not all like that. I love reading _good_ fics... (who doesn't???) and doujinshi, as far as I know, has really funny content and lovely art in the better ones.
As for Naoko Takeuchi... I used to be a maaajor fan of Sailor Moon, and it's not something I'm ashamed of, contrary to the sniggers I get from my RL friends. But I do think in terms of the manga... -_-;; I see flames coming my way, but she really asked for it. There are sooooo many implications of lesbians and gays in her manga... I'll just say that she was asking for it.
Lots of manga artists started off as doujinshi artists... take a look at CLAMP! But if this policy really comes into force, a LOT of people are going to be unhappy. -_-.
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 11:27 a.m.

[ Sunday, March 31, 2002 ]
Nyahahah. So unni's finally giving into Korean stuff... The two songs you've mentioned, by the way, are a few of my favourites. The one from "The Lost Empire", is called "If I leave". It's not actually from a movie, but a Korean drama.. you know, about the old stuff. It's about the downfall of the Chosun dynasty, that girl (and later queen) being the last Emperess of the Chosun Dynasty. She was murdered by the Japanese, being just about carved up with multiple slashes and then burnt... -_-;;. I do... have the soundtrack... ^^;;. Oh yes, the version you probably saw was the one sung by Sumi Jo... she's supposed to have the highest sophrano voice in the world, and she's pretty famous (Nyahhah, I saw her last year~ whoo~).
Erm. And the next one.
"The Springtime Of My Life Is Changing"... is a mouthful in English, isn't it ^^;;. It's from the Korean drama 'Piano', and it's sung by Can. As in, you know, coke can, sprite can~ (probably, that is XD). The two guys are INCREDIBLE entertainers, especially the black-haired one. The bleach-haired one is funny in a different way... and somehow, I loove his face. Ahem. Yes, so anyways, Can. V.good song, and v.funny people XD. I've been having a marathon of Korean videos, of the saaaaaame talk show, and now, I'm in loove with Can, Click-B(I always waaas~), and the rest of the MCs. They're incredible! I love the song, yes I do. XD
And yeah, I think it's a trend with Korean songs and MVs with narration. Most of them do, and they make a lot more sense anyways. Tin, if you want any more info on other stuff, just ask. Or email me with a list ^^;;
On a random note, I don't really like 5tion, the new Korean group. They copy Westlife so much. I'm not a big fan of Westlife (NO original songs man...), but I'm not fond of the Koreans copying their music style AND the MV style. -_-;;. On the other hand, I LOVE K-Pop. They're newbies, and they still have quite a big name in Korea. Not to mention it's Joo Young Hoon who's in charge of them... and he's incredibly strict on people who do music. I seeeeeeee taaaaaalentXDXDXD.
Er..... yeah. *sweatdrops* Where was I...
Unni, you're never online!!! -_-;; And neither is Charlene!!!
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 08:23 p.m.

[ Sunday, March 31, 2002 ]
...Well... I don't know. Aside from the fact that I'm also a Korean... I can agree with you. But as much as I have problems with Azn pride (but not much, cuz... people here are scared by Koreans), the caucasians are also pretty much racist too. In fact, even more so than the locals or the Japanese. The Japanese I've never even _heard_ going Japanese Pride (though of course, some _are_ pretty proud of their country, and others just plain hate it for the history), and as for the Chinese... call me racist, but the majority of them in our school ARE, in fact, elitists, cuz THEY have the money, and THEY can flaunt it in our faces. For those people, I can only say "GROW UP". What happens if their father goes bankrupt? Will they still keep the bigass car with the driver and live in a 3000square apartment? But I _am_ being mean. Rich people... a lot of them live in a lap of luxury, with no idea of reality. I'm just speaking of the Hong Kong rich... THEY have money overflowing. Maybe I've no right to bitch about the rich, cuz hey, I'm not poor. But what I'm saying is we need to live with a grasp of reality. The people I know on the net DO live like this... but the people in my school just need to wake up.
Anyway. That just went huugely OT. Here, in Hong Kong... a lot of the Koreans are in fact, idiots. The ones who go screaming "KOREAN PRIDE! AZN PRIDE" are the ones who usually give Koreans all over a bad image. Some of them look at me like I'm a traitor for the fact that, 'Hey, Anna reads Japanese comics and she tries speaking Japanese and has Japanese friends... maybe she's dressing Japanese and acting Japanese, oh, she's a traitor'. Yes, I read Japanese comics. I try speaking Japanese because I am LEARNING it. And as for friends... since when does having a Japanese friend discrimminate you, I wonder. Dressing and acting Japanese, I will just laugh at, because NO, I don't happen to follow trends like that. I dress in my own style, thank you. And I'd also like to say, out of all my Korean friends, I do happen to have the most pride in my nation. But it doesn't veil the world as it is, because simply, Korea's not the best. It differs in all aspects... some parts are good, and some just simply SUCK, i.e. the Educational system. I don't go around swaggering and swearing at every foreigner here, cuz yay, I AM THE BLOODY FOREIGNER HERE. Korean pride be damned, people just need to get a grip on themselves and just behave. Have the decency of REAL pride, not just in your nation, but yourself.
I think I've said this before... but I go to a British school. I speak English fluently, perhaps even better than I speak Korean. I read and write English... does this make me a British wannabe? Nah. The answer is NO, because I still read and write Korean, still speak Korean, and live Korean. I eat Korean food. I am simply a Korean who's lived in a mix of different cultures, sometimes going through racists and whatnot.
If reading, writing, and speaking Japanese makes me a Japanese wannabe by definition, I wonder if that also makes me a British wannabe. In that case, those accusing me of being a traitor are just the same as I. There are the real wannabes in the Korean community here... but a Japanese wannabe, evidently, is unforgivable.
I'm not making any sense, and it's only the morning... sheesh.
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[ Thursday, March 28, 2002 ]

Find out which LifeSaver you are.

Eating, will blog later~
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 02:41 p.m.

[ Tuesday, March 26, 2002 ]

Nyah hahah.
I think I'm coming down with the flu... I hope I'm gonna be okay by tomorrow, cuz tomorrow's like the only day I'm free!!!! =_=
Too tired to type... I'd been staring at the screen all day at school. This is so gay, it's the Easter holidays, and I'm STILL at school cuz some jerk decided, Hey, Won't It be Funny if we DELETE someone's Coursework and MAke them go to HELL???
Whoever it is, yeah, go to hell. Creep.*Is very sour over going to school both Monday AND Tuesday of easter break*
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 08:45 p.m.

[ Tuesday, March 26, 2002 ]
*wince* I was at school all day, doing my media studies project... and it had me wondering 'Did it take me three and a half freaking hours to scan and crop 55 images?' and 'Should I colour the background in or just the significant shit...' because obviously, I'm running for time here.
I came home, felt like CRAP... cleaned up my room (or rather, made it even messier, cuz I put all sorts of magazine pics under the glass on my desk), watched a bit of the Oscars (And yes, some parts made me cry. And how the HELL did Enya not get the prize?!?!) and went to bed.
And prompty this morning, woke up v.groggy. Saw myself in the mirror and almost screamed cuz there are two bloodshot eyes just staring at me. Like, er, really bloody. And my tonsils feel like they're having a demonstration agains the crappy food I've been having lately. So atm, I am preparing to go to school AGAIN. And despite the current HK weather, which is dark, gloomy and stormy at intervals with incredible gusts of wind-rain, I am wearing black sunglasses. Yay me.
Just to let you get a picture of the HK weather for the past week... on Saturday morning, despite my faithful umbrella (And a Mashimaro one too!), my skirt, shoes and bag got soaked. Since said skirt goes below my knees and is of a slightly heavy material... and my bag containing my MD, I wasn't too happy wringing out the water from my clothes during first period. Jeez, the nerve of Korean school, making us go to school on a day like that! I love rain, but NOT when I'm going to school.
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 08:42 a.m.

[ Sunday, March 24, 2002 ]
There are times, when I feel like I want to express myself in my native tongue, because English, no matter how articulate I can be, doesn't seem adequet in putting myself into words. Because, quite simply, I am not English. I learn the English way, and to a certain extent, I live the English way. I don't even have to say I speak the English way. But I am Korean. Korea, the little penninsula stuck on to China... Korea, when asked about many have blank looks on. And Korea, my country which I love and hate at the same time.
Maybe they're right. I _don't_ have a cultural identity. I am here, trying to justify my cultural heritage, and myself as a Korean, and yet I am typing in English. But as beautiful as the English language can be, it isn't sufficient in showing my deepest emotions, hidden in a depthless chasm. Maybe this is why I revert to Korean when I'm angry, sad, or just so overwhelmed by emotion... it's an instinct which defines my person as a Korean.
Somehow the image of coldness, indifference and sly cunning is imprinted in my brain, when I think of Koreans. It may or may not be the truth, and if it is the former, then I'm condemning myself at this very moment.
I watched videos of Korean programs for about 5 hours today... and every thirty minutes, I would find myself crying. These programs are not dramas, these are about helping the children in need. And a famous MC in Korea, Park Kyung Rim... overcoming her incredibly hoarse voice, and her steps into becoming a singer, to help those in need. The songs with each special meaning. The small children in the child cancer blocks in the hospitals... all of this put tears into my eyes, and even now I find my vision blurring with tears.
These are the times when I feel like I am isolated. Literally, at this moment, I am alone. And now... I feel more alone than ever.
I want to go to my home... wherever that is.
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 11:44 p.m.

[ Sunday, March 24, 2002 ]
Oh yes, BTW, I got my phone!!! *HUGS TO ALL AND TWIRLS* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY~~~~~~~
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 02:25 p.m.

[ Sunday, March 24, 2002 ]
This really does beat all...

At this time you are feeling 'uptight' and you are urgently in need of rest and relaxation; but perhaps even more than that you need to overcome that feeling that you have been 'hard done by' and treated with a complete lack of consideration. Maybe you have, but whatever may have been the cause of your inherent anxiety, you regard the situation as intolerable. Your are, however, sufficiently competent to turn that situation around - you have overcome similar problems in the past, and really this one isn't too different. You enjoy taking part in anything that may constitute fun and excitement. You need to be stimulated and need to feel that 'Life is worth living' and you are awaiting that stimulation and you don't particularly care where it comes from! You feel truly deprived - not getting your fair share, but you have accepted the fact that that is the way things are at this time and that it is prudent to let matters slide and not hit your head against the wall -so conform and agree for a while. Accept the situation - nothing can last forever. You are pretending that the situation around you doesn't matter, but the effort of trying to conceal your emotions and anxieties is resulting in untold stress. The existing situation is disagreeable. You feel unwanted and lonely and you would really like to associate with someone whose ideals are as high as your own. You want to be above the standard of mediocrity and this need to be needed and that need to need has almost become an obsession. You are trying to magnify the need into a compelling urge. You would really like to tell the world how great you are but no, you are holding back because you feel that your peers may treat you with contempt. This is a great pity because you have in fact a unique quality of character, but the continual restraint that you impose on yourself makes you suppress this need for others and you pretend you don't really care. You treat those who criticise you with contempt. However, to be honest, beneath this assumption of indifference you really long for the approval and esteem of others. You would like to be respected and valued for yourself and this can only be achieved from within a close and harmonious relationship.

Uh huh. Well... wow? Try it out.
I've just noticed... that I use a bizaar mix of Standard American English, and Standard British English... I really should stick to one or the other. But the problem is, the American way of spelling's in my basics of English, installed (I feel like a computer now) into my brain since I was 4... no wait, that was the British -_-;;. Blergh... I had a bit over a year and a half's worth of British Education when I was 4... then I had two years and a half's worth of American Education (hence the slight American+British accent). THEN, I had about two years of NO ENGLISH whatsoever (Korea...*dark look*) and after that, about five years and three months counting of British Education.
Recounting the specific times and dates I've spent in blah school and blahblah schools gives me a headache. BTW... when the next word is a 'h', do we use 'an' or 'a'? I always get mixed up. If I use the French way, I'd say 'an', and it _sounds_ right too, but... dunno about the English way, especially since they DO pronounce the 'H', unlike the French.
My time in Korea was almost devoid of English... the stuff they taught at my school (local school btw.. and CRAP AS HELL) was total bullshit, and _I_ did a better job of teaching the class than our teacher. Which says a lot since I was only about eight or nine at the time. I went to an Institute for Foreign Languages... which I excelled at, by the way. But guess what? Once I had to have my class pulled forward cuz I had to go somewhere. It was the day we took our monthly(?) level test. So I took the test, and went to wherever it was. After a few days, my mom got a call... and my teacher was suggesting I CHEATED in the damn test. Or rather, I told the other students of what would be in the test. There were about 2~3 other students, who SUCKED at English there, and apparently, they got really good grades in that test. Since they were in my usual late class, the teacher thought I told them.
That was a really STUPID, not to mention IRRITATING thing to do. I don't cheat. Short and simple, I don't cheat, and I usually hate telling people what was on the test, cuz why should they get the marks if they didn't study, or have the brains for it? It came as a blow to my pride, and pissed both me and my mom, so we quit the place. And man, looking back now, that place was like full of shit. There was this American teacher there (Sorry, but I'm REALLY pissed at a lot of Americans atm.. personal reasons, but only for those select few), who in a quiz, said I was wrong because there is NO NORTH DAKOTA. Logically, I thought if there's a South Dakota, why not a North Dakota? Anyways, I got lowered a mark cuz of that. But guess what? Hooray~ there IS A FUCKING NORTH DAKOTA. So he's my teacher, and yay, he taught me wrong. He's also the guy who accused me of cheating. Bastard.
Damn, I'm getting irritated now, and I only just woke up --;;.
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 12:55 p.m.

[ Friday, March 22, 2002 ]
Sakki , you are in NO WAY a racist. I am just like you, and I bitch about Korea's government and totally idiotic systems like any other person does about their nation. There's nothing wrong with it. Sure, it's a different case when an outsider's bitching about it, but no matter where we live, and what we talk, we are Korean, and we bitch cuz for a lot of us, deep down, we're worried about our country.
As for the problem with fellow Koreans? Lol. HK's a dot on the map. So all the Koreans know each other one way or another. Think of all the bitching and backstabbing that goes on.
Don't get me wrong, anyone who's reading this. I love my Korean friends, and I have total pride in being Korean, and being able to speak both English and Korean fluently. But... Korea's also full of shit people like any other country.
Actually, I don't see my point here. I think I'm just confused.
But if ANYONE, EVER accuses me of losing my cultural identity just cuz I go to a British school and speak English, I will personally rip their vocal cords out. OR, if they call me a Japanese wannabe just cuz I speak Japanese to my Japanese friends (there ARE such things as private conversations), then FINE. Just as long as YOU *looks at certain idiot in RL* don't sully the Koreans and believe in your own 'cultural identity'.
NEVER say I am not a Patriot. I'm just somewhat a more less-Korea-centric minded Patriot.
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 11:30 p.m.

[ Friday, March 22, 2002 ]
Whoo. Lots to tell.
First, I have got a new mobile phone... I need to pick it up tomorrow. It's a Samsung model~ cuz I love Samsung phones (yes, my dad was in samsung XP). It's the SGH-A308 model ^^.
Er. Yes, and I got some anime today... the CCS movie 2, and Saiyuki movie... ^^;; I wanted to buy X anime as well, but they were sold out, and so were the Trigun and Saiyuki DVDs... I flatly refuse to buy VCDs. I was sorely tempted to buy the Weiss collection... but resisted when I heard they were Chinese subtitles. No want Chinese la!
Hmm... I'm totally drained out today as well... must be the hours of walking. Today was a half day, cuz it's the start of the Easter holiday... the Rugby 7s are on starting tonight till Sunday.
No comment on that.
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 09:23 p.m.

[ Thursday, March 21, 2002 ]
I had a really crappy day at school, got home and was in a bad mood for ages... I turn on the computer, was on chat with a new friend (HIIIIII MILTOOOOON~ kyakya) and I go to Onnatachi.
Woah. Flood of mauve... and Charlene dear? I love you. Muchly. *huggle* I really really REALLY love this layout! It's simple and puuuuuurty***
Tin-unni, I got the mail~ you like the links? Nyahahaha~ just wait! I've got moooooore...
...I WAS going to write something... but I've been online for about 4 hours now and I'm like DEAD. G'night. Comments tomorrow.
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 10:51 p.m.

[ Thursday, March 21, 2002 ]
Yeee~hah! Finally! A new layout...it's not much but way better than staring at a blank beige screen eh? ^_^v Keep in mind this is only temporary until I get my original C Drive salvaged and all my fonts and stuff are returned. =D
First, thanks for the welcome-back-wishes, you two. Wow, I'm happy at least some people noticed my absence. ^_^;; And thank you for the birthday wishes, nee-san and FUTAGO! :333 Wow, everyone's gotten new urls...I feel so out of touch. =/
My birthday was happy...I got a lot of stuff that I wanted. My computer, a pretty outfit, a book, an Ebichu photo frame, lots of money, lots of chocolates, and best of all was the fact that several people I'd never really expected would remember suddenly went up to me and started singing Happy Birthday. ^__^v
I'm gonna type some 'temporary hiatus' kinda message at Spinel now... =D;
--Charlene floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 08:13 p.m.

[ Wednesday, March 20, 2002 ]
Tin-unni, if you are coming to Hong Kong in May... I might be able to spare one day, if I can meet up with you!!! May 15 is my first exam, and it just goes on for a month. Of course, it depends on whether YOU can make the time or not XD, but I will be VERY happy to see you here! I'll drag you around ALL the damn manga stores I know in HK, AND a place where you can get anime dvds and manga as well.... *rubs hands in glee*
Update on Media: Am now currently writing my Animation Evaluation for the THIRD frikin' time. Must write News Article (300 bloody words, and..... oh BLOODY HELL). The website is DOWN so I can't get any help on it. Oh yes, and I do have an evaluation to do for THIS unit of coursework...
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 09:30 p.m.

[ Wednesday, March 20, 2002 ]

I'm a Jrock fangirl
I like the hard bands but I like the less gothy less screamy boys too. From Malice Mizer to Janne Da Arc to Gackt I am one happychan.

What kind of fangirl are you?

I am SO not surprised.
Life is going downhill. Yay me. ... My media studies coursework is GONE. My file in the media computer is gone, and I have nothing left but a bunch of images which are so jumbled up and unnamed (The REAL thing WAS named), I'd rather start again than do use THOSE. So after about 40mins of wrestling with the computer, crying for ten, and trying to salvage for the next hour or so... and then finally trying to scan and finding the computer busted, I am exhausted. My prospects are as follows: I kiss my GCSE grade goodbye. Or I manage to finish the animation, of somewhat less-than-before quality.
And shoot, I've got ANOTHER media coursework project in by tomorrow... -_-;.
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 05:47 p.m.

[ Tuesday, March 19, 2002 ]
Everyone, it's CHARLENE's 16th BIRTHDAY today!!! Congrats Charlene!!! And about what we talked about in AIM... well. Let's keep the serious bit for further conversations... but as you can see *points below* I have put A LOT of links to some of the Click-B photos I found myself drooling after... man...
And oh yes. I got Hanakimi 17. Yay me~ and yes, I want to bitchslap Sano. -_-. I love Sano, really I do. But if he were a friend of mine, I would have slapped him, just once to get my point through.
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 08:18 p.m.

[ Tuesday, March 19, 2002 ]
Someone please tell me how GUYS can look like THIS. And YUBIN as well!!! ARGH! LIFE IS UNFAIR!.
Anyways. Bishounen in RL... I never thought I'd see the day. To tell the truth, I love Min Hyuk and Hyun Gon cuz honestly, they've got the most skill in Click-B as the guitarist and drummer. Min Hyuk had his guitar album when he was NINE YEARS OLD... and he was reconized as a guitar genius when he was 8... what does that tell you? XD and as for Hyun Gon, he's incredible... as well as having a great personality. And of course, I love the rest XDXDXD. I know I didn't like them too well before... but that was when I thought they were like the OTHER new Korean pop bands. These guys are like a mix of pop and rock... think GLAY. And... I strongly recommend you to try out 'Break it' , 'To be continued' and 'nuh eh gae'...
Seriously. If you like bishounen in real life, I suggest you GO and take a look. Tin-unni, I STRONGLY suggest you go and take a look. What's more, you won't be accused a pedo for liking THESE guys XDXDXD.
Min Hyuk in casual (I love his shades..)
MH in uniform~ WHOO*
Click-B leader Kim Tae Hyung... cute!
The first guy... Ho Suk!!! KYAAA
Ho Suk..... a pilot...*faints*
I am in love...
Aww... Teng with papa!!!
Droool indeed...
A younger Ho Suk
Now why can't we have guys like him in school...
The other guy's Yun Suk... he can actually speak English, thank goodness. He's also in Click-B
...See him with his top off and girls will scream
V.Serious Min...
Bloody hell, I want that face and hair
YEEEEEEEES look at meee
Aww baaaaaby~
Oh lala~
This guy can't sleep without hugging something...
I will DIE
And this guy is 21 now... -_-;
Ho Suk's like an Ice Prince..
Teng's so... young here!
TENG...... in leather.
Look at them muscles...
Am I posting too many links...?
Teng looks younger.....
I love China Collar uniforms..

Er... a LOT of links up there *sheepish grin* But I couldn't help it!! I love these guys so much.. and these are only SOME of them, there're SEVEN guys in Click-B...
--Anna floated off on puffs of pink cloud @ 08:15 p.m.

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