[ Monday, March 18, 2002 ]
Er. Charlene, are you online right now???
Anyways. Yes, Isshiki opens up, Hina gets her memory back, he actually ACCEPTS her valentine's chocolate, and Nishizaki (the black) guy..... actually, I'm not so sure about what happens altogether. But the neutral guy Koshiba is still in luuuuuuuurve with Hina...
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:44 p.m.

[ Monday, March 18, 2002 ]
Whoo! That piece of news certainly interested me. o_O; Isshiki opens up?? Hina regains her memory??? That will be very very interesting indeed...!! (Wait a sec, that means she didn't regain her memory even until the supposed end of Penguin Brothers...how dumb is that!? =_=;) And? And? The black guy? And the neutral guy? What becomes of them? Will Hina be involved in any more love triangles? XDD I don't mind being spoiled...the damn chinese manga is coming out soooo slow....
--Charlene by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:45 p.m.

[ Monday, March 18, 2002 ]
Pei Yi~ XD that was bad luck on you~ in my case, last Tuesday...

Anna: *sits down in front of camera*
Photographer: thaaaaaat's it, now *arranges my hair*
A: ... *-_-;;;*
P:Okay, now turn your head a little~
A: *-_-;; Turns head slightly*
P:Just a liiittle more
A:.....*turns a little more*
P:THAT'S it~ now smile~
A: *smiles a little* *is determined not to make face look colossal this year*
A:...*smiles a bit more*
A:...!!! *smiles a HELLUVA lot wider*
P:C'mon, SMILE!!!
A:..-_-# *GRINS then laughs*
P:That's it!!!
A:...*lets grin get back into nasty smile
Camera: *click*.

The horror of photos... -_-;;;
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:14 p.m.

[ Monday, March 18, 2002 ]
Shoot. My mom drives me up the wall.
F'ing French Coursework to do... I fuggin' HATE French, I am soooooo damn glad this is the last year I have to handle all that shit. -_-;; and YES, it's the last written coursework, so no more writing exams either... YAY me.
.....I took a look at my exam schedule... and I've got ALL the bloody French exams on one day AND maths exam after that... on the same bloody day!?!? That's like... NUTS. Absolute madness. Stark raving mad aren't you, EDEXCEL???
Total loonies. -_-;; Assholes. Is there anyone who can help me with my french coursewoooooork?? (of course not, it's due tomorrow morning -_-;;)
And Yaaay~ Charlene's blogging regularly now~ *huggles twin* I need to meet you on AIM sometime so we can plot something Evil again. *niko*
Hanakimi 17's coming out tomorrow!!!!!! And guess what tomorrow is... (Hint: ashita wa watashi no futago no tanjoubi desu!!!)
ARGH, work to do!!!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 07:40 p.m.

[ Sunday, March 17, 2002 ]
Oof. Been sooo busy with last minute holiday homework and FFVIII I'm just about ready to drop. I spent all night (+ morning) on securing victory over two pretty difficult guardian forces--Diablo and Cerberus. Boy that took a lot out of me, I can't count how many times I had to die and restart the game.
I'll be so busy tomorrow and the day after with stuff it's not even funny. I'll need to get a new layout up by Wednesday, and then I can rest easy a little, and think some more about whether I should keep Spinel. It's a painful decision to make..... =/
--Charlene by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:44 p.m.

[ Sunday, March 17, 2002 ]
First of all, Charlene dear, I wouldn't mind at all if Onnatachi becomes your main blog! More fun that way, and we can keep them filled up nicely~ poor Spinel's been getting neglected XD. So, I'm all up for it!!!
As for FFVII, I wish I knew how to play... to tell the truth, I've never played any computer games, unless you count in voshall programs... O_o;;. And I really am sorry about what happened to the Ice Phoenix images... they DO come up sometimes... just not all the time.
Mou... What happened to Twisted Thoughts???
And this will interest you VERY much Charlene: Penguin Brothers finished a while ago... but in Ribon Original, there is a new story of Penguin Brothers... and this time, Isshiki (The white guy) opens up MUCH more. And Hina regains her memory... You HAVE to read it! I think they made Shiina Ayumi put Penguin Brothers into Ribon Original to give it more popularity... but anyhow. And I'll be making a MUCH belated visit to the post office... hopefully soon!
Lika-chan, it's no prob... I just feel bad you had to type out the email and it got lost. Stupid hotmail. -_-;;.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 12:53 p.m.

[ Saturday, March 16, 2002 ]
Shoot. I think the Ice Phoenix layout images are lost...I can't seem to salvage them, I think the connection for virtue and envy truly has died. *weeps*
I need to make a new layout.
--Charlene by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:59 p.m.

[ Saturday, March 16, 2002 ]
*<3s Anna*
--Charlene by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:42 p.m.

[ Saturday, March 16, 2002 ]
*frowns* Downloading WS_FTP to transfer the image files from virtue.nu to another server... =/ Grgh, what on earth happened to virtue!? Aah, but I should've known, reliable freeservers are nonexistent or last a couple months at most. Psh.
I've been spending all my living breathing time on FFVII now that my new pc can cope with its requirements. =_=; I even nearly forgot to transfer the virtue.nu files until I died, having foolishly forgotten to equip my Guardian Forces and being slaughtered by some measly Galbadian soldiers who would've been small fry had I had my GF equipped. *sighs deeply* A painful lesson.
My fingers are frozen from the damn airconditioning. Phoo~ It's freezing! (But it cools my CPU and motherboard temperatures down so I guess I can bear it...) *re-reads what she just wrote* Oh no, what's happening to me...
I've been thinking quite a bit of whether I should keep Spinel or not, and whether I should just make Onnatachi my main blog...I dunno...wotchew think futago? It's quite a hassle to design two layouts etc etc along with all the maintenance stuff. I really don't know... =/
Right then, I'm off to transfer image files and after spend the rest of the night (and morning) at war with the damn Galbadian soldiers and that creepy sorceress Edea...she used to be known as Matron...what's up with that... (Sorry for rambling on bout stuff you probably don't get...FFVII's all that's been on my mind for the last three days--and nights.)
--Charlene by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:32 p.m.

[ Saturday, March 16, 2002 ]
I _knew_ you could do it!!! After all, who can resist a smart girl like you? *winks*. I'm so happy for you~!!! Way to go!!!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:58 p.m.

[ Saturday, March 16, 2002 ]
Lika darling, I was wondering why I didn't get any emails from you... I never got any!!! O_o;; have you sent it to icebluesilver or the other one??
Lex~ yup, they sang Korean songs. As for 'Dreams come true'... you've heard a song sickening in KOREAN, so what COULD it be in a foreign language??? XD
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 07:58 a.m.

[ Saturday, March 16, 2002 ]

..I think I'm going to go cry now. But first!!! WELCOME BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!! Congrats on your new PC~! How long has it been... two months since your last blog!??! WO-MAAAAAN! I really really REALLY missed you!!!!!!!!
And yes, the images aren't showing. It's been like this for quite a while now... (and I'm typing with one hand...) ^^ but I didn't mind. If I did do something I would have put onnatachi into oblivion by a slip of the mouse.. -_-;;.
Hmm... I might be going to buy a new mobile phone with my mom today..... wish me luck on getting a nice one.
Today's the school fair... and also the 25th Silver Jubilee Anniversary of my school. Our fair's gonna last from 4pm till 10pm... and I'll have to take care of some kids at one point or another. Let's hope none of them piss me off.
And Korean school... I'm sitting here with my hair wrapped up in a towel. *is bouncing* I'm waaaaaaaaay too excited about Charlene coming back!!!!! Whoo* I get my twin back!!!
More later. School waits. Bleh.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 07:45 a.m.

[ Friday, March 15, 2002 ]
I. AM. SO. SORRY!!!!!
GEEZ! My god, this is the first time I'm logging on with my new pc and I see this. Why aren't the images appearing!?!?! ARRRRGGGHHHH~~~ I'll go check virtue.nu right now, and then probably shift the images to another server. The images should show up by tomorrow.
[/end rant] So, the first entry in ages. I MISSED YOU, I'm back now, I'll blog regularly from now on, and change the damn layout ASAP. =____=;; *can't bear to think how sick of it you must be* Another entry tomorrow!!
--Charlene by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:48 p.m.

[ Wednesday, March 13, 2002 ]
I can SO not believe this. I went to the same school as Tae Hyung?!?! Okay, forget the fact that he wouldn't have been there when I was (since I attended p3&4 there... and he's about 5years older than me) but still! Whoo.
......F4's been singing Korean songs. Korean G.O.D. songs translated into Chinese. .....I wonder where my bitching about Chinese-people-singing-Korean-songs rant will go.....
Er. Media essay. Wonderful.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:28 p.m.

[ Tuesday, March 12, 2002 ]
School photos went horribly. Yay.
...X anime is GOOD. I only managed to get the first episode though... and the stupid english subtitles have their Japanese names in CHINESE pinyin... and the stupid gits are calling Kamui 'Spirits' and all this shite. -_-;. Otherwise... their eye colours FREAK ME OUT. Like... look at Hokuto! What happened to the green eyes??? And KAMUI! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE VIOLET!
Heh. I started watching GLAY concert and music videos from about 5~6... and just finished ten mins ago. -_-;. I feel drained somehow...
Tired. Bed, here I come.
Oh, and Unni? Did you manage to change your layout in less than 24 hours? What happened to the one with the Japanese woman on it... the bright red one?
Yes, bed, I am coming. -_-;.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:12 p.m.

[ Monday, March 11, 2002 ]
Hm... I went crazy and bought... stuff. Green contacts.. v.nice.
X anime dvd. I can NOT believe I actually got this!!!!! They were selling Saiyuki too, but it was over my finances atm. But I'm going to get it... somehow!!!
Glay concert dvd... live in big egg and best video clips.. *starts cackling like a maniac* I am HAPPY. MUHAHAHA.
Er..... I've sent some mail to people... Lex, Lika-chan, Tin-unni and futago-chan. I REALLY hope I didn't bomb your mail... cuz it had my photos in them. KEKEKEKEK.
Anne~ thankz for the addie. Now, when can I sent the CD........ *rubs hands*
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:49 p.m.

[ Monday, March 11, 2002 ]
Tin-unni? You sound like you're on the verge of a mental breakdown... are you okay? I can see signs of stress~ after all, that's what I see in the mirror everyday. School photos tomorrow and I look like shit. Yay me.
This keyboard is CRAP. I'm in the seminar room on the sixth floor... and the computers are good, the keyboard is crap. The shift button is TINY and there's something really weird next to it... and all I can say is that I should be doing something other than blogging. But hey, it's me, who gives? I don't have my disk anyways, so there isnt much of a point in doing work and bleeding my brain for something I'm gonna delete later.
And if ANYONE call me fatass, I'll skewer him. *glares at A*ron. -_-*
Eh... I'm going off now.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 12:17 p.m.

[ Sunday, March 10, 2002 ]
Too tired to type properly... I slept at three something a.m. cuz my friend was over, and we were talking about some things... some which upset us or whatever. She's actually one of the smartest people in my year... and she probably gets the best grades in our year, if not the entire middle section. Very intimidating for some people, but hell, she's an incredibly nice person, just VERY blunt and straightforward. And she'll argue her point thru to the last.
Well anyway... I had about 5 hours of sleep, woke up, sent her to church and I went to my lesson...
My dad's coming back from Korea tonight. I'm half glad, cuz spending the day in solitude doesn't quite make one feel happy. Okay, the day in solitude thing is good, but not when it carries on for about three weeks. And it being the said three weeks, my mother will be returning to Hong Kong on Wednesday. And REALLY hopefully, she'll get me a new mobile phone. Preferably Samsung Anycall. keke.
My health seems to be declining... first the damn nosebleeds, the corners of my mouth just ripping(??? Please don't say scurvy!), the random horrible zits coming thru (I do have zitless skin, it's just THOSE DAYS...), the incredible bags under my eyes (Yo, I've had those since the days when I had nine hours of sleep!). And I think I've gained weight. In short, I look like hell, and feel even worst. Like maybe how one would feel if their eyes have been straining like hell and feeling totally craptacular.
How is all of this going to help with my school photos which are in, like, two days time? As in, Tuesday after lunch?!?! Bah, the joys of life, and my last school shoot in uniform. Ode to Joy.
...I should take a shower before I do the shi*theap of hwk. Curses on ye wretched teachers!!!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:49 p.m.

[ Thursday, March 7, 2002 ]

You're Sumeragi Subaru!
Angst, betrayal, and perhaps large floating sakura petals seem to follow you everywhere. And yet, through all the psychological anguish that characterizes your life, you still manage to be so much prettier than everyone else. Don't trust tall, dark and handsome men in sunglasses, no matter how sexy they may be.
Which Dragon of Heaven are you?
Quiz by Kerianne

Nyahahaha~ did I mention I LUUUUUUUUURVE Subaru? Ne? keke
Hmmm... I seem to remember a lot of hwk... and I don't know what I should be doing. -_-;; must be the schizo part of me working again -_-. My friends SWEAR I'm a schizo, which I'm not... cuz it's always ME in control, and I have a Very Good Memory. It's just... I have incredible mood swings. If I were my friends, I wouldn't have stuck around with me, unless I would have overlooked the fact that I'm loyal to my friends. Phrasing it though, it doesn't sound like much ^^;;;
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 05:08 p.m.

[ Wednesday, March 6, 2002 ]
Lalala..... good news but it's boring so no point talking about it... XD
Mrm... must be something wrong with me today. I woke up and had a nosebleed while I was washing my face... had ANOTHER nosebleed during PSE... and THEN when I came home I had another one!!! Yup. There is something wrong with me.
Hmmm... I have a photo... and I don't know how to post it. -_-;; go fiiiiiig!
Wah! Bootiful new layouts at Sakura's and Tin-unni's~ veddy veddy pretty!!!!!!
Hm. This might be able to draw Charlene out of whichever hole she's hiding in right now... there are currently VCDs (or are the DVDs??? CDs? No idea) of the F4 being sold in Hong Kong... I saw the poster when I was buying some new CDs. Speaking of which, BTW, Anne? Can you give me your address? As in home address, so I can send something... *thwaps head* which ALSO reminds me, I STILL OWE CHARLENE, TIN, LEX and LIKAAAAA their X-mas gifts... and already in..to... SHITTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! CHARLENE!! It's your BIRTHDAY soon! Like... like... didn't you say it was the 19th?!?!?!?! MOOOOOOU! I swear school is frying me brain. The memory part of it, at least. Shimatta.
Added Shi-chan to my links... helllllloooooo~ and Beth!!! Everytime I open your blog, my computer goes brain-dead on me and I have to unplug everything... O_o!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 06:21 p.m.

[ Tuesday, March 5, 2002 ]

Take the Which Warrior of Suzaku Would You Be? Quiz
Made By: myway

Whoo~ Nu!Ri!Ko! Rocks~ though I REALLY doubt what it says about me XD.
UUUUUUUUGh. Who knew I could actually manage to feel like throwing up the entire contents of my stomach by having *checks* a sundae, break, cream puff, and ONE shortbread biscuit? AND FOR DINNER?!?!
Then again, maybe it WAS a lot to eat...
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 06:47 p.m.

[ Monday, March 4, 2002 ]
Happy belated Birthday ANNE!!!! I DID blog today at school, but the entry got deleted... so Happy 22nd Birthday!!!! May this year be even BETTER than your previous!!!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:44 p.m.

[ Monday, March 4, 2002 ]
I don't know when was the last time I was so severely disappointed with a fellow human being.
I knew he bitched about me frequently behind my back... but I never realized how _much_ he backstabbed me... and to think, this was the same person who'd say to me 'You know you can always trust me, Anna...'. Which only further adds to my disappointment. I think the biggest problem is... I really DID trust him, and for about three years now. And... it's just depressing.
Damn the bastard.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:33 p.m.

[ Saturday, March 2, 2002 ]
I am going to fucking kill the person who stole my mobile phone. No, correction, I can't FIND the damn person who stole my mobile phone, so I will curse him/her/neuter WHATEVER so he/she/it may go to HELL. And BURN. And hopefully, will get fucking skewered, cuz I had a ton of numbers in there... friends numbers I've never bothered to write down. Forget friends numbers, I've got the contacts of all my teachers and overseas friends in there... *screams*
The only thing stopping me from hurling pillows at the wall is... Hana to Yume 7. Hanakimi... I was SWOONING from Sano Kyoudai. And they are BOTH veddy interested in Mizuki-sama~ who brings them bento to cheer them on for their finals. Whoo. I think Shin's actually failed, but he and Sano are so friendly now... *squeals*
My dad was really nice yesterday... he bought me dinner and then on our way home, we went to CD Warehouse... and he got me GLAY's new single 'Way of Difference', Hyde's new single 'SHALLOW SLEEP', W-inds' new single 'try your emotion' and Song Nation. ...He arrived Thursday night with some CDs I asked mama to buy... K-POP (V.Good), Y2K (I love these guys... I was laughing cuz they were so cute in trying to pronounce Korean with a Japanese accent *KYA*), ClickB 3.5 (some v.good songs) and Yuna Kim, from JAURIM. Yuna's got such an incredible voice... whoo*. Apparently, Hisashi introduced her in their expo as an 'incredible singer' etc... can't really translate what they said. But yes, she's a great singer. I wish I can listen to this CD during a thunderstorm...
...Curse the ratty theif -_-#.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:50 p.m.

[ Wednesday, February 27, 2002 ]
... Sakura , Welcome back~ *Throws confetti* And I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! All I can say is I am SO glad I am not taking bio as a major... I almost threw up dissecting a pig's heart, and I almost fled when we accidentally blew up a cow's lungs. -_-;; I do like biology, it being my favourite science subject, but I have my limits.
And to think... my math tutor in Korea (She's only a few years older than me... she lived in Japan for 7 years, going to a local school ^^;;) goes to the Catholic Medical University of Korea... it's one of the best, apart from Yonsei and Seoul. *waves arm* But that's beside the point. Anyway, next to her locker... is next to the room where they keep the corpses. *shudders* I really don't envy her.
And I feel so ridiculous right now... I had to call up Blue eyes to tell him he's gotta bring his netball kit for tomorrow's interhouse... -_-;; he was out, so his mom got it. So I said "Um, sorry, but when he comes back, can you tell him to bring his netball kit tomorrow?" And netball being a GIRL SPORT with a pleated miniskirt as the uniform... she snickered and went "His netball kit?" So I got really embarrassed and explained... and I feel like such an IDIOT RIGHT NOW. MOOOOOOOOU!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:36 p.m.

[ Wednesday, February 27, 2002 ]
Mou... my maths tutor has a new dog~ an eight-week-old yorkshire terrier~ it's sooooo cute! And they have absolutely no idea what to DO with the puppy~ plus my teacher hates dogs. I'm so jealous~ and her name's Gucci XD. They have a small dog's tent from Burberry's... so my teacher was like "If that dog's gonna use a burberry, then it should at least be called Gucci -_-", and so, the name stuck. XD.
Hmmm... dad's coming back from Korea. He was asking me if there was anything I wanted... so I just told him to buy something pretty... I think I'd better clear up the place a bit. It's... messy. XD.
YES! YES YES YES!!! I managed to get an A for my netball analysis of performance! YES! And it can't go any lower~ if a moderator comes, he can raise my grade but it can't get any lower! YES YES YESS!!!!!!!!!!
Just in case I forgot... is there anyone I owe an email to?
...What happened to Jiro's hair? It's not bad, but it's more of something I'd expect from Hisashi. Rather like a mix. And I do prefer Teru's old hair. As for Takuro~ his hair's fine~ puhaha~ Er, yeah, anyways.
I think... I can actually sleep early today! WHOO* But first... I need a damn shower!!!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:21 p.m.

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