[ Monday, February 25, 2002 ]
Anna's symptoms of going mental:
Vision starts blurring.
Starts getting hysterical.
Thinks the bass section of the score is the sophrano's section.
...types in 'namuro amie' in for Kazaa search and throws a tantrum when no search results are found.
I think... no sleep equals a mentally unstable Anna. As is with other people.
A last note: I will revise what I said about Boa. She's not a bad singer, in fact, she's good. And she gets the BEST songs.
But that doesn't change the fact that I know of her as bitch-queen from hell. Probably to do with the fact that I think all the new Korean 'girl' singers (i.e. younger or the same age as me) are a bunch of bullshitting bitches who think they can get away with being totally bitchass cuz they came on TV *snorts*
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:21 p.m.

[ Monday, February 25, 2002 ]
Oh f*ck. F*ck F*ck F*************CK!
-_-;; Okay. I must seriously be going insane atm. Because I am seriously considering buying the GLAY NYC Shuffle book, special edition... worth 10000 yen.
I can only say "Dot dot dot", and refrain from comment. -_-;. And I will NOT CONSIDER BUYING IT, NO NO NO. Unless of course, the damn store will buy my extensive and unwanted manga stash in exchange for giving me the book.
On the other hand... maybe I'll ask my friends to get it for me. They were thinking about putting money together and buying me something for my birthday...
Which brings me to the ultimate question: Is it worth it? Limited Edition, yeah. But do I really REALLY want it? Actually, if I did, I'd go out and buy it right now. But... I think I should NOT spend money on something like that. Especially since I've been spending money like a crazy spendthrift, a habit I must get rid of before it eats me away.
The song 'Money Money Money' by Abba... is pretty funny to sing as a full choir. But I REALLY HATE THE VOICE OF THE VOCAL OF ABBA. We sound a HELL OF A LOT better than her... the Carpenters rule in anycase XP.
Er. Geocities is annoying. It NEVER lets me into its sites.
...Shit. The damn computer's crashing.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:22 p.m.

[ Monday, February 25, 2002 ]
I'm at school right now...
I ended up working till 4:00am... *rubs eyes* the coffee didn't help to wake me up. But... I think I've actually made some progress on my art, cuz Mr. Buck didn't look at me like I was an insect he REALLY wanted to crush... in other words, he didn't want to kill me on the spot. Believe me, he was REALLY pissed off the last time... cuz I didn't do my work XP.
The bell just rang... and thankfully I'm having my classes in here for media. But I think my eyes are going to pop out...
Shit, teacher's here. Bye
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:34 a.m.

[ Sunday, February 24, 2002 ]
This young lady, aged 15 and 11 months, has been missing from the online world since January 13th. If anyone has contact of her or is aware of her presence, please contact Anna.

That will be all.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:19 p.m.

[ Sunday, February 24, 2002 ]
... I've been doing my art for the past three hours and a half. I have been awake for approximately 10 hours now (How on earth I managed to sleep till ONE F*ING PM I do not know). And incredibly enough, I did NOTHING before the aforementioned three and a half hours of work. Apart from going out, having jjun ju nai cha, browsing for a little bit, coming back home... lazing in front of the computer for a couple of hours or so... going out again and buying three shirts and a necklace and a pair of earrings (Mom is SO gonna kill me when she finds out) and doing the grocery shopping... Man, do I have a life or what.
I was actually supposed to go to a birthday party of a friend of mine... but she got food poisoning and is in the hospital now. She called me up this morning to tell me she can't have it today cuz she's in the hospital. Her phone call woke me up, so guess how surprised I was when she's said "I'm in the hospital cuz I got food poisoning". I went "WHAAAAAAAT?!?!" and talked a little then hang up after wishing her a speedy recovery. Then I trudged back to bed and slept. I am a callous being -_-;;.
Anne, thank you for sending them again ^^ but because I'm a freeloader, my downloads aren't available anymore. But really... thanks for everything ^^.
I just drank something... and now that I think about it, it's probably gone bad.
...Which should explain the nausea. Maybe I'll get food poisoning as well and not go to school tomorrow... I shouldn't hope for it, but if I can get more time to work on my art journal... *slumps*
Newspaper terminology. Oh media, how I do NOT love thee. Shit shit shit my life is heeeeeeeeeeeeelllllll!!!!!!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:48 p.m.

[ Saturday, February 23, 2002 ]
Anne!!! *howls* I did something STUPID so half the files disappeared (I don't know WHAT I did, it was late at night and I was half asleep!!! ARGH! And after you went to the trouble of sending me the files... I still have the ones from track 11 onwards. Nakao's cute~ and MIZUKI is just sweet~ and I will SWEAR that Himejima is CRAZY.
Need sleep.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:31 p.m.

[ Saturday, February 23, 2002 ]
I just got back home from school... -_-;; Art really does kill.
My report just arrived in the mail... summary reports, but reports all the same. Methinks it's time I get off my lazy ass and start working, cuz my reports are slipping a little. Lesse... one A*, six A's, three B's and one C... shit. I know my parent's are gonna forgive my getting a C for PE, cuz the theory is an A (They know me and basketball do not love each other). But... They're gonna kill me for the history and media. Oh yeah man.
Asian parents. *snort* Go fig.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 04:18 p.m.

[ Thursday, February 21, 2002 ]
Of course, I am getting fed up with the computer these days. I've been staring at the monitor for the past four hours, doing my work, and chatting alternately. Recently, the damn headaches caused by the computer has been increasing... in both frequency and intensity. It doesn't help that I can NOT write these essays. What happened to my brain, and what's wrong with me? I love Pride and Prejudice. So why, or HOW can I not write a simple essay on Elizabeth as a representation of the modern woman, yet a woman to the core? I ponder on these things by the hours after a read, and I think a LOT, yet I can't get this down. I am almost convinced that my earlier essay on Oedipus Rex has fried my brain to a crisp.
And whoo, wondergirl strikes again. I had to play in the interhouse netball 'championship' today... I may as well mention the fact that no one bothered to tell me I was on the team. And just so we didn't get the guys pissed off (maximum 3guys on a team of 7), I ended up giving up my position as a GS/GA and went to WD. Which, as I had mentioned before, I still don't get. -_-;; Not to mention I had to dash off, borrow a used PE kit (I hate wearing PE shorts) and run around in too-big trainers (my feet are phenomenally small). I guess the only thing I felt good about the game was... we won 3 to 2. And I was actually congratulated on a good play... by my teammates. I felt good, for the first time in a long time. But I'm still a little confused... the ball was near me, and Ji Sun almost got it... I grabbed, fell, rolled and grabbed the ball again. I don't remember anything else. I was aware of Ms.Cooper's voice saying something about 'real dedication', but all I did was focus on the ball and the toss-up.
I ended up more winded than I should have, and my lungs were in dry agony for the better part of the next three hours... but for the first time in a real long time, I felt the sense of achievement.
Other than that... I've discovered pouring candle wax on a tin surface and stamping it with a cute stamp is FUN. Reminds me of the wax seals people used in the old days... very fun. I've even got a stamp with my name on it~ now hanging near the door in my bedroom.
Back to coursework now... only a few hundred more and I can sleep!!!!!!!!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:47 p.m.

[ Wednesday, February 20, 2002 ]
I've gotta make this quick as well... homework and sh*tloads of coursework calls...
Anne~ (You too? They're basically the same meaning in any case XP And my teacher used to call me Anne as well) My account name should be 'Raspberrizblue'. Now if I knew how to upload, I could get that Nataku/Arashi character file to you...
Okay, gotta go shower, do hwk and DIE T_T
"What makes David Beckham a star?"... should be the reason why I was staring at his photos online all lesson.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:08 p.m.

[ Wednesday, February 20, 2002 ]
What is wrong with Onnatachi and why aren't the pics showing up?!??
Anne (I keep writing 'Anna' XP), I just remembered... I _do_ have a streamload account. ^^;; From what I recall, I got it the first time you recommended it to me ^^;; me and my brain. The brain-cells have gone on a hike.
Leareth~ Nice new layout! One of the guys scare me a little though O_o;;
Heh. Netball. Me playing netball. Me in netball gear- white shirt and barely there skirts are NOT really... I would take a look in the mirror and I'd scream. Yeah so anyways... I was playing netball today, and after a LOT of ankle and knee-twisting (I DO hate my body composition), I somehow ended up trading with the WD, which incidentally, I have NEVER PLAYED in my five years of netball. Yeah, I quit ages ago, but that's not the point.
Anyways... somehow, MIN JUNG ended up being the WA of the opposite team, and therefore my opponent. Chaos. -_-;; I still have the bruises from the last time... we kept playing around when the ball was out of our reach, but I can't remember another time when I'd played so fiercely. I hate being a competitive bitch, especially with my best friend, but with MinJ beating me in physics (And me beating her in bio in turn), we have a little friendly 'rivalry' between us. I suppose that's what ended up with us bashing each other up, and in one bizaar bit, we couldn't see clearly, and kept fouling each other, but really fast and repeatedly, so neither of the umpires knew who had the foul... which ended up in a toss-up. Since I'm taller than MinJ... and I've played more, I grabbed it. And promptly got elbowed in again XDXDXD.
I think my knees and ankles have turned into jelly now.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 04:31 p.m.

[ Tuesday, February 19, 2002 ]
O_o? Anne has moved to here. Nice name~ ^^ And I would LOVE the Hanakimi drama track 2... repeat, L.O.V.E. but there's a slight problem, cuz I don't have streamload... O_o;;;
Er... I feel like shit today. My mom's gonna be delayed in coming back to HK, so instead of 15days, it's more like three weeks and a half. -_-;; I am not happy. I just realized the sheer amount of laundry and dishes I'd have to do every day... -_-;; at least, when dad's here. If he's not, I don't use that many dishes anyways XP As for laundry, there's only the socks and *Koff* Undergarments (XD!) to wash, cuz of the school uniform... -_-;; and whatnot.
My dad thinks it's a waste of time for me to be reading. Correction, buying The lord of the rings Trilogy is a waste of money.
I can only say "You have no taste" to him. -_-.
Charlene~ I'm getting worried about you!!!!!!!!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 04:51 p.m.

[ Monday, February 18, 2002 ]

Which Revelation Original Character Are You?

You're Keisuke! And you're... uh..... pretty much screwed. I suggest you go out, have a beer, and get laid while you can, because I have a feeling you're going to die young

*insane giggle* NYAHAHAHAHAAHHAAAAA~ WHOO* I'm screwed, eh? XDDDDD Whatever this is for, very funny XP.
YES!!! Beth is FINALLY BACK~ And runnin' da show! Whoo*! BOW TO THE HOLY ADMIN~ MUHAHAHAHA (I shouldn't have had the last sundae. Damn McDonald's anyways)
Patience is a virtue... Patience is a virtue... I'll have to chant a mantra like that, Anne~ T_T. I have patience, really (*Asuka and MinJ look skeptically*), but combined with my DARLING tou-san, I'm not sure how long I can take it. At least it's over now... And the Bus-Gaki(TM) are at it again... T_T WHY ME?!? I tried being nice: "Guys? We're a little tired here...". I tried being firm: "Be. Quiet. I'm tired", to which some of the wiser ones backed off slightly. But that didn't last for long, so I lost it: "THE FUCK!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP BEFORE I WHIP YOUR SORRY ASSES!". A glare slightly off-focus from sleeping during history flared up, and peace reigned.
... Maybe I'm not such a nice person.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 04:49 p.m.

[ Sunday, February 17, 2002 ]

I'm a Water Spirit

Whoo. What's up with me and taking character tests these days...
Hmm... kaa-san's leaving tomorrow for Korea. I'm stuck with dad... F*CK. He woke me up this morning acting really bitchy, making STUPID comments about the posters on my wall: Is THIS what you buy with my money? -_-# f*ck off, dad. I never asked you to come into my room. And what, may I ask, is the point of dragging me to have breakfast? I DON'T BLOODY _TAKE_ BREAKFAST ON SUNDAYS! And I BLOODY HATE eating breakfast a la coreenne. I DON'T like Korean food as much as I should (eating rice every single day gets tedious and I hate mixed rice) and it's TEN THIRTY! That's the time I normally have LUNCH on a busy day! GRRRRR.....
As you can see, the relationship between my dad and I aren't quite described as 'best'. Probably cuz I'm still royally pissed at him for bossing my mom around when she's so ill she can't walk straight. He's the biggest reason I'm so against the sexist, male chauvinist section of the XYs. Jerks. If I ever marry, I'm gonna get one who'd lick my boots for me if I asked them to. XD I'm not actually into the dominatrix type of things... but I refuse to settle into the traditional role of women. Wait a sec... Okay, that goes against what I said I would be... a beloved wife and mother -_- (Yeah, I'm stupid). I think what I meant was... I'd be married, but I'd also have a life of my own. Erg, I'm confused. I'm not probably not gonna marry in the next ten years anyhow (not if my mother has anything to say about it), so I'm not gonna dwell on it *laughs*
I'm in love with the voices of Enya and Sting... but I'm still hogging GLAY! XDXDXDXD
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:51 a.m.

[ Saturday, February 16, 2002 ]

Which Gackt are you most like?
quiz by mcvarmazi

Puhahahaha~ Fear me! XDXDXD
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:27 p.m.

[ Friday, February 15, 2002 ]
Just a small plea in general... can anyone direct me to some good GLAY wallpapers? (It's late and my head's swirling.)
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:00 p.m.

[ Friday, February 15, 2002 ]
To A Person, no names mentioned: You want to be appreciated as a good fic writer, GET THE DAMN PUNCTUATION CORRECT. There is a SPACE after commas (YES, that little thing that looks like ','), periods (.....*no comment*), the damn colons and semi-colons!!! OH! Don't forget the EXCLAMATION MARKS (!), QUESTION MARKS (?) and the DAMN ELLIPSES (...). Yeah, yeah, you feel bad about the people saying most 13-year-old writers suck (It was a generalization, NOT specific to anyone!), and you have your say about it, but no one's gonna listen (or in this case, READ) if you get the f*cking PUNCTUATION MARKS CORRECT! HELLO!
*fumes* I know I rant. I know I'm a hypocrite. And I damn well know I totally go bitch-mode. But I have been insulted, and I will not sit here, and be ridiculed by a kid who's a good few years younger than I am (if this was Korea, you'd be dead for insulting a 'sunbae'. Sunbae=senpai). I am irrational, yes. But when I directly TELL SOMEONE of their mistake or my personal opinion, I do it rationally. I don't march up and insult my elders.
If you're going to insult me, do it properly.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:26 p.m.

[ Friday, February 15, 2002 ]
Who's your Fellowship fella?
I love to FROLIC with the elves

I will NOT laugh. XDXDXD
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:22 p.m.

[ Thursday, February 14, 2002 ]
XD Yesterday, I was at Asuka's house... I was about to leave, cuz I had to get back home. My cheeks were flushed cuz I was laughing my ass off with Asuka. Asuka touched my cheek, telling me I was red, and I said "Really?" And I touched my cheek as well. XXXXXXXXD Asuka's little sister, Shinoko thought I was holding Asuka's hand, and she commented in a dead monotone:"Kimochi warui-----". We both looked at her, then started laughing hysterically. Shinoko was looking at us as if we were crazy, so Asuka explained to her in Japanese that I 'understand' XDXDXD. About five minutes later, when I was really leaving, I put my palm against Asuka's like I usually do, and Shinoko went "Kimochi waruuiiiiiiiiii~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" Again XDXDXD. I was just getting on the lift when I heard Asuka say "This is what's called 'Lez'!!!" And before I had time to protest, the lift doors slid shut. XD Now Shinoko thinks her sister and her 'tomodachi' are lesbians. *cackles* According to Asuka, Shinoko gets REALLY hyper when there's porn on the TV or a bit of ecchiness comes on in manga XP. Yes, my friends are also eccentric. Joy to the world~ XDXDXD
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:57 p.m.

[ Thursday, February 14, 2002 ]
...No wonder Beth wasn't on the cffml. -_-;; All I can say is, if you get your ml stuff on your email, you're gonna have a FLOOD. Good luck with that.
That earlier comment on the chopsticks... *sweatdrops* Er... I have long straight hair. At times, I need to keep it in a bun... and being obsessed with my hair as I am... a few years ago, I finally managed to successfully put my hair into a bun with chopsticks. They're very handy as weapons... *muses* XD. All I need to do is take them out *inset tumbling down of hair* and throw them at my offender (usually Henry, the idiot XD). Or just hold them out and glare at them, and all will be fine XP. Yes, I am an eccentric person =3.
Lika-chan, I really hope you're feeling better when you come back on. Trust me... depression comes and goes. Then again, you've had years more existing in this world than I XD.
Er. Sorry about my outburst before *points below* but I was really getting ticked off. What better place to rant than your blog? XD
Happy Valentines Day. I'm gonna go watch lotr again tomorrow *cackles*
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:27 p.m.

[ Thursday, February 14, 2002 ]
Shiet. WTF's wrong with pitas? Oh, it's fine now... O_o;;;
Save my soul and bless me, for I am about to SCREAM and curse the CFFML. Better yet, I'll go armed with a flamethrower and some chopsticks (CUSTOM-MADE, TITANIUM CORE AND COATED WITH POISON) in my hair and a few cleavers... -_-#. Then, I will slowly, and painstakingly flame them, poke them with the damned chopsticks and THEN, will I be as merciful as to kill. I am going INSANE, so help me god. Does it matter at this point that I'm a Buddhist with no god? Nah.
Okay, sorry about that. I'm catching a fever from mama, my knees are buckling every time I move them and I have a bloody awful migrane caused by the flood of messages from the CFFML. I would unsubscribe, if I didn't miss some of the better fics -_-;;. YES, a lot of 13-year-old ficcers don't write well, but that's fucking stereotype, and what truly matters is not the physical age but the fucking hell mental maturity and age. I've seen 14-year-olds write better stuff than the shit some 30-year-old illiterates wrote. Take a look at Leareth-chan, and the work she did on Pride and Prejudice... when she was the SAME BLOODY AGE as me. Yeah, 15. Fine, there's a big difference to '13' and '15'. But then again, does it matter? We're all treated like babies in either case. People think 16-year-olds are all grown up and 15-year-olds AREN'T. I've got 2 months till I turn 16, so meantime, if I say I'm 15, will I be looked down upon as well? -_-;;;
There had to be a point in there somewhere. I just got lost. -_-#.
Yeah, so sorry about that bit. I just got a little... annoyed. As for me going ballistic... sorry about that too. All my life, I'd been looked down upon cuz I was YOUNG. Bloody hell, yeah, I'm young, so what? At least I have the brains and at least enough common sense to know what's going on, contrary to the... *shakes head* the idiot teachers who think beating up a child barely 8 is a good idea for keeping discipline. Oh, noo, we shouldn't mention the bruises left by the damn stick cuz it was done by an ADULT and therefore justified. NOOOOOOOOO you're just a child, we can't trust you.
To be completely honest, I have little patience with children, especially the noisy Korean brats I have to handle on the goddamn bus (The idea of respecting your senpai is disintergrating -_-). BUT, I listen, unless there is a very big prejudice against the kid. I'm a hypocrite, so what? No one in the world is without hypocrocy, never mind the spelling. So, I'll just make another hypocritical statement that we should at least try listening first before we treat the kid as a brat.
*rubs head* I have no idea what the hell I've written up there. I can't even collect my thought properly at the moment. Oh yes. I just wanted to make a point. I agree that a lot of the ficcers on ff.net are a bunch of idiots filled with shit. I did not say ALL, I said 'a lot'. And hell yeah, I know how crappy the bits of writing of a 13-year-old trying to write a NC-17 fic can be (They give me the chills). But please don't shove all younger writers into that catagory. That's just like saying 'oh you're stupid cuz you're young'.
I have a feeling I'm going to be deleting this... but not now. -_-#
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 07:38 p.m.

[ Monday, February 11, 2002 ]
... Okay, I've seen some insane search engine queries, but the recent ones...

"Insect fuck hentai" ... I have no comment, but that whoever it is, is a SICK person.
"Naked pic of Ayumi Hamasaki"... once again, just go screw yourself man..
"Fucking kids jung" ...Can I start laughing, or should I get someone to track this dude out? 'Jung'...MinJ, you've got half your name here man.
"Teachers geting there brains fucked out" I can forgive sick queries (actually, no, I can't) but I HATE bad spelling when we're talking about BASIC ENGLISH HERE.
Oh yay, my biggest keyword is "Mashimaro" which isn't too bad (310), but "Hentai" at 254?!?!? ...is this coming from our old ending line???
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:45 p.m.

[ Monday, February 11, 2002 ]
NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHAO! I'm back after a few days of silence on the net (... I must be getting tired out). Graduation went without a hitch, though when my dad stood up and bowed to the students as the next principal (or rijichou?) of the Korean Saturday school, my friends who've seen my dad just shot me a look. I tried not to laugh... -_-;; and during the entire damn rehersal, my teachers and will-be-teachers came up to me exclaiming "I knew it was your father! You look just like him!!!" to which, I went beet red and promised revenge on dear papa. Later...
Anna:Dad!!! What the hell did you say to them?!?!
Anna:*eyes him suspiciously* Really...?
Dad:Uh huh.
Dad:Only that you were my daughter.

-_-;;. I can see my peaceful highschool days flying away....
On the other news.. on what, I have no idea. CHARLENE-CHAMA WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~ Your poor twin is suffering! AAAAAAAAACK!!! You still don't have your PC? ;_; me miss you la~ And!! Good news! I have like two pages left... to finish your sketchbook! The one I was making for your christmas present! *ode to joy starts playing* YEEEEESSS!!!! which reminds me, I was randomly sketching in that book, and when I took a good look at it, I'd realized I'd just drawn Teru... in SD! I was originally trying to draw Claudia from Anne Rice's books, but... it looked first like a child and when I added a few spikes to the hair, it's TERU!!! O_O! So I tried drawing a Takuro next to him... and man, poor Takkun's royally screwd up here m(-_-)m forgive me~ XD Let's hope Jiro and Hisashi looks much better! As a random note... I love the way Jiro looks in the pv of 'Good Morning NYC'... not only was it the hair, but the glasses just changed him. He looks like a pixie in the concerts, you know the types who run around making mischief? Er, yeah XD. And did I mention that I love it when a good looking guy gets glasses on? Some people aren't made for it, but as I like the types who can actually look good with glasses... non-wired... *drools* XDXD
Hmm... I seem to be very hyper right now. Must be the damn chocolate and sugar. I am convinced that I've gained at least 3kgs in the past fortnight or so, and this is NOT GOOD. I already need to lose, not gain, dammit! I really envy the naturally thin people... too bad no one in our family was born like that. -_-;; Genetics give me headaches.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:06 p.m.

[ Thursday, February 7, 2002 ]
*SCREECHES* WTF?!?!?! TERU, HISASHI _AND_ JIRO IS MARRIED?!?!?!? Okay fine, Teru's divorced, but the OTHER TWO MARRIED?!?!
I finally managed to find time to surf thru some GLAY sites... and I just found out today during lunch break in the IT room. I was screeching, and Asuka-chan was laughing her ass off at my reaction. ESPECIALLY when I screamed "SHIT!!! _JIRO_ is married?!?!? And to an older woman?!?!?"....
Before, Asuka and Min Jung dubbed Takuro 'Ojii-san', saying he looked like a grandpapa (Anna:-_-#). That, of course, was when I was really hyper and holding up huge magazine photos of Glay and asking them who I looked best with (I am SO weird). They looked at me, Hisashi, Teru, Jiro and shook their heads. THEN, they took a look at Takuro, then me, then each other....

Anna:Who! Who!!!
MinJung:... *looks at Asuka*
Asuka:This one! He looks best with you cuz he looks the oldest! And he looks older than you!!! Ojii-san!!!
Anna:!!!!!!! !@$#!Q%#!^%!!

So you see how unsupportive (XD) my friends are...
So anyways, I tooked at Takuro's profile and yelled "SHIT! And Ojii-chan's the only one who's not married!!!!". At which point Asuka falls off her seat laughing...
Mouu ;_; so I can't have Jiro or Hisashi? Waitasec, Teru's divorced... *softly cackles*
I had netball yesterday... and it ended up with MinJ as a defence. I was trying to dodge past MinJ, but MinJ being small and fast and INCREDIBLY powerful (Did I mention this girl does about 40 men's pushups without breaking a sweat AND keeping her back straight?), managed to block me, but her elbow smashed onto my radius... or the ulna, who cares? So now, I've got a barely visible but painful bruise on my arm. Thanks MinJi~ -_-;;
It's! CHINESE NEW YEAR SOON~ Hong bao~ sae bet don~ gimme la~ XD
*tired* I feel dizzy now that I've had a looooong hot shower... vision's going blurry man~!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:51 p.m.

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