[ Wednesday, February 6, 2002 ]
I watched Lord of the Ring... It was so good! The scenery was beautiful, and the casting was wonderfully done... and I have to say, privately, I'd choose Legolas or Aragorn as my favourites (I KNOW everyone's doing the same XP)... I can't put it into words. But I was so tired after the movie... it finished at half past midnight, and it was on a school night! ^^;;. Needless to say, my condition was BAD for the next few days. I remember being REALLY scared... and I think I screamed when the troll suddenly appeared *flushes* I'm such a scaredy-cat, aren't I XD.
Not much has been going on... only that I've got the dates for my Art final exam. The theme for this year is 'Beginnings' which is a rather... hard one. You have no idea how vague it is... I'm still trying to decide between 'Brief Encounters', 'New time, new fashion'... and I still don't know what to do. HEEEEEELP~ T_T
I bought the GLAY 2001 Hokkaido Concert VCD. *drools* TERUUUUU~ Jiro's so cute! As for Takuro and Hisashi, they rock~ XDXDXD What the hell was Teru wearing though?!?! His top was fine, but he was wearing pants with a short skirt-like thing... O_o;;;;;. Three hours long though...
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 04:52 p.m.

[ Friday, February 1, 2002 ]
...I'd never realized that the jewelry I always drooled after like an idiot was of celtic style... -_-;; Stupid, Anna, really stupid.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:38 p.m.

[ Friday, February 1, 2002 ]
Have you ever felt the queer and rather empty feeling, when your world has been turned upside down? That the world you existed in, your expectations and beliefs had been shattered, and you suddenly feel lost?
That's what I feel right now.
Never mind what grade I got for my exam. Never mind that I had to face disappointment or astonishment, or even the smug faces of the formerly-D-grade-now-A-students. What is going on here, in my world is, that I've lost the confidence. My arrogance, confidence, my belief in myself has been wavering, and it gives me an unsettling feeling of discomfort. Of course, this moment will pass, and once more, I will be going around as if I am the biggest genius since whoever. But at the moment, what I think I need is a moment to recharge, think upon my values and my early childhood statements of 'grades don't make a person whole'. Those were the simple times, I guess... when I was a hopeless case in the house, never doing work and always slacking off, reading; always getting yelled at by my mother, and when I didn't know the world expected higher grades every time I got a good mark.
The world outside my window is just the same as it ever was... but I myself feel different.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:16 p.m.

[ Thursday, January 31, 2002 ]
I don't know whether I should be crying or screaming in the general direction of the UK, preferably towards EDEXCEL. The damned examining board made a huge complete mess out of the Language Exam for English. They gave the most ridiculous final grades. They gave the C/D grade students A*s (HELLO, A* can get you into Oxford) and gave the A* and A students Bs. I did NOT screw up so badly that I would have gotten a B. I know I may screw up at times, but this exam, I DID NOT. If my mock was any indication, I would have gotten an A. So what the fuck went wrong.
Okay, forget about me. How about Andrew? Henry? Aaron??? They were all predicted A*. Andrew got an A. Henry and Aaron got Bs. That's just not right. I know their standards, as the rest of the year does... and the majority of the people who got A*s didn't deserve them. It's not sour grapes. I'm serious. Noelle? Get an A*? Abby A*??? CARMEN A? Oh come ON, give me a break. They get crashed by Mr. H all the time during class, and he's the head of English!!! And personally, I'm insulted that not only did they get higher than me, I'm also viewed on the same dimwit idiots like Maggie who deserved a D but got a B. WHAT THE FUCK WENT WRONG. If I was a bad student, I wouldn't even be complaining, and my self-ego and conceit will NOT allow a fucking B for english. My pride won't allow it, and neither will Mr.H, cuz damn it, I'm doing a remark (50quid for a remarking... the fags are fucking crazy) and if it doesn't go up to an A, I'm fucking doing a retake. I am not ranting with no mind, because I KNOW I can get at least an A, no matter how bad I am. So DAMN IT.
...Maybe I'm just being really snotty and up myself, but I can honestly say that my english skills are in the top part of the year. So I am not going to sit here and see myself getting a mark I know I can get better on. To anyone I've offended or annoyed, I can't really say I'm sorry, because this is what happened in our school, and it is WRONG. EDEXCEL is being crazy, and that's just us being nice about our choice of words.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:25 p.m.

[ Tuesday, January 29, 2002 ]
Today started off on a VERY wrong note. I woke up, went to the bathroom, vaguely wondering what was wrong with the light... and I finished washing my face, brushing my teeth... I took a glance at the clock, turned, then whipped back, and stared at the clock. Cuz it read 7:40. My mind just shut down, cuz my bus comes at 7:00... I arrive at school at 7:30. So I just yelled 'NOOOOOO!!!' and ran to my mom's room, where she was asleep. I yelled "Shit mom, I'm dead!". My mom groggily opens her eyes, cuz she's a bit sick... she asks me what's wrong...

Anna:It's seven forty!!!



Mom: *eyes start drifting shut, then snaps open* What's the day today?!

Anna:*tearing hair out* It's TUESDAY!!! *runs out of room*

So much for our little early morning drama -_-;;. I threw on my uniform, grabbed some money and dashed out to catch a taxi. I jumped into the taxi, gasped 'Ngsap namfungdo *gasp* South Island School!!!' then just went 'faidi, faidi, I'm laaate!!!' XD. I arrived at school two mins before my form tutor came *heaves a sigh*
On the other hand, the rest of my day wasn't so bad... I got A*,A,A,B for my french(which thankfully gave me an A average), overall A for Science (I'm still amazed I managed to scrape out an A for physics O_O and I got A* for Bio O_O)... I'm still in a state of shock. And thankfully, my mom didn't get pissed off at me like she did yesterday *WHEW*
I got the Hugo Boss 'Deep Red' perfume for my graduation present... from some of the ladies at the Korean Buddhist 'temple', one of whom taught me when I was still a shrieking horror at the age of 11? 12? I don't remember XD.
I couldn't grasp the note for Mozart's Requiem... the piece we have to do for this year's ESF concert... so I took out my clarinet for the first time in AGES and tried getting the notes. I must say, I feel embarrassed to even blow this thing now, cuz I've gone down from being Very Good (XD so snotty, aren't I?) to Extremely Painful To Hear... Bah. And it's a wooden Yamaha too... though I wanted a Buffet clarinet. It's about 9 years since we first bought that thing... my sister played it, then I did, when I was younger. It's like the only musical thing I can do, apart from spitting out noises from my larynx... I didn't learn to play the piano, something I regret. I even have a nice violin somewhere in Korea, the one I used for the last few months before I left Taiwan... I love Piano and Violin music, which is why I used to be such a crazed fan of Yanni...
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:06 p.m.

[ Monday, January 28, 2002 ]
Anne, if I could I'd u/l them, but I have absolutely ZERO intelligence when it comes to computers... ^^;;; So I'm afraid I can't get them online -_-;; I should really start learning how to use the computer properly...
Got crap marks for media, history and english. Nuff said.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:30 p.m.

[ Sunday, January 27, 2002 ]
Anne, I've got the X drama track with Arashi and Nataku in it... you want a copy of it? The only problem I have is that I don't have a CD burner, but otherwise... I can send it to you. If I can get my CDs burnt for Leareth, I'm sure I can manage with yours ^^. And this, coming from a person who's got sketchbooks, necklaces, CDs and pwitty boxes waiting to be sent... over-due since CHRISTMAS >_< Oh yeah! And you have the second Hanakimi drama track!?!?? *is jealous* How the hell did you get a hold of those...
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:35 p.m.

[ Sunday, January 27, 2002 ]
*wince* Ow...
So, after sporadic attendance to school, we start going to school again... why do I have a sense of impeding doom, since we get our results this week? Yeah, hell.
Hmmm... I just got some Japanese magazines (My poor wallet...), and they feature Glay, Porno Graffiti, W-inds, Gackt, Bump of Chicken... Doggy Bag(Koji and Yuuchi from Y2K)... and I even saw Boa, with her new single *Wince*. I do hate Boa, and I do love Glay XD. I've realized the huuuuuuge pit I've dug for myself, and yet I continue to spend my money on these things.
The ESF Choir started last week, and damn, I missed the first rehersal. Stupid, since we get the new songs... and I hate catching up. Damn our school, cuz our exams started and ended a week later than the other ESF schools. Damn idiots...
I was on chat with a friend of mine in Korea. When he lived in HK, we hated each other, but somehow, we're pretty good friends ^^;;. Anyways, he said to me "Is there anyone you'd like to marry at the moment" And I said "Yeah XD". He went "O_O, who? *****? My gosh, HIM??", so I retorted "NO WAY"

Jason:Then who?

And so, he said "Yeah, you can go marry a bunch of Fogies" We were talking about marriage (XDXD) cuz in a passing comment, I was like "Nyah, I can legally get married in 3 months *_*" Something about birthdays in April et al. Eh... stupid conversation, really XP.
Dammit. MY.Mother.Is.Telling.Me.To.Go.STUDY. And it's only a day and a half after the exams! My mother, is finally about to drive me up the road to Wiping Shit On The Walls House. Of course, I refuse to give in, and now am angrily beating the keyboard.
Tin-unni, the layout is Smashing, to quote Mizuki XD. Uses lots of nice colours, and don't worry about the clashes. It's a brain-melting effect, in many ways XD.
Oh, and just before I go. Another rather annoying chat from MSN, this time with a kid in yr7. She's the friend of the girl I teach, and unlike Rose, this girl is a total... Bitch, for the lack of words, and I'm being nice here.

Anna:...that's not a very nice number.
Girl:Yes it is
Anna:Okay then, what does it mean?
Girl:Humping, or giving someone a blowjob.
Anna:(Inwardly winces and slumps)....
Girl:According to my classmates, that is.
Anna:(Is thinking of a way to get rid of this little asswipe)....(takes a deep breath, and is about to scorch the girl)
Girl:My classmates are cool, they tell me all this stuff
Anna:(recalls Rose telling her about how the korean girls in yr7 huddle with the boys and whisper about Weird Things. Something about Masturbating and fucking... what does this mean, Anna-unni?)*winces*

Normally, I can handle this kind of thing, cuz it can be funny. But I know this girl, and she's one of the type you don't want to associate with. And if memory serves me correctly, she was the one who harrassed Sujie in Korean school, yelling about underwear, and almost ripping Suje's shirt... and if I remember correctly, Kwang and I came out to help Suje. Kwang, who loves kids, started nice, then got REALLY Pissed, stormed into classroom and started kicking the desks and chairs. I, on the other hand, got pissed, told them to piss off before I beat the living shit outta them, whether or not they're little pipsqueak gits or not. After that, my damn memory's a bit hazy, since I got really steamed from them... argh. A trip down memory lane, huh.
I hate handling brats, and I hate the current year 7.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:46 p.m.

[ Saturday, January 26, 2002 ]
Archived!!! *dusts hands and is relieved she didn't make a dumb mistake like the last time*
I've been out all day, after getting my perpetually crappy marks from the Satschool exams... and I'd been unsuccessful at turning my friends into GLAY fans XD. Hmm... it didn't work on Jisun, cuz she's too much in love with G.O.D., and as for Sujin-unni, well, she's not interested in music. Mou!
We had to wait like 20mins just to take ONE sticker photo. Normally, I don't bother, cuz it's just not worth it... and we took two, cuz in the first one, we made a mistake and only Jise came up on the screen, staring... and thru all the 'KIRA KIRAAAAAAAA~' and the 'Kyuuuuuuuuuuuuu' from the machines, we ended up with 16 shots of poor Jise starting at the screen in horror. The second one was okay, though we ended up doing some Pretty Stupid Stuff. -_-;;
My shoulders are about to break. Really, I have the body of a 60 year old with rheumatics...
I bought GLAY video this time... Slowly(???) sinking into an obsession with GLAY... *ufu*. Too bad HyeSuk wasn't with us, cuz she would have been... VERY fun, to say the least. The first time we'd been properly introduced (XDXD Actually, it was more like lunch with our friends and we turned out to be the SAME), we ended up all coming over to my house, and borrowed a shelf-full of manga, plus my X Japan artbook (photobook?). She loves CLAMP, X Japan, Luna Sea etcetc... XDXD I've finally met someone I can go crazy with! Feaaaaar us! But damn, she goes to Island school when she lives like next door! And Island school isn't even FROM our side... it's the Central side of HK! Our district is for South Island School! *looks at sentences*...Do I normally use exclamation marks like this?
Oh yeah... Jise was talking about K-pop today, and she's like "The only thing I don't like about Yubin is that they've fixed his face up to look like Kang Ta". Of course, like I usually do when someone insults someone (or something XD) I like, I started seeing red(XD) telling her "nonononononononooooooooooo!!! This unni who'd known him since he was a kid says he's looked like that ever since he'd been a child!!!" etc. ^^;;;; I think I'm getting too into the small details... and I should really stop busting my arteries when someone insults Shin Hye Sung or Yubin >_<
Lalalala... *glides off to watch VCD*
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 07:55 p.m.

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