[ Friday, January 25, 2002 ]
T_T Mouuuu How come guys are born with a face like that? How come I wasn't XD. And why, Why, WHY are'nt there guys like that around here??? *wails* There's only a bunch of ugly idiots here... CLAMP made a huge mistake when they made Syaoran, cuz HK is SO not full of bishounen like that *clutches fist* DAMN. And yeah, I agree with you cuz he looks exotic~ Kakkoi! XD
So, uh yeah. I finished my exams today... *tries to throw confetti then collapses* I think I need some caffien... who gives a damn about spellings right now? The damn finger is throbbing, thanks to Simran's stupid klutz attack...
Oh yeah! I forgot to mention... XDXDXD Simran left HK sometime in between November and October... and I dunno, but it's just so PEACEFUL without her here... I'm not about to bust a vein every three seconds now. Ureshiii~ Of course, she's left her mark -_-;; when I get stressed out, my finger joint swells and it hurts like shit. Sometimes, I just want to take a mallet and just break the damn thing, then set it again... STRAIGHT this time cuz the hospital did a fucked up job of it.
Charlene, Pei Yi, Min and anyone else living in Singapore... Watch out and fear the bitch, cuz Singapore's where Simran's living right now *shudders* I really feel for you guys, I really do...
And... this is REALLY stupid, but today's history exam was supposed to be an hour and 45 mins... that's what the teacher said, but NOOOOOOOOO everyone forgot what he said. This morning, I was like "Isn't it supposed to be an hour 45?" And everyone's like "NO WAY! YOU CRAZY?!?!?" So yeah, I just shut up and didn't say anything. During the exam, everyone was panicking cuz there just wasn't enough time... 75mins for 10questions? I really don't think so. And so, at the end of the exam, Mr.C rushes in and he says "...You guys were supposed to have an hour and 45minutes!"

Everyone: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anna: ... *softly cackles from head cracking*

And so, that's what happened. Our class is doomed.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 04:25 p.m.

[ Wednesday, January 23, 2002 ]
I'll reply to emails soon. My brain's exhausted, currently in a LOT of pain, and I can't see properly. Damn. Lika-chan, the Sorashi isn't a real sorashi *dodges microwave*. And YOU, my dear, are writing that Lestat fic. XD I demand it! As your bossy elder-sister (A onee-sama has her moments), I command thee XD. That devious brain of yours...
And Charlene, I'll mail you privately, but don't worry about not remembering, cuz I'm just a ridiculously sentimental idiot *laughs*
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:28 p.m.

[ Tuesday, January 22, 2002 ]
...With that stupid entry behind me, let me get back into my usual wild ramblings.
Ah yes. So. L'arc en Ciel has bewitched me, and here I am, going googoogaga over Teru and Hyde... and from what I've read of Ken, he's an imp XD. Not much about Yukihiro though... ^^ Tetsu's cuuute~ and Hyde, I really really like *XD* but some of his photos... they scare me a little. It looks like he's got a lot of resentment against the world.
Then again, I've never bothered searching up on them... IMHO, Hyde looks WAY better with dark hair, cuz he looks really scary with white... just plain white. -_-;; Maybe it's just my mom's influence on me.
The real shocker... was that they were so SHORT. Hyde, 157cm. That just made me go 'dotdotdot'. In all honesty, there's nothing I've got against being short, cuz I'm not tall either. But since all the guys around me are at LEAST my height or taller than me... it just gave me a shocker. Since I'm 165cm... then Hyde's 8cm shorter than me. ie, same height as Jess... *winces*
Okay. Here's a thought (I'm jumping from subject to subject here...). The Vampires from Anne Rice's series get burnt by fire. I've already seen some fics with an X and Vampire Chronicles mix. So. What will happen, is Lestat happens to fall in love with Karen? Lika-chan, I know you're reading this. Stop hiding XD. And maybe I'll send you that file in my draft mailbox titled 'Sorashi#1' XDXDXD. Muhahahah~* Okay. So, drifting from the 'Lestat for Karen' thing, what else is there... I'm a very erratic reader when it comes to big books, cuz I can't wait to see the ending... so I end up reading the book backwards, forwards and metaphorically, sideways XD. Crazy... and my mind just files the info away... then I read it again, and AGAIN etcetc and so forth. So here I am, spawning AWFUL ideas about fics I can't even write (lack of talent, lack of time, lack of incentive to boot), and going crazy cuz Haido-kun, Tet-chan and Lestat are all running around in my brain yelling 'nyahnyah' *buries head in arms*. And I have my media exam tomorrow morning! And Ms.W is NOT going to be happy if I fail! Waaaaaaaaaah~
Oh. And another disturbing thought. One of Hyde's hairstyles... makes him look almost exactly the same as Okayasu Kairi from Peach Girl. -_-;;; I think my dinner disagreed with me.
(it's 8:25 right now)Um, yeah... it's actually 8:37 right now... silly me. Anyhow... I couldn't have chosen a worst time to fall into JROCK T.T Mou~~ I want CDs... Glay~ L'arc... argh -_-;; And Lunasea... how the hell did I manage to not know them? I still don't know who the hell they are, but all my Korean friends are telling me they're great. And so is Gackt... which I believe.
Speaking of kakkoi bishounen, Sakura, did you happen to know that your otouto is being a smash hit in Korea? According to my friend in Korea, the girls are going craaaaaaaaazy over Yubin-gun. And it wasn't like as if I asked Jason about Yubin... he's just like 'Hey, have you heard of K-pop? *Anna nods* Well, the girls are just going crazy over him... 걔 짱인기 있어!' And I was just going goldfish-mode. Then again... go fig. He's really good looking. But just for the sake of curiousity... did he have to take any plastic surgery? Doesn't look like it, but his features are so sharp, and believe it or not, most of the Korean celebrities have done their faces. Just look at Song Seung Hun's nose.... -_-;;. If it's the case that he's done it, well, he looks a helluva lot better than mr.Song -_-;;
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 07:41 p.m.

[ Tuesday, January 22, 2002 ]
The nightmare of exams will end on Friday, and with that, I hope my parents don't start up a fit whenever they see me reading, manga or classic.
Today's physics was easier than expected... but then again, most physics exams are, contrary to my horror of them. And as always, it's Bio the one I get fried on, though it's supposedly my best science subject. French Listening, as it is often the case, was dead easy, and chock full of little traps I was stumbling thru. 35mins of TENSE listening, and boom! It's over.
I did a money count today, and wow, I really AM broke. SUCH a shocker, really, since I've been spending money against my better judgement. Like the Airmail Dn Angel. Or the first two volumes of Honey(Which I honestly regret buying). And my mail order of 'Power!'. The list goes on. And now that I am faced with what I REALLY want to buy, ie the damn Glay CD, I think I need to sit and think about managing my finances. It would be no use to ask my parents, cuz they just don't give money for no reason. It wouldn't do for me to borrow money, either, cuz I know I'd really want to keep the money(which is WHY I don't borrow money unless I'm desperate... and I don't LEND money either. Miserable scrooge.)
The point is, if there ever was such a thing, is that I don't know what my life is based on. I know it's a weird thing, but I'm honestly curious. It's the daily routines, spending money when I know I'll regret it later etc etc. I take a look at my bookshelf *looks behind* and I see some of the dumbest things I've bought, in my young stupidity. Was all these petty and frankly, immature+juvenile Sweet Valley books necessary? I happened to read one of them by chance... and if this is what the world is supposed to be, I'd rather run away from the golden 'California' life. It's just not reality... cheesy. Christopher Pike? Okay, even when I read them, I didn't quite like them... I mean, I kept reading them, over and over, cuz that's what I do. And I felt intrigued... but at the same time, I didn't want to read. Now that I sit back and think upon the many years ago when I read these books...
I think I see a change in me.
The smallest changes you just never see until you are hit with what's happened, the reality etc... the photographs are enough to tell me I'm VERY MUCH in need of a diet, though I honestly don't give a damn at times. My old essays on Sophocles just made me cringe. The small things I was so proud of before, it's so badly done in comparison to what I can do now.
... I guess I've realized that I've grown up now. I thought I did, ever since I was ten, when I stopped being naive and opened my eyes to the harsh reality of the world, such as it was to my eyes. And yet, I'm still so young and frighteningly like a child in my insecurities.
I feel lost.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 07:19 p.m.

[ Monday, January 21, 2002 ]
News news news...
Today's art 'exam' tired me out cuz we had to walk around all day... the only interesting part was when this Chinese guy just walked up to our class when we were talking and started bitching to us... apparently, this white guy got into jail for three years and then came out, demanding 8million hk or something like that and blahblah, it went out of their pensions (which was not true). And this guy just bitched to my art teachers... and man, my friends and I were taking photos and he comes and bothered us... I tried being nice and said 'well, these people aren't all the same'... but NOOOOOO he had to keep whining (AboutWHAT???) so I lost my temper and just snapped "Excuse me... we're doing our WORK here? Why don't you keep some common public courtesy and leave us ALONE before I report you to the police about harrassing us? THANK you, I'm SURE you understand" And I just stomped off with my friends. -_-#. I.Was.PISSED.OFF.
Other news... the fall of the Yen has obviously affected the bookstores, cuz the manga is being sold a bit cheaper now... still expensive, but a little cheaper. And yaay~ I got D.N. Angel 6!!! Sa!To!Shi!KUUUUUN~ *kyaaaaaaaaas* I love thee~ but I can't understand the magic gibberish -_-;;
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 05:18 p.m.

[ Friday, January 18, 2002 ]
Today is the day marking one year of my meeting a very special someone. We met on ICQ, and although it was just about the first time I'd spoken to someone in the manga circles, and I was a little awkward, my special person bonded to me. It was she who got me deeper into this world, and I had never imagined that she would soon become one of my most important friends. Although we can hardly meet anymore, I constantly think of this person.
It was through her that I had made myself known to Tin-unni... though I had 'talked' to Tin very briefly before. But she opened up a world to me, which would become like a home, just in the reach of the computer, and an internet connection.
She was the one who suggested a group blog, and it was she who put in the work and hours of effort for our blog-- Onnatachi. My sanctuary away from the chaos of my life, where I could safely rant in. Without Onnatachi, my life would be different. It's the small differences in life are what makes life so diverse and unique.
Without Onnatachi, I would not have met Lex, nor Sakura, even if I barely know her. I would still be unknown to anyone but my real life, and I would have been bound to the petty existance and masks I am forced to wear. I have met many special people through Onnatachi... and although I believe that it was ultimately fate which brought me into the special contact with each individual, I also believe that Onnatachi was the link and catalyst in meeting my beloved friends.
But I am not writing this entry in praise of Onnatachi, no matter how big the gift was.
It wasn't just the hysterical laughs I had with her. The gift of friendship, understanding and trust was a sacred one.
There is a bigger gift. That was the gift of you.
You started off as an acquaintance, then friend and now my twin mastermind.
No matter how the times and circumstances will change, no matter how we grow up or who we grow up to be... I hope that I will be able to keep cherishing my friend, partner in evil and soul sister. I will live with the faith that following this year, there will be many more years of our friendship and bond.
Happy Anniversary, Charlene. I love you so very much.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:29 p.m.

[ Friday, January 18, 2002 ]
You know somehow... I managed to score 93% in the purity test at the spark.
I am somewhat, somehow immensely amused. Those more pure than me: 1%. Less pure: 99%. *cracks up*
Other results, let's see...
Actually, the other tests aren't really worth mentioning... personality-wise, I'm like a Guru (seaf??), I'm 21% Bitch yeah yeah...
Oh shit. I just remembered...
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:16 p.m.

[ Friday, January 18, 2002 ]
I have one thing to say.
Onee-sama, I love you.

well, actually, my intention was just to say one thing... but there's already lots to tell. The first would be that I managed to royally screw up all my exams this week. And I'm not kidding about screwing up on the history exam. Well no DUH, I didn't have my textbook or notes at home so I was desperately trying to find out something about the stupid communist shit. Ideal in theory, in reality, it's the biggest bullshit ever. Take a look at North Korea, enough said.
Another is that my hair is currently... a bit weird. My hair reaches below my chestline, and it's very very straight, with a dark brownish colour. Well, I was passing by Causeway Bay a few days ago... I saw something. I can only tell you that it makes my hair curl... without heat. Just... think of those wires surrounded by a spongy material, twisting your hair around it and leaving it to curl.. a bit like curl rags, though curl rags had the pretty flat types. This gives me corkscrew curls, cuz I bought the thin type... I'm buying the thick type tomorrow. XD Man, I have no life, but this is fun. Sort of.
And tomorrow, I do believe, would be my last Korean school exam for this school year... the Korean school year starts in March and ends in Feb. Two and a half months of winter hols too, and then another two weeks of school, ends, and then ANOTHER two weeks of hols. Crazy, I tell you. But back to the damn exams... I've got three tomorrow, I'm exhausted right now and I honestly don't care if I fail my exams. So should I go and study? Yes I should.
I've been reading 'Interview with the Vampire'. I've tried borrowing it from the school library a few years back but noooooo it's only for students in year 10 and above. I've been in year 10 LAST year, and I'm in year 11 now, half way thru. And for the first time in two years, I've remembered that I was just short of a few months to borrow the book... All I can say is that I love the book. I'd like to see the film, but I'm afraid of being disappointed. And nope, I haven't finished the book yet...
When the HELL is Lord of the Rings starting in Hong Kong?!?? Man... Jan 31st. Wtf, HK's cinemas are dead slow... And I'm in love with Legolas XD
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 06:49 p.m.

[ Wednesday, January 16, 2002 ]
Erk... I WAS going to blog and send emails yesterday... but I was banned off the computer T_T. So... here goes, in NO order of importance:

click to take the test!

Wow... this is Hyde?? I always get mixed up with who's who... ooh* Yummy XD.
Anne, the layout's cool~ The guys remind me of GW... waitamin, it's the same producer, isn't it? XD
... Glay. I love Glay. And here I was, thinking Glay was a group of young 20ish guys. Then bam! I find out they're in their 30's. ... How the HELL can Jiro look like MY AGE when he's 31ish???? MAN... And! It's YUNA from JAURIM in Muyuubyou??? Dammit! Okay, Yuna's a pretty good singer (Korean too!) but shit... she's so lucky! -_-;; May I should lose about 15Kgs, go to Korea and go thru an audition... XDXDXD
And lastly, cuz it's most important--
Happy Birthday Lika!!! I know it's more like Belated now, but Happy Birthday~ how does it feel to be 22?? XDXD And I DO believe my sisters are older than you! My sister is turning 24 this year! And that's just Jo, Karen's turning 25! XD! And I got your mail yesterday... AND your email, but like I said, I wasn't allowed on last night. It's prolly still your birthday there, so have fun~ And my dear, you are SOO cute! Was that a morning photo? cute! And you're right~ you do look young. But you know that's a very good thing! Cuz looking old ain't that great.
Yesterday was my art exam. And let me tell you now, that standing for the entire day sketching a model ain't too fun. Nono. At least she had a really nice figure (and she wasn't nude XD) and a nice personality... the guys were like so disappointed!XD
Now let me rush back to chem revision... I'm so dead for today's exam T_T
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:35 a.m.

[ Monday, January 14, 2002 ]
HAAAAA?!?!?!?!? Dammit!! You're so lucky~ T_T MOU!!! It's like my sisters ALWAYS see these Korean celebrities (and the only ones I like too!) and I NEVER see them! The only people close to them are... well, Cathy Chui from our school... model and movie star blahblahblah, and Heidi HJ, ALSO model and .. I think music video girl -_-;;. Go fig. Then again, I'm not much interested in celebrities unless I'm like in love with them XD.
And now!!! Since today's exams fried my brain, and I just bought a few tanks of manga...
READ 'Yamato nadeshiko shichige'. I am telling you, this is... crazy. Okay, I know I said 'POWER' is crazy, and it is. But this is a bit... different. XDXDXD. It's a manga I've read in Korea, in the Korean version. It was 3am, and I was turning blue cuz I was trying to stop laughing at the dead of night, when my sisters were asleep. Four incredible bishounen live in a borrowed mansion. Totally HUGE, elegant palace-style mansion. And the owner, a beautiful young woman XD tells the boys that she'll give them three years free rent if they turn her niece into a lady who'll suit the mansion. Seeing as she's beautiful et al, they agree. Then they see her. She's Sunako. ... I can't describe her.. but her hair's really long and straight, but she won't show her face. She wears really dirty clothing... doesn't take care of herself, hates the light, and LLOOOOVES watching bloody horror movies. Oh, and loves the bio lab for the dissected organs >_<. BUT! When the situation arises, she can be absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It's just these situations only happen during an emergency... I really can't explain the psycho comedy of this. You'll just have to read it!!!
And now, since I'm done advertising... XD I'll go now. Big headache, and I hate exams.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 03:10 p.m.

[ Sunday, January 13, 2002 ]
O.o... So you've known him for over a decade... wai XD. Now I know where to ask if his the stuff they say about him in the magazines is true or not XDXDXD. Seriously, I don't really have much interest in Korean music, unless it involves a particular group or a person (probably cuz I'm not too close to it). For me, it's just Shinhwa, YIIK and Brown Eyes... and not much else comes to mind. But as K-Pop's caught my eye... XD
Actually, I was mentioning YuBin cuz he's the only one who came out in this program called 'mokpyodalsung'... XD it was REALLY funny. And man, the guy's sharp! Then Janz lent me a magazine yesterday, and it's got K-pop in it... and I came to a conclusion that I like YuBin the best XD. Small world T_T. How old is he anyways? XDXDXD Sakura 언니, you'd better be careful cuz I turn into a rabid fan when I get into something... and I go salvitating towards any small detail or information... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:48 a.m.

[ Saturday, January 12, 2002 ]
... If I were to choose someone from k-pop to like, it'd be YuBin. He seems closest to my age.. and he's also really cute ^^;;. Argh, I suppose this is why my mom says I have weird taste in 'pretty girly boys'. My tast in pretty girly boys, maybe yeah, and I'm damn proud of it XD but WEIRD taste? Eh... I think not. I love manga too much not to like pretty boys. Better than overly muscular 'manly' men...
You know, I'm such a dork sometimes (sometimes?). Today, some of my friends were given chocolates by our teacher for writing her X-Mas cards. Chocolate assortments, to be exact. To be even MORE exact... Liquor chocolate assortments. I ate a LOT of them... and the last one with a huge chunk of rum? Brandy? Anyways, it got me a little tipsy. I choked on the last piece, and it just burnt the way down my throat... maaan. I was running to the bathroom to wash my fingers, and then the teacher was there... I was like 'sensei~ you just gave us chocolates with ALCOHOL in them!!' and she was like 'o.O?!? REALLY?!?! SHIT!' and we were both laughing... and then she was like 'phew! You smell like alcohol Anna!!!'. Ah yeah. So... I was just a little weird, a bit red and totally hyper for the following hour. And the teacher kept saying I smelt of whiskey~ T_T. My friends are like 'Anna... we need to test your tolerance someday!' And I was swirly eyed @_@. Ow... headache. I'd better go sleep (it's 11:10pm right now...)
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:40 p.m.

[ Saturday, January 12, 2002 ]
Shit... less than two days till exams. Bio... (oh fuuuuuck), French reading+writing (double fuuuck!) for Monday... Art all day for Tuesday... Chem on Wedns (moou!).. Eng lit Thurs morning, French oral afternoon(dammit, I have to stay in school...) and History p1 for Friday. Why do I have an impeding sense of doom, I wonder?
Sheesh, I study. Yes I really do. And I DO understand the shit I'm studying, yes I do. So why does my mother dear rag on me endlessly? About no effort, not studying my butt off, how SHE had to study day and night and she'd get cramps in her body during the exams... Well HELLO mom~ I'm not in Korea. Period. And your story is from 35 years back, so why do I have to be at the same standards? Are all Korean moms like this? Sheesh. She's just getting me nervous about 'blahblah you're not gonna get a good grade if you continue on like that yadayada...'. *slams head against desk*. Okay. My last mock, during May... my parents were watching Korean videos at full volume. They bothered me like hell, gave me stress like hell, and basically, yeah, it was hell on earth. Or hell on GCSEs, take your pick. And I studied as much as I had to, as much as I COULD without snapping, cuz I know my boundaries, and if I push them any farther, I go ballistic. And then they complain of my moodiness. Janz was like 'you've got such a pissy face these days... and you're always talking pissy... what's wrong with you?'. Okay, I don't like the word 'pissy', but I hadn't realized I was going into mood swings these days. And because I'm conceited and arrogant and up myself, I'm also saying that I got 90% As. Yay me. Mama and Papa not satisfied though nooooo -_-;;.
Conclusion? I hope I'm never going to become a typical Korean mother to my children. And I'm never going to raise them in Korea, at least not till they're at least 13.
Sakura, did you say something about your otouto being in K-POP?? Which one is he? They're so cute XD. And I like their songs... though their new song 'Shadow' and their clothing scheme does NOT go. A strong powerful 'pop' song with pink fluffy clothes like the ones HOT wore in Candy? Uh... nooo. But anyways... I think they're gonna go up... cuz there are tons of new singers and they TOTALLY suck, but I think k-pop's got some potential. Maybe not anywhere near the next Taiji (WHO's gonna be the next one? Not in a hundred years man) or Shinhwa(because I luuuuuv them XD) but definitely good.
On the subject of Korean gayo... I really love YIIK. Not just cuz Koji and Yuuichi's totally kakkoi bishounen and prolly the only Japanese guys in Korean gayo... but their songs are good, they're good at singing, and I just love them ^^;;. They're pretty popular, but they have REALLY bad timing. Coming out at the same time as GOD? BAD idea.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 07:50 p.m.

[ Saturday, January 12, 2002 ]
M * A * S * H

You will marry LEGOLAS from Lord of the Rings, live in an ancient elven palace in the middle of the forest, and spend your days walking on top of snow and rowing ivory boats and just being beautiful.

What's YOUR M * A * S * H future?

*smirks* Eh, found myself a very nice future hubbie~ ne? XD
*flees to Sat school T_T*
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:00 a.m.

[ Wednesday, January 9, 2002 ]
I won't be blogging much for the next three weeks, if I include this week as a full week ^^;;. I will be blogging, yeah, but I'm not allowed on the net much at home during my exams period (though the videos distract me even more since dad seems to be getting deaf these days..). My exams will start on Monday... and end on Friday 25th. I really hope I'll do okay... that's a given to everyone, but if I get a really high record, I might just be able to convince my dad to let me go to America for university... but not many people I know there ^^;;.
Anne's blog has moved tohere. Congrats on moving~ and yeah, pitas has been annoying -_-;;. Leareth, I'm so sorry about MSN a few nights back... like I said, my parents don't really like me on the computer (exams or no!) and my mom was on the computer... my account logs on automatically. And to anyone I don't respond to on MSN, sorry, but it's not me, so no flames!
Lika-chan, I'm glad you enjoyed Alice in the Wonderland by Disney... it's not such a bad one, but it lacks a real main villain. Which is also the case these days... and yeah, Disney's targeted for the family audience (which is more than just the family...) but that doesn't give excuses for the stupid 'baddies' and the stereotypical heros... and still doesn't give excuses for letting the nasty characters get away without justice. And yeah, the evil Queen of Hearts was a bit scary... but really comical all the same. The Queen from Snow White WAS scary. And the stepmother from Cinderella wasn't that nice either. But these too... too much stereotyping. And um, yeah. I just did a past paper on Media studies, don't mind me.
Actually... out of the recent Disney Animation Features... or at least, from the past ten years or so, I've loved 'The little Mermaid'... 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Aladdin' and 'Mulan'. Don't really care much about the others, really ^^;;. Oh yes, and 'The Lion King'...
Tin-unni... EAT dammit! Hmph, you should come to HK! I'll take you all over the place, stuff all sorts of Chinese food into you and also Korean food! I hate lots of Chinese dishes, but some are GOOD. As for Korean... if you think Takoyaki's good, come get some bulgogi. It'll kill you to get away from it. And Mulnengmyun, must have... jabchae... soonduboo... *wipes drool* ^^.
Now... off to Maths lesson *groans*
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 04:19 p.m.

[ Sunday, January 6, 2002 ]
Uh.. yeah, so I'm in a bit of pain right now... must be from all the instant noodles I've had. Two yesterday and one today... -_-;; my parents should really come back.
First... This is an INSANE place... I howled and laughed myself silly in the RK parody section... thanks a lot Pei Yi!!!
Hmm, I must be in a CD buying craze right now... I've bought Ayumi's 'I Am...', her new album. Needless to say, I love it! Maybe something inspired me, but I worked on my biiig acrylic self portrait. Too pretty to be me, but it's reconisable. And yeah, definitely Da Vinci. I hate, or rather CAN'T do Van Gogh's style! I was never for blotching down big slabs... and I don't particularily like using his colours either. Give me fine details and smoothness anyday. I'm even willing to try doing the fine type.
Another CD I've got... is Glay's 'One Love'. This is another one I love! Despite my stupid judgement on buying CDs, and JAPANESE CDs at that when I lost an entire week's allowance, well... I don't quite regret buying these two. Good music!!! And I can't read kanji for my life, but there's this song from Glay's album... something about a 'beast' I think... ^^;; I really like that song~!
I'm currently listening to some random stuff... this one's a song I did in the ESF choir last... April, I think it was. Which reminds me, I think tomorrow's my first rehearsal of the Second ESF Choir... then I have to miss out on two weeks cuz of the exams... dammit. This ain't good.
uuuuuuuuugh... my stomach's being stupid again...
Oh! And just a few stuff! I've been reading 'HONEY', by Tachibana Yutaka... only tank 3&4 cuz the other two are sold out. But Chizuru's so adorable... if a little too much like a baby. And the guys are cute ^^;;. The second part about manga... does anyone know if there's a Korean version of Saiyuki? I know hardly any Koreans actually read Onnatachi, but just in case~ ^^;; The Japanese version's too hard to understand~ where they're talking about myths and legends!
I'd better start getting ready for school. I have a bad feeling I forgot to do some hwk... naaaaah... XD
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 07:23 p.m.

[ Sunday, January 6, 2002 ]
*kicks pitas* WORK, damn you!
Eh, yeah, so hi guys~ it's been a week or so. The first few attempts at an entry, pitas swallowed them *glowers at monitor*. The next bout of swearing at pitas was when the damn thing wouldn't even let me in. So booooo to you pitas!
So, there's a lot to catch up on. I commented on all this a while ago, but since it got deleted...
Happy (Belated) Birthday Sakura!!! It wasn't belated when I first wrote it, but now it is ^^;;.
Tin's got a new layout featuring the Chinese Opera people... nice, but these people used to give me the freaks as a child. Very scary. Whenever I pass this shop in Causeway Bay, there's a REALLY bad one playing... and I just run away. Hmm. But nice layout, all the same (I just woke up and I'm still a little hazy).
Lika-chan, you want to be the fucking cat? ^^ you'd make a great one~ though Disney's version of Alice in the Wonderland wasn't that good. I do love the other Disney stuff though... which reminds me, Disney's a huge part of my January Media Mock... *swears*. I hate being in a British school. We don't even get the high school rings! Dammit, I want to go back to my old school... my sisters have their own rings, and I used to think of the one I'd choose... argh. And they're so pretty too... And what's this about 'if you fail your year11 Jan Mocks, you can't go up to AS level on some subjects...'??? I hate GCSEs.
Blah, tomorrow's the start of the new term... I really don't want to go back. All this shit's gonna be hurled at me... and my art teacher's gonna go ballistic when he finds out I haven't done a SINGLE study of Van Gogh... maybe I should choose Da Vinci instead. I can't bring myself to paint like Van Gogh...
And you! We will talk SOON. Before I start sketching out Sei-chan in black satin and six-inch metal stilettos. And Kusanagi in green feathers with cats ears. Or even Yuuto with crimson dresses... *drools*. Even worst, shove a Sorata/Kamui fic at you XDXXDXD (I HATE THOSE)!!!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:32 a.m.

[ Tuesday, January 1, 2002 ]
Yeah, eh, Happy New Year everyone.
Actually... it was a really quiet new year's day, considering how 'dokidoki' it used to be... but then again, it's just me, mom and dad, so go fig. We really should start communicating more as a family... but my dad got me really angry a few times today, once almost driving me to scream at SOMETHING. Almost. I just settled for kicking the bathroom wall, punching it and swearing, whilst hopping on one foot and clutching at my fist. Ye gods, I hate that man. And What the FUCK is this about it being 'bloody hell unlucky for a girl to go out or call people's homes on New Year's Day'?!?!? What the FUCK is it with Koreans and their sexist, chauvinistic fucking hell not-so-funny traditions? According to my mom, she wasn't even ALLOWED to go near the telephone for DAYS after the new year, both shinjung and kujung! (shinjung= Jan 1st, kujung=Lunar New Year. Shin, Ku is New and Old respectively). The Hell! I quote, exactly as my dad says '무슨놈은 계집애 (Anna:!!!)가 1월 1일날 나가고 전화질이야?!?' (/quote). Goooooooood that stupid man! And! I have another complaint, amongst many against my dad. I lost my pocket money for the week the day before. I realized I lost it and dug up the entire house yesterday looking for it. Asked dad, he said nah. But that was on the phone. Mama and I kept thinking and came to a conclusion cuz dad's the only one who'd take it and who wouldn't admit it. So hahah, we ask, he says no with a very strange smile on his face. Dad can't lie for his life. So hahahah, I'm still missing $300 from my money drawer, and hahahah, I'll bet I'll end up getting it from mama. Dad, I'm your daughter, but hell, you are MEAN. I'd say something else, but you're 52 and I 'must respect elders' whether you insult me or not. -_-#.
Other than that. Tin-unni, did you say something about wanting to read 'The Satan Diaries', a few months back? I have a spare copy of vol two... *glances* and the first vol only really introduces the characters... *niko*
Eh... so, Shin Nyen Kwai Loh(I really don't care if this is wrong), and Happy New Year peeps. 새해 복 많이 받으세요 여러분~!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 05:55 p.m.

[ Sunday, December 30, 2001 ]

Strawberry: 40/100 Pear: 20/100 Banana: 30/100 Tomato: 20/100 Lemon: 0/100

Take the What Fruit Are You? test by webkin and aaronr!



You're a fucking cat, not some fairy tale shit! You've no place in the world of nonsense, and its puzzles have nothing to do with you, whether you find them too easy to understand or too difficult. Things are what they are, and you're quite happy that way, existing in reality.

WTF?!?! I'm a CAT?!? O_o;; Very weird... weiiiiird... I must be going insane.
My sister has left for Korea... and I have the computer to myself again ^^;;, but I'm really going to miss her. It's... very quiet without my sisters here, cuz I dislike talking to my father and as for my mom, we end up hating each other after a five-min talk. -_-;; such is my RL, and during this holiday, I don't know WHAT the hell I'm doing. I know what I _should_ be doing... Revision for my mocks, DUH, but I can't make myself study. Of course, if I start imagining what David would be like if I fail, I'd start working... but somehow, that annoys me even more and starts to make me fume, instead of working. Side effects, huh...
Well... Unni, you take the words right out my mind. That Hanakimi fic was the BEST! Highlight of my X-Mas~ ^^*. I loooove Hanakiiiiimi~ but I'm starting to get a bit pissed off... I'm waiting for the moment when Mizuki will FINALLY start using her brains and realize that DUH Sano knows! Argh~! And I really do feel sorry for Nakatsu, the poor boy... as for UMEDA, he's just as yummy and lush(I do hate this word..) as he ever was. A pity he's gay... or I would have hit him over the head and dragged him away XD. And UNNI! What the HELL happened to that part where, I quote "Sano had sex with Nakatsu and then hangs himself afterwards"?!?!?! The HELL?!?!? You are hiding something from meeeeeeeeeeeeee *demon eyes*???
And speaking of Hanakimi... Lex-chan, I don't think 15 & 16 are gonna make sense unless you have 14... so I'll look around for it. The HK Jap shops seem to be out of stock though ;_;. And whazzat about Hakkai??? All I can say about Hakkai is that he is _the_ coolest character around... though I wouldn't take out Sanzo or Goku either, or even Gojyo. And that's JUST from Saiyuki... Kou's so cute too! =3. I'll try to wake up early tomorrow~ I've had the internet taken away from meeeeee XO~ which explains (partially) why my emails have been late. A big bow and apologies to anyone I owe an email to! Oh, and not just email... snailmail too! I'm currently out of funds, thanx to some CDs *shoots a look at W-inds. and Hyde* but I'll try to make it as soon as possible.
And also speaking of CDs... I might have mentioned that I absolutely adore Hamasaki Ayumi. Well... my sister got me her single with Keiko, and I heart the song, but Keiko's voice made me cringe the first time I heard her. And! AYUMI'S NEW ALBUM IS OOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUT!!!! I! WANT! IT! & I! CAN'T! GET! IT!!! o.o *tears shoot out* it's $200 here! A RIPOFF, I SWEAR!
... *slinks off*
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 07:24 p.m.

[ Tuesday, December 25, 2001 ]
CHARLENE!!! I NEED HELP!!! I just managed to SCREW UP the archive list... shit shit shit.. okay. I just screwed up the 10th archive, cuz I forgot the add on the "archive" before the "10" on the address... *slams head* and THEN, when I realized it, I went BACK and then added the damn thing... and THEN, on the archive page, it's got TWO 10s!!! ARGH ARGH ARGH!! I AM NOT GOING TO MESS WITH THE DAMN HTML *EVER* AGAIN!!!
Okay, Anna, BREATHE. *gasp*. Okay... no one's going to go to the archive page anyway, since we've got all the links on onnatachi itself... but *slams head* how the HELL did I forget!?!
Argh... now back to my last entry.
I watched Harry Potter last night. Wow... good graphics, and I loved the actors. But it was only centered around Harry, Hermione and Ron. Snape hardly came out, and neither did some of the other characters... Daniel Radcliff needs a little improvement on his acting, but he's still cute *=3* and he's grown up so much during the movie! Cute! And Ron's cute too... I loved the SX, and the part with Wizard's Chess was scary... Quidditch was GOOD, and as for Draco... I loved the cutie~ *hearts* he's soooo adorable! And he seems like he could be a pretty decent kid, if he wasn't leaning toward the dark side. There was too much cut out, like the info on Voldemort etc... and Lily+James Potter were OLD man... I though they were supposed to be in their mid or early TWENTIES, not FORTIES... Jeez.
Anywayz, I've gotta go... ^^;; sorry about da rant*
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:05 p.m.

[ Tuesday, December 25, 2001 ]
Merry Christmas, everyone.
The past few days have been full of... shopping. My nee-chan has come from Korea, and my mother indulged in shopping since Sunday morning... very very tiring.
Hmm... there's nothing much to report(?) on actually... but the post office is closed (sorry guys) and it won't open till the 27th... and at anyrate, I can't go till about the 3rd... a big bow and apologies to those I've promised things to. Love you all *hugz*.
I've got about five new CDs... three are from Korea, Christmas prezzies from my sisters. T, Lee Jung Hyun and *gasp* GOD. T is VERY good, and you can tell she's half Korean. Koreans don't really get that deep rich quality to their voices, and T is half African... or rather, Black American, can't really tell which. And you know they are incredible singers... as she is ^^. GOD, I actually detest... but then again, some of their new songs are okay, if it weren't for the fact that it sounds INCREDIBLY alike to some of the international pop... a mix of Craig and Brian McKnight (did I get that right?). There ARE in fact, rumours that it's been ripped off, but then again... *flees before GOD fans start throwing nukes*. Nothing personal, people... and NO, I am NOT prejudiced cuz I used to like HOT -_-+++. Jeez... the FAN WARS in Korea are absolutely RIDICULOUS. This Fin.K.L. fan raped a ShinHwa fan cuz Finkle and Shinhwa aren't the best of friends. (HEllo? Finkle?!? are you out of your MIND?!?!?)... Raping a person, for such... petty reasons? Does this guy even realize what physical and mental trauma the girl would have gone through? It's absolutely ridiculous, and frankly, disgusting. Jeez. Korea's a nutcase.
The other CDs... W-inds~ I love these kids. They're cute~ =3. I like their first album muchly. The last CD I've got is Hyde's EVERGREEN. It's beautiful... and it's such a sad song. I don't know why, but I usually dislike hyper and upbeat songs, and love sad and wistful songs. -_-;; Must be going through a weird stage.
.....OH SHIT.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:04 p.m.

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