[ Monday, November 12, 2001 ]
Damn... Damn.... DAMN! DAMMIT Lex-chan!!! You are PURE evil, I SWEAR!!! I've been going around the school like a demented rabbit, sprouting Saiyuki and how 'terrific' it is! ARGH! You know, every time I get hooked onto a series, it's like the entire world knows about it. Firstly, I go to Asuka-chan... she reads, she cackles and she translates some. Min Jung, of course, is always next to me, and so gets to know about it, whether she wants to or not. Janice knows, as a result of either me ranting on the series or I shove it in her face. Sindy, poor girl, has to sit next to me and endure my rants, though she really enjoys it, since she loves manga herself (I got her... 8 volumes of manga for her birthday. Hoicks!). And then there's Sarah, Ms. Anime freak herself (Sarah, I KNOW you're reading this... XDXDXD I lost your URL for the page! NOOOOOOOO!!!) who I've tried to convert into a Saiyuki Fanguuuuurl... dunno if I've succeeded XD. DAMMIT LEX! You see what I mean?!?! Eh heh^^*. Oh yeah, I got HK$200 today... payment for two tutorial sessions. That's kinda funny... I was almost SURE I had four sessions... Hmm... 200... that would be almost enough for 3 Saiyuki manga..... *rubs hands and cackles* But dammit, I can't find the gaiden anywhere... but I do have the first five volumes, and the seventh one as well, if it doesn't get sold before I get to the store... maybe on Wednesday. Oh. And there's this wallscroll I've seen around the Uny Jap manga store... I've never paid careful attention to it before, but it's of Saiyuki. One with Goku and Sanzo in it... the other with Hakkai and Gojyo. ARGH.
Unni~ nice layout! I was on the computer today at school and Sarah and I were like 'CUUUUUTE~ sweet!' when we went into your blog. BTW, Sarah remembers you... you happen to remember who Jiken was? The RK Jiken from HK? It's her younger sister, Shuken... or at least, I THINK that's the way her Korean names were pronounced in Japanese (Koreans have Chinese characters as well... but at times, different pronounciations). XD As for mine... my Korean name is a sore point with me, since it's a GUY's name and holds a bit of a burden, since it means 'Great' and 'Wise/intelligent'... you can tell what my parent's expectations were! And from the way caucasians pronounce it... it's horrible. Bleh.
Hmm... so here I am, blabbering away, surfing thru info about Saiyuki (XDXD)and trying to remind myself that I have a poster to make for tomorrow. Damn. Oyasumi nasai everyone~ and sweet dreams!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:36 p.m.

[ Sunday, November 11, 2001 ]
Woooooh... I woke up, my face is swollen and my eyes are bulging. Eew~ XDXD too many tangerines I suppose. But I'd rather go with a uglier than normal face than not eat fruit.
Leeeeex-chaaaaaaaan!!! Everyone~ her blog's noved to idle.nu~ =3 Changed the link and all so go there! There's a gorgeous guy (or is it a womaaan?) on it... from WoG isn't it? And yes dear, I loved chatting with you last night... this morning... whatever XP. And the nine hours have passed so you'd better get on AIM QUICK! I'll promise to do more translating... And you know what? Screw finances, I'm gonna go out and buy more Saiyuki XDXDD
Some of these are a bit late buuut..
Silveeer Wiiiiind~ I *heart* your layout! Very very nice! I really think I should learn webdesigning... feeling rather inferior XD. And I really do love Hyde from L'arc =3. And Min! That is a GREAT layout~ I love the colours as well ^^~ Emi-chan, I really love that layout... Saaaaano kyoudai forever! XDXDXD
Should I be bothered? XD nah. These are all in fun... the death test tells me I'll die in 2058, when I'll be 71, most likely from cancer. I can actually identify with that... cuz my mom's dad died from pancreatic cancer six years ago, when he was 72, and my grandma, his widow, had cancer ages ago... and she might have one now. My OTHER grandmother, the one who died last April (or was it March...), died from cancer... I think it was of the ovary, I'm not so sure. But you know, it seems that all the people who die around me... they die of cancer. One of my mother's best childhood friends died about 6 years ago from lukemia, after ten years of suffering. She would have been... maybe 44 then? ... She was the wife of the leader of the LG group in Korea... and that bastard already had his concubine whore pregnant before she died. I really liked my mom's friend... she was a good woman, kind and warm hearted. She really didn't deserve what she got. I hope her ex-husband rots in hell. And her poor son... he had to watch his mother die slowly and painfully, whilst he saw his father fuck another woman. Dammit, the world is so unfair.
I love Saiyuki. I love Saiyuki. Dammit, this is the last thing I NEED!!!! But SaanZOOOOO~ and Goookuu~ Hakkaaaaaaaai O_O and Gojyoooooo..... NONONNO! *bangs head against desk* DAMMIT! I'm already low on finances, this is the last thing I need! I've already gone out and bought three of the EXPENSIVE tanks. It's like twice the price of a normal one... even Rayearth didn't cost this much!!!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:01 a.m.

[ Saturday, November 10, 2001 ]
HIIIIIIIIIIII EVERYONE!!!!! I'm baaaaaack~ and I'll try not to go bitching on today's entry! I've been so busy this week... all the exercise and all XD. And it ended yesterday ;_; I had so much fun (After the pain from the Yoga and cardio machines faded...). Hmm.. the only thing I really hated was spinning. It's like a mountain bike, but then again I wouldn't know from a tricycle to a bicycle cuz I can't RIDE the things O_o;; (And some people say it's a miracle I take to roller blading and ice skating naturally...). The seat hurt me. A LOT. I've got bruises on my ass right now (don't imagine... you'd get nightmares) cuz the seat was damn uncomfortable and an hour of the exercise does that to you. Especially when you're REALLY heavy, like I am. But I loved the dances... Para Para was REALLY fun to learn and so was the modern dance... this guy called Steven taught us and he was a real sweetie~ pretty too. A true bishounen, complete with the slim waist and pretty face. And nice hair too, though it was a bit spiked... and he was well muscled, but trimly so, not bulgy and ugly. A real sweetie ^^. He used to be part of Aaron Kwok's dancing team... and he's a real pro. Cute voice too! I normally find broken english annoying, but his was sooo adorable! *hearts* And all my friends kept saying 'He MUST be gay... as in the homo type', and I kept demanding 'What's wrong with being GAY?!?!?!' XDXD. Ahem, anyways. But hiphop was taught by someone else... and it was SO hard.. I really didn't like it. The very same girls kept talking about how NICE his ass was and how it actually looked HOT when he WIGGLED his ass (They also mentioned that he didn't look gay, to which I pointed out that it was always the most unexpected types).. err. Hormonally driven, these girls are~ then again, they're only human and 15 XD. I loved the Pilates... I love stretching, and I managed to do everything Jacinta did (YAY!), from the splits to holding your body in a very carefully balanced and controlled state. I really wish I kept doing ballet and Gymnastics... my flexibility comes with the genes XD. Hmm... what else... oh yeah. I can't stop dancing now. I used to dance with some of the girls way back... and our group was one of the best in the school, and damn good if I say so myself. And I wasn't too bad at it. Then I kinda had an argument with the new ones (who tried dominating the entire group), and I dropped out of it. The team gradually changed... and now none of the original crew are in it, cuz it just got dominated by the bitches. I do miss the adrenalin and thrill of executing and finishing a dance perfectly on stage, with hundreds of people cheering and clapping... such a long time ago, and I still remember it. Blah, I'm getting too nostalgic... but the dance we did... we put it together in less than 10 hours and we did good! J-Lo's 'Let's get Loud' is a really fun song to dance to (very fast...) and I loved dancing with Kirsten and Jess again. Kirsten's half Philippino, her dad's a Brit and her mom used to be a professional dancer. I missed being at Kirsten's house, being with auntie Lucy and maybe even uncle Mark. And Jess... she used to be my best friend in year six, before she left for the Philippines. She was a major bitch, but she's matured now... and she's still bitchy, but I missed her too XD. Both of them are great dancers, especially Kirsten, with her tall and graceful build. Richa and Diya are Indian... and they dance too, especially Diya (I kept calling them Dya and Chya XD... they look like sisters!). So I was the only one who hadn't danced for *counts* wow, 3 years! O_o;; so I was really stiff at first... and today, I couldn't stop dancing XD. ANYways...
Lex-chan!!! I really want to chat with you too~ I'll wake up early to go on AIM!! Okies~ =3 You too Futago-chan, though I won't have to wake up early for you XD. As for you, Unni, I WILL catch you someday! XD and YES Charlene, that did cheer me up!
BTW, Lex-chan, I bought Saiyukiiiii~ Saaaaaanzooooo~ and Gookuuuuuu~ I really need to get the next one. Damn~ I'm prolly gonna spend hundreds on it, since the first one was $72 O_o;;. How many of them are there, anyways? And I always suspected but... this IS "Journey to the West", isn't it? XD In that case, Cho Hakkai should be a disgusting and cowardly pig with a bulging tyre where his abs should be (Chuh Pal Geh) (XD) and my memory of Sha Gojyo *kyaa~* is a shrivelled up thing with bad ears XDXD. In Korea, we call a person who hears things wrongly or can't hear well a 'SaOhJung', Korean for Sha Gojyo~ we even have a joke series about him XD. And Goku? Son Goku as in the infamous Son Oh Gong the monkey king? (Sei Wu Kong in Chinese... I think)? XDXD HE's cuuuuute~ And Sanzo... O_o;; The holy monk... was Sanzo? And they all kill mercilessly? O_o;; something tells me I'm not in Kansas anymore... XD I love it! It's so fun~ I can't wait to get the next one... I'll need to search on it though, can't understand the entire thing.
Of all the bizarr things... my mom bought a tongue cleaner for me. ... A Tongue Cleaner. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD my god~ it's to prevent bad breath and bacteria cuz all the white stuff that covers the surface of your tongue is BAD so you need to scrape it off..... *collapses in laughter*
CHARLENE!!! *spits fire* YOU WILL NOT BUDGE FROM YOUR BED UNTIL YOU GET WELL, YA HEAR ME?!?!?! Hmm... maybe a perverted(?!?!??!?!) doctor will help..... And read more manga YAY! Speaking of manga, I really want to sell some of mine. Like... I dunno, I've got some random ones. Mint, Hana Yori Dango (I HATE HYD), Ruro Ken, Partner... Marmalade Boy, Gundam Waltz... I love most of these and there's more, but I hate not having my manga in the full series, and I really can't be bothered to buy all of them. Rurouni Kenshin... like what, 28 volumes?!? No way~ And I do almost have a full series of Fushigi Yuugi, up to 14, but I want to sell it, cuz I'm so fed up seeing Miaka being stupid and annoying. Bah. There are some I wouldn't sell to save my life, like Hanakimi, KKJ.. Shin Romeo and Juliet... etc, but I've got too many I don't want. And I really want to get artbooks for KKJ, DN Angel and Angel Sanctuary... and Saiyuki (They have ALL of these in Sogo... and I didn't buy any of them T_T damn finances). Hmm... Actually, I do have the money to buy all of them. I just don't think I should indulge on manga right now when I spent about 3 weeks worth of my allowance on EATING this past week. -_- dammit. Damn my now over the top appetite.
One of the other reasons I haven't blogged for a week (WOW, a week.. XD) is cuz I've been reading some fanfics. Some very good fanfics actually. "Hearts of Ice" by Krista Perry is VERY good (now where's the next part...) and so is "Girl Days" by Kenko (you too!) these guys are good. Very good...
Dinner calls. I'll come back later!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 06:05 p.m.

[ Friday, November 9, 2001 ]
Waaah~~! This should make you feel LOTS better Anna-chama! Yep, nothing better than a healthy helping of bishounen in provocative positions to make eating blues (or any blues for that matter) go away. **^__^** (Those of Nanba were contributed to Mononisuru) *_* *_*)
;___; And you're the best too, futago-chan. ;___;
--Charlene by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:05 a.m.

[ Tuesday, November 6, 2001 ]
*GROAN* I wanted to, but I didn't blog yesterday cuz I was aching all over... yup guys, this is my focus week. A week of California Gym Fitness training. Yesterday almost killed me, what with the yoga (who the HELL said anything about relaxation and meditation?!?!) and the cardio machines... Jeez, my back and shoulder muscles... and my thighs are KILLING me. >_< I can't walk without gripping the walls, believe it or no. My god... I'm so tired. I felt wiped out yesterday, but after that Yoga session was over, most of us actually fell asleep. Today was... hard. This morning, we did an hour on the cardio machines... the stepmaster was by FAR the worst, I was practically clutching at the handles so I wouldn't stop. Then the treadmill was okay... I thought I was gonna die at first, and I really hate jogging. But when I changed the speed to 12, I started to feel better... I KNOW I hate slow endurance stuff. The speed stuff is way better. Then, the bicycle was bad, but not too bad... the X Aerobics machine killed. >_< My entire body's killing me. And believe it or not, I actually enjoyed the Body Pump. And no, it's not a PUMP guys, I was just using those bars with weights on the ends... I think some of the exercises managed to pull my muscles, but it was way better than the Yoga. And I actually liked singing along to Britany Spears (okay, I hate her, but lifting weights whilst belting out 'Stronger' was fun)... -_-;;. The bad points of this focus week is... I keep eating. I think I've eaten more than twice of what I usually eat... and I can't stop eating cuz I'm exhausted if I don't. The damn power bars at the gym are fecking expensive (I can buy... a lot of stuff with all the money I put into them. I've spent a 100 bucks on EATING, yesterday and today)... but if I don't have them for the break, I collapse and just can't find the energy to go on T_T. Hm, enough of this!
Unni, you have NO idea how crappy my attemps are... I'll bet my grammar and punctuation will horrify you to the end. But you should really continue your fics... they're really good, and make people HAPPY! XDXD, and I really hope you're not stressing out these days...
As for you, Imouto-sama, it'll probably be another millenia before you actually SEE the damn fic. You'll have to come to HK to beat me into writing it~ XDXDXD. BTW.... where's the rest of the Karen/Yuuto fic? Hmm? Oh and Lika-chan... don't be sick. It's no fun being sick! And you'll be a helluva lot more miserable sick. Get well soon, ne? As for therapy... I can always be your therapist dear. Speaking of therapists, I do remember Tin saying to me during one of our first 'talks' "Have you ever considered going to a shrink?" XDXDXDDD. Even then~ she knew I needed a therapist XDXD. Therapist. The. Rapist. Therapist. Why the HELL are therapists called 'Therapists'??? And also speaking of Therapy... What happened to 'X Therapy', you two? I'm dying for the next part~ XDXDXD.
And one last thing... unni, when was your birthday again?!? I keep losing my diary... T_T yes, I do remember everyone's birthday as long as they TELL me so, but I was in a rush when Tin told me... I think.... O_O;;.
Oh FUCK. *bashes head against wall* *repeats*. DAMN DAMN DAMN! I've been reminding myself OVER and OVER again, and I FORGOT dammit! Last Saturday was the 300th day since I've met Charlene!!! *bangs head* NOOOOO!!!!!!! Futagooo-chaaaaan~ T_T sorry man! But! It's a wonderful day~ (past but still)! I'm so glad I've met my Twin sister online~ *hugs Charlene* you're the best!
Really, this IS the last note... Sakura, trust me... there's an entire clique of bitches who dress and act exactly the same as you describe them, right here in Hong Kong. And though I myself do go crazy over CERTAIN KPOP groups, I hate the majority of them. You probably know just as well as I do that they go around looking like clones, wearing the same clothes and same hairstyles etc... One of my chief complaints about the Koreans is that when you go to Korea... they wear EXACTLY the same thing. I'm not kidding. I got so fed up of the girls wearing the same shit everywhere. It's like they all lost their sense of individuality and nothing's original anymore. -_-;; Then they look at me weird cuz I refuse to copy their styles (unless I like it... but I hate wearing the same style as the others). So what's the point of my rant? I honestly don't know. But I was getting increasingly fed up with the Korean sunbae's in our school and somehow, Sakura's entry kinda opened a floodgate. ^^;;. I love my country, and I am proud of being a Korean... but I have to admit, Korea's fucked up, and the Government and the Educational System is ruining our country. Blah, I'm not going to start on how the teachers brainwash their students into parrots... BTW, I love your layout! (very abrupt change of subject deshou...)
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 06:39 p.m.

[ Sunday, November 4, 2001 ]
Eh? What the hell am I doing right now... I just went thru Niaiserie's files, and I read Tin-unni's Hanakimi fanfic... and I'm writing the rest of it on word right now. O_O very strange... I never write fics, and when I do, they SUCK. So, why, WHY am I mutilating my unni's work? O_o;; I'd better work on Lika's Sorashi drunk, not this... but I love Hanakimi so muuuuuch... why aren't there any half decent hanakimi fics out there? Unni~ where's my Umedaaaaaaaaa fiiiiiiiiic? ;_; Your little sister is pining for them~ T_T
Ah, I watched 'The Princess Diaries' today... the girl was fun, and it WAS quite a different story... but it did have some missing parts to it. Like her Mia's relationship to the guy with the sideburns, or her best friend... eh, it was a nice watch and all, but if I had to review it for Media Studies, I'd have had to give it a B/C for not having much plot developement... then again, lots of movies are like that ^^;;. But enjoy it I did, though the nachos made me sick after a while. And I LOVED the dress she wore later... and Julie Andrews doesn't seem to grow old. I wish I could hear her singing again... she had a wonderful voice. And that guard guy, Joseph? I luved that guy XD and I love his glasses. I just don't remember where I saw him before...
Otherwise, my day hasn't really been different (no duh) but I think someone stole my money... I'm missing quite a chunk of my money actually, and I'm REALLY pissed off. DAMN. I calculated the money I used and I KNOW I should have at least 200 right now... but I only have 40 bucks. I think I'm going to lose it now. ARGH. I hate losing money, and I HATE it when money gets stolen... DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! All I know is that I'll be in a really bad mood... nggg...
I just had this tea, Ogapi or whatever... made from the bark (or was it the leaves?) of this tree, and I dunno what it's good for, only that it's really expensive, and it's supposed to be very good. Tasted weird though...
Oh! And Shin Hye Sung's new hair looks so cuuuuute! I love the guy! His hair's grown a little, and he looks cute as in slightly boyish cute... aaww~ =3
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:28 p.m.

[ Saturday, November 3, 2001 ]
O_o;; Silver Wind... was that an audio track personally mixed or one you can buy... cuz if they sell it, I'm BUYING it, shipping fees or no! I really want to get the X OAV... or OVA whatever ^^;;. And the soundtrack~ but HK sucks at those kinda things so DAMN. Damn damn damn.
As for YOU, Imouto-sama, YOU will continue that new fic, yeeeees? *cleaver glints* I just sharpened this baby today, so you'd better go on and do it! Faidiii lah (hurry up in canto... canto always seem to add 'la' or 'ah' at the end la~ XD). If you don't belt it out... lessee... no more of the Sei-chan flu fic or the Subaru sugar high... and most importantly, NO SORASHI DRUNK. Gotcha? XD
Aww.... Futago-chan... take a warm mug of hot chocolate and soooooooothe your sould XD. Hope you're feeling more energized tomorrow!
You know, I'm really attached to the soundtrack of 'Ms. Congeniality' right now... and that song, 'One in a Million'... I dunno, but me likes =3. I'm so desperate for nice music right now... but I dunno if I should spend anymore money than necessary right now cuz I bought this tie today... black, with this cool symbol on it. Remind me not to wear it in front of dad... it's black, and they usually only wear black ties for funerals in Korea. O_o; and considering that usually the only shirts I have are black as well... as well as my jeans... eh, better wear it when dad's on a business trip O_o;;. My dad HATES morbid things... he doesn't like lilies or white flowers in the house cuz they're used for funerals as well... and he wouldn't allow us to wear white stuff in our hair, cuz that's also the symbol of mourning as well. -_-;;. But I got it, and though it was kinda expensive (like the price of four manga... WITH the shipping fees and all.. HK$168), I really like it. And if I get the chance, I'd get a new one. I actually bought one made of black leather... but the problem was, it was really hard to put it on, so I went straight back and changed it. I love the designs... I think you can get a look at the type at Moongoon... it's not the same, but a similar pattern. Love it! I want to buy the shirts and coat there... think of the type of clothes Fuuma wears. And you'll get the idea... I mean the cool and well dressed Fuuma. Or that shirt Subaru was wearing when he killed Seishirou (Lex-chan, in case you didn't know, I also love X XDXDD).
Eh, and I'm back into being a music addict... though the majority of the stuff I have right now are KPOP, JPOP and JROCK... I want to get new CDs!!! Oh, and if anyone can actually get it... try listening to 'Hotel Lear OST'. It's a Korean soundtrack, but this guy called KangChul sings it... and he's SOOO GOOD! Good looking, great voice and actually a good english accent when singing! WOW! Love the guy! I think he's actually better than KangTa at singing. As much as I dislike KangTa, he does have a good voice... but KangChul's better!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:22 p.m.

[ Thursday, November 1, 2001 ]

# 1 Eriol Hiigarizawa / Clow
# 2 Lantis
# 3 Touya Kinomoto
# 4 Eagle Vision
# 5 Gingetsu
# 6 Kakyou Kuzuki
# 7 Subaru Sumeragi
# 8 Yukito Tsukishiro
# 9 Kamui Shirou
# 10 Li Shaoran
# 14 Seishirou Sakurazuka
# 18 Kazuhiko (moou ;_;)
# 20 Noroku Imonoyama(MOU!)
# 21 Sorata Arisugawa (Why not in the top five?!)
# 22 Yuuto Kigai (yeyhey~ hottie~ XD) # 23 Kusanagi Shiyu

XDXDXD that was funny~ especially the first five. Bah, forget the first five, I LOVE the first TEN! These are the Clamp guys who would most suit me...
And these are the Clamp characters I'm most similar to...

# 1 Kishuu Arashi - dragon of heaven # 2 Kuzuki Kakyou - dragon of earth # 3 Shirou Kamui - dragon of heaven # 4 Yatouji Satsuki - dragon of earth # 5 Arisugawa Sorata - dragon of heaven # 6 Nekoi Yuzuriha - dragon of heaven # 7 Sumeragi Subaru - dragon of heaven # 8 Nataku - dragon of earth # 9 Aoki Seiichirou - dragon of heaven # 10 Shiyuu Kusanagi - dragon of earth # 11 Kasumi Karen - dragon of heaven # 12 Monou Fuuma - dragon of earth # 13 Kigai Yuuto - dragon of earth # 14 Sakurazuka Seishirou - dragon of earth

Freaky~ But I love Arashi~ she's my fave character in X, between the girls, that is...
Lots of different stuff today... but I'm whining again about my media, cuz I uploaded my files onto Ms. Wilson's laptop. Then, I connected it to the media computer, and after about 30 mins of wrestling with it, I got that loaded. Then I tried unzipping my files.... and the goddamn computer didn't have winzip. Oh f*ck. All I could do was stare at the screen then SCREAM -_-;;.
Other than that... my physics investigation was a disaster, and I really really hate physics. Bleh to that. Oh... and my English teacher got pissed at our class, and then he yelled something about 'No more Mr. Nice Guy'... and then he boomed "Okay, that's IT. Get your diaries out, you're gonna go and find me who sang 'No More Mr. Nice Guy'". I was about to say something about an animation and Rasputin when he winked at me, so I started laughing, and went along with it. Aiya.... English is so much better now that we've moved to the literature section. The language section was SUCH a bore. Yeech. A few comments about destiny and the inevitability was made by me, a few praises by Mr. H and I was in a much better mood, and my self esteem raised a LOT. But even that's not helping to get rid of this headache...
Oh! And I added Silver Wind to my links... I've been reading her blog for a while and I never got around to adding her... ^^;; *waves* hiiiii~ =) your blog's an excellent read~ fun too! Eh...? Is it just my computer, or is your mp3 site down... O_o;; I accidentally deleted my music files in this computer *kicks Kazaa* so I lost Strength T__T I really loved that song~ and I downloaded it off your blog last September ^_^;;
Lex-chan, I love you too~ and don't worry, you're a really smart person! I bet you got an A for that exam you did... eh, and nothing comes without a wee bit of effort, ne? =)
I think I'm going to black out in a few minutes.. I'm going off now. Bye!
by the stony jade phoenix
@ 09:44 p.m.

[ Thursday, November 1, 2001 ]
XDXDXD. Alexa, you sound like you're telling an ancient fairy tale! XD Boreeeeed are you? Put on your favourite CD, get your latest Ribon out and start reaaaading~ XD Eh, that's what I've been doing, which is really stupid, since I'm about two-thirds into my media project... I've managed to draw 17 frames in two hour... -_-;; not my best speed, but this IS 25% of my final grade. So I need to do good. Ms. Wilson did say 'If you guys were lazing off, you'll have to pay the price', the price being our grades. So ahahahah, if I don't do this, I will be DEAD. x_x~
And since I've started talking about media and all... I think one of the hardest parts of this project was to actually visualize and draw the characters... there's only so much clothing you could use for a story of The Snow Queen. I loved the story as a child... I still love the Hans Christian Anderson stories. But to actually try animating them... drawing them... and doing it in the DISNEY style is no mean feat. I'll be praising the heavens when this project is finished. WHY, oh why did the Satan Diaries get rejected XO hidoi desu yo, Wilson-sensei! Just cuz Disney's not good enough for an alternate dimension story about magic... just cuz it was an ORIGINAL idea and Disney doesn't WORK with original ideas... *pouts* MOU. I had EVERYTHING done for the Satan Diaries... and that was during the last week of the Summer holidays. This time, I had no spare time, and during my half term last week, I had STUFF to do. BLAHHHHHHH...... Daikirai mono!
I wonder if I'll get any sleep tonight...
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 12:43 a.m.

[ Wednesday, October 31, 2001 ]
NNnggg..... lousy week. So far, my first few days of the week have been hell. I screwed on the mocks, but what can you expect when you've got a horrible cold and you're snivelling away, writing out your exam and trying to cool your sore throat all the while trying to escape from the freezing cold of the hall? Mou... and tuesday didn't get any better cuz I was still sick, my chem test was FLUNKED, my Biology practical coursework needs redoing cuz I made a fundamental error (the rest was FINE, she tells me) in it (I did it in MAY! And now I'm supposed to REMEMBER it?!?), and the kids on my bus were really irritating. And I had maths tutorial. Today, I'm STILL sick, more than ever, and I have a headache, my chem test was a whopping 67% (O_o... my worst score ever), the first part of my physics practical left me exhausted and here I am now, feeling dizzy. Mou.
But it did have highlights... sort of. My bio teacher was really nice and sympathetic about the coursework. I'd been stressed out for a few weeks, and the news about redoing my bio kinda broke the line... I started crying and she was getting me tissues and telling me it was alright, there were tons of people in our class redoing it, it was only a simple (but BIG) mistake... I'm glad Mrs. Cowland likes me, cuz if you're on her bad side or if she doesn't like you... life is not very fun in bio.
And the chem test... well. 67% it was, and it's horrible yeah, but the rest of the class flunked it as well... turned out I was one of the better cases. So that's that and I'll just try harder next time. I think I deserved the low mark though, since I didn't even bother studying for it... I should realize that GCSEs can't be done without revision, unlike my previous years.
Another good point was that I got my internal reports yesterday. Apart from English, where I got a B and Maths where I got an A*, I got straight A's... the only annoying part was when my mom got pissed that I got a B for english -_-+.
But you know, the best of them all, was that I got to speak to Futago-chan last night! My scanner was FINALLY working, so I sent her some of my favourite manga scans... I really do love Charlene-chan~ *hugs* made me feel MUCH better! Eh, and I'll upload some of my drawings sometime...... sometime soon, I hope O_o;;.
Oh and BTW Imouto-sama, did you see that attachment I sent you with the email? It's a drawing I did once... it's really faint though, cuz it was done with a biro pen. ^^;; But anyways... and I got your mail! I luv you~ *squeeze*
And! O.NEE.CHAN! Dooooooookoooooo?!?!?!?!? Where areeeeee youuuuuu?!? ;;;__;;; OOh... I'll send you a scanned photo of me... eh, when I find a nice one, that is XP.
I need sleep... but I've gotta do my media O_o;. Jaaa...
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 05:52 p.m.

[ Monday, October 29, 2001 ]
Bleh. I got Ribon 12 today. I figured I needed a bit of a mood lifter after the my disasterous exam this morning. The Ribon came in just today, and I bought it, regardless of the fact that it costs about a sixth of my weekly allowance. -_-. As usual, I open it, and I go to read Penguin Brothers. And. At the end of it. It says 'OWARI'. My brain went 'dotdotdot' for a few seconds and then I started screeching. THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!! NOOOOO!!! THIS WILL NOT FINISH WITH HINA STILL LIKING KYOU-CHAN! SHE.MUST.END.UP WITH ONE OF THE GUYS! NOOO!!!!
Of course, I may be wrong. I've only had five seconds to skim thru the thing and then I had to wrestle with the thrice damned scanner. BUT NO! Noooooo *wails*
Hmm... It seems that Tanemura Arina's new series is gonna start in the next Ribon edition... *anticipates*. XD and speaking of anticipating, I WANT HANA TO YUME 23!!! It _should_ be coming out soon...
Oh yeah, and the exam today. Needless to say, I think I failed for sure. Of all times to screw up... why today? WHY on the final exam when I went thru the mocks like a breeze? WHY!!!!!!? T_T
And I didn't even have time to console myself... our exam cut thru break, so I had to go straight to Media, where I learnt that I'm WAY WAY behind on my work. This seems to be the typical day for me now. And tonight, there's tons of work to do, which I haven't started yet. My bio paper on drugs, and my french coursework on 'the things I'm worried about', my chem revision for tomorrow's test and my Korean maths for my tutorial session tomorrow. I really really hate my mom for making me do maths lessons. I know it's gonna benefit me in the end, but I just don't have the time for it. My head ACHES after only an hour... I bet I have the concentration of a goldfish regarding subjects I hate. And maths I truly do hate. Oh, brit maths is easy so I don't really hate it, I just get bored. But Korean maths is soooo fucking complex. No wonder so many Koreans are screwed (in absolutely NO offense to ANY other Koreans who I know of online... I was just referring to most of the screwed nutcases I knew back in Seoul...).
So. Bio.
Nonono, wait! Janice lent me the MINK manga today... *hugs Mink* and I luv it~ I really want to see the next edition... which would be scheduled for Nov.5th. Now if my sisters can get me these...... *cackles*
I'd better go now. Stuff to do. Byee~
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 07:24 p.m.

[ Sunday, October 28, 2001 ]
Oh, and M'inquietes should mean 'my worries'. I think I spelt it wrong though =P. I usually do. Anyone volunteer to help me with my coursework? =3 Pretty please?
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:49 p.m.

[ Sunday, October 28, 2001 ]
Nee... I must admit, I'm really nervous about tomorrow's exam. I mean.. It's my final exam. The one which will follow me for the rest of my life. And considering the fact that I didn't do too well on the last mock... well. Let's hope that intuition and fate will guide me. I feel sick right now. I know I'm physically sick right now, I can tell cuz my nose is running, my ears are blocked and my vision is slightly blurry. But... I also feel like there are knots in the pits of my stomach. Or worst, butterflies. I'm even typing really slowly... I never do that unless there's something wrong. Overall, considering the way that my life's been going lately, I don't know if my results will be very good.
Charlene! You've finally blogged here! I missed you futago-chan~ I think a really good chat's in order... but that'll have to wait until at least Wednesday... T_T I really miss you. And I agree with you, Lex-chan is also at the top of my love list XD. Thanks so much Lex-chan~ it really means a lot to me. And Charlene? Did you get my emails? I think I made a bit of an error with my mouse... I think I sent you an empty email O_o;; gomen ne. And if you did get the one with the Romeo file in it... well. Isn't he HOT?!? XD Very, VERY bish! And yes, I really do need information regarding the scanning and uploading... which I'll be able to do as soon as the damn thing's installed properly. What good is a high-tech scanner when it doesn't install properly?!?
Eh... on more news about my media project... I've got about 17 scanned in and more or less done with photoshop (I'm a pitiful mess at photoshop). The problem is, it won't load into the school's FTP server. Which kinda sucks, since I won't be able to access to my files at school... meaning I can very well get a ZERO for my coursework mark. Geh. I'll have to talk to Ms. Wilson later. I really hope she can give us an extension till after Focus Week... cuz this week I really don't have time for it. I think maybe five seconds of the animation are done... T_T I'm so dead. And I still don't know how the hell I'm gonna make them an ANIMATION... she never did teach us step by step what we have to do. And I don't know anything about photoshop.
Shit. Now my arms and legs are shaking... and my shoulders are hunched up. I really hope I can get thru this properly.
As a last note.. Charlene-chan? I can't say I fully understand what you're going through at home in real-life, since I'm not you and no matter how much I'm like you, it still won't be the same. But I think I can emphathize even a little with what you're feeling... because I went through, and still go through days like that. I don't want to sound all knowing and superior, cuz I know I'm not, and I'll never share the exact same thoughts and emotions. But all I can say is that you should let it out. Scream, bang your head against something... or punch something so hard it bruises your knuckles. It's a really stupid and maybe brainless way to relieve yourself but hey, it works for me. I know I can't throw things around since I know it won't make me feel any better. But just try to let out your emotions physically, and really hard. Maybe it's the pain or the exhaustion, but it'll distract you. In my case, it makes me clutch at the pain and forget why I'm so pissed off. Stupid, ne? Especially when it leaves dents in the walls and makes my right fist swell up in painful blue welts. Not to mention all the cover-up stories I have to give the school doctor XDXDXD. Ne.. Cheer up? You know I love you, and I'd be with you there in a sec if I could. Take a warm mug of hot chocolate, take a looong hot and fragrant bath and tuck into fluffy blankets hugging a large plushie. ^^ Or indulge in manga XD. *hugs* Love ya.
Now that I feel tired... I'm going to try and sleep. Oyasumi nasai everyone and sweet dreams.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:28 p.m.

[ Sunday, October 28, 2001 ]
HHEEEERREE~~ Anna-chama! XD XD So sorry for my disappearance from the WWW...obsessions will be the death of me. Anyway. (What on earth does M'inquietes mean!?)
I am now updating myself on your Photoshop capers. ^_^; Anna, do you still need help with the scanning and uploading? I am only an email away, and I will try to be on AIM more these couple of days. Hey--do you think I'm doing this out of the goodness of my heart? Haha~~! Think again! I only want dibs on those "very nice manga scans" you mentioned. *smirk*
And y'know...Lex is like really high up there in my book now... XD XD;; *shimmer* Thank you so very much Lex!! **T__T**
--Charlene by the stony jade phoenix @ 04:22 p.m.

[ Saturday, October 27, 2001 ]
Mooooooooou... I can't find the CD-Rom!!! T_T I called Abby from my media class and she's only half done as well.. I think the project's in by either thursday or two weeks after monday cuz I've got my focus week (or camp or intern week or whatever you want to call it) after next week. So... check list... where's my checklist...
Anna's Things To Do--

Biology project on drugs (due Tuesday)
French coursework on "M'inquietes" (due Tuesday)
History exam practice stuff (due Monday)
Media Studies soundtrack recordings etc. (due Monday)
Revision for English Lang. Final Exam (Monday Morning)
Revision for Chem. test on moles and oil (Tuesday)
Research for Physics Investigation (practical on Wedns.)
Korean Maths homework (due Tuesday)

... Wow... I'm really screwed. I hadn't realized I had so much to do... one of the annoying things about teachers is that they give lots and lots of hwk... expecting you to complete it 'during the half term' or 'during your free time' when we've obviously got colossal amounts of hwk from OTHER teachers. Mou#.
Nee..... I have this really bad feeling that I'm getting really sick. My temperature hasn't gone down the entire day... my throat's still swollen despite the medicine I've taken, and I feel SICK, plus a blocked nose. And for the first time in... years actually, since I don't remember the last time O_O, I can't taste anything. I've never had a problem with tasting things when I was sick. But lo and behold... now I am. Maybe I do need a rest... ZzZ... I need to do work! WORK!
You know.. it's occurred to me... that I have all the fun of ranting and raving in Onnatachi, while Charlene-chan does all the work... like making the layouts and archiving Onnatachi... she maintains everything. And now, I feel guilty and angry that I can't do anything to help with making this site. People compliment me on the layouts, and I get mixed feelings cuz they love the layout enough to come and tell me so... but the credits aren't going where it's due. So... Charlene-chan? I love you~ *hugs* and thanks for everything. NOW WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU WOMAN?!?!?
Lex-chan!!! I'm so sorry about cutting our chat this morning... (or last night whichever) my mom kinda yelled at me this morning so I had to get off pronto... gomen ne ^_^;;
I LOOOOOOOOOVE RAAAAAYEARTH!!! Can someone give me Vol.2 of the second series??? I can't find it ANYWHERE!!!*sobs*
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:01 p.m.

[ Friday, October 26, 2001 ]
... I've had a really lousy day.
First of all. I practically WASTED the damn day cuz none of the stuff I needed was available. I thought the day would end up better cuz my mom bought me a scanner. An Epson Perfection 1650 Photo... which not only lets me scan stuff at 48bit colour internal and external, it also scans at the optical resolution of 1,600x3,200... I can go on and on about how great it is. I can even scan in negatives and get photos out of them. I even got a photoshop element program. So what am I complaining about?
The damn thing won't install properly.
I get the entire thing done. Then it wants the CD-Rom for Windows 98 Second Edition. Or whatever. And we can't FIND the stupid cd. At the moment, I'm screwed. Again.
Today really isn't my day....
And to top it off, I have an incredibly bad flu symptoms. Like my throat and tonsils are swollen up to my nose, I've got migrane, I can't move sharply, I can't think properly and my eyes ache in their sockets. Blah. I swear, there must be some kinda force up there which doesn't want me to do my media...
I think I'll just take a pill and go to bed. But before that... can anyone tell me how to scan and uploooad? *squints at scanner* oh wait... it's got a 'scan to web' button on it... *sighs and sniffs* Bye guys..... *sneezes*
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:31 p.m.

[ Friday, October 26, 2001 ]
Ano... can someone tell me how to load on the stuff scanned into photoshop? I've got some... very nice manga scans in here XD.
Oh, and I got the thirty day trial thing... for photoshop XD
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 12:12 p.m.

[ Friday, October 26, 2001 ]
I will kill my dear father. He told me, very VERY proudly that yes, he did have adobe photoshop in his office computer, and yes, I may go and use it. I'm in is office right now. And lo and behold. The fucking program is NOT HERE. It's adobe reader or whatzisnameIdon'tgiveashit. FUCK. I'm so screwd. Royally, undeniably and incredibly screwed. There isn't anyone else that I know of who's got photoshop. There isn't anywhere I can go to get it. My project is due in maybe a week. I will DEFINITELY kill my dad for this.
Bye bye people, it's been nice knowing you. -_-;;
Lika-chan... Imouto-sama (XD) You're back! YAY~ *hugs* Welcome back~ I missed you la~ minna-sama~... this is my *koff* YOUNGER*koff* sister, Lika-chan! Never mind that she's probably about 8 years older than me, she's my younger sister! Woohoo! And yes, I'll tell Charlene-chama how much you love the new layout! And yeah... I think Clamp's older style isn't too bad. It's just the way they drew the legs and lips that bothers me. But no big deal~ as long as the art's good now, I don't mind. Oh, and I have to add Alison to the links... And Charlene. And Tin-unni as well... but the new links are scary to touch! O_o
Now lemme go looking around if I can get Photoshop from somewhere... FUCK I'M SCREWED.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:37 a.m.

[ Thursday, October 25, 2001 ]
Lex-chan!!! I am NOT a hentai~ XD ecchi maybe, but noooooo to hentai! Just don't get me started on Nakago and the chinese underwear and I'll be fine! And no more wraparound skirts either! Got it~? XD
What the hell?!?!? Why am I not allowed into Dreams of Sakura?!?! NOOOOOOO!!!! I've bought Asuka 12 and I need a decent translation! BTW Lika-chan, Karen DOES look gorgeous... maybe I should change my hairstle... XD. But seriously... what the hell!??! 'this whatever it's called has Seishirou's watever eye'?!?! O_O; My god... But you know, Fuuma looks kinda sad in this edition... and of course, Subaru looks sad as well. ;_; The poor guy. And Hinoto! She's PURE EVIL man, I swear! She's like... I know this is a really bad comparison, but she seems to radiate more evil than FUUMA does. And that says a LOT. BLEH
Ack, I'm finally working on my media... but there's something that's BLOCKING my creative juices, cuz all I can draw is not the stupid backgrounds and storyboards but beautiful women in looong flowing robes... O_o and goddesses... someone help me! And now I'm drawing Harry Potter. Who looks disturbingly like Eriol.... HEEEEELP!
And. One more. I LOVE LANTIS!!!!! *swoons* he looks like Fuuma~ and a bit like Seishirou... but he's hothothothot! AND EAGLE... *dies* and Cleeeeeef!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE CU-----

Clef: That's it... who gave her the prozac?

Hikaru:*flushes and hides her bottle*

T_T I'm going insaaaaaaaane...
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:54 p.m.

[ Wednesday, October 24, 2001 ]
*stares at screen* OH.MY.GOD. *screams* Lika-chan!!!!!!!! Isn't that the SECOND (or the NTh, if you will -_-) time you've lost a good fic?!?? NOOOOOOOO!!!! *wants to go smash in Lika's computer* BLEH! NOOOOO! And I haven't read any of your stuff for weeks! I miss them!!! Noooooooooooo~ *clutches head and wails*. Seriously guys, Lika-chan's fics are good~ go to the Clamp archive... it's at... eh, I forgot O_o;; sorry^^.
Sakura, I've never actually got around to saying so, but your sketches and art are really good... I'm even wondering if you'll ever become a manga ka ^^. Seriously, I love your drawings... they have a really simplistic style to them, and I like the 'tone' they have... I wish I could draw like that. And you use the pencil before you ink it? Hmm.. I can't draw with a pencil. Despite the fact that I know I can ink tit later and rub things out... I can't really think of rubbing anything out that I've done. So I do everything with a pen. Usually a biro for the soft blonde effects... etc. Maybe I'll go to my dad's office and scan some things in... if it weren't for the fact that I'm a complete and utter moron when it comes to computers. Most of the time XD.
OH! And I got RayEarth... I KNEW I didn't want to buy it, no sir, but I just... bought it. Five of them... I couldn't find the second volume in the second series. I think it's actually good... whilst I don't really like the earlier Clamp arts (their eyes have WAY too thick lashes... their shoulders aren't in proportin to the waist... their legs are like noodles... etc etc. Oh, and their clothing. So wrinkley and THIN.. I could go on. And especially their faces. A bit awkward compared to the art now), I think RayEarth is actually okay. I know the last tank has quite good art. I think the story's okay... but I wish there was a bit more character developement, and in all, it ended quite abruptly. That's not to say I didn't like it... it's just I tend to look critically over my manga, and I HATE manga with bad art in it. Of course, they've each got their different styles... but I tend to dislike manga when there hasn't been much effort or work put into them. Flimsy and way to flighty. Bleh. I'll stop raving now.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:17 a.m.

[ Monday, October 22, 2001 ]
*stares at screen* Holy SHIT Lex-chan, that is one GORGEOUS layout! Way to go~ And I'm so sorry about not coming online this morning, I woke up at 1pm O_O;;. 12 and more than a half over actually, but I went online a bit later... gomen ne~ I was too busy shoving mochi (botamochi!!) and soft persimmons into me mouth~ oishiiiiiiii*drools*. I *heart* persimmons... but I feel better calling them 'hongshi' as the Koreans do. It's been a favourite fruit of mine since I was in diapers, and I adore it. Of course, my dad always tells me something about constipation... *sighs* my dad is WEIRD.
An uneventful day... that is, I didn't do anything. But my mom came from Korea today. Jeezus, after two weeks of absence, you'd think she'd actually missed me. But noooo~ of course not -_-++. And that, of course, pissed me off enough for ME not to tell her and give her a hug. From my recollection, she's not a very affectionate person... I'd been frequently kissed as a child, but I think she stopped that when I was ten (that was when I kinda 'GREW UP' drastically and mentally... around the time I was 'ijime'd, and changed -_-). I kinda miss being the baby, but oh well... now, I can't even hold her hands or link arms with her. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes, cuz neither my mother or I display much affection, in public or private. Doesn't help that my eldest sister, who's NINE YEARS older than me BTW, is more affectionate than I am. Bah, and I'm supposed to be the slightly spoiled youngest and sweetest child of the family. It does disturb me that the relationship with both of my parents and I aren't the overly warm family love... but I guess it can't be helped.
Did I ever mention to anyone that I absolutely adore music? Well, some forms of it, of course... but I really love the piano music. Too bad I can't play the piano (eyes Lex-chan enviously...), but that's something that can't be helped. I love Yanni... I've loved his music since I first heared it, when I was 11 or 12. His concert at Acropolis in Greece was absolutely a wow. The music... I don't think it can be actually described. But it's magic... beautiful, stirring, and emotionally moving. Powerful... it's like smelling or tasting something exquisite... and I'm rambling, so I'll stop now ^^.
Speaking of rambling, sorry about that really weird post I did last night... or rather, early this morning. I was really pissed off about it... I hate it when people mess with my stuff. It kinda links to me being very possessive... I usually guard my stuff like a dragon does its' jewels. I give stuff to my friends regularly, it's just not very personal most of the time. Like for instance, I HATE giving anything I drew or made to someone, unless that someone is very precious to me. It's something I created, something which is personal. I find it easier to give away something that costs a bit but I'm not fond of, than things that I made from just paper and pen. ^^ So when I give something I drew to someone... well, it might not mean much to them, but for me, it's a bit like giving or sacrificing something I love. (And now, this reminds me of Charlene-chan's birthday present... which is currently late by *counts* 7 months. SHIT. It might be better if I give it as an early Christmas present XDXDXD).
AND! My darling unni's birthday is coming up!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT ONEE-CHAN?!? I can send either manga, a sketchbook *dodges Charlene's whip* or... hm... what else... anything in mind? And yes, we do have somewhat freakish brainwave patterns XDXDXD. Well... geniuses think alike XD! Too bad the AIM chat we had with Charlene-chama's saved in my computer in Korea... I still cackle when we think about that one... Nakago and the chinese underwear XDXDXD that was EVIL! EVIL I TELL YOU! And BTW unni, you're starting to look like Eriol... all smiley and scary...

Eriol: Anna-san! I'm hurt! How could you think that--

Anna: Yeah yeah whatever man... I still haven't forgotten when you tried to chain Syaoran onto my fridge
Eriol: *hurt look*Anna-san! What's wrong with that?
Anna: It's wrong when he's got chocolate syrup all over him with a note saying 'Eat me. And no, your not getting any sympathy from me.
Eriol: *pouts*

And you guys can just see how crazy I'm getting... I need sleep. And there's some weird guy on MSN chat with me... someone in the UK whom I've never met. I think he's from Zimbabwae... I thought it was a different friend of mine. He seemed pretty nice, despite his cracks in grammar and English. Not that it matters really, since my grammar isn't great either. I'm such a hypocrite... I used to correct my friend's pronunciation and grammar of her English before... she'd been speaking English for about 2 years maybe and we were 13 then. Kids educated for most of their lives in Korea often have trouble with their English pronunciation and the correct sentence structure... Oh well... I'm off to bed now. Ugh, maths tutorial tomorrow...

As a last note, Charlene, you've got garasu no kamen? Man... I've seen it around but I've never really read it... kinda reminds me of 'Candy Candy' and their art sorta gives me the creeps for some reason... but I'll check it out the next time I go to Korea ^^. Too bad the only manga I can get here is Japanese... though that's never stopped me before XD
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:50 p.m.

[ Monday, October 22, 2001 ]
Okay. I am now officially pissed off. Who the FUCK is messing around with my email and who THE FUCK CHANGED THE GODDAMN PASSWORD ON THE FUCKING COMPUTER, FUCKING HELL WHEN I CATCH THE LITTLE BASTARD WHO MUCKED WITH _MY_ ACCOUNT WILL DIE A SLOW, LINGERING A PAINFUL DEATH *SNARLS*. I have all sorts of important shit in my account and I can't afford to have it deleted. FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUCK! And no, I am NOT overreacting, someone's messed with my stuff, and I KNOW it's not my dad, he doesn't know shit about stuff like this. And there's no one else in the house... WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING _ON_?!?!?!? *screams and punches desk*
*calms down a little* Okay. I've changed the goddamn password... but who the FUCK changed the thing in the first place? Ah, sshibal, jonna jokchinda... ! ¥ ̰... did someone hack into my account or something???
It's late, I'm tired and I am fucking pissed off. Goodnight, and I won't fuck up again.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 12:10 a.m.

[ Sunday, October 21, 2001 ]
Just as a joke, I asked my dad what he'd do if I ever went out with a guy. He tried to dodge the question by saying that I have a lot of boyfriends and that I go out. Ha, nice try dad. I then said, 'no, as in BOYFRIEND, dad, not a friend who's a boy. I mean, DATING'. My dad, predictably, said 'you're too young, you're only in joong3 (year 9 in Korea...). You don't have any legal rights to go out until you're 21'. I was just like '-_-;;;'. He apparantly thinks that if I have a boyfriend, I'll automatically sleep with the guy. AS IF. Is he paranoid or what... first of all, I have no intention of breaking the law, as you must be 16 years of age. Even so, I have no intention of giving my virginity to the first guy I go out with. Plus, believe it or not, I have very strict principles that I intend to keep. Sheesh. Why is it that "Dating=having sex" is imprinted in my dad's mind? Jeezus... this is stupid. Why am I blogging about this? Hmph. Silly dad... blah, no one's online...
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:48 p.m.

[ Sunday, October 21, 2001 ]
*reads Lex-chan's blog* Hai, I slapped Sano. He was being meaaaaaan! MEAN MEAN MEAN!!! *spoilers for HanatoYume22* he made Mizuki cry BIG time. Not the sniffy kind, the tears pouring out uncontrollably kind... and she was only trying to help! But... somehow, I get the feeling that Hanakimi's starting to lean towards Mizuki and Nakatsu... which is leaving me in fits. Mizuki's getting more comfortable with Nakki-chan, and Nakki himself is more... of a 'guy' now, in the secure, comfortable sense. I don't know what I'm rambling about, but that's how I see it... Sano's really uptight right now, in most of the respects. *is getting peeved* THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING, NOOOOOOOOOO!
Aiya~ NOOOOOO! Get hooked on Hanakimi, not Houshin Engi! I'm not sure about HE too much since I still haven't gotten around to checking it out, but HANAKIMIIIIII *sobs*! Think of all the characters in it! Umeda-sensei! Sano! Nakatsu! Nanba! Akiha! KUJOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! (Anna LOVES Kujou... he's fuuuuuunnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeee~ *cackles* pervert eyes XD) Hanakimi's driving me insane!
Oh... and in vol4, for Lex-chan ^^%. The school's festival/sports day is coming up... and the three dorms are competing against each other, as always. Dorm one, with lots of the athletes, and especially the Karate-bu. Tennouji's the dorm one leader, and captain of the Karate-bu. He's easily... excited, and very funny. He's also very competive... (and much adored by the underclassmen) and he really wants to win this year's competition. He and Mizuki challenge each other on and on... but when she actually gets injured cuz of the kids from his dorm, he actually apologizes for it, asking her if she's okay. He's a cool character.
KUJOU... is often called the 'bosatsu no Kujou' or the 'shura no Kujou' for Karate.. he's the vice captain of the karate-bu. Very.. freaky, and very very interesting character. I can't really explain.. but you can go to Charlene and Alexa's site for it. Go to READ: Hanakimi for it. I think they have either the summary or translation for it. ^^ ENJOY!
And so is DN Angel!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 04:48 p.m.

[ Sunday, October 21, 2001 ]
Neeeeee Onee-chan... speaking of your love for seafood, I must say, I either feel jealous, scared or both. Cuz a few days ago, on friday night, my dad took me to Gaia's an incredibly expensive Italian restruant. And guess what. We ordered a pizza with goat's cheese and baby salmon on it... that was good, and I can handle certain seafoods, salmon being one of them. The OTHER one.. was this spaghetti with squid and octopus in it. Yes, and of COURSE I'm allergic to it. They gave it to us divided into two. He kept telling me to eat, I didn't touch it. Finally, I kinda took a bite of the pasta only... I knew that if I had contact with any of the food which was even mixed with the seafood, I'd get a reaction, but it was the only way to show him (my dad's hell bent on trying to make me eat, and it's not just seafood). The reaction was... instant. My tongue started itching and flaring up, my lips were starting to swell and I was getting red. My dad was just like 'O_o;;;' >_<. Point was proven and I had sore lips till yesterday. Bloody hell, after ten years of the allergic shit, I've FINALLY proven my case -_-;;.
And about yesterday. I called up my mom in Korea... and I told her about skiving off Korean school. I told her everything... and of course, she started getting really angry and ended up ranting on me and yelling at me on the phone. But I deserved it... I mean, I shouldn't have skipped in the first place. But I knew she was going to find out sooner or later, and I'd rather that she found out from ME, not just some secondhanded source. And... I was and am still very ashamed, but I feel less so, since I came honest about things. She called me a bit later... and I was sobbing uncontrollably, and she was telling me it was alright, just never to do it again... and I don't know, but that kinda made me cry even more. I'd disappointed my mother, which is something I feel really foul about. I don't know, maybe it's cuz I'm much more strict on the honour and honesty thing, and of course, respect and honour to elders and parents. But I was really ashamed of it. And like I said, I'll never do it again.
Ugh, the smell in the house is disgusting. Normally I like the smell of freshly dried clothes, and the faint smell of the laundry detergent. Just not when said clothes are BURNT and so is the laundry detergent. We boil certain items of clothing to get them REALLY clean and germ free (you can probably guess what these 'items of clothing' are by now...). Well, I poured water into the special pot, put some powder into it, and then turned on the gas. And then, my mom called to calm me down... and then I forgot about it. When I went into the kitchen... jeezus, all the water had evaporated and the contents were DRY AND SIZZLING. And burnt. The pot was almost on fire... I was horrified, and started splashing water into it... needless to say, I had to throw away everything in it -_---. And I always considered myself a good housekeeper...
A good chat with Lex-chan in the morning... now, there are officially two people I want to marry and is in love with (sorry Lika-chan^^;;). She's got ALL the hanakimi drama tracks (HOLY SHIT SIXTEEN?!?!?)~ and I love her I love her~ nonono, futago-chan, I love you and Tin-unni too~ *snuggles* but sisterly love darling! Tin-unni should also be with us, and we can be triplets, but she's a good six years older than us. Then again, all three of us share the same brainwave... *is freaked* Kowai yo ne~
And just as a last note, SANO'S VOICE IS HOOOOOOT!!!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 03:52 p.m.

[ Saturday, October 20, 2001 ]
Aya, I know what you mean... I get the lonely feeling too at times, when I see all my friends happy with their respective boyfriends. And like you, I'm not ugly either, and people often say I'm pretty (I don't believe it either XD). You say it could be from your spazziness or your violent bouts of swearing, but lots of girls do that. In that respect, I'm exactly the same as you. But have you ever considered the possibility that the guys are scared by your intelligence? Sometimes, guys just go looking for airbrained ditzes so they can act all heroic, smart etc... maybe you're intimidating them XD. But no matter what, it's not your fault. You are your own person, and if guys don't find that attractive, then they're idiots looking for something they can't find. I know as sure as hell that I consider a person being true to their nature as attractive, and I know that the more mature minded male population thinks the same. I don't know how to really express myself on this... but all I can say is that I read your entry and I really empathize with you.
On the more... uh... well, I've finally gone and done it. I've skived Korean school. I went thru the first two lessons... and now I'm just skiving off the other two. -_-;; but honestly, I couldn't just sit around listening to the bitch mumble and complain... I'm sick and tired of being treated as a delinquent when I know I'm not. So I skived... with Daniel and Jason. Now I'm at aztecs (a pc room...) with them. The various sounds of bombs and guns are so... funny actually XD. I'd like to play counterstrike sometime~ Gah, I think I've been hanging around with the guys too much. Blah.
Lex-chan~ You've got Hanakimi 5??? OOOH... you're gonna have FUN! But it's already out to 16~ You've gotta get more! When's your birthday, maybe I'll buy some and mail them to you! XD
Ugh, I feel the beginnings of a sugar headache... Bai guys.
And no, I will not ever skive again.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:51 a.m.

[ Friday, October 19, 2001 ]
Charlene!!! *grabs and tackles* YOU'VE READ IT?!?! AND YOU LIKED IT?!?!? XDXD I KNEW IT! It's one of the best =3 I like it even better than Baby Love! And yes, volume 3 came out on monday... so you'll have to wait about three months for the Chinese Versions ^^;; goodluck waiting. I'll give you the names. The girl, is Mishima Hina (I'm doing the names all the Japanese way...). Her first friend, the grey 'little purple' (=3 CUTE!) is Koshiba Tetsuta. Well, I think it's actually 'Tetta', but the Korean translators made it 'Tetsuta' and that's what I go with ^^;;. The White guy is 'Isshiki Shoui', and the leader of the blacks is called 'Nishizaki Kaito'. Personally... I adore all three of them *swoons*, and I dunno, but I have a soft spot for Nishizaki... AND Tetsuta, of course! Isshiki-kun... I love him too^^. Kinda feel sorry for him though, since Hina-chan doesn't even remember him... oh yeah, Tetsuta calls Hina 'Piyoko', meaning 'little chicken'. You know, cute little chicks? I think her name means something about the sun, and (I'm not sure why)he nicknamed her that. Sweetie! The story is DAMN good! And... you're right. Everything you say is~ and I can tell you that you're gonna LOVE #3... and the episodes after that XD (I've got the Ribon versions...)
AHA! My darling unni is now here. Tin-unni~ I really missed you! Are you taking care of yourself?!? Gah, must go change links... but I'm kinda afraid to touch the new links cuz I'm afraid I'll screw things up O_o;; I usually do.
Oh... and I got my English Lang mock results back. I must say, I'm kinda disappointed... but I knew I screwed up the first one(the summary) so I guess... I'll have to do better at the REAL on the 29th O_oo.

Q1(summary) 11 out of 20, a C
Q2(conversation) 18 out of 20, an A
Q3(letter) 17 out of 20, an A

Well... it wasn't too bad... but I could have gotten an A overall without the stupid screwup on question one! ARGH!
And I really want to skive off Korean school tomorrow... I really hate it there. Who knows, maybe I will skive. I mean, my dad's going to ShenZhen tomorrow morning, my mom's still in Korea... who's gonna know? But then again, it's more trouble skiving than memorizing all those stupid shit. So bah, I guess I'm not going to skive. Plus, Uri's gonna return my Korean D.N. Angel manga to me...
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:27 p.m.

[ Friday, October 19, 2001 ]
Anna. My god my god...Penguin Brothers is such a great series. O__O;; How a mangaka can make so damn much happen in two puny volumes is beyond me. And the bishounen! *gasps, turns blue and dies* Well...please keep in mind the following was written with zero knowledge of the Japanese names (I'm trying to avoid being ridiculed here ^_^;;;):
The main character is such a great character!! She's the shoujo heroine everyone has to like...her first friend in that school is so cute (his chinese nickname literally translates as "Little Purple" XD) and kawaii...so Nakatsu-like. The leader of the "Whites" is so awesome...so cool...so endearing...I just adored his expression when he said, "You're so unfeeling..." to the girl. *_* *_* *_* And the leader of the "Blacks" reminds me of Fuuma! Wa-hey! Need I mention that that is a very very good thing. XD Seriously, Ayumi Shiina has such a wonderful gift of getting the story along with no lags or silly cliched sentimental moments. (For eg. If the heroine were like any other heroine, she would clutch the handkerchief given to her and breathe in its smell with a flowery background surrounding her...and keep it not just because she was poor. XD XD;;) Yay, I love it I love it. I just can't get enough of it. O__O;
And three just came out recently!? NOOOO~~~ I can't bear to think when the chinese volume will come out then. ;___; Anna thank you~~~~ **^___^** I really wouldn't have rented it had I not noticed the title and bishounen on the cover, and remembered that you strongly recommended it. I need to go purchase it and make a site for it. *_*;;
--Charlene by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:50 a.m.

[ Thursday, October 18, 2001 ]
KYA. I got HanatoYume 22. *drools*. *slaps Sano*. *hugz Mizuki*. *Grins at Charlene and Pei Yi* okay, I won't spoil you guys... eh heh. But it's so TEMPTING toooooooo~
Oh, Charlene, you got Penguin Brothers? By ACCIDENT?!? XDXDXD Darling, you must be attracted to it... and YES, it's a fantastic read, read it nownownow!!!
On a related manga note, I got Angel Sanctuary 4 today... I don't have any of the others. And all I can make out is total confusion and lots of blood. Dunno, I think I'll have to get the rest first..................
So, I should really do my coursework now. Oh wait, I have a headache.. XD
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:49 p.m.

[ Thursday, October 18, 2001 ]
A HUGE hugz and a Sano plushie for Charlene-chan!!! I love this layout! It's gorgeous... and I really mean it, I mean what I say. Thank you... and You know I love you, ne? XD Onnatachi's been a gift from god~ well, a gift from Charlene XD Ne, Charlene-chama, we don't have the link to your blog! I'll be adding it on... but not now, I'm having my IT class ^^;;.
Mou... I didn't manage to finish my maths coursework. I fell asleep sometime near 2am... and I managed to get an extension for tomorrow.
Gotta go!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:21 a.m.

[ Wednesday, October 17, 2001 ]
...The fuck.
According to the letter I've just received from school, it says that 'the hem of girls' skirts hsould sit just above the knee and girls must resist the temptation to roll their skirts up at the waist to shorten them'. Well, MS. FLINT(Flint?!?), May I remind you, on behalf of the students of SIS, that our school uniform is INDECENT as it is?!? What the fuck, the material of the skirt is THIN, white cotton with small green stripes on them, see through, thank you very much and UGLY. THAT, is indecent. Whilst the length for some _are_ indeed indecent, and should not be so short, it is also to be kept in mind that we look like a community of lunatics with a BAD fashion sense when the fucking hems of the skirts are at KNEE length. We look, incredibly dorky, stupid, gawky, awkward, and UGLY, in short. DOWDY is the right term for it. Short skirts may be a problem for you, but I might as well mention that if you idiots want them long so the school can look 'conservative and smart', making them long is not the answer, cuz we look STUPID with long skirts. Don't get me wrong, I like long skirts, but our summer uniform skirts are NOT meant to be LONG. So FUCK YOU.
And what's this about the colouring of hair?!? Excuse me, but it clearly states in the school diary that the colouring of hair is allowed, although extreme cases are not. Extreme would be neon green, pink yellow etc. EXTREME is NOT a lighter blonde for the dark blondes, nor lighter browns for the dark browns. 'No streaks or highlights are permitted'. FUCK. I DON'T dye my hair, and I DON'T streak it either, but bloody hell, this is just... ridiculous! It's bad enough we have to wear hideous uniforms everyday, but now, we're not even allowed to express a shred of our individuality... FUCK.
And guess what. I've got less than three months of the summer uniform left, then I don't have school, and I go into the senior section. Which means, I don't wear uniform. So what the fuck... do I have to buy another freaking uniform skirt so I can get approval from Bitch Flint?!?
Give me a break.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 07:58 p.m.

[ Wednesday, October 17, 2001 ]
Yay, I spent the entire day on this one...hope you like it Anna! :3;; I don't know exactly what her name is, but she comes from RG Veda...and doesn't she have some nifty pets. O_o; Right, I have to rush now...my mom will start yelling at me for being here for hours.
--Charlene by the stony jade phoenix @ 07:53 p.m.

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