Onna Tachi is a blog shared by Anna and Charlene, two good friends who met on ICQ and have two special things in common: bishonen and the insanely strong periodic urges to jump them. O_o; Aw there now, don't be scared...do read on...! ;D

Anna is a 15 year old girl who lives in Hongkong, loves art to pieces and is currently into several JPOP bands. She loves Umeda-sensei so much it's scary, and knows how to speak and read Korean. *_*
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Charlene is 15 and from Singapore. She aspires to be an otaku and spends too much time with her manga, pc and anime. She loves bands like Radiohead, REM and Foo Fighters.
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|| Tuesday, October 16, 2001 || 05:50 p.m.
I've got Penguin Brothers 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luuuuurve the world~ *twirls around* UUUUUUGH, NAUSEA.....
Yup, you've guessed it. I'm sick again -_-;;. Spent two hours asleep in the medical room... cancelled maths tutorial... and yet I still got the tank. ^^;;
Aaaaand... I just realised that I'm really far behind on my work... like, I have NO storyboard done. And I'm supposed to be finished scanning them in -_--;. I may as well admit it right now, but I have absolutely no idea how to use Photoshop. And I'm supposed to use it, making different layers blah blah for a 30second animation blah blah blah... damn Ms.W... Then there's that math coursework. Shit, I think I'll do it tonight... no time tomorrow. And... media presentation... *groan*
And what's wrong with Boa? Her voice is so f*ed up sometimes... and her english is REALLY bad. MAN... and these morons in Korea are buttering her up to the public. Blah. I might say I hate KPOP (But no, Lex-chan, I don't hate KPOP ^^;;), but that would mean I hate the entire lot. Not true, not true, me like KPOP... just not all of them, and I hate most of the idiot new ones. Blah, and I HATE Dana. Most of the new SM crew SUCK shit.
Dad's coming back tomorrow... ^^ I must say, I'm glad to have someone in the house other than me, even if it's gonna be a bit bothersome to have him around. For instance, the entire house is gonna smell like tobacco... I have nothing against it really (except it's a major cause of lung cancer...) but my mom's really sensitive to that kinda stuff. She gets dizzy if there's dads smoking a bit. She gets dizzy with the artificial flavours in Thai food. And whilst I'm not as bad, I'm almost the same as my mom in these things. I don't eat Thai food cuz of the allergic reactions I get to it, but I get headaches with smoke. -_-;;
I'd better get going with my stuff.
And Charlene-chama's baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!! *hughughuggggggs* Welcome back futago-chan! I really missed you~ aiya woman, I've been so bored online without you~ Well, I had Tin-unni at times on AIM but she always manages to run away! Hidoi! So~ RELAAAAX girl~ =3 and go chomp on your tomatoes! I must say, I've never really had a liking for tomatoes... but then again, the ones here aren't too nice. And your friend is right, you do... uh, sound scary XD. But not as scary as the chats we have. You got Hanakimi 11. We have to talk XD. AND! I'm repeating myself, but Penguin Brothers 3 is OUT!!! I love the world~ and I love Hina-chan~ Tetsuta~ Isshiki-kun~ and a special squeeze for Nishizaki~ XDXD (And who the hell is that older girl?!?) I love penguin brothers~ And that butterfly bitch or whatever can just go rot in hell -_-;;. Does ANYONE else know of PB?!? There's no one to talk to~ ;_;
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Tuesday, October 16, 2001 || 06:18 a.m.
I failed you Anna-chama. I got 70 on your "How well do you know Anna" test. T_T *walks around in a stunned depressed daze* Lex is making us look bad! *dirty look* ^_^;;
--Charlene blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Saturday, October 13, 2001 || 08:45 p.m.
Bleh *flops down on chair* UUUUUUUUUGH.
I took my GCSE mock English Language exam today... maaan... I feel so sick right now. It was DAMN hard... two hours and fifteen minutes. Now I just feel like an idiot... the hall was booked so we had to do the damn exam in the REFECTORY (the Cafeteria...), where it was FRIGID. Stupid teachers turned the air conditioner up instead of down. I screwed up royally on the first question, did better on the second one, and did okay on the last one. *sighs* I hate exams... I started to have terrible pains in my stomach near the end of the exam, and I felt so... terrible. If this is the result of stress from a MOCK, what's it gonna be like for the REAL? -_-;;
Jeezus... what's up with this Filia person? Wasn't she Saavik or watzerface a few months ago? The one about web design copying... yeah. What the hell is the matter with her? I'm not even attempting to say anything which would sound like slander or vandalism... but seriously. Copying web design is just like plagiarism, and I for one, consider a copy cat as a person with petty and selfish morales and no sense of principle. I mean, come ON... is it just that they want to get complimented for this? Don't they feel ashamed or guilty when they KNOW they haven't done anything to deserve praise? Alexa, I'm sure I'm speaking for the rest of the online community when I say that everyone will back you up. And NO, Filia, it is NOT because she is 'well known' and an 'influential person' on the net. That she may be, but none of us would accuse you of ANYTHING unless we thought it was right to... or in my case, it is just an opinion of. I may have some prejudices against you, since I got a really bad impression of you from the blog war a few months back, but you can't deny it yourself. And that email you've sent Alexa was incredibly rude. You're just lucky she's nice enough to just post it publicly. If _I_ were the one in Alexa's shoes (...not that I'd ever be, since I don't touch web designing with a ten foot pole... no photoshop man-_-;;), I would probably have gone over to wherever the hell you are and beat you to a bloody pulp. With words or physical blows. Blah... I'm getting off the point again.
Point? Do your own stuff, and you'll get the respect due. Copy people's work? ...You think for yourself, and you'll get the answer, though in your case, you'll have to think long and hard. On the other hand, Kristine, I would say that firstly, you're a terrific person for being honest. And secondly... well, I'm glad there are still people who has a shred of conscience left in them.
...Hmph. Now I think I'll just go and puke. Ugh. Sweets are NOT good when your insides are in a knot.
Oh SHIT. I spent... 35+30+78=133... today. FUUUUUCK. A bit was lunch... the next bit was candy... and the next was manga. I don't regret buying manga, since I *HEART* Yorozuya Toukaido Honpo. The characters are delicious (XD)... Shima and Kaori are adorable *drools*... the story's cool, art is great and I'm ranting again. Ugh, feel sick, I'm going off.
OH! And another note! Kazaa RULES... I'm downloading songs like a maniac XDDDDDDDD
D-3... Penguin Brothers 3 is coming out... *niko*
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Wednesday, October 10, 2001 || 06:36 p.m.
Hmm... I've bought Binetsu Shoujo 10 today... the last volume. Apart from the rather unexpected sex scene (Which made the people looking at me STARE), the ending really made me feel waffy... Hiro's finally a doctor, Rina's pregnant... Taki and Ryuuji become singers (together! YES!)... I must say, what I like about Binetsu Shoujo, apart from the HOT guys, it's just... I don't really know how to say it, but the entire story, how they have to endure so much pain... it really got to me. I shed a lot of tears, and laughed my ass off at times (like when Hiro gets drunk................. -_-;;) with this manga, and I think I can rightly deck little prick Mike Ford when he says 'Comics are for Kids... my gosh Anna, are you and Miho really fifteen?!?'. Just a note to say that I punched a few holes in my diary with my pen and ripped the little asswipe with a few well-chosen words. Blah.
I've gotta go have dinner... I'll continue this later.
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Monday, October 8, 2001 || 08:49 p.m.
Pei Yi~ Hanakimi's like the most addictive manga there is... well, for granted, I'm addicted to most of the good stuff there is (XD) but the thing about it is... well... it's gone on for quite some time now, and yet, things don't seem too trite... I'm really curious about the ending. I really can't picture it, and most are really predictable. And oooooh, let's not forget the BISHOUNEN! And I'm tempting you? *hypnotic voice*Haaaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaakimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.... hanakimiiiiiiiiiiii..... Saaaaaaaaanooooooooooooo.... Umedaaaaaaaa.... (Why I'm I all of a sudden reminded of voodoo... and the snake that tempted Eve???) XD
Unni..., Onee-chan, are you okay? (I'm alternating between unni and onee-chan O_o;)... Where have you gone? Feel better and I'll see you on AIM *hugz*. You know we all love you here... and everyone respects you here. Love you unni~ *squeezes* And Hayama tells me to say that he 'doesn't hate you' XD. Kodomo no omochaaa........
Lex-chan~ fear you, I do. XD. And you really should get more than vol3~ Hanakimi's such a great series! I'll guarantee it! And you to Pei Yi! You MUST get vol7+! #7 is... full of the goooood stuff. I'm spoiling people again, but lemme just say the there's nothing like the hot springs to get you relaaaaaaaaaxed... and get the blood go rushing to your head XDXDXD. Oh dear, Sano's let the heat get to him XD. READ IT!
Oh yeah, today I scanned something into photoshop... and fiddled around with it. I had my rare bouts of intense, absolute madness... and Sam went 'O_o;;;'. A biig screech of the chair rolling away from me btw. I went absolutely crazy... I was cackling like mad, putting the damn gradient on the stupid door, cutting and smudging the wrong places, screeching curses and hysterical giggles all the while... it was just me and Sam in the tiny, cramped Activities office... and my voice was resonating XD. This was for media, and I was just working on trying to colour things in... but I really didn't know how to, so I made a HUGE mess of things XD. But seriously... I was crazy. If I saw anyone else doing what I was doing I would have went 'dot dot dot'. XD. But the even more amazing thing was, the door opened with a bam, Ms. Wilson came striding in whilst I was busy screeching at the airbrush... and all she saw was Sam gaping at an apparantly normal and serious Anna. XD. She was FREAAAAAAAAAKED. As soon as Ms.W went out of the room, I started cackling about how fast I managed to pretend I was acting normal. I swear, Min Jung must have slipped in some drugs in my lunch. It's the only way to explain it XDXDXD.
And 'W' reminds me... 'W Juliet' is fuuuuuun! I've read it during the summer and I really liked it. Now, I'm searching HK's manga stores like a rabid lunatic -_-;;. Damn, there's only #8. I'm waiting for Penguin Brothers3, TSK3 and Hanakimi16. All out for next week, more or less.
And next week... well, starting this Wednesday, my mother is going to be in Korea for maybe a little over a fortnight. My dad's gonna be absent for quite a while during that time. So I have the entire house to myself. I have my Mock GCSE English Exam this Saturday... and then Half Term a week after the mock... heheh... the house is MINE...... *eyes glint*
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Sunday, October 7, 2001 || 04:07 p.m.
Hi Pei Yi~ and there definitely _is_ Something about them... Julia's in Japan till vol8... and hmmmmm.. you just have to read it! They make such a great pair~ (Even if it's cute to see Nakatsu pining after his 'guy' friend XD) they communicate just by the tones of their voices XD like she argues in English and Nakki-chan in kansai-ben XDXDXD. And... there's this thing in 7... *spooooooiler* Nanba, Nakatsu and Sano have their photos taken by these girls from St. Blossom... and Julia half mumbles "He'd be alright, if he just kept his mouth shut...". Was that for Nanba or Nakatsu?!?!?!?!
And LEX-CHAAAN!!!! I was looking looking all over for you~ I was like 'WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK?!?!? !@#$#!@$%$#%^%' when I couldn't find you^^;;. I'm glad you're baaaaack~ me missed you! And yeah, Nanba is definitely his surname... And I like Nakatsu's name as well! Shuuichi~ *hearts*. It's a bit of a shocker for Umeda-sensei to have HOKUTO for his name (of all things... reminds me of Sumeragi Hokuto). And Izumi is a fine name for Sano... but I keep thinking of him as Sano, and his brother as Shin XD. Luv the Sano kyoudai-tachi I dooooooooo~ *hearts*
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Sunday, October 7, 2001 || 11:57 a.m.
Just as a side note to that... she's younger than me by a year. And she is SOOO not pretty. And she acts like she's older than me... the clothes she wears? I wouldn't dare to ask my mother to buy me clothes that cost that much, even for a special occasion. Once, there was this really cute skirt I wanted to get... I didn't even bother thinking about buying it after I saw the price tag... $800. And guess what? The next week... she got her mom to buy it for her. And she wore it in front of me to flaunt it. BITCH. And then... her parents found out about her boyfriend... there was this fuss and she stayed out in the park overnight. They found her with her boyfriend... they've broken up now, but she still wears his rings. May I mention, thick, platinum with small diamond tank ring? Her parents bought her a mobile phone costing more than three times the price of my own. THEN, after looking at my MD player, she convinced her parents to buy it for her. THE SAME FUCKING MODEL AND KIND. I know I'm ranting, but I need to get this out. She's been selling my name to cover up for what she does... using my reputation. The little bitch.
I know she's going to go around bitching about me, how I've abandoned her, how bithcy I was to her... but there's this little fact that I've lived in HK for five years... eight, if I include my first time here. My parents have been known in HK for over twenty years. They are respected, my sisters have gone to the best universities in Korea. Bitch's family is a small, insignificant part of a little bank, from the Korean branch. Anyone who knows them, knows that they're a little... weird. In the bad sense, without any stereotype. They're not rich, nor respected... and bitch's siblings are plain... annoying, stupid kids. Their entire family is like that.
... They need to know their place in HK society. Cuz if bitch tries anything against me... it's not just me who will retaliate. It's also more than two thirds of the HK Korean society who had known me... some when I was a four year old baby. They all support me, and they know me. And from the possible fuss she's gonna make... I'm not gonna be the loser.
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Sunday, October 7, 2001 || 11:36 a.m.
Charlene-dear, I'd love to scan something in and send it... and I will too. But my English exam is coming up and I dunno ^^;;. It wouldn't take long to DRAW it, since I only use a pen for my drawings, and it takes less than ten minutes... but it's the scanning bit ^^;; I have no idea... but I'll do what I can, and I'll try to do it soon. Good luck with your exams!
Tin-unni... I really hope you're feeling better now. And if anyone bugs you, tell them to go find something better to do. Feel better~ okies? *hugs onee-chan and sends her Sano*
Hmm... you know that bitch I talked about once? The one who came waltzing into my life, stealing a special guy and turning me into a total bitch? I finally ended it with her. And she keeps acting like an injured 'damsel in distress', and it's getting irritating. The annoying truth is, she acts it well, cuz well... she's rather pathetic. I wouldn't judge her simply on her grades... even if they're appalling. And I wouldn't judge her on the REASONS why they are so low. But as conceited as this may sound, I hate people who don't have a SINGLE good thing in them. And that's what she's like. If she is stupid, she should at least have some common sense. If not, she should be an honest person... not someone who manipulates people into doing things.. telling other people that 'Anna didn't want you to come' when she didn't want the others to come. I'm sick and tired of it. Manipulating people is one of the things I hate, and that's exactly what she does, and did to me. After coming to our Korean school, basically ruining my relationship with JW, and doing all sorts of shit depending on ME to cover for her... I'm through with it. Another reason she's good at the 'damsel in distress' act... she's on the uglier side of town, but she goes around, pretending to be girly, wearing clothes soooooo fucking expensive, wearing jewellry from places like J's and Mabelle... wearing expensive perfume... and she just acts like she's helpless, and stupid. Well, the latter two may not be an act... but compared to me, she's soooooo good at appealing to the guys who want the girl they can protect. I'm not that case. I'm the girl who PROTECTS them... I'm smart, I'm confident, I've got some really influencing friends, I've got the power, grades and I'm physically stong. Or at least, that's what people think of me. I never get lost, and I know my way around Hong Kong and the rest of this shitty world. So basically... I'm always seen as a 'strong, protecting' type. SCREW THAT.
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Thursday, October 4, 2001 || 07:36 p.m.
Archived! *dusts hands and beams* Urk...sorry for my prolonged absence here futago-chan... >__<; *prostrates self* But not to worry! A fresh pretty RG Veda layout will be coming soon! ^__^ But that will have to wait until after my stupid exams... *looks pained* Gomen gomen gomen!
Whaaaa~~~at?! What is this I hear about Hanakimi 16 coming out when the Chinese translators seem to have stopped permanently and not budged from volume 10 since well, centurions ago? Gah. *feels irked, disturbed and sulky all at once* Oh and about the name thing Anna love...I really can't say I am certain. *ears flop and looks miserable like the pitiful "translator" she claimed to be* I really did think Nanba's name (as in 1st name) was Minami, and his second Nanba, but come to think of it, I think I may be very foolishly mistaken. *feels irked, disturbed and embarrassed all at once* Gah! This is showing me up! *__* Well, I'll sniff around a little after my exams and hopefully turn up with more READ updates...I have too many sites I'm neglecting!! >__<
And, about those other variations of "I" like "ore" and "omae"...I know just what you mean Anna...we get a lot of this with the Chinese translations as well...which is another reason why I feel so strongly that Japanese is such a beautiful language...being able to express a simple word such as "I" in so many forms. *___*
Oh, and Anna? I changed my mind! I don't want no sketchbook! (Well who'm I kidding--of course I do! Actually anything by you would be perfect. ;_;) Just a scan of your art would be compensation. I dunno, I just get this feeling that your art will be something that would bowl me over. *nods* And as for your (very late) BDay present... *thinks* Gimme a couple more days and I will come up with a good alternative to a sketchbook... *sighs* How very unoriginal I am....
--Charlene blew ashes into dreamless oblivion