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Anna is a 15 year old girl who lives in Hongkong, loves art to pieces and is currently into several JPOP bands. She loves Umeda-sensei so much it's scary, and knows how to speak and read Korean. *_*
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Charlene is 15 and from Singapore. She aspires to be an otaku and spends too much time with her manga, pc and anime. She loves bands like Radiohead, REM and Foo Fighters.
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|| Wednesday, September 12, 2001 || 10:13 p.m.
You know what? Today, I mourned for a person. But this person wasn't one of those in the WTC. Of course, I did pray for the dead. But this man was the father of my friend. He died yesterday night, a day after an operation on his stomach... and my friend, his older sister and mother are left alone. I went to this... funeral? Ceremony thing.. they were catholic. And I was there, and I saw his face, heared him say a prayer from the book... and I started crying. He sounded so lost.. and so innocent. And I prayed for him, his family, and for his father to watch over them.
I also pray for the people around the world... not just the people who are injured, or died, but also the people around the world who has lost a loved one.
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Tuesday, September 11, 2001 || 10:36 p.m.
God Save us all. That, coming from me is a miracle, since I am a devout Buddhist. But it's the only thing I can say. God save us all.
Both towers have collapsed. At the moment, there is a hijacked plane on it's way to Washington D.C. The pentagon had a plane crashing into it as well.
*closes eyes*
All I can do... is send up a prayer. And I wish I had my sisters or Tin and Charlene's hands to hold onto. Because I'm scared. We might be facing another world war, as melodramatic as it sounds. And I have a really bad feeling about this... sharp intuition and a gut feeling.
I pray for the innocents dead. And I wish those behind the attack to hell.
The DEM line of the Palestines claim to this attack. Burn in hell. Hundreds of people died because of you guys. Thanks a lot. If the third World War comes up cuz of this, you guys are soooooooo screwed. You guys are DEAD.
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Monday, September 10, 2001 || 09:50 p.m.
-_-+++++UNNNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII *Borrows Charlene-chan's Demon Eyes* DID YOU GET KICKED OF AIM?!?! Je voudrais une... oh fuck, I don't know the F for French.... -_-;;.
Ah, anyways... I'll just make sure to catch you on the next time... both of you. UNDERSTAAAAAAAAAND?!?! *Tin-unni and Charlene-chama cowers* Much Better XD.
OOHLaLAA.... There's so much stuff that's happened that would piss off a saint, and I won't even mention them.. or at least, most of them.
I'll just start by saying that my finger's never gonna recover, they've done what they can for me, and now BYEBYE. HA. Remind me I'm gonna sue Simran. Oh yeah, and you know what? My grip has gotten stronger than before... it used to be 26kg for my right and 21kg for my left... now it's like 31Kg for my right and 24Kg for my left... fun. Hm. Now who to use it on...
And another annoying thing. 'The Satan Diaries' is inappropriate for Disney. Which means I've got to make a entire new story, a new proposal and a goddamn new storyboard. DAMMIT. I spent ages on that thing... and it's rejected cuz of some hotch potch policy Disney works on. Well, just SUCK IT pal, I'm PISSED OFF AT YOU DISNEY. It's no fucking wonder you haven't had a fucking hit since god-knows-when, so forgive me god for using thy name in vain, even if I may as well mention that I'm a Buddhist -_-+++. WHATever. Ms.W sez "Look, if it were for an anime, it would have been fabulous. You had some great stuff in there. But DISNEY... we've been doing Disney for the past four months, and you still don't get it?!?"... and quote. Damn. Disney is just a name now... Atlantis totally bombed. Well screw them too, Dreamworks are gonna kick their asses. EVERYONE watched SHREK. And ATLANTIS bombed, whether you like it or not. Just chew on THAT and think of what the FUCK is wrong with you people.
HMPH. I feel SO much better. DAMMIT.
On Wednesday, I have a swimming heat... and I'm in for the 100M Freestyle, 50M Freestyle and Freestyle Relay. May I mention that I am not a good swimmer, and for the past two years when I swam 100M in a competition I either fainted or practically collapsed? NO? Well FUCK YOU Joanna. You get the best for yourself cuz you're the SPORTS CAPTAIN... I'll tell you what. I was Sports Captain before you deary, and I did NOT put myself before that. So chew on THAT.
Okay, I HAVE to think of something nice before I blow up... Math homework- nope not that- Chem investigation-not THAT either!-.. PENGUIN BROTHERS. OKAY! That's it!!!
Penguin Brothers... I love lots of series of manga, but I'm obsessed with it right now... and I'm frustrated cuz there's only 2tanks of it... T_T HIDOIIIIIIII~ Oh yeah, and I found a Chinese version of it! I'm gonna give it to my friend for her birthday... I've been thinking of what to give her. She can't read jap, so that's out... when I walked right up to the Chinese manga store. Bam. It hit me... and I saw KOREAN manga! In CHINESE!!! And I happen to LOVE that series... XD. So.. what I'm going to do is, I'm going to buy a volume of manga, starting from today... every week, until her birthday, 25th October. So... I'll just see what happens. I'm just going to get her my favourites... I hope she likes them.
Charlene! Tin! Try Penguin Brothers!!! It's so cuuuuuute~
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Sunday, September 9, 2001 || 03:24 p.m.
HOLY SHIT!!! That is one HELLUVA gorgeous layout! I think this is the first Kanoe I've even LIKED! Nice work onee-chan!
Hmm... yesterday, I had to go to this gallery thing... and whilst it was a bit boring and all, later on I ended up going over to Janice's house... and I slept over. Totally unexpected really, since it's like the first time in three years I've slept over at a friends. ^^. But it was fun... we (or I, since I did most of the talking) talked until three in the morning... and I got to say all my insecurities, my doubts and my depressions. And Janice listened to me... and I can say, that for my RL friend, she is the best and most precious I have... well, her and Daniel ^^. I have little fights with them... very, VERY rare and upsetting quarrels, but we always get through it all. I love these guys.
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Friday, September 7, 2001 || 08:32 p.m.
Well? Where should I start.
Maybe I shouldn't start at all... but then I wouldn't have the satistfaction of bawling... Okay. The weather here in HK is absolutely scary... there's huge crashes and rumbles of thunder, and biiig flashes of lightning... I do love the weather, truely I do. But I can't deny being afraid of the thunder and lightning. I've always been afraid of the weirdest things... spiders. And scary movies. And some more stuff... but that would be telling ^^;;. And to think, my friends all expected me to lead them into a horror movie... ^^;;;;....
Apart from the weather... well, to do a lot with the weather, the rain was pouring down in sheets... so I had a hard time seeing through the rain, partly thanks to the minute amount of sleep I've had for the past few days (I get incredible dizzy spells, believe it or not). And I kept on getting water on my feet... I was sodden. And the school construction began again, so we have to climb up a slope for quite a bit to actually get to the LOWER ground floor. And so... my school life starts again.
Almost everything's the same... except that my media teacher is SO nice now... we used to be really afraid of her, but I've never seen her so relaxed before... I mean, I heard stories, but I never could believe them. And now, I'm starting to. I handed in my stuff for media... my teacher asked me if I took any French lessons during the holidays... so far, everything's been good. Except for the lack of sleep, I'm feeling way too tired, and I've been sick all week. And I was practically dozing in Physics today... I was sitting upright on the table cuz Mr.A was showing us an experiment on radioactivity... with cobalt whatever (I'm not very strong on physics... the worst out of my three sciences), and I kept on waking up when my head nodded too hard. I felt so guilty to Mr.A... he's so nice to me, but that can't help me from falling asleep in the first lesson of the day.
Oh, and I've discovered I have exams all through the school year. YAY. Starting from next month, meaning I'm doing exam preparations in English right now.
My new school diary is practically wallpapered with manga colour images... KKJ, TSK, CCS, Gundam Wing XDXD, DN Angel... ^^;; everyone was boggling at the insides of my diary. It's a pity I didn't put any Shinhwa pics in it... I mean seriously, they are HOT. And I really like Shin Hye Sung.
Tin-unni, XD I'll buy a copy of The Satan Diaries, translate it, and I'll send it to you~ just don't expect it anytime soon ^^;;. My Birthday present for Charlene-chama is already six months late and I'm gonna do a new one for her~ ^^;;. But trust me... it'll be worth the wait. The art is good, story is CUTE, the characters..*swoons*. And just a note to say your RL friends are SCARY. XD
And speaking of Charlene-chan... I had a chat with her a few hours ago... and by gods, did I miss her. We had fun... and found more similarities in each other than ever... it's so scary~ and FUN! Now I just wish Tin-unni can come on as well, so we can have.. another torture session. ^^;. And also as a passing note, I really hope Charlene didn't collapse foaming at the mouth from the pic I sent her... a pic of me. ^^;; in a very weird pose I might add, but definitely me. With an ice-cream cone in my hand...
Tomorrow, there's a art exhibit of my Art teacher... you know, the teacher of the art studio I go to? I think I'll wear something formal... like that skirt I got last week.
And a very VERY grateful thank you to Sakura-unni for the link to the Houshin Engi site! I luv you MWAH~
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Friday, September 7, 2001 || 12:12 p.m.
*hugs Anna-chama and won't let go* It's okay...I just needed to get that out. A lot of things have happened this week, not all are necessarily bad, but of course not all are good either. A very strange conflicting combination I guess. I just need to get out and talk with my friends or something...I'll be fine. I am fine. Thank you for your concern. *bawls* And I need to talk to you too. Very. Badly. O____<;
--Charlene blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Wednesday, September 5, 2001 || 08:15 p.m.
Uuh... okay, just so I can get my mind off the first day of school and the media project...
I've bought the first volume of Houshin Engi. So far, so good. The problem is, it's either I'm a complete moron or I'm just too stressed (fever's rising again...), but I really don't get anything... and Japanese tankubon are so tiny... it gives me a headache to squint at the text, along with all the actions. So can anyone help enlighten me to what it's about? Not that I need another obsession (Hanakimi still has the potential to drive me to the poorhouse...), but just curious... since I've bought it. I also bought three Rurouni Kenshin (which I love and adore but no thanks to buying the entire set, thank you very much), and a volume of Binetsu Shoujo... it's a fun series, though I did get pissed off when I found out, I already read all of volume nine in Korea thru the fortnightly phonebook editions...
And on a last note. HA. It makes me feel reaaaaaally strange to be back at school... cuz I happen to be in my last year of the (Crummy and Distastful with capitals) Uniforms. I feel so old~
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Wednesday, September 5, 2001 || 04:33 p.m.
Charlene dear... why don't you take a deep breath, drink some herb tea and tell me what's going on? You sound so depressed... and sad... you want me to send Umeda-sensei? Or Nakki-chan? Don't be sad... and if you want cheering up, I can tell you all the things that went wrong today and what will go wrong tomorrow, and what will go wrong in my entire life^^;; if that would cheer you up. Or maybe I'll just send that goddamned sketchbook of mine....
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Monday, September 3, 2001 || 06:45 p.m.
Woah... turns out I don't have to go to school tomorrow... no one was allowed to go to school today cuz the weather was being weird... And Hong Kong's got a very good system regarding the weather (even if the forecasts are CRAP and the weather girls are even worst). And from what I remember when I was in year seven (a looong long time ago in history), you go to school on monday when there's only the teachers.. and you have your normal lessons. The higher years aren't there so the year sevens can adjust better to school. Well... today was that day. And since no one could go to school, I guess the day's tomorrow, and WE go to school on wednesday! *cheers*. The joys of being old -_-;;. You know, it only seemed like yesterday when I was starting year seven... GCSEs seemed years away, and now... I'm in year 11, the year when I'm finishing my two year course of GCSE... wow. I've come a long way. And somehow, I've never imagined I'd end up here...
Well, this gives more time to focus on my project... uh.. can anyone tell me how 'The Satan Diaries' sound? It's a story I'm going to be using for my media animation. Yup, I've decided that a twisted Romeo and Juliet wasn't gonna work well....
The story (if you're interested) is about this king of the mazoku... let's just call it 'Satan' since it's unlikely my media teacher's gonna know what mazoku is anyways. I'd call it 'majok' or 'mazok' as the Koreans call it, but you guys know the Jap version better... Anyways. This guy called Rhyneph... is the new Head of the Mazoku. Of course, he isn't the only Head around, but this kid's a bit special... he's really young, only 15 or so. And he's a really... well, bishounen. ^^; A very ... uh... pretty boy? I guess that's the word. Unless you guys want a better image, think of Kamui or Subaru... just get the mental image. Or better yet, Nokoru ^^;;;;. And he's been raised in the Human world. And he's very sensitive, and goes weak at the sight of blood. The most unsuitable candidate for a Mazoku Head, ne? Anywayz... there's this girl called Eclipt (her real name's Eclipse). And she's class under the Head, so even if she's got the power, personality, strength etc, she can't be the head. She serves Rhyneph, and teaches him, calling him Rhyneph-sama etc... but everyone mistakes her for the Head, not Rhyneph. Cuz in physical aspects, Eclipt is tall, has loooong bootiful black hair, impressive and she's got a generally scarier aura than Rhyneph, who is a short pretty boy with light blond hair and dark green eyes. ^^;; And Rhyneph is reaaaaaaaally sweet.
Er... still interested?
Well, there's this curse on the name of Rhyneph (like Rhyneph the fourth etc.) and Rhyneph has to fight those who inflicted the curse on Rhyneph the Fourth, the Rhyneph before him. But the current Rhyneph is to... weak willed, if you like, to fight. So here Rhyneph has a personality split. His alter ego appears who is FREAKY, even with the same face... and this guy is NOT nice. But he's supposed to be funny...
What brought this idea? Originally, it's a manga from Korea called 'Mawang Ilgi' by Kara, literally 'The Satan (or head of mazoku-_-;;) Diaries'. The story's a bit... different from the version I'm doing. Cuz for starters, Eclipt is a GUY, not a girl. But will Disney and more importantly, will Ms. WILSON accept this? NO. So... even if the original is a bit shounen-ai-ish, with Rhyneph and Eclipt, that will have to go. Urgh. I prefer Eclipt as a guy (he's HOT) but a female will have to do. And it will be amusing to see a woman defending a man, er, boy. In Disney. Hmph. We shall see. Maybe if I can learn how to scan et al, I'll load a pic of Rhyneph and Eclipt, both my version and Kara's version.
And Lex-chaaaaan, thanks^^. And I'll try not to go deeper into my teenage adolescent self-angst *laughs*^^. You're the best~ And Charlene-chama too! I love you both~ and Lika-chan as well! LIKA! Where are you?!?!?
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Monday, September 3, 2001 || 10:50 a.m.
Ugh *slaps face to keep awake* this is going to be a looong list of complaints so bug off if you're not interested -_-;;.
Oops... sorry, that sounded really rude. But tomorrow, school starts, I haven't finished ONE project out of the three I was supposed to comlete for tomorrow, and I'm STUCK, I'm SICK and I feel like I'm gonna die. Sound familiar? I'm not even warmed up.
Yesterday, I spent my time TRYING to do my work. Which didn't really work well, really, since I couldn't concentrate. Why, do you ask? Well, it starts from Anna being an idiot and buying too much food for herself, and therefore EATING too much food, and resulting in a full stomach which wouldn't digest, no matter how many pills Anna takes. Therefore, Anna, who cannot work on a overloaded stomach starts to get sick, on TOP of how sick she is right now. Anna then starts TRYING to do her work again. When she stumbles on some fanfics. Anna, being the weakling that she is, starts reading them like a rabid fangirl (thus resulting in her going out to buy RK manga), and then feeling woozy, she decides this is the last straw, and tries to do her work once more. Then, parents come home. Mother-darling tells Anna to go to Kevin's house to get the videos she and father wants to watch, regardless of fact that her youngest daughter is SICK with a stupid temperature and feels like throwing up, preferably on top of father-dearest, since he's being mean and keeps on smoking the house up. Anna goes, gets a huge bagful of clothes Kevin's sister can't, or doesn't wear anymore, staggers to wellcome supermarket (or the pathetic excuse for it) and buys a big milk carton. Staggers once more across Cityplaza and stops at manga store. Buys HanatoYume19, staggers (even more!) to flat, dumps stuff and drags herself to her room. By this time, she is soaked through thanks to the incessant rain falling from the heavens, which Anna curses at this moment in time. Gets better and better.
Then. Anna FINALLY starts working (after trying on the various clothing and finding them TIGHT)*cheers* Mom comes in and says 'Anna, get the broadband connection on, I'm coming in to watch Korean TV'. Note that Anna has ADSL broadband WHATEVER connection which allows them to watch TV from practically any part of the world. So, Anna gets off the computer, therefore gets off the project, and lets mother and father watch TV on the internet for 3 hours (Anna does not watch TV). ... Anna was very pissed off last night, and this is not the end of it.
And then, Anna, being kicked off the computer, sets out to photocopy the storyboard frames. Only to remember that her fax machine is crapped up, so she has to copy one infuriating page by another. Anna must make 30 copies, for 30 seconds of animation. By the time her patience starts to snap, Mom and Dad fight over him smoking and Anna gets PISSED OFF. For the first time in her life, she yells at both parents telling them to please SHUT UP, just for the night cuz their daughter has a fever, she's feeling sick, and she's fecking stressed up, not to mention pissed off, so just SHUT UP. That shuts them up (to a certain degree...) and Anna stalks off to room. Anna then finds she cannot work because of the loud noise of the TV, so she bangs head on desk and tries to concentrate. In the end, she just gives up and goes to bed, at approximately 1:00am.
Morning, 9:00am, alarm rings, Anna slaps it shut and sleeps. Wakes up at 9:30, eats ddukbokki, and logs on to computer, writing this worthless entry which is surely pissing people off at this point of the entry.
...What the hell started this? Oh yeah, I logged on to grovel for some sympathy that I'm sick and I feel miserable.
Charlene-chaaaaan~ *cowers under demon eyes* thanks for the concern~ I'll try to get better... though I do want to miss school, if for getting more time to work on my projects... ^^. And Baby Love really is good isn't it... Not that I dislike Shuuhei, but I like Yuuki MUCH better. Yuuki, the guy who cries at the end... I like him so much. I mean, Shuuhei hasn't really CRIED because of love, has he, when Seara had... in some ways, Shuuhei was a bit of an ass. And speaking of fansites for Baby Love, why don't you make one yourself? I can help you with some stuff (as long as it's contents, not anything remotely html^^;;), and you'd do a great job! And while you're on a Ayumi Shiina high, read penguin brothers!
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Sunday, September 2, 2001 || 06:11 p.m.
ANNA!! *__* *demon eyes* Get better soon ya hear me?! Ya hear??! I think I saw you online just as you were leaving last night. >_<; And thank you ever so much for the compliments, they mean so much coming from you. :33;;
And do believe me when I say I choked on tomato juice (EW!) as I was reading your entry about Korean translated manga...oh gawd!! *wipes tears* XDDD;; Chinese manga isn't as bad as all that, but it still is a trial to locate manga whose titles you know only in Japanese. =/ Oh yes, and Ayumi Shiina's "Baby Love" is fantastic! *__* It's so lovely and sentimental...I really really love the guy who cried as he had to give Seara up to Shyuuhei... (I'm going by the names you provided...Baby Love needs some fansites--and fast! O_o) He was so great. If he were mine, I'd wrap him in silk and take him home with me and give him a bubble bath and treat him real good. ;_;
--Charlene blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Saturday, September 1, 2001 || 11:50 p.m.
The bug must be going around.. cuz I'm sick right now as well. I had the worst case of non-period cramps today, my body+skin aches (momsaaaaaaaal......), I had dinner with a family I've never met before, 'accidentally' ate something (swalo tang= sweet'n sour and hot soup -_-;;) with seafood in (hence the allergic reaction....) and now my skin hurts whenever something is touching it, and I generally feel SICK.
And today at Korean school wasn't too good either.
As a joke, I got some chocolate to give to *ahem* this guy I like. As an aphrodiac. And as the incredibly twisted way my life goes (and the way the cosmos moves in general-_-;;), the chocolate ended up not in the aforementioned guy's hands, but to a DIFFERENT guy. Who just happens to be a close friend of mine. Who just happened to had a freaking crush on me for four goddamned years. Blah. (by the time I got around to telling him I liked him ^^ (cuz I thought I did), he got over me. After confessing to me TWICE-_-;;)But ANYWAYS. See what I mean by twisted? He's still a close friend of mine (even if he's a bit of a perv), but I felt cranky about not being able to give the FIRST guy the thrice-damned chocolate. BLAH.
And just before I crawl into bed...
CHARLENE-CHAN!!! CONGRATS ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF SHIZUKESAAAAAAAAAAA and your Mint shrine! It's so sweet~ congrats congrats~ *glomps and hops around, then thuds to the ground* Eh. Forgot I'm an invalid right now -_-;;. But CONGRATS SWEETIE~ I officially dub your my twin sisteeeeeer~ we WERE separated at birth! (what does this have to do with anything...^^;;). OOOh.. And I REALLY love this Mint Wallpaper... absolutely gorgeous. I'm gonna use it when I get tired of having Sakataki-kun on my desktop ^^;;
Now off to bed before I collapse.
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Friday, August 31, 2001 || 05:02 p.m.
O_o;; *blinks* looks at book again. *blinks*. Waaaaaaitasec.... Imadoki's ending HERE??!?!?!? NO WAY! Okay, it's a perfectly acceptable ending.. but it seems so rushed! MAAAN...
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Thursday, August 30, 2001 || 03:12 p.m.
ARGH! What's WRONG with this?? Stupid link won't LOAD!!!! ARGH!
Hmm.. today is not a good day. I woke up late, I'm still groggy, I can't do my homework, I went out to buy McDonalds and it was POURING. So since I didn't have an umbrella, naturally, I got soaked. Then I came home and had my lunch. And my hair started drying, giving off that stench of hair chemicals they used when I got my hair straightened again. And trust me, it's a disgusting smell. Bleh.
Now off to do my hwk again...
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Wednesday, August 29, 2001 || 09:27 p.m.
And on another translated manga note... 'kay, Fushigi Yuugi becoming 'hwansang game' is no prob with me. But it's the names.. I mean, yeah, they HAD to change the Kanji into Korean... but the names are sooo... ugh. 'Miaka' was Miju. Tamahome was 'Yuugwi', the 'gwi' for the 'oni'. It's like the rest of the seishi had names starting with 'yuu', like 'Yuushim' for Nakago, and 'Yuujung' for Chichiri... and it makes sense, really it does. But Soi was 'yuubang'. Which means 'breasts' in Korean. XDXD. Suiting?
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Wednesday, August 29, 2001 || 09:17 p.m.
Sakura-san, you might want to try the pirated versions of the manga... but then again, you might have a screaming rage over the frankly DISGUSTING Korean names the characters are given. I do. Ye gawds, seriously... some of the NAMES! Okay, lesseee... from Marmalade Boy, Miki:Sulgi, Yuu:Boram. Okay, I have nothing against these names, some of the people I know have these names. But is BORAM a GUYS name? I don't think so! And does it SUIT Yuu? No. Okay, another example... Hanakimi. I forgot the details, but I think Mizuki is YooJin (okay, nice name... but Mizuki's better) and I think Sano was something like KangJin... these are very good names, in contrast to the disgusting... 'chulsoo's and 'soonhee's... *gags* excuse me. My point? Pirated versions suck. So what brought on this rant? Uhh... oh yeah. Pirated versions, even with the ugly names, might be better in translations... or at least, according to the other unnis at the hakwon -_-;;. On a last note on pirated manga... the titles are sometimes weird. How 'Hanazakari no kimitachi e' became 'ehsongieui sarang' is beyond my comprehension. -_-;;
And DAMN. I just missed Charlene online... if she WAS on AIM that is. Bought Ribon, and I can't read anything at the moment.
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Wednesday, August 29, 2001 || 07:02 p.m.
Charlene-chama*wails* You okay youokayyouokay?!?!?!?!? ANSWER ME DAMMIT!
Ahem. 'scuse me for being stupid. Charlene... you okay? Foot hurt a lot? Put some white flower oil thingydibob on it and rub it... ouch. Sprained ankle huh. Get those myself and does not make my day to be sure. Don't move around on it too much, you'll make it worst.
And about Baby Love... well, at first Seara seems like a real snot, but she's a big sweetie deep down ^^ she's being bitchy to Haru for a reason. Although she's a tad illogical (what's so good about big breasts?) and obsessed (Shyuuhei-kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!!), she's a nice kid. And she's only like what, 12? XD. It's a cute story to read, and I did find myself crying at some points ^^. OOH. And speaking of manga, I LOVE TSK. Actually no, it's more like I ADORE IT. It's so fuuun~ cuuuuute~ and I LOVE Arina Tanemura... and the fact that she's my sister's age boggles me. But anyways.. KKJ and TSK make me go 'HAAAAAAAAANYAAAAAAN'... you get the idea XD. Sakataki~ Hizukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ CHIAKI!
Tin-unni, You have NO IDEA how much I miss both you and Charlene-chan.... *sniffles* I really need some good (read:scary) fantalk on AIM... And I NEVER CATCH YOU GUYS! MAAAAAAAAN! But the point is... I really miss you guys ^^ So come ONLINE!
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Tuesday, August 28, 2001 || 11:42 a.m.
Ah! Anna, I was wrong. The heroine is turning out to be sweet and nice after all...gomen. ^_^;;; And, like you, I really am beginning to like Aymu Shiina's manga style. The colour art is so pretty! *_*
--Charlene blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Monday, August 27, 2001 || 08:47 p.m.
OMG Anna, tell me this isn't true...I just rented all 9 volumes of Ayumi Shiina's "Baby Love" today!!!! TODAY! O_O;; This is just too weird...LOL! ^_~;
Yes you're right, I've just read part of the first volume, but already I'm beginning to like the direction the story is going. I can't say the same for the heroine of the story though...perhaps she'll change later, but she seems to me to be a well...vindictive two-headed snake who will bite anyone who gets in her way...well, that's putting it a little harsh...but I can just see her becoming a spoilt brat later on...I can't judge though, I'm not even past the first volume. ^^;;;
And yeeesss...why do you ask? Hanakimi IS impossible to get away from. *sprouts fox ears* Ohohohohoho~~! ^.^
--Charlene blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Monday, August 27, 2001 || 07:19 p.m.
I'm in Hong Kong! And it's HOT here!
Charlene-dearest, I so get what you mean about the heat... and crazy weather. Though in my case it's not the weather that's crazy, it's myself. I bought five volumes of manga today. Not Korean manhwa. I mean the freaking expensive JAPANESE manga. -_-;;But it's SOOOO worth it. Imadoki5, Penguin Brothers 1,2 and TIME STRANGER KYOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*screams* Lemme just remind people that I wasn't supposed to blow over have of my week's allowance....-_-;;.
Penguin Brothers... I happen to love Ayumi Shiina... I've got all nine volumes of Baby Love... ^^ her style is typical but it's sweet. And Penguin Brothers do make me feel good ^^ ^^. Haven't read TSK yet, but I am going to tonight...
Lex-chan...*looks at Charlene-chama* You know, Hanakimi is impossible to get away from? //^^//. You haven't got a chance of escaping the hanakimi madness XD. You really haven't got a chance. I'm a hanakimi crazed idiot, and it's all my dear twin sister's fault *looks at Charlene-chama again*. And speaking of hanakimi... Tin-unni... ^^ ^^ *light glints off cleaver* didn't you say there was a Umeda fic you did, hmmm?????
And Tin-unni~ you're back at the pillow book! *cheers* LJ has been driving me crazy~ and I missed your layouts.. then again, I'm gonna miss those cute icons..^^
Okay... lemme do a series check...
Hanakimi(jap&korean), Imadoki, Fushigi Yuugi, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (Korean), DN ANGEL (jap&korean), X (korean&jap), clover(korean&jap), card captor sakura (Korean&jap), Mint na bokura(jap&chinese), Daa Daa Daa, Wish(K&J), Time Stranger Kyoko, Penguin brothers and Baby Love(Korean). Oh dear. And that's only the Japanese ones... *bangs head against keyboard* let's not forget the ASUKAs and HANATOYUMEs.... -_-++++#
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Saturday, August 25, 2001 || 02:15 p.m.
KYAYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA~ I'm a psychopath! I love the world! And I haven't done any of the two month projects all my teachers gave me! And I'm DEAD! And I just had a huge chocolate cake *swoon* for dessert after a lunch in Bennigans and I'm just crazy!
So. Ahem, news to make up for the past few days. Thought I was dead? You're not that lucky XD.
First of all. I have discovered... 'Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge'. A manga... which is extremely funny. Made me start laughing in the dead of the night... very very VERY funny! Hilarious! I can't believe I just discovered it! And I want to buy it, but the nearly 60 manga tanks in the box isn't letting me. Boo.
And I'm leaving Korea in less than three days. Which means school is starting after a week and a bit. Which explains my panic and why I'm not doing any work. I'm fried... dead. No more Anna, zilch. I'm DEAD!!!!
Okay, someone PLEASE, give me an idea for a Disney Animation feature... I need to make the story board which would last 30 seconds as an animation.. and I NEED A STORY! NOW! TIN! LIKA! HELP MEEEEE!!!!! I promise I'll do anything, just GIVE ME A STORY! You guys have brains for stories, HELP ME!!! AND CHARLENE-CHAN AS WELL!!!!
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Wednesday, August 22, 2001 || 06:02 p.m.
100 yen is 1000 won BTW.
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Wednesday, August 22, 2001 || 05:53 p.m.
I AM GODAWFUL CRAZY! FECKING NUTS! I just did a manga check, you know the ones I bought during the summer?
...If I recieve the ones I've ordered, it's a whopping fifty one. FIFTY ONE. One and fifty. *screams again then faints*
What the hell possessed me?!? I should have known better! And what's worst, I even bought the same book twice! Did that TWICE! So I've got like two useless books, which I can't even CHANGE since I was like 'ooh, if my sisters see the receit they're gonna kill me' and I threw the receit away! TODAY! AAAAAAAAARGH!
*mumbles* Fifty-one....fifty one.... do you realize how much MONEY THAT IS?~?!?!?!?!?!?!?! lemme get the checklist... 179500 in Korean won. That's probably more than 200 US dollars... AAAAARGH! Or is it three?!?!?!
Ye lords... I'm fecking screwd I tell you. And that's ONLY the manga I've bought... I've borrowed more. And my cousin gave me some.... *clutches head and weeps* My mom's gonna kill me. I can't take this much... it would make the total of manga in the house... 220??!?!?!
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Monday, August 20, 2001 || 09:28 p.m.
Wai! It's been archived!
I've been out with my cousin yesterday... And I've bought CDs... around five? First of all, I bought an X Japan Piano album... c'est bien... tres bien. I love it! It's absolutely *swoon*.. you get the picture. And I bought Enya... very good, but I've only listened to it once. And... oh yeah, the SES Surprise album, and Coyote Ugly soundtrack... the 'Phantom of the Opera' was too expensive... maaan, REALLY expensive! I'd rather buy something else...
Oro... where's ff.net?!? Dammit, it's always down!
Charlene darling, it is indeed a miracle I don't look like a frankenstein... I mean, I look scary enough... -_-;; as appearances go, I'm not too bad off... it's just the perpetual look I have when I'm alone... -_-;;;;;;;. I'll send you a photo when I send the sketch book (gomengomengomen!!!!!)
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Sunday, August 19, 2001 || 04:00 p.m.
OMG Anna it's a wonder you don't resemble Frankenstein now! XDXD;; Me...no big mishaps during childhood...I was such a shy skinny gawky thing. ^_^; Still am in some ways too. o.O;
I remember backing away (hey, just like you! was it from some annoying little cousin you wanted to get away from?? XD) on a freshly mopped floor and slipped, falling and losing consciousness. That was freaky. o.O; Had to be hospitalised...that was the only time I ever got hospitalised. =/
--Charlene blew ashes into dreamless oblivion