Onna Tachi is a blog shared by Anna and Charlene, two good friends who met on ICQ and have two special things in common: bishonen and the insanely strong periodic urges to jump them. O_o; Aw there now, don't be scared...do read on...! ;D

Anna is a 15 year old girl who lives in Hongkong, loves art to pieces and is currently into several JPOP bands. She loves Umeda-sensei so much it's scary, and knows how to speak and read Korean. *_*
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Charlene is 15 and from Singapore. She aspires to be an otaku and spends too much time with her manga, pc and anime. She loves bands like Radiohead, REM and Foo Fighters.
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|| Friday, August 17, 2001 || 05:06 p.m.
Hmmmmmm~Tin-unni, it sounds like you're just as bad as I was (and still am T_T) when it comes to curiousity and accidents... well, in my case, accidents XD. Hmm lets see.....Situations?
Age 3: I decided I wanted to play the piano like my sisters did (seven fecking years!) and I was happily banging away at the piano, five mins before the train to Taegu (my grandparent's house... yuck.). And then oops, Anna-chan slips and the left corner of her mouth gets caught on SOMETHING and tears. Go to hospital, get stitches. Then board train to the house of doom. Luckily enough, it doesn't show.

Age 3..or 4: Anna-chan goes running around with cousins... playing catch. Anna-chan runs too fast 'bang!' and crashes her head onto the corner of the glass on the coffee table. Get stitches between the eyebrows. Luckily this doesn't show either.

Age 4 or 5: Anna-chan is mucking around in other grandparent's house. Is backing away slowly (don't ask) when her hand touches the heater... this big thing with a flat surface for heating kettles... only this time, it's not the kettle that gets scorched, it's the back of my left hand. The scald marks are still here to today, but no lumpy scars, just something like a henna tatoo.

Age 7: Anna-chan is running during PE... playing wolves and lambs. Anna-chan is a very fast runner... and can't keep control so she crashes into the wall on her face (note: feet are 30cm away from the wall) and breaks her permanant front tooth. Ouch. Has surgery and currently has a weird tooth in the middle of grin.

Age 8: Anna-chan is running to the playground. The way to the playground is the tracks. Soccer ball flys from the back, Anna-chan trips and rolls with the ball. Left side of face is scraped off. Currently no scar left.
Age... 15: During rounders in PE, bitch Simran (Anna-chan's hate list #1 etc.)crashes into Anna-chan with a rounders bat (it's like a baseball bat, made of metal), and makes contact with Anna-chan's left ring finger. A few mins later, Rounders ball makes contact with same finger, and Anna-chan's bone and tendon breaks. Left ring finger currently bent and ugly.

And there's more. But you really don't want to know. I agree with you Tin-unni... Nostalgia doesn't suit me either XD.
Jo-chan, trust me, Eugene's better than Shoo. You know, Shoo's real name is 'Soo Yung'? It means 'swim'... but anyways, I'd rather Eugene than Shoo. Shoo's nice and all but she's a little... air brained. -_-;;. Anyways, try listening to Kang Ta's new album... Chil Hyun does have a good voice.
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Wednesday, August 15, 2001 || 10:12 p.m.
Just a quickie for Jo-chan (sorry, no time for links!). Eugene from SES is going out with Kang Ta.... ... My friend was about to murder her! And I WANT ION!!!! AND TSK!
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Wednesday, August 15, 2001 || 10:00 p.m.
Yo... lots of news!
First of all! I've done my hair! So the back part of it looks like Arashi's... I love ARASHI'S HAAAAAAIR~ -_-;; but fecking expensive it was indeed. My front's a little different cuz I didn't cut my fringe.. but who knows what I might do to it!
Secondly... I've changed the internet connection on this computer. Turns out Korea's got the fastest internet connection in the world... ADSL or whatever modem. Hmm.. fast it is. I LUV IT!
And Lex-chan! Your new layout is wonderful~ you go gurl! And trust me, Chiriko is NEVER going to be the same again! MUHWAHWAHWA!!!
... And Today is the Day of Liberation in Korea. ^^. The flag's flying everywhere etc etc...
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Tuesday, August 14, 2001 || 08:30 p.m.
I AM PISSED OFF. Actually, no. I'm not. It's only like thirty mins of my entry gone. How good.
Back to my rant. Koizumi is a jerk. Fifty Korean Youth cut off their pinkies in protest. Koreans are pissed off, so are the Chinese and the Filipinos. Wow, I've managed to summarize what I said. But... it's an abomination in what he did. And I won't say anything further.
Charlene dearest!!!!Going googoo-eyed over Korean bishies isn't rare~ they're hot! And Shinhwa rocks!
Of COURSE we were separated at birth! Not that it was such a bad thing, considering the DAMAGE we would have done to the world! But I'd love to have you as a real blood sister ^^. You, and Onee-chanXDXD. We really would raise some dust~. And same with the horror movies...
Gomen to Nakako-chan... My AIM wouldn't work! It keeps on shutting down... gomen ne!
Shit, gotta go!
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Sunday, August 12, 2001 || 09:45 p.m.
AAAHHH! Anna, I'm more than convinced you and I were separated at birth (heh) now. I cried at the exact same point in the TB manga!! ;___; OMG, the part when the grandfather was playing with his grandchildren and they asked him when he was going to die... oh my god... *wipes tears* It seemed a little strange to be crying at that part and not the end... (because I was already spoiled by then, having known X first). Damn! =/
Heh, yeaaah...H.O.T. aren't so hot right now anymore eh? (oh but that's cos they disbanded... ^^;;;) And now our dear Anna-chama's into Shinhwa ehhh??? *biiig grin* Yep, they make us ALL go googooeyed...I tellya, these Korean pretty boys...tsk tsk.
--Charlene blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Friday, August 10, 2001 || 09:51 p.m.
Nihao people. I am wiped outta my mind, I feel drained and that pizza I had for dinner is making me wanna throw up. Blah.
Onee-chan dearest... that little fic you posted... shocking onee-chan dear... and you're supposed to be my model! XDXD! FAB JOB! I LOVED IT! IT WAS HILARIOUS! AND you really should post a little 'sequel' behind it... it really needs one! XDXD LUV YOU MWAH!
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Thursday, August 9, 2001 || 09:46 p.m.
... PITAS KICKED ME OFF YESTERDAY. *kicks pitas* And none of the pitas pages would open...
SO! Long time no see everyone! Annnnyone MISS MEEEEE?!? *crickets chirp and violins wail* Uh never mind -_-;;.
You know, I do surprise myself at times. A little while back, I was wailing at Charlene-chan a little while back for liking Shinhwa and not HOT. Now, I still love HOT, but Shinhwa is making me go 'googooeyed' which I've NEVER done, even for the *koff* IDIOTS I've liked before. So RAWR. Luv them all! XDXD
Onee-chan, I reaaally heart your new layout at Vanity Press! And what a COINCIDENCE, I just borrowed KKJ for the second time that day... And needless to say, I love it once again. Chiaki makes me go 'dokidokidoki', putting NO reference to the OTHER 'dokidokidoki' you were talking about Onee-chan. ^^;; I reaaally hope not. I think I'll be buying KKJ after all.. dunno how I'm gonna carry it back to HK though. OH! And I've bought tank 5,6 and 7 of Tokyo Babylon... ^^;; And It made me cry. I haven't cried over manga in quite a while now... it was really sad, the part about Subaru, the ojii-san and the bananas. And! Jo-chan's moved! Jo-chan dearest, DO NOT LEARN KOREAN. It's a crazy language, and the 'classical' language is even worst. GEH. The classes I take here are enough to make me want to crawl back to Hong Kong. But yeah. No toning... except for the accents some people get from the other parts of Korea. My dad has one, and occasionally, I do too when I'm really angry or try to talk like my cousins. Blah.
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Saturday, August 4, 2001 || 04:32 p.m.
Whew. MAAN~ that felt good. -_-;;
Sakura, rats you say? Hmm... not too bad. You're so lucky you can dissect things without going 'ick'. The last thing I dissected (the day before the end of the year, no less) was a huuuuuge pig's eyeball. Maaaan it was HUGE. My friend kept on saying it looked like this Chinese candy and if she stared at it any longer, she might eat it *gags*. And the lungs... well... when we tried inflating it, it exploded (EEEW...). Needless to say, the smell was... ugh. And the pig's heart isn't that good either... that stinked as well. We found a hair in it... *pukes*. I'm usually really bad at this stuff, so I got Min Jung to do it... except she chickened out... and the knife didn't work, so I just grabbed the knife and sawed at the disgusting thing madly... turned out it wasn't the knife that was dull, it was Min Jung -_-;;
Waitaminute... why am I writing this? It's something I don't really wanna remember... *scratches head* Oh well, who cares?
I was at a Karaoke yesterday... my friends (all older than me-_--;; )and I ended up singing for two hours and a half. And maaan... my throat still hurts -_-;; poor me. But I had FUN! I was screaming at one point, and the others were freaked by my voice... they thought I would sing low cuz I speak in an alto (only when I'm tired or when I'm talking to someone right next to me) but I'm actually a sophrano. Heh. ^^ It's fun to freak people out. Ooh and the rapping did wonders to scare them. ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Friday, August 3, 2001 || 07:53 a.m.
Onee-chan, you mean Wedding Peach? As in the 'Ai Tenshi' wedding peach? XDXD I watched that in Korea when I was... 11 I think. And needless to say, I LOVED IT. Really... but the dubbing's REAAALLY bad (Korean voice actors SUCK), as in nauseating, and they cut scenes like the henshin and Yousuke+Momoko smooching. The Koreans think it's 'immoral and unsuitable for children'. Immoral my ass. Turn on the news and I'll show you immoral with the fucked politicians and the new scandals about this celebrity with another. *snorts* Korea doesn't know what's right and what's wrong. So ANNYWAYS... ^^ I wanna watch the WP DX or watever the OAV's called... oh yeah, and nice move sister-mine~ but I miss your laaaaayouuuuuuuts~
And Lika-chan, I'm sorry it's taking so long to reply, but every single time I work more than five minutes on the email, it always crashes. DAMMIT! So I'll reply... sooner or later.
Charlene-chan, are you feeling okay? You sound a bit like you're in a very... tired mood. Which I can sympathize with, since I go into it just about every day. So... power up! ^^ You know we all love you!
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Tuesday, July 31, 2001 || 01:24 p.m.
*groans and clutches head* Ugh... I've slept too much.. I fell asleep at 3am, and I woke up at 12:30pm... I hardly ever sleep that long, and I NEVER woke up that late before... and now I have a headache *wince*. It's probably cuz of the cup ramen I've just had for brunch (some brunch *grumble*).
Charlene-chan, your friend was wondering about my english? Well... I speak and know english like a English person... well, not really, but my accent's a hybrid of the typical English and the not-so-typical American... there's nothing Korean in my English (thank the lords). It's nothing to be really proud of, but I spoke English and knew it before Korean (well, I knew Korean, I just didn't know how to read or write it)... and I pick up things very fast if I'm surrounded by a certain environment... which explains learning full English in six months when I was *counts* four and a half years old. And I got a very wide range of vocabulary from reading... -_-;; and I speak better English than most of the English/Americans I know, cuz a LOT of them are absolute MORONS who can't form a coherent sentence for their lives. Excluding, of course, the ficcers out there. The moronic reference only goes out to the sadly many morons of my school *hmphs*. You would think, living with English people and being English themselves, that they'd be a bit better at their own native tongue than be beaten time and again in a debate with a mere Asian! ARGH! I'm not explaining things to Charlene-chan at all!
Ugh. Gotta go, Tutorial in three hours... and the homework! *faints*
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Monday, July 30, 2001 || 09:42 p.m.
... Lemme second that, Onee-chan. WHERE THE FUCK IS IT?!?!?!?!
Ahem. Excuse me.
Ookay, I've been missing a lot of net time this week (cuz I'm tired, whaddya expect..) but...
I HAVE READ GRAVITATION. I HAVE READ KODOMO NO OMOCHA. I HAVE READ... er... uh?(Anna=stupidity personified)
And... my hair is looking very funny right now. Normally, I have long, straight 'n shiny(providing that I don't put it in a braid as normal or don't muck it up after taking a shower) dark brown hair. Dark brown for Europeans, very light brown for the black-haired Asians... it's a part of my natural light colouring. Now I have hair in small braids... all over my head, so my hair is currently in about 20 or so small braids, done by yours truely. I must be going crazy. I'm going nuts with the stress. Anyone save me?
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Saturday, July 28, 2001 || 08:11 a.m.
# 1 Umeda Hokuto
# 2 Himejima Masao
# 3 Nakatsu Shuuichi
# 4 Nanba Minami
# 5 Yuujirou
# 6 Sano Izumi
# 7 Akiha Hara
# 8 Ashiya Mizuki
# 9 Nakao Senri
# 10 Kayashima Taiki

--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Wednesday, July 25, 2001 || 08:27 p.m.
After a totally sucky weekend thanks to daddy-chan (IHATEHIMIHATEHIM), after a, ahem, talk with these two rather scary siblings made me feel so much better! I was smiling and cackling during the entire hour of the... chat. Innocent word chat is, ne? (XD) Check Charlene's blog for the details XDXDXD.
But by gosh... I felt ALIVE yesterday! Must do it again, ne?
And! I've just been reading this Korean Manga series called 'kijakeun haebaragi'... loosely translating into 'the short sunflower'. It's... different. And I so totally love the women (!!!!) in it! They're so cool! And the MEN! Are cool too! And I'm gonna die soon!
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Saturday, July 21, 2001 || 11:34 a.m.
*laughs and <3s Anna* Hehe, so'm I!!! Happy, I mean. It sounds so...cliche to say "I'm so happy just living, breathing in the sweet sweet smell of life!!" And scary too, I might add. XD; But sometimes, just like dark depressing moods, they linger over you and fill you with...well, feeling. ^_^;;; I sound sickeningly sweet I know, but it's been so long since I've felt this way...like life really was something else and I could see things from a different perspective, in a different colour...but well. Enough of that.
I miss you too, Annnaa!! ;___; I've been on AIM quite a couple times, dammit--I. Keep. Missing. You!!! T___T Oh and oooohh... thumbsup, nee-san!! XD;
Hehe, know what? We should just rename this blog to the "Tin-imouto-tachi" blog. *roflmaoo* Yay, and I'm SO glad people are liking the layout...I should pull a Nakatsu one off the next time...Umeda, Nanba and Sano just get too much screentime. Poor Nakkie-kuun... =/
--Charlene blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Friday, July 20, 2001 || 10:48 p.m.
Charlene-chama, you too? I mean the mail... I deleted it as well... I got like five or six of them in my mail. If I got a virus on this computer, my dear sisters will _kill_ me. And CHARLENE! You're gonna do GREAT tomorrow! And guess what... it's no surprise, but EVERYONE loves this layout~ aaaha! Yappari Charlene desu ne~~ (I'd say this in Korean, except no-one would understand -_-;;) and I have to say it again: IT'S BEAUTIFUL BABY~ I'm so glad I'm still alive~ woohoo!
*ears smoke* OKAY! Unni, you will get better if I have to go and beat up the god of diseases, and take good care of yourself! MAN! Unni... really... get well soon, you hear?

Anna:You hear me when I say GET WELL?!?!?! *cracks whip*
Tin:*salutes* HAI IMOUTO-SAMA!

Much better XD.
AND! Tin-unni... I love both of your layouts as much as you love ours~ *nyos* it's PURTY~ And I do love Satoshi, really I do~ write a fic write a fic!!!
Charlene... *ominous silence* doooookooooooooo!!!!!! *starts wailing and breaks into tears*
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Friday, July 20, 2001 || 07:47 p.m.
YAY, mucho thanks Emi-chan! Glad, you like the layout. I know the two of us here do! *___*
Yes Anna, it's the weeekeeendd!! ^___^v And I have a long one too, we get Monday off in celebration of our school achieving autonomy (see Spinel)!! *_* Too bad I have a NAPFA test tomorrow...the situps, pullups, etc. ;_; Fitness was never my strong area.
*waves to Nakako-chan and Lika-chan* I updated the liiinks~~! :3 About time too. XD;;
--Charlene blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Friday, July 20, 2001 || 05:28 p.m.
YES! It's the end of a week! And I have tuition tomorrow... shiiiiit. Dammit, why do Koreans always have to work so hard? Even the dumbest knumbskulls in America and England can become fecking famous and shit, whilst even the smartest Korean can't really succeed cuz he or she's KOREAN. ASIAN. NOT CAUCASIAN. DAMMIT!
Sorry. But it's so true. There's so many smart people here, and yet you never see Koreans going on TV... unless they speak perfect english etc. I dunno, maybe it's the language barrier, but Koreans aren't appreciated to be smart.
Okay, there ARE some reaaaal idiots in Korea... and I have to admit, I don't really like Korea that much... I hate Korean drivers especially -_-#. But it's just... I dunno. Even Japan, a tiny piece of land is FAAAAAR more appreciated than Korea. ... I think this line of thought started when I was pissed off that only Japanese manga was available and not Korean Manhwa. It's even from the tiniest details which tells us that Korea's underappreciated. I can find Korean stationary in really cheap shops. I find Japanese stuff in really EXPENSIVE shops. Does this give you the idea?
Okay, end of rant.
Sakura-san! I've been linked~ ^^ and as for fucked up days, that happens a LOT. For some reason, it helps when I start punching my pillow and swearing, or when I grab my favourite manga... or just settle for punching the wall. The last one is prolly the most satisfying, for me at least, but you can end up with eternally bruised knuckles like I did -_-;;. And Mashimaro... there's yubgi tokki plushies everywhere, some with bright red cheeks and big frilly skirts XD.
Lika-chaaan, You're such a sweetie~ *nyo* And HK... well, ficci-chan isn't going anywhere. And Yuzu pms, why don't you have a go at it?? You'd do it MUCH better than I would!
And Nakako-chan, Nice to meet you~ ^^ And I bet I sounded a bit awkward~ but no fear! I'm MUCH more friendly around to the second chat! Let's chat again sometime, na?
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Thursday, July 19, 2001 || 05:13 p.m.
*drools at screen* Na, Chaaaaarlene-chama~ You're definitely right! This is WAY better than ANY Nuriko and Hotohori~ *nyos* I love this~ Umeda looks SO HOT~ *kyas*. And the colour scheme! It's gorg~ Charlene, have I ever told you how much I love you~ *tackle glomps* But I haven't seen you in AGES... *bawls*
And I'm sick right now... oh joy. I'm starting to get a fever... yeesh. Today was not fun. I had a horrible stomach ache and headache, the classes were boring and I accidently choked when I was eating my lunch so I had cold noodles up my nose. Bleh. And too bad it had tons of vinegar and hot pepper in it... okay, the vinegar was my fault, since I like neng myun with lots of vinegar in it, but I do NOT like hot pepper. It burns. My ear was suffering T_T.
And! I've finally linked to Lika-chan! She's really cool~ I met her over the ml, and she's a terrific writer. Charlene-chama, you're gonna love her... she's another devout Sorashi fan! ^^ And I like her blog. Karen looks really pretty ^^.
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Wednesday, July 18, 2001 || 10:46 p.m.
HAHAAH! YES, I finally did it!! *___* This is better than any Nuriko and Hotohori layout hey, Anna-chama? XDXD!! Will blog tomorrow for sure, I'm in a damned rush. =( Homework and all that yeah.
--Charlene blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Wednesday, July 18, 2001 || 04:57 p.m.
*screeches and laughs ass off*
A..ano! My sister and mom went to this place... you know, like fortune telling... and I really don't know it, but they get your personality dead on with your birthdate etc... XDXDXD. Mine was like... okay, Jo says the guy took one look at mine and said 'this isn't the trying type'. OMG~ that's like so me... and then he said stuff like I'm hot tempered, even more than my dad *swears* I'm deaaad~... and I'm gonna marry late, like when I'm thirty. Did I ever mention that ever since I was a child, I've wanted to get married early and be happy? And the guy also said... I've got a brillian mind... ingenius -_-;;. And if I put the effort into it, I would _be_ a genius *_*. And also... I could do anything I want cuz I'm good at everything (XDXD as IF!) and basically, I've got the potential to become something great. But! The sad news. If I ever go into designing, I would probably become a 'dda'... you know, like the victim of ijime -_-.. and that is one thing I never want to become again. So... stuff like the law is best for me... and they say I'm conservative, and VERY VERY picky when I'm going to get married... and it's going to be very hard to get married, once I meet the guy.
Mixed feelings right now...
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Tuesday, July 17, 2001 || 11:40 p.m.
You too? *hands Tin the bottles* take your pick, but leave some for me. Seriously... Some of the people at the cffml are SO... amazingly annoying and just plain STUPID! GAWD! KILL THEM!
Tin-unni, I really understand what you mean by wanting to see heads roll... I mean, it's the same for me. CLAMP is NOT something to be messed up with, and even if Superman etc. isn't too bad, the genre is totally different. Yes, they're both drawn stories, but comics and manga are DIFFERENT. They WILL NOT MIX. Get that into your heads *stomps on ml*. I'd unsubscribe, except I love the stories there ^^;;. But eeeeeeevery once in a while... my mailbox is flooded, my cherished stories are f'ing DELETED cuz there isn't enough space in my mailbox... Which is reason enough for me to hate these bakabrains.
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Monday, July 16, 2001 || 10:11 p.m.
Uh-huh uh-huh~ I am back. For good. So be scared my pretties, COWER beneath my power! *cackles madly*
Sakura-saaan (you prolly don't know who the hell I am, and you won't even read this but) is that SIRIUS I see?!?!?!?!?! I love Sirius... he's like... well, I love all of Lee Mira's characters. She's got a great drawing style... A style I copy a lot. But her more recent works are much better than Eunbi... Shin Romeo and Juliet is an absolute wow, and Namsung Haebang Dae Jakjuhn is just as good. Lee Mira's what got me into the world of manga to start with^^. Tin-unni, I'll mail you a few pieces of her work when I find the time. And Charlene-chama, I'll mail you as well when I find the time!
LOVE to everyone out there~ and an extra squeeze to Tin-unni and CHARLENE! NEW LAYOUT! I don't mind who it features ^^ just has to have purty bois~ *cackles*
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Sunday, July 15, 2001 || 01:38 p.m.
WOW~~! Whaddya know, SHE'S BAAAAAACCCKKK~~~~~~~~!
*runs around squawking and flapping* Anna-chama, I've missed you so~~~! Waiiii, waiii!! (Only you can turn me into this squealing fangirl chicken I'm not... =_=;;) Anna-chan, I got the new layout all ready...just hafta htmlise it now...it doesn't feature Nuriko and Hotohori though... ;_; I'm sorry, I couldn't make it work at all.... *throws self down at your feet and apologises profusely*
I'll get ready to upload it by tomorrow ne? :3;;
--Charlene blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Sunday, July 15, 2001 || 11:22 a.m.
YOYOYO What'ZUP peeeeeple????
ANNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-chan's BACK from the dead, KICKING and SCREAMING~~ *Roars in laughter* *readers sweatdrop*
Aa... sorry about that. I'm just a little high cuz I'm meeting Janice for the first time in .... two weeks. -_-;; And I'm really sorry about the tone of the blog... from my part at least. I've realized I've been whining like a selfish pig and I'll try not to do it again^^.
I've actually written a lot of entries... it's just I missed the timing to post it on. ^^ My internet connection here is reaaaally slow and it manages to disconnect everytime I post. It doesn't like meT_T.
So... I'm a bit late but...
Tin-unni, cool layout! And I love the sword~ I seem to have a love for dangerous weapons despite being the peacemaker that I am. *pauses* Okay FINE... I'm not a peacemaker :P. Anyways, Tin~ Love the layout^^. And 'throbbing manhood's? WTF? That's like... -_-;; nevermind. Just another reminder that lots of lemons are just... very very badly done. *hmphs*.
Charlene-chaaan~ I see you're feeling a bit better *nyos* Charlene I misss youuuu~ Gotta catch you sometime... I'm desperate for some good convo in AIM... T_T. and! That thing I sent you? It's not really the 'thing'... it's just something that popped up... I haven't been able to have much time on the net (hence the lack of entries-- gomen!) so I couldn't reply to your email ^^. But I just wanted to know what you thought of it. I can't really post shit like that though...-_-;;. ANYWAYS! GIRL! COME ONLINE!
Oh yeah... the new singers in Korea are soo... *swoons*. First of all. SHINHWA!!! They've made a comeback and they.are.HOT!!!! And then there's Sung Shi Kyung... he's really good. Seriously. Not like the trash KPOP sometimes brings, but his voice! He's goodlooking, hot, rich, smart... and he was a childhood friend of my sister's. Go fig. They left Hong Kong before I was born ^_^. DAMN. But anyways... and BrownEyes are good as well! I LOVE their song... 'bulsuh ilnyun' translating into 'already a year'. It's a bit sad... but it's a beautiful song. REALLY! And... oh yeah. There's this group of girls called 'To-Ya' XDXD and I think I like them. Their voices are... a change, to say the least. I might buy their album. AND! I think Korea has this law that Japanese albums are illegal *_*... but there's this X-Japan piano stuff... the best of X-Japan. It's got all the songs like... shit forgot... but REALLY! I want to buy! But I'm like broke! And I've got to go... a bit busy here!
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Tuesday, July 10, 2001 || 09:32 p.m.
There are just these times you need to be hugged you know...? Not necessarily by a member of the opposite sex, but anyone. Anyone whom you know cares, anyone who doesn't mind--wants to, even--spend a couple of moments of undemanding silence with you. I wish I had someone like that.
I've never known what it was like to fall in love. I'm tired of being happy all the time, even if it's for real. I can't remember the last time I got really mad with someone. It's like I'm too busy to be pissed anymore. Too busy with life...but isn't life supposed to be about showing anger, love, joy, all that? Then what kind of life do I have now.
Sometimes I think I'm wasting my life in front of this monitor. I want to go to the beach, to get out and breathe fresh air and smell flowers and all that. I'm tired of going "^_^" when I really want someone to see the way I'm stupidly grinning with fondness, laughter and even idiocy. Sometimes I really wish Singapore weren't so technology-ridden.
*goes back to her room to brood*
--Charlene blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Saturday, July 7, 2001 || 11:34 p.m.
I'm sorry. Lemme rephrase that. 'I hate my mom'. Much better.
No actually... forget the 'fucking hag' part. Leave the 'hate' part. You're not a fucking hag, just really really someone I hate more than anything in the world. At times.
You know, it's sad. My mother and I can never get along. She can always put me into a bad mood with just a simple sentence. It's really ironic, since what she does is supposed to make me feel like working harder. But I can't help but feel like it's her own greed that she's making me do all this shit. When I don't a)need it and b)I don't want to. And that makes me more twisted, and makes me hate her more.
I want to die.
Of course, I don't think I really mean it. I mean, no one really does when they say that. But she pushes me so far, so deep into desperation, I feel like I want to DO something to get rid of this horrible feeling. And there's nothing to get rid of it... I feel hopeless and depressed, and my would-be relaxing summer will become my most stress filled and tearfilled. Sorry Onee-chan, I don't think I can keep that promise to even try to relax. Cuz yesterday I found myself scratching at my wrists, and I feel like a coward. I am a coward. The thought of working like a slave for the next month and a half is putting me into a depression. Scratch two years. I'm going mad with months.
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Saturday, July 7, 2001 || 11:33 p.m.
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Thursday, July 5, 2001 || 08:31 p.m.
I borrowed kamikaze kaitou jeanne (did I get that right?) yesterday... And I don't want to return it! It's so cooool~ I love it I love it! The art's so purty... Chiaki~ *kyaas* ACCESS TIME!!!!!! *KYAAS*
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion

|| Tuesday, July 3, 2001 || 09:38 p.m.
Yesterday. Yesterday is a good place to start.
When I got the entrance exam papers tears started coming to my eyes... how did they expect us to do this?!? Even the highschool students couldn't solve anything, and I'm only a secondary student! Oh dear... and I had exams for seven hours yesterday... with break and lunch in between XD.
But guess what! The unnis (read onee-sans.... unni is older sister or older girl /for girls/ in Korean) were so nice! And they're from HK as well... They've all seen me around. Well, needless to say, I'm like a part of their group now. And I'm really glad, they're really really nice. ANYWAYS. There's this bitch who keeps on staring at us like she's jealous or something.. and the girl is like such a ditz. A total airhead. She doesn't study during class, and she's seriously got something wrong with her hair. ... really really really bad hair. And the clothes she wears, the way she tries to flirt with the guys... her attitude... well, she's dead if she tries to piss me off just cuz she's older than me. Intellectually, she's like a three year old. So fuck you bitch >:P
BUT! Oh well~ I'm like the baby of our group, even though I look like one of the oldest XDXD. But class was sooo easy. The maths and english was a laugh, but the Korean was a nightmare. And they give us homework....HOMEWORK!
--Anna blew ashes into dreamless oblivion