|| Sunday, July 1, 2001 || 08:09 a.m.
Aww... Jo-chan, don't worry about your grades... it can always improve, and besides, there's more to you than just the stupid grades. I mean, you're a fantastic person, smart, funny and intelligent. You just have to convince the teachers... and teachers can be dumb. When I was in year seven, most of the teachers thought I couldn't do any intelligent work for my life. I mean, yeah, my grades were okay, but they didn't think I'd do too well on my GCSEs or other studies. Hell, I can bet that I was almost at the bottom of my class when I lived in Korea, cuz I didn't understand Korean as well as the rest of our class and I couldn't do any work. But now, I'm just standing here with a great report, and lots of people respect me now.
And I'm not trying to brag about my reports... but there you have it. The teachers thought I was a total nutcase and wouldn't do well in much (maybe not so extreme but they didn't expect much of me), but my grades just shot up. I know you're not to the extremes like I was, but still, the teachers just haven't started appreciating you yet. Just show them what you're made of!
Hi minna, I'm here in Korea. Wow... and I don't feel a bit sleepy. My dog's staring at me right now, which probably means she wants to go out, but I AM NOT GOING OUT when I'm drained like this. But she is a sweetie.
My sister's asleep cuz she's really tired... she works in HSBC, and it really drains her. She should get all the sleep she can get.
The plane ride was awful. I had to change seats three times, and the guy in front of me put his seat so low... I couldn't get my stuff from my bag. Inconsiderate old fart. Smelly too. And great, I had omlettes again. WHY, may I ask, can they not serve something edible? I know they can, cuz I had a really good meal once... but the omlette is hopeless.
I'm going to puke now.
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Saturday, June 30, 2001 || 08:30 p.m.
Can I just give a hugs to everyone and tell them 'I love you'? Cuz that's what I'm feeling like... I usually get that feeling when someone turns to me to talk to, but I guess I never showed anyone how much I love them. I mean, I always do respond to lots of things as a very tough cookie... but I don't want to look weak. Even if it's kind of hypocritical cuz I break down crying (often, Kevin says) and what's so tough about that? But anyways... everyone, I love you a lot, and all of you have a place in my heart, even you David. I know I hate you at the same time, but there were times when we were friends, and well... you're a very nice friend to have when you're nice. When you're not... that's a VERY differnt story. Very VERY different XD.
So Rawr. Love you all *mass hug*.
Jo-chan, have you heard of DJ DOC's LIE? It's a great song... if you like swearwords and a good beat that is XD. The swearwords are very audible, but it's like a song representing their pent up emotions etc... from my point of view.
... I was looking through my files on the computer, just in case I needed to make any changes or copy a file... and I found a huge list of the songs. And some of them, I put into Jukebox and the saved lists are being enjoyed in my winamp right now. Did I mention I had winamp and didn't use it cuz I didn't know HOW to?!? -_-;; Oh dear lords... I'm feeling woozy now cuz of this... OH! I'm heading to the airport in 15 minutes.. it's 9:09 right now. I'll see you all in Korea! My flight's on 12:30AM and it's a three hour and a half hours journey to Korea... bye!
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Saturday, June 30, 2001 || 01:42 p.m.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaai~am going to KOREAAA~ tonight! YEEES!
And thank the lords I don't have to go to Sat school for another two months! YES! My reports were baaaaad but I can live with that. I don't give a fig about Korean school anyways... it's a crock of bs. As I was telling Jo-chan this morning. Seriously, no one learns ANYTHING there... it's like a parody of a school.
And speaking of Jo-chan, it was great to talk man~ a very very nice person, and smart too ^^. And yeah, if you want to learn Korean, well, you'll have to work hard. I can speak and write Korean, but it's still kind of hard, and I have my family speaking Korean. So... it might not be that easy, especially in the US. As for billingual... well, there's this guy I know who speaks English and Korean, but in both languages, his accent is bad, and even if he's good in theory, he can never speak fast enough or comprehensively. Which is a big drawback in many cases. So, that's what I meant by saying I'd rather know a single language well. It's so much better.
Hmm... I've gotta make a checklist of things to buy...
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Friday, June 29, 2001 || 09:55 p.m.
It's actually a 'prize' from my dad for my reports... and damn, but it's a very nice MD player... ^__^ Daniel did keep on saying MD players were too old... -_-;; But I ruthlessly squashed his voice when my mom used the card for it. The said card is now being revered by me with a capital C XD.
And the damn thing is hard to work on. -"-
I!*shake*AM!*shake*GOING!*shake*TO!*shake*KOREAAAAAAAA~ *lifts pompoms and does a cheer* I am sooo haaaaappy~
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Friday, June 29, 2001 || 08:08 p.m.
Whew... So I am officially no longer in year ten. Which means, I'll be starting year 11.. and at the end of year 12, I leave Hong Kong to go to University. Time flies..
Today, two girls in my class left... Teresa, well, she and I didn't really get along that well (she once set a rumour around school that I put tissues in my bra to make my chest look bigger...), so well... I dunno. She was a close friend of mine when she first came, cuz I was really nice to her when she was new. But after a few months, I was still the only real friend she had... So I told her 'It's not like I don't want to be your friend, cuz I like you a lot. But you should have more friends than just me.'. She took it the bad way, and hated me+didn't talk to me for a few months. -"-.
Steph on the other hand... well... Steph and I are very similar in some ways and very VERY different in others... and I suppose, I always looked down on her in a way. And I feel really bad, because I really did like her. Everyone was hugging her goodbye, and when I hugged her, she started crying... and it made me feel even worst. I guess... I liked her more than I thought. The lucky girl is going to TOKYO of all places... and I feel sorry for her, cuz she's always moving around cuz her dad's like the foreign minister of Canada, or something like that. The boss of the Canadian embassy (is there such a thing?) in HK or something like that... I don't really know. But... well... the best of luck to her, and I'll miss her.
Other than that though... well... I don't know. I've been feeling a little off colour these days (Janice accuses me of being anorexic cuz I feel like throwing up after I eat anything, but that's not true since I'm too chubby to be anorexic), and I think it's cuz of the stress. Tin-oneechan offered me the best advice: RELAX A LITTLE. It's a very simple thing really, but it's real good advice. And I love my sister for being so concerned about me ^^. Arigato, na?
I should be packing my bags right now... cuz tomorrow night I'm going to Korea. And I've just found out that more or less every close friend of mine's going on the same plane... we're dead. I bet Korean Air's gonna wish they never had flights from HK to Korea XDXD. And I know I don't need to say it, but I'm really looking forwards to going to Korea. I know I'm not going to have a very relaxing summer, but to quote my mother 'at least you're not going to be idle and get fat'... Okay, there is that, but I'd rather be idle and do my two-ton mountain of summer coursework... and gadding around with my friends. They're all going to be there, and playing around! Hidoi! ARGH why meeeeeeeeeeeee?!! so unfaaaaaair -_-;; yeah Tin-unni, life sucks, as a rule XD.
Some very... interesting entries in my yearbook autograph section...
Henry: You remind me of a neutron star, damn dense~ betcha weigh... ***kg. No I am not your sex slave go rape Kevin or somethin' or your mother puhaha! Jokin' man~

... O.K.A.Y, that was WEIRD. First of all, I weight less than you, stupid moron, and I'm not f'ing fat! And secondly, whaddya _mean_ AMBIGUOUS?!? DENSE has an AMBIGUOUS meaning to it?!? You're so fecking DEAD Henry... Hmm... You're on my plane to Korea yeah? *cackles*

Ayush: Hey Anna, Happy Birthday from Ayush (p.s, enjoy your vacation)
... *takes out hockey stick and whams 'Yushi with it*

Aaron *swoons*: 'Sappinin Anna- spose I don't really talk to U much but U is well wicked anywho... Respect and speak English... Aaron '01.
... Aaron sweetie? 'wicked'? 'Respect and speak English'? If it weren't for the fact that I love you very much, I would be out kicking your ass to hell!

Mat: Heya Anna, (Chungster) Have a great holiday! It's been a very long year so I hope u manage to catch up on lost sleep! I no that u really want to eat the lens! deep down inside! haha. From Mat
Ma~t... the first part was sweet, yes it was. And you're really adorable. BUT THE LENS PART WAS _NOT_ FUNNY!
... The lens thing... well, in bio yesterday, we were dissecting a pig (or was it a cow?)'s eyeball... and inside the eyeball was a huge clear hard thing. The 'lens'. ... Needless to say, I was feeling SICK. But Mat, Aaron, Peter were throwing the lens and catching it... like a ball. So I went even MORE sick. Later on, I was talking to Mat (a very very rare occasion) and he put the lens (he didn't put it in the basket like he was supposed to...) in his water bottle, to watch it swirl around, with a bit of the iris still stuck on it -_-;;... and then I made a vague comment about how my friend said it looked a bit like this chinsese candy, and how good it was... *feels sick* then Mat was like 'HEY! You wanna EAT this?!?' and I was backing away... I accidentally touched the goddamn thing, and I never want to do that again!
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Thursday, June 28, 2001 || 09:15 p.m.
Wai wai.... I can't believe tomorrow's the last day... I did get my yearbook in time, for the first time in two years. And I find it utterly boring... we just sit there, doing pointless stuff, and ignore our teachers. I do feel sorry for these people...
I've finally caught TIN!
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Tuesday, June 26, 2001 || 08:29 p.m.
*whacks head*... Nope, not hard enough *beats head on desk*. Okay... That's a bit better.
I can absolutely NOT believe how STUPID I AM!!! My friend says I am on a regular basis, but seriously... I've just gone and deleted Napster. BY A FRIGGING MISTAKE! It all started when I tried downloading the new version... and the the computer SCREWED (read: FUCKED) and BAM! 'File cannot be found'. So, being in the mad hopping rage I was in, I went and pressed delete. Oh maaaan... why is everything going WRONG today??? I left my history, french and maths coursework at home today, didn't listen to a thing Mrs. Cowland said (sorry Mrs. C) and had a whopping record of no-balls thrown whilst I was the bowler in Rounders (and it's assessment day!)... argh... How do we express this? Oh yeah, a Jonah day, courtesy of the Anne of Green Gables books (what can I say, I love the series). Bleerg...
On a much brighter note (both figuratively and literally!) Charlene-chamaaaaa~*galooompz* I love your new layout! It's sooo funkaaaaay~ and I like Lain. I never watched it, but it seems like a cool series... and speaking of series, I just found out that FUSHIGI YUUGI is on TV... canto, so I can't understand it (predictibly enough...) but I watched it! And it was so goddamn short! And I really liked it! And I can't believe Chichiri's voice is soooo yucky! And I'm crazy!
*sips tea* Okay... I'm sane now, more or less. But... gawd, I just really wish the holidays would just come... I'm slipping into another bout of misery, and then someone will just have to get me back on my feet by kicking my ass and then telling me that I have the choice of moping around with a sore ass, or get revenge and in doing so, get my spirit back. It hasn't happened before though -_-;;.
I'm also a bit curious... after a really good few days, when I'm almost ecstatically happy (if there is such a word), why do I fall into a depression? Is it because I'm weird? Or... I dunno. But I remember the first few weeks after my birthday, when I was in such a foul mood even my Art teacher noticed and took me outside to talk to me for half an hour. And I did recover, to become the, er, uber-genki (as Charlene-chan once called me ^^) Anna-chan again. This time though, even if I know I'm slipping into a depression again, I hope I'll be able to snap myself out of it. Presumably with loads and loads of Manga in Korea, in between studying and no school XD. I can only hope-_-;; School's depressing me right now.
Hmm... I had a bath today... for the first time in ages. I mean, I shower everyday, but I hardly EVER take a bath. It's probably cuz the bathtub's kinda small... But I felt good after it. I put bubble bath into it, and then later a bath bomb. And I don't know why, but baths usually seem kind of special to me, especially when I use long cherished bath products like the aforementioned bath bomb. So... I don't know what's induced my pointless rant. Maybe I _am_ losing my mind... especially since I wrote something about 'Seishirou' and a sugar high...
And speaking of writing... *smiiiiiiiiles* Onee-chaaaaaan~Umeda you say? Rawr. I love you ^^ ^^ ^^. And I love 'Magic' as well... And I just read Icebreakers 3... *swoons*
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Monday, June 25, 2001 || 09:30 p.m.
Vanity Press you say Onee-chama?? Waii~ it's purty! And I was going through Niaiserie two hours ago... ano, the links are having trouble, I can't access to your fics nee-chama! ARGH! I wanna READ! And did I just miss you on AIM or is it shitting on us again???
And speaking of fanfics... I just wrote one. I haven't read it over yet, I just wrote a short one... and I don't know what brought that on. Charlene-chama, I've sent it to your email... so check it! It _is_ jillwentupahill@hotmail.com, yes? Well... check it. It's prolly not that 'thing' we were talking about, but still, just read it over~ =3. And it's only the second one I'm showing someone, so just... READ IT!
I've just drunk this tea... which gives me diarrhoa *cringe* and makes me wish that hell's here... seriously, I'm going to DIE tonight and tomorrow... hey *brightens* maybe I'll be able to go to the medical room and get out of doing science...
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Monday, June 25, 2001 || 07:07 p.m.
Auuuuugh... I feel SICK. And it's all because of the damn sugar. I swear, sugar is BAD, it's EVIL! And maybe I'm developing an allergy to sugar like poor Suppi-chan.. I feel like I'm going to puke up everything I've had today. *ponders* rice, McDonalds, rice... candy candy candy... erg *winces*. I hate sugar now. And I'm swearing off it!
Yesterday was a ball... my mom and I went to causeway bay, and we bought clothes... *grinz*I got a knee length skirt, a shirt, two tank tops... and today, I got a short skirt from bennetons! My mom wouldn't buy it for me yesterday, saying it was too short... well, actually she said I was too fat for it, even when it fits with extra space -_-;;. So, I was out with my friend today (it was a public holiday today) and she convinced me to buy it. Oh well. I'm just crazy, what can I say?
And speaking of clothes, way to go Charlene~ *glompz* those jeans are way cool ^^. But I can't FIND my pair... O_o;; oddly enough.
YES! The summer holidays start on FRIDAAAAAAAAAY~ And I don't have school for another two months!!! Yatta~ I'm so happy our school's got such a long summer holiday... even if Delia has about three more weeks than we do. Damn. But oh well~ In less than a week, I'll be on my way to Korea with Janice and her brother, and a few others... and then my hakwon will start -_-;;. Wish me luck minna-saaaaan~
Oh... and I still can't believe this, but I have coursework to do during the summer... and I've got 7 history essay questions due till tomorrow. And a French coursework due in tomorrow... SHIIIIT.
Onee-chama, a hanakimi fic about... either Sano, Umeda or Nakatsu will do _nicely_... which reminds me. I might be doing a Mizuki or Sano POV soon... well actually, I did do a rather inane one for Sano, but it's full of crap, so I can't show it to anyone XDXD. So. I'm just crazy right now. Oh and onee-chama, I've done... very little of translating... -_-;; gomen ne. I'll try to get more done, but right now, there's a lot to be done, and translating isn't as easy as I thought it should be. And I've just figured out that the Korean version is a bit different from the Japanese version...
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Sunday, June 24, 2001 || 10:42 p.m.
Wah, Anna! I cannot believe you actually managed to get Tin-neesan to volunteer to write a fic, much less a Hanakimi one!! Gawd, I had to friggin revisit Niaiserie a thousand and one times to ensure I managed to get that specific counter number. Oops, let slip. Ehehe. ^^;;;
LOL and she's right too....that Sorata/Arashi debt has yet to be repayed... *taps foot*
And Anna, I think I can understand about the education system and whole "parrot and reciting by memory" thing. Right here in Singapore, a Singaporean version of the gameshow "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" was launched recently and it was just SO embarrassing watching Singaporeans get up on that hot seat and ruin every last shred of a good impression any foreigner might have had of us.
I swear, I'll quote one incident right here. This lady was asked "Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her ____." She was asked to fill in the blank, and was given four possible answers, three of which were completely out of the worldy stupidly moronic idiotic no-one-can-ever-imagine-except-Singaporeans answers, including "roti prata and kopi-O." (fried dough eaten with curry with coffee) And would you believe it, she used TWO BLOODY LIFELINES on the friggin question and managed to scrape through only with the help of the audience.
It was a field day for all the Singlish critics in Singapore. Damn, I hid my face in the pillow for 5 whole minutes and didn't even know whether I was crying for shame, or laughing my ass off. Damn. *wrinkles nose*
And an article appeared in the newspaper a couple days later outlining the exact same incident and passing judgement on the Singaporean education system as one in which students are taught like parrots. And it's true too. O_< You might have guessed by now that Singlish is a touchy subject for me. ^^;
Oh and brownish laces, Anna!!! *high-fives* Wa, can't believe we even dress alike!! *_____*
--Charlene greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Saturday, June 23, 2001 || 06:56 p.m.
Mochiron oneechan! Actually I'm working on it right now... on word. I'll just email it to you when I'm done as a file attachment. Argh... you _do_ have the tanks yes? Cuz I haven't put in any scenes, only the dialogue and thoughts. But if you want them, I'll put them in. Jeez, I've been working on these for five minutes and I've only done two pages. -_-;; The translations will take a little while sistaaaaa... maybe I'll finish it tomorrow. Translating Korean to English isn't really easy, since all the word arrangements are different and some stuff like 'yoroshiku' (jal bu tak he yo in Korean O_o;;) doesn't exist in English, and so, is annoyingly hard to translate. 'Be nice to me' or something like that is just so STUPID -_-#. Sounds dumb in english anyways...
So, I'll get it done between hwk, and with any luck, I'll be done by tomorrow. I've never done this before la... so, onee-chan *eyes glint* a fic you saaaaaay??? XD Just wait. Lemme think... oh yes. Onee-chama _dearest_, you remember that, er, fic I uh... promised? (promised is not a good word for it, it's more like an inane boast I made...) You know, the one where both Sano and Mizuki gets drunk? XD would YOU like to do it? HOLD ON HOLD ON I'M GETTING...shit, the inspiration's gone. Damn. Well.. You can expect what goes on inside a character's head, but there's not much I can do about a plot... plots are beyond me, and I start out really stupid... -_-;; and I suck at humour. I'm just about the lamest person there is. So. I don't know... yet.
SHIT it's scary here... there's huge crashes of thunder and lightning flashing outside my window, which is scaring me shitless, despite the huge volume of Ayumi blasting in the room. Normally I like thunder and lightning, even if it scares me, but I'm just not in the mood for it right now.
Wow... I've only got a week left till I go to Korea... and before it, my year as a year ten student ends,and there will be no more of 'Anna Chung, 10J' but now 'Anna Chung 11J'. I dunno... but I feel kinda nostalgic. I mean, there's been plenty of stuff to upset me this year, what with exams and emotional problems and all. All together with the approaching doom of the university exams, set two years and a half in front of me. During which, I'll have to become a slave to me studies, and a memorizing, reciting parrot. *sighs* I know, it's corny... but the thought of growing up is just a little... well, I can say I'm apprehensive, because I know my teen years when it should be funfilled and full of troubles a teenager should have will be instead, filled with endless hours of study and memorizing, and stress. It's kind of sad for me... really. I know that if I had the chance, I would go to an art university, or designing... or become a singer or actor. But living in a traditional family, with a strict father who would sooner kick me out of my home and disown me before letting me become an actress or a singer... it's hard to follow what I want to do. And what I want to become, I don't know. But if I list the things I'm good at... it's art, singing, acting, being a bitch, being logical (or illogical...), arguing, science... -_-;; and shit, the power's going weird... I'll have to go!
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Friday, June 22, 2001 || 08:37 p.m.
XDXDXDTin-neechaaaaaan~XDXDXD I see you've been bitten by the hanakimi bug as well~ hohoho~ you liked the onsen scene? Aiyaaa~ you're eviiiiiiiil *cackles* and that's why I luv you~ *huggles*. You want translations of the side stories? Lemme do the first one for you... and then I'll do the second one when I get my volume back. If my friend rips the pages like the last time, I will rip HER head off. Hmph. Well ANYwayz, you _will_ fic, yeeeeeees? *stares*...*fingers whip* XDXD. Aiya.. you do mean the side stories on volume one and four, yes? JW took one look at it and said "You read _porn_?!?", and I was just like "-_-#... does this LOOK like porn you moron?!?". And then I hit him. A very typical scenario with him and me. But then I only hit people I luv =3. If I really hate someone, I eithr ignore the person or hit them for real, not just a swipe. Hmph again.
Charlene, did you say flares with laces halfway up the sides? Brownish or gold laces?!? If so... well, you have the same pair of jeans that I have XDXDXDXDXDXDXD. We definitely share the same brainwave!
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Thursday, June 21, 2001 || 09:08 p.m.
You know, when I first started reading fanfics, I thought anyone who wrote fanfics were geniuses. But then again, that's prolly cuz the first fic I read was 'Of Love and Honour' by none other than my onee-chan Tin. And so you can see how I viewed ficcers, cuz OLH is still easily one of the most memorable I've read. But you know, after going through fanfiction.net, and thus bleeding my head dry (plus giving me a terrible headache) I am now convinced that lots of ficcers are absolute morons. I mean, there's always GOOD writers like Meg-san(I have yet to meet you on AIM...), Catsy-san(aaaugh, write your HP/CCS fiiiiiiiiic), Tin-neechan(no duuuh), Lika-chan... just to name a few. And being a terrible ficcer myself (I can NOT finish what I start and I can never have a plot -_-;;), I generally respect ficcers. But downright stupidity, baaaaaaaad spelling, f'ed up grammer and generally painful fics get on my nerves, not to mention making me feel like putting a fist through the monitor...
I went to the space musuem today, for a school trip, and there was this display of glow-in-the-dark keychains. And then a saw a rubber ducky keychain.
...Did I mention I'm a sucker for glow-in-the-dark cute shit? And that my nickname was 'Ducky' amongst other things (Kitsune, foxy, Mulan... Xena-_-;;). So my friends convinced me to buy it... and there's a little rubber duck dangling on my bag right now. Ye gods... that reminds me of the time when I went to Causeway bay, and then there was this shop with hundreds of Rubber ducks on display... part of the display to set off summer clothes. It was actually a bit like a nightmare, rows and rows of rubber ducks after another...
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Wednesday, June 20, 2001 || 08:24 p.m.
*Squints at screen* AIYIYI~ Charlene! I was too tired to notice yesterday, but that screencap you did is absolutely gorg! Wah... you're amazing girl!
At the moment, there's a loooooooong essay to be written. And damn. I bet if I do another Christina Rossetti, Mr. H's gonna kill me... -_-;; I guess three essays was too much for Mr. H... OH! I got my reports! XDXD I feel on the gooooood side, but then my chem teacher wrote a really mean comment... 'she is smart but can be silly and she needs to focus in class. Needs to concentrate more'.-_-; okay. My chem teacher picks on me and Min Jung cuz we were kinda loud in the beginning of the year when we first became friends. After that, if the guys behind us start shouting, I get all the blame. Feeeeck.
But other than that? I FEEL GOOD. I got 2 Bs, one A* and 8 As~ I could fly to the moon~ well, not really, since David managed to piss me off and make me cry again today. What did he say? 'I hate you cuz you're so fake'.
...I don't think you have a right to say that David. First of all, I've never lied to anyone in the school before. Excepting the teachers, of course, to avoid their wrath for not doing my hwk -_-;;. But other than that, I don't lie. And the other kind of fake? Like I would bitch about my friends behind their backs. That's what you do, David. I hate people I hate, and I don't feel bad if I'm talking about something that's HAPPENED, not something I made up. What else is there? You think I'm fake because I wear earrings, have different hairstyles, and generally look a helluva lot better than you, then okay fine, I'm fake. What else... oh. You think I talk overly dramatic and make gestures, and 'suckup' to everyone else? Have you ever seen me kiss the mutherfuckers in our year? If you have, fine then, just go around telling people I'm a fake, superficial bitch. Everyone's got a mask over their feelings, and if you went throught the shit I did, then you would too. But I wouldn't be calling you a fake. You're not worth it.
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Wednesday, June 20, 2001 || 02:02 p.m.
AIM has been acting real screwy on my lately, Anna. *scowls* It's not letting me on at all. O_<; I did however manage to get online a lot later after I'd posted that entry yesterday night, but I guess you'd gone by then. *weeps and sledgehammers AIM*
As for viewing our searchengine referrals, you see that tiny little black dot below our links and archives on the side? Click it, and you'll be able to view our sites hits, referrals, etc. If you want me to make it larger I can, so you don't have to squint at it hard each time like I do. ^^;;;
--Charlene greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Tuesday, June 19, 2001 || 10:32 p.m.
Aiyiyi, don't sweat it Charlene! You're the one who's making it~ ^^ you're the master! And trust me, it looks GORG~ As for the Shinhwa album, I think it'll be okay. I mean, it's only one more CD XD and besides, I feel like I should send you something I know you'd like XD
DAMN! I just missed your entry by ten mins! But you're not on AIM.... weiiiiiiiird...
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Tuesday, June 19, 2001 || 10:20 p.m.
the pitiful attempt--notice the pukey colours? Augh Anna! I know I promised the layout but *kick* the damn *kick* image just doesn't seem to be *KICK* cooperating! I even took a screenshot of the pitiful attempt. *stares morosely*
Another day, I swear! As soon as I get a better image of Hotohori and Nuriko! *_* I ended up using the one you vhose, but it was too pixelated and the whole thing turned out a sad, pitiful (how many times have I used that word?) mess. *sighs* Oh well, another time.
Aye, I didn't know about Shinhwa's new album! And you don't have to get it for me! o_O It sounds...expensive. The sketchbook is more than enough dear! :F *latches on* I'm working on something too, it's kiiinda like a sketchbook but not really really a sketchbook. Damn, I can be so unoriginal at times. <_>;
And, I can relate with your issues with the parental units. Who can't? Damn, but it sounds bad. And you get 78%?! I'm lucky if I scrape through with a 60% in maths! Don't let it get to you, Anna. It's hard and maybe impossible (classes left and right! O_<;) but all this'll work towards something...hopefully good.
I'm lousy at comforting. Can anyone tell yet? -_-; Either way, cheer up yo! *hug*
--Charlene greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Tuesday, June 19, 2001 || 07:23 p.m.
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Tuesday, June 19, 2001 || 06:34 p.m.
Fu... ufu...ufufufufu...
I've got Hanakimi 15. Bloody expensive, as I'd said it would be, but I got it. And I've also got hana to yume 14. I'm crazy. I'm broke and I've bought all this... ARGH. Demo... Kagurazaka looks like some kind of drug addict! XO~ I like Kagurazakaaaaaa~... okay, I like ALL the bishounen in hanakimi..
CHARLENE! Finally womaaaaan~ you've blogged! XDXD I'm going to keep my end of the 'bargain', but not until I get some free time~ XDXD and who knows when THAT would be! XD BUT! I'm gonna do it! Aaaannd! How exactly do you find search engine queries? And 'hentai'??? Aiya, Chaaaarlene la, me no hentai lama~ me innocent! (yeah right)XDXDXDXD
Speaking of hentai... oh my god. Today during french (you know how I was on the computer...) Steph, for fun wrote on microsoft word 'Hi. We're here to talk about sex' etc etc... and I was in a bad mood so I wrote on her screen 'for more information go to www.fuckme.com'. I just made up anything stupid... the thing is, Stephanie actually pressed the blue link (you know how Word converts stuff with 'www' into links...). And shit. It really WAS a porn site.
Both Steph and I were half screaming and scrambling for the mouse so we could turn it off (cuz we both hate porn and I'd have a helluva time explaining to Mr. Hammond why there was a porn site on...), but the stupid images kept on popping up, and we only barely managed to turn the windows off... sufficiant to say, I will NEVER do something as dumb as that EVER again.
No wonder I'm so tired.
Today I had rounders in a disgustingly hot, and no shades place, so I have a tanned red face and heatstroke, nausea and a headache. Urrrrrrgh...
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Tuesday, June 19, 2001 || 01:34 p.m.
HAAAAAAAIIII ANNNAAAA!!! ^_____^! (sorry to all the people who found that annoying; I just needed to let my joy out. XD)
Way to go, Charlene! I finally made it to blogging here. -_-;; No matter, this'll be a long one. ^_^v And I'm SO HAPPY we got to talk last night!! Waahaha!! (Though I've already said that just about a million times.) I should just take a chunk outta that unimaginably fangirlish conversation and put it here! XD! And I will too. ^.~ Nothing like two rabid fangirl bestfriends who haven't talked in a very long time, for entertainment.
Mmmm! Tokyo was the best! But I told you about it already, so no repetitions. And! I've already started work on our little secret! XDXD;; I can't remember the last time I was so zealous about writing something. *lmao* But that's all I'm gonna let on. *suspicious side-glance to readers* ^_^;
I have just derived the ultimate pleasure and amusement from keeping with Onnatachi these past couple entry-less days. XD! And, Anna, you'll be happy to know that our searchengine queries are getting stranger by the second. Doesn't that just make you feel wonderful!? Cos it sure does me!! =DD;;
best hentai tutorial (how did that get there? *innocent grin*)
hentai r us (Tin! Your famous line is-- *cough* famous! O_O!)
mint skittles (if that isn't strange, I don't know what is.)
hentai luv wave (Anna...is there something you've been keeping from me? *tsk* Nah, me? Suspicious? Just because 99.99% of our searchengine referrals are hentai-related doesn't bother me...)
hentai speakers (we've got two right here, take your pick? ^o^)
Oh-kaay...that was fun. XD More later! (Plus the new layout as promised... *_*) My dad wants to play Puzzle Bobble (YES, that Japanese dinosaur/creature arcade game...thing. Gah, I should never have installed the bloody program! It's bloody wrecking my life!! *roflmaoo*)
--Charlene greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Tuesday, June 19, 2001 || 10:24 a.m.
I had such a gerat time last night CHARLENE-CHAMA~(yo have NO idea how much I've missed you! Goodgods, I can't believe the time I spent chatting with you~ =3 not that I mind, of course! Well, okay, apart from the radiation headache I got yesterday... that seems to be coming to me more and more frequently -_-;; bummer. I may be strong and look healthy but like HELL... I get sick reaaally often. No kidding... but then again, I rarely get stuff like chicken pox -_-;; my body is WEIRD.
Charlene, did you know that Shinhwa's new album's coming out on the 28th?!? I'll get one for you and send it with the sketchbook. Provided that I have the time, since I have no free time... in the time when I'll be in Korea, sicne my mom's been planning my days almost 24/7 to a tightly packed schedule. My mother's not going to let me read manga. FUCK. I am going to Korea to study. Yes, I will study, even if it means I won't have any free time to go out with my friends. Not much anyways, seeing as the damn school ends at four and then my mother dear's planning to get me a home tutor -"-. The woman makes me feel stupid. She makes me feel like 'oh you're really stupid and really bad at your studies so I need to make sure you'll be working your ass off during the summer'. FUCK. I really hate her sometimes. She never says anything. If I ever get the ideal grade, she's just like 'miracles...' and then if she finds out about any bad grade (a frigging 78% qualifies as a failure for my dear mother) she just gets ready to rip me apart. And seeing my Korean grades... maybe I will have to improve on my Korean stuff, but SEVEN hours each day, two hours for on subject (WHY TF do I need to study ENGLISH in KOREA?!?) is enough to drive me up the wall.
So what was I saying before I got into this stupid rant? Oh yes... Charlene, I'll get you a Shinhwa CD when I get to Korea and I'll make SURE I send you all the stuff... Manga page ripouts, sketches... *nikos dangerously* I'm on a roll now~
Ahaaaaa~ Hanakimi's coming out today! YATTA~ I'm gonna go to ALL the manga stores in Causeway bay and I'm gonna buy HANAKIMI~ even if it IS going to be air mail.. therefore gonna be TWICE the price of an already overly expensive manga. You'd think from how the yen's gone down in the currency, the manga would be cheaper but NOOO it's still fecking expensive. To quote Charlene "No wonder you're so poor..."XDXD
XDXD I'm supposed to be doing research on KPOP cuz I'm doing that for my French coursework... I'm making a brochure on it XDXD! I hate french -_-;;
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Monday, June 18, 2001 || 09:21 p.m.
Err... *checks onnatachi* let's hope I didn't mess anything up by changing the links..*nikos nervously* yeesh, I really _should_ learn html from that site Charlene gave me... and speaking of Charlene... YOU STILL IN JAPAN?!?! Ye gawds, I envy you SOOO much! I'm stuck in Hong Kong where there's FREAKY weather (yeah yeah, I know I should be used to it by now, but after last week's thunder and shit, it's scary to see so much sun! *cowers* I dislike the sun. No wonder Janice calls me a vampire)with huuuuge loads of work... etc etc. And I've just found out that my mother's making me go to the hakwon (learning 'afternoon classes my ASS) from 10 to 4 for a nice 6 f'ing hours of studying Korean, Maths and English. WHY do I need to learn ENGLISH??? In KOREA of all places?!? I think I've mentioned it before, but the Korean education is seriously in need of a new director... the teachers from my old school beat me with a huge stick every single DAY for stuff I did or didn't do. Ye gawds.. and although I know they wouldn't be hitting me in these institutions, I'd be dying from being confined in a stupid building for TWO MONTHS OF MY SUPPOSED HOLIDAY! My mom's NUTS! She thinks I'm some kinda superhuman learning ROBOT. Jeez... where's the summer holidays??? My sister's leaving to Japan tomorrow where she'll stay overnight and then go to EUROPE for THREE WEEKS! And my _other_ older sister Karen's going to Singapore, Indonesia etc on Wednesday... my gods... my mother must hate me to make me do this.
Lex-chan I don't really mind the spoilers~ I JUST WANT TO GET THE MANGA GODDAMMIT! And I will... tomorrow *fanged niko* the manga store in front of my house is out of them -"-. So, I'm getting them~=3 and also HANAKIMI! #15's out! At least, it should be in Japan, which means it might be here tomorrow by Air Mail.. which means it's gonna cost a fortune..
... you said it Lex-chan.... guys are outright STUPID at times.

Scene: today at lunch.
Anna:Tim, Stephan, I want my money.
The morons:Uh, money? What money? *starts making up a sad-assed story about how BOTH of their wallets were stolen*
The morons:...
Anna:Money. NOW. *deathglare*
Tim:Anna, that won't work on me.
Stephan:I think she's flirting with us.
Anna:*flips the finger*
Steph:Okay maybe not.
Tim:That's cuz she loves me.
Anna:*flips other finger*
Steph:Okay, she hates you too.
Anna:I wouldn't flirt with you if you're the last thing alive.
Tim:Ooh~ scary.

Ye gods I hate males.
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

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