|| Sunday, June 17, 2001 || 11:28 a.m.
Ano... Onee-chan, you have teeth problems? Aiya... those are pain in the asses... in my case it might be a bit more serious, seeing as I'm missing a front tooth... -_-;; I've got this fake thing stuck in the middle of my upper row of teeth, and then inside there's this gold thornlike thing sticking into the roots.. I know, it sounds gory. And it's disgusting. I broke my tooth around the time when I was... seven. SHIT! It's been EIGHT years since I've had this darned thing?!? Oh ye gawds... I'm going senile. And the funniest thing is the way I broke it... I was running in a game of 'wolf' during PE and then being the klutz that I was, crashed into the wall. I've never cursed being fast on my feet (I was the running champion of the year in year 7 -_-;;), but come to think of it, if I wasn't running so fast, I wouldn't have had enough force to make the goddamned tooth split at the root -_-#.
Argh, bought another volume of FY... my backup money is GONE and I'm hitting my head for wasting my money. Okay, not strictly wasted, since I like FY, but still, I think I spent too much in one week... lemme quote my friend "You're crazy man...". And that's just about the understatement of the year.
Waitaminiiiiiiiiiite. Hotohori DIES??!? WTF?!?!?!!?!!!?
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Friday, 15th June || 12:42 p.m.
Weell~ so much for the french test. My teacher's not here today so there wasn't any need to revise -_-##. Oh well~ suits me much better just be be sitting here and supposedly doing my research for my french coursework on Korean bands...aiyiyi. Ye gawds the teachers are such sadists... how can they make us do COURSEWORK in the LAST FEW WEEKS OF SCHOOL?!? HKIS is ending this week, and so are the other schools, so why the fuck does english schools foundations have to end so late?!? INJUSTICE!
Yup, the last one was brought on by too much Gundam Wing... FANFICS. I've bought tons of VCDs of GW, and the problem? It's in Cantonese -_-##. Damn. You know, I think there's something really wrong with me at times.. cuz when I start geting into something, I go way over the top when I start liking something. I've got tons of GW vcds I never watch anymore, not to mention the EVA vcds, a few CCS and random stuff like Mononoke hime.. which I never watched. My bookshelf is full of manga, which I never stop reading if I like it enough, but the other ones like X (which is damn too depressing despite my love for the purty bois in it)just sits there. In case of X, all sixteen books of them with Hinoto's hair waving around -_-;;. Then there's DaaDaaDaa, which is seriously cute but also too hyper for my state of mind, such as it is. And so on... here's me wishing to get the anime versions of Fushigi Yuugi (which I now have 12 mf'in' volumes worth 440 Hong Kong bucks of-_-;;)CCD, etc etc... damn. I wanna get the rest of my manga... counting up to about 120 at the moment. My life revolves around manga, saaad to say...
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|| Thursday, June 14, 2001 || 09:19 p.m.
...Sorry about that... I was in a screaming rage at this guy in my class... Sakura-san what you've said about the Korean education is entirely true, and this guy's just one of the examples of how Koreans of my generation turn out to be. He was in Korea till he was 11, and man, he is one of those disgustingly competitive Koreans people despise.
And me? I've only had two years of Korean education when I went to live in Korea after I was *sigh* born in Korea, went to Hong Kong, went to Taiwan and then back to Korea at age 9. And that has turned me into a cynical bitch, if there is any.
Sorry, my rants aren't making any sense, I never do when I'm in a screaming rage....
Onee-chan, a reminder: you're the best sister in the world and I'll KILL YOU if you don't go and improve your health!*hugs*
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Thursday, June 14, 2001 || 08:53 p.m.
*tears*Onee-chan... please get better *chokes* I don't want to see you so... er... -_-;; shit, lost the word, but I guess 'sick' is right. But really... get better soon okay? And being the idiot that I am, I don't know what dismemberment is, but it sounds painful.. and you're right. We should be glad that the world is there. Hontou ni... get well soon okay? ...and This music is sooooo making me sad as well... 'ibyul guhuu' by Shin Seung Hun. It means 'goodbye and after'... ARGH! Onee-chan, you WILL BE FECKING HEALTHY AND KICKING BEFORE SUMMER ENDS! GOT IT?!??!?!?
Goddamn hormones. YES it's _that_ time of the month again, and YES it's driving me up even more sensitive than I usually am which is a BAD thing considering my mother is the most sensitive (in physical terms) woman alive and I carry the most similarities with her... add a more sensitive nature (you'd never know of it) and you get a hysterical Anna Chung at some point of the month.
Yeesh, I only get depressed SOMETIMES from PMS, but I'm blaming me bawling my eyes out just now and also screaming and crying today at lunchtime. Oh FUCK OFF DAVID. I DON'T GIVE A FREAKIN _SHIT_ IF YOU THINK I'M PRETTY OR NOT AND I DON'T FUCKING _CARE_ IF YOU'VE HATED ME FOR ALL OF THE FOUR YEARS I'VE KNOWN YOU. THE FEELING'S FUCKING MUTUAL, AND IF YOU EVEN _THINK_ I WAS TRYING TO BE NICE CUZ _YOU_ ARE, GUESS AGAIN. That's IT. No more 'nice little Anna to trample on' you're fucking DEAD if you piss me off again. GOT IT?!? And if you THINK just because I had fucking grades in year seven and will again, KISS MY ASS cuz I fucking beat you in last years exams oh Mr.'I'm such a fucked up genius'Choi. And DON'T TRY PISSING ME OFF. You may make me cry, piss me off, embarrass me and the fucking shit but I'll be damned if you make me as warped as you are. You don't fucking CARE about anything other than yourself and your precious grades. But one day, you'll wake up, see those Harvard certificates and the empty room and wonder 'what the fuck went wrong'. I'll tell you what's wrong. You think people are not worth your time, you never think about anyone else but yourself, and sooner or later, everyone will leave you. You may become the fucking emperor of the world and everyone would still hate you.
Koreans should stick together but to HELL if I'd let you piss me off again. I've mellowed out during these past four years but I can and I WILL trample on your balls again if you so much as compare me to that bitch. UNDERSTAND?!? Ne mal al ah dud gettsuh you fucked up bastard!?!?!?@?
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Tuesday, June 12, 2001 || 08:09 a.m.
Oh no... *moans* Nuriko's dying? Nooo~ I like Nuriko! Get rid of Nakago first the evil bastard... there's lots of fun villians around (Eriol? He was... sortaXD)but this guy gives me the CREEPS! And Yui is such a stupid git... she honestly thinks Miaka's against her or something? Sheesh...
*bouncebounce* I FINALLY caught Lex-chan on ICQ~ yatta~ *glomps Lex and boings all over* luv you luv you~
And speaking of rare people... oneeeeechaaaaaan~ dokoooo?!? Anta mo CHARLENEEEEE~
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Monday, June 11, 2001 || 07:06 p.m.
Yooo~ Charlene-chama, you having fun without me? *bounce* I bought Fushigi Yuugi, like the sinner that I am... up to #9. So, according to my calculations, I _should_ have $120 left for this week, so $15 for food each day and starbucks on saturday would balance me out... as long as I don't buy anything. Starbucks may sound like a lot, but actually, I'm not using my money, only my octopus card (which my mother pays for XD)so I'll be able to survive the week without using my backup money. So much for the manga freak... and Gundaaaaam~ is making my life happy right now *kira kira*... Gundam X?!? Damn, how come I didn't know about that....
Less than three weeks till the end of school and then KOREAAAAAAAA~ lalala~
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Sunday, June 10, 2001 || 04:49 p.m.
O.NEE.CHAN! Hidoi! How can you get rid of that yummy bishie so soooooooooon~ well actually, I can't really complain cuz I like this one as well XD. Ahah, so much for being faithful to one guy XDXD!
Hm, I just realised that I haven't blogged for ages.. and it's all cuz of manga... I bought three volumes of Fushgi Yuugi just for 'testing' (HAH!) and I fell in love with it. DAMN. And I luv the characters in it... and as much as I love Tamahome, I really like Hotohori as well... and I really feel sorry for him. And what's this I hear about Nuriko being secretly in love with Miaka? Hmm, this is turning out to be soooo complicated! I can't wait to get to Korea to read it and actually understand everything! But you know, it's title in Korea is... so... well, I have no idea what Fushigi Yuugi means, but in Korean it's called 'hwansang game' meaning something like 'fantastical game'... hm. And ye GAWDS, I HATE their Korean names! Everyone's name starts with 'yu'... and since I don't know any Chinese characters, I dunno if they hold the original meaning, but still, I don't like it. But what's for me to say? Oh yeah, onee-chan, I read 'The act of'*kyaaaaaa* and I like I like! Pleaaaaaaaase write more? ONEGAAAAAAI?!?? *bats eyelashes*(reader gags) OH and I keep on forgetting (silly me) but do you still have the original 'Fool's Paradise'?
And I'm hooked on Gundam Wing AGAIN! GAH~ NO! I'm at chapter 108 of the fanfic epic 'Of test tubes, Dragon spawn and demigods' I THINK it's called... and there's still so many chapters left! AAAGH! But I'm kinda hooked on it... as I am to every one of Jaelle and Orla's fics, they're so cool~ I wish I know them! But then, I wished I knew Tin and Charlene and see where I am now XD! And all this insanity at Onnatachi's thanks to Charlene-chama~ *glompz* You're the best friend in the world, and my onee-chan's the best sister in the world as well *cackles* (Run whilst you have a chance, I'm on a chocolate induced sugar high). Charlene dear, you having fun in Tokyo? You're like only four hours away from me by plane... come to Korea in July! I'll feed you and give you shelter~
OOOkay, so I've got coursework to do on Disney's 'Atlantis'... I swear, Ms. Wilson's a sadist~
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Friday, June 8, 2001 || 04:35 p.m.
I.WILL.KILL._ANYONE_ who says the Koreans served under the Japanese in ancient history. Feck man, we're all mixed from the same place. If you have a blue patch on your ass when you were born, we're from Mongolia. Our ancestors came from Mongolia to China to Korea and THEN to Japan so suck on that. I'm really sorry but after I read Sakura's blog, I kinda went piss mode... No matter how unpatriotic I may sound, I still have the Korean Pride and idiots know not to mess with Koreans. At least in my school. Unless they actually like having broken bones and busted eardrums *snarls*. Kaya was definitely ours, and that thing about the Chosun sailors manning the ships during the Im Jin Wae Ran is a load of cracking bullshit. And Kohguryuh? Fuck man, if they were subject to Japan I'll eat my dog. I forgot which dynasty it was, but Japan was the one in alliance with KKR, and they pledged loyalty to KKR... so screw. To my Japanese friends, you know I luv you guys and it's just the government I'm fucked about right now... so try to put yourself in my situation. My grandparents have memories of the Japanese occupation, and though they don't (or rather, didn't, since my grandfather passed away six years ago...)seem too bitter about it, it's not something pleasant. If the government is screwing with what happened to make it sound like they HELPED Korea... well. They won't deserve anything, not even contempt.
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Thursday, June 7, 2001 || 04:28 p.m.
Onee-chan~*grabs Umeda back* oooooh, Kanata-kuuuuuuuuun~ yes, he is sexaay~ you should see him in his monk robes *kyaaa* he's sooo hot~ throwing ofuda's around the place~ and you're right, it IS the craziest shoujo around XD. I went broke cuz I went psycho and bought all seven of the manga in the ridiculously expensive manga stores in Hong Kong... Hidoi onee-chan, you've got me hooked to ANOTHER manga! I can't afford to be hooked right now *bawls*! But Pretear is sooo~ hmm... I'm liking Hayate already!
YOU'RE GOING TO TOKYO NOW?~?~? Charlene~~~~~~ you're so lucky! Go to Tokyo, have fun and buy one of those outrageous heels XD! Just make sure you don't break your leg on those~ yeesh, you're so lucky, TOKYO! I can't go anywhere else for the next three summers except for Korea where I'll go to study... gaah, black clouds~
And speaking of black clouds, the weather in HK is really psychotic lately, really really freaky, with a capital F. Seriously, there's been raging thunderstorms and bursts of lightning, and rain pelting down like hail... gah. And my umbrella broke today just before I arrived to school. Normally for others that won't matter, but as my class is still in the crappy class we were stuck in since year eight... it's a pain. Cuz this is like the only classroom you have to cross an open area to get to, so when typhoons rage, we get soaked. The stupid class used to be really well maintained cuz my form tutor in year eight was really... clean (apart from the time she farted and said in this wonky Chinese accent"What? It's only natural" XD pronounce natural as 'na tsu rol' and maybe you'll see why we were all laughing). Anyways, using that room for like 12 years had made Ms. Chung really protective(?) about her class. So when she left at the end of year eight, the class started to fall apart. Like in year nine, David accidently kicked a hole into the wall... and this year, the caucasian guys have a cheese sandwich hidden in a cupboard... for 11 months now. The stink in the class is absolutely... foul. Oh, and up in the ventilation system (or whatever it's called), there's currently a huge pile of rotting food trash... jeez, they're so immature. -_-;;
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Wednesday, June 6, 2001 || 11:44 p.m.
Hey Anna! Yea, if you've read my blog, I'm leaving for Tokyo Friday afternoon, and am about to spend the next one and a half days in a flurry of "oh my god, I'm finally making it there" excitement and packing. (not to mention more FF7 and fic-reading in between. ^.~)
See you soon my dear? ^_^v I'll be back on the 14th or 15th and I'll hopefully be able to get to talk to you on AIM again. (something we haven't done in what feels like ages. -_-) :3
--Charlene greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Wednesday, June 6, 2001 || 09:31 p.m.
*frown*onee-chan, daijoubu desu ka? You sound really ill... is there anything your imouto-chan can do? I'll send Umeda-senseeeeeeeeei~ like Charlene did when I was sick ^^. She got the hanakimi-tachi to feed me grapes XDDD!
I just came back from Art... I met my mother at Starbucks and she bought me a dinner of a brownie cheesecake and mocha frappachino... whilst I love cheesecakes and all, I feel slightly ill right now... *eyes cross* I never could stomach greasy food... which is prolly one of the reasons I can't eat lots of Chinese food for the Beijing restraunts... but then it's also cuz I'm allergic to Seafood. Living on an island like Hong Kong, it's very unfortunate to be allergic to seafood off all things, but there it is... I swell and turn a horrible shade of reddish purple, with pimples and complete with a block in my ears (i.e. can't hear properly) if I eat shrimp or crab or that stuff... I suppose that would lower the chances of me getting heart diseases from too much cholestrol ^^.
Well, back to @ Starbucks with kaa-san... I've been on really bad terms with my mother lately and... I don't know, but I think it's the first time in ages, maybe years that I've been able to talk to her without losing my temper and hers as well... I was on the bus on the way home, and I held her hand, for the first time since I was 10... and I don't know, but that brought tears to my eyes... it's awful to think of how distanced I was from my parents, even my mother for the past 5 years... I always felt like such a disappointment to my mother, and then there were other things that just happened in my life, like the horrible time when I was in Korea. I was nine or ten back then, and my sisters were always at school or at the institution cuz they were preparing for university... it was the first time I went to a local school, in Korea at that... and I didn't adjust. I couldn't; there were so many things different to what I was used to... and then there was the 'ijime' and stuff like that. I had really deep emotional scars. I don't know why I'm still crying about this, it happened five years ago, and I've got my confidence back. But that fear still comes and haunts me when someone makes a bad comment to me, or someone I trusted turns out to be a backstabber. But what I'm trying to say is... I was never the same again. And even though I know that's what shaped me into this character (good or bad-_-;;) I can't help but feel sad at letting go of my childhood when I was barely ten. And somehow during that time... I lost my parents as well.
... I missed you mom.
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Tuesday, June 5, 2001 || 09:39 p.m.
Waaaaaaii~Tiiiin-neechan I really like your new layout... and you're right, he DOES look like Kamui... *drools* I love Kamui~ and SUBARU! OH YEAAAAAAH~ my friend took a look at X and then tried imitating Subaru's hand positions, whatever... turns out her finger's are so inflexible they can't -_-;; and I can, despite a broken finger... oh well, I have inherited flexibility... soooooo XD you should see the look on guys faces when (or IF) I do the splits... XDXDXDDDDD
AAAAAAh good news agaaaaain~ I got 91% on my maths, the third highest mark in the class. The guy I like got one higher (-_-;;) and MinJung 'ms. mathematician' got the same as me.. we did get an average from the coursework we did in Feb, our maths non-calculator exam and our calculator exam... overall Min Jung got the top mark in the class of a whopping 93% (screw you!) and I got 87%, the next highest -_-;; KIIIIILL MJ! But, like I'm saying... it's good news for me. I'm gonna be posting aaaaaall my exam marks on this so be prepared for bad stuff... or good stuff. So far, I've got A for French, A* for maths, A for the sciences together and hmm, I'll have to see the rest...History WAS BAD though that I can say... and screw chem, it brought my entire grade down *slams chem book* GODDAMMIT, I forgot what a NUCLEUS was... *slaps forehead*
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Monday, June 4, 2001 || 09:19 p.m.
...And no dear, I've still got a month of school left. You're hols are only four weeks?!? Mine's two MONTHS! During which time I'm going to Korea.... to study my arse off, no doubt. Damn, mom's gonna limit my manga reading... fuck.
Damn I'm gonna be miserable.
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Monday, June 4, 2001 || 08:55 p.m.
*nikos dangerously*Charleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeene-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~ you've FINALLY blogged... oh yeah, and shizukesa DOES open... I was just kinda stupid... and Ayumi's 'Endless Sorrow' is making me go on a high agaain~ *kya~ bounce bounce* I love AYUMIIIIIIII~ and I love SHINHWAAAAAAAA~ Charlene, you want a concert album for your prezzie? WITH the sketchbook ofcourse XD. As for me, I'm buying HOT's concert video once I get to Korea.. they're selling it in HMV in Causeway Bay right now, but right now, atashi is BROKE. So back to the point, CHARLENE!!! Do you like HyeSung? Or MinWoo? Cuz I luv them the best outta Shinhwa~ pooh you, you don't like HOT.. hidoi! And you've GOT to check out Fly to the Sky... they are...*swoons* take a look at the hottie at Jo-chan's blog... that's hwanni.. -_-;; FANY is not a guys name!
Argh, radiation headache, I'm going off!
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Monday, June 4, 2001 || 05:51 p.m.
HOLA Anna! Whoo, I see you've gotten into Imadoki. ^__^ Tin-neesan got me into it. Gah, Tanpopo sure is cute. YAY, so the exams are over! Is vacation here yet for you?
I've been sittin round on my ass playing FF7 like the damn freak I am, wasting my lousy four-week holiday on levelling up and battling huge serpents. *_* *beams* How do you plan to spend the hols, Anna?
Gah, I must make a layout for Onnatachi with those hot Shinhwa images. ^_^v I'll try my bestest!
--Charlene greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Wednesday, June 4, 2008 || 12:17 p.m.
Ara... it's the first day back from the exams, and I've already got coursework... go figure. I came late to school from the doctors and everyone I see from my english class tells me I got the highest mark in the class with around 2,3 others... LIFE IS GOOD XD! I feel like such a showoff
Dark:That's cuz you ARE
Anna:*slams doc martins on Dark*Shut up.
Anna:*kicks Risa off-screen* I hate this whiner
AAANYways (-_-;;), I can't resist showing off about my english cuz I really thought I failed it, honest to god. So, I FEEL GOOOOD~
Vanessa Mae's music makes me feel good as well... I bought the album yesterday and did I ever mention I love music, especially violin? XDXD And speaking of music, the ESF choir is going on tour next summer, and I'm IN IT!!! Cuz I already passed the auditions... and guess where to. AMERICA. WOW... so much for what I thought'd be a small concert.... oh shit. I just realized I have to go to Korea in the summer... and my mom won't let me go. *curses and kicks school computer* yeesh, the teacher came...
TIIIIN~neechan, did I also mention I love your blog? XDXD It really makes my day! And Charlene-dear, Shizukesa isn't opening... at all. There's nothing there... I WANNA SEE ITTTTT!
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Sunday, June 3, 2001 || 12:33 p.m.
Heeeeeeeeeeey Tiiin~ 'Inori'? Mmm... I love the layout... it's so pretty ^^. Did I tell you my supposedly 'Japanese name' is Inori? My friend Min Jung 'christened' me Inori... and it's NOT cuz I'm some kinda prayer *_* but... My Korean name is really weird (very VERY unique and a _BOYS_ name for cryin' out loud...) and the first part is 'In' and the last part sound's like 'duck' in english... -_-;;++ anyways, in Korean, 'ori' means 'duck' so here I am, stuck with the pretty name Inori. Better than my Korean name... sounds better -_-++. My name means something good, but it doesn't SOUND good! It means 'wise and grand' and this monk named me that... since I was born after my mother doing the 100-day prayers ("Inori" would be MUCH better in this case ^^) I think twice... for a BOY. Too bad I'm the little thingy-less default gender of a female -_-;; my grandmother and grandfather hated me at first cuz I was a girl. Not that'd I'd care since I dislike both of them. Yeesh. *slinks off to read manga*
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Saturday, June 2, 2001 || 06:42 p.m.
*Jaw drops*Jo-chan OMG, I LOVE your layout... I only got back on my comp yesterday so I didn't see it... I _LOVE_ Fany... He's sooo *drools* ooh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~ you're giving me eyecandy!
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Friday, June 1, 2001 || 08:17 p.m.
Augh, headache *wince*. I've finally finished ALL my exams.. my art I did better than I'd thought I'd do... but it went well. As well as it can with me skiving lunch and doing stuff on an empty stomach *wince*. So I would feel happy, but I've got school tomorrow as well, Saturday or no. So to HELL...
Imadoki Imadooooooooooki~XDDDDDDDD I HATE ERIKA. She gets on my nerves *stomps on Erika's face*. I NEED SLEEP.
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Thursday, May 31, 2001 || 10:33 p.m.
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~ *kisses moniter then spits out dust* I'm BAAAAAAAACK~! Charlene , you miss me *nikoniko*. Weeeell, actually, I know I've been blogging from school but now that my exams*bounce*are*bounce*OVER, I'm allowed on agaaain~ well okay, it ends tomorrow but no more revision to do! It's art tomorrow...-_-;; all 5 and a half hours of school and then some on monday -_-;;.
Oh well.
Imadoki is making me kuraaaaaaaaayZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEE~ Luv it luvit... and I also bought Daa! Daa! Daa! it's so kawaii it'll give you a raging toothache. UUUUk... too late. Gotta go.. see yous..
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Wednesday, May 28, 2008 || 10:45 a.m.
Tin, I'll second that marriage proposal~ MARRY ME! Except I'm underage and illegal and plus. my husband (XD!) ASUKA-chan(sorry Asuka) is waay too possesive(Asuka:HEY~XD) and she'd kill you. Even with her wonderful OTHER kareshi and all XD. Hell, NO people, I am not lez, though I personally don't hate lesbians or gays.

Asuka:I'm not lez either.
Me:Yes dear, we know. Say hi to sis in law
Asuka:*waves* Hi Tin-san~

But really nee-sama, I'm really grateful... cffml's been a pain in the ass and if that guy pisses me off again, let's just kick him outta the list -_-;;. Hell. He deserves it! Ooh, and kickass email... I was cheering all the time when I was reading the admin mail XD! OOH, I got IMADOKI! It's so cuuuute~ *bounces all over the place* Asuka-chan and I are going to the manga store in Mitsukushi... just before my doctor's appointment... and yeah Charlene, it's always gonna droop a little. I feel down again...
XD Oh well... I'm currently in quite high spirits cuz my chem exam wasn't too hard... except I was a twit and forgot what NUCLEUS was... NUCLEUS! THE basics of chemistry! But other than that, it was okay. Pretty easy, considering the monster the bio paper was... well, I've got maths next so... hmm... juuust five more minutes...
Charlene-chama, I like your new layout! It's coool~ and I can't check Shizukesa right now cuz the school comp sucks but I'll check it as soon as possible!
Now off to maths...T__T;;
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Friday, May 25, 2001 || 01:54 p.m.
Yo Anna! ^__^v What's this I hear about ML problems? ^^; <-- has unsubscribed to every ML since ions ago. I just never read any of the mails anyway. >_>;
Anna!! O_O! Your finger's never gonna recover?! What the ^&*#%%! Dammit, how could this happen?! o.O; *is dismayed* Does it hurt very often? Is it getting any better at all? ><; Maaaan...!
Gah, and yeah I just found out that HYD's at 28 and still hasn't ended. ^^; But no matter, it is a great manga ne! *boing* Ah yes, I finally got to read some of DNAngel...I didn't really like it all that much though. ^^;; Not as much as Hanakimi and Ayashi no Ceres. Risu (is that her name? o.o Doesn't that mean squirrel? o.o;) just pisses the hell outta me, but Riku's okay. She's cute. :D And it's strange that DARK should have the hots for her...I mean, he could have a lot more going for him. *ROFLMAOO* Okay okay, I'll shut up now. ^.~
--Charlene greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Thursday, May 24, 2001 || 09:37 a.m.
Ye Gawds, I think I'm going INSANE. Did I mention the rant about my history exam? Well for starters, I screwed up completly. But that's nothing new. My entire history class claims they've failed cuz a LOT of them didn't see the last page... which I thankfully did, on time to do all three essays. But oh jeez, it was soooo long... and I do realize that everyone has exams and I shouldn't be whining when everyone goes thru the same ordeal, but I just feel like I'm drained out of my juices... whatever that's supposed to mean. My brain's frazzeled right now so this really stupid 'buuuzzzzz'ing sound's in my ears...-_-;;
Tiiiin-neesaaamaa You're an angel, I swear... I think I would have gone insane and I was a little afraid of posting a 'shut the F up' just in case I got a little over the top again and threw a nuke at them... besides, I could just BET someone, namedly the 'you guys are stupid morons for liking a pair that doesn't even make SENSE' people... so I didn't say anything. Now I feel a bit like a coward. Nevertheless, Tin-neechan, you're my savior^^. And being a Tomoyo/Eriol lover myself, I did get a little riled up about it...
So. A week's almost up and I got another one left... just be glad (or sad?)that I'm still alive...
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|| Wednesday, May 23, 2001 || 09:15 a.m.
Well well well... the 'touchy topics' at the cffml are starting to grate on my nerves. I break off what I can from my study leave to check my mail (cuz if I don't, my stuff gets deleted -_-;; damn hotmail)and then stuff like 'Tomoyo-gay receiver' and shit like that... sorry, but it's really getting annoying. Isn't this supposed to be a FAN FIC mailing list? Tin-neechan correct me if I'm wrong but, are topics like this allowed? Cuz I can't really remember the fine print of the rules, but I thought it was a Fanfic mailing list. Ye gawds, I thought I left this kinda shit and 'fan wars' behind when I left (or kicked out, you guys decide-_-;;) off the card captors list. THAT was a place full of stuff strong enuff to piss off a saint. And so. I'm not gonna say anything unless this goes on for more than a few days... but if it does... you guys obviously haven't heard of the story about my heels... or the chairs.. or the TMT XD. Anyways... that's just what's been bugging me.
To a different note, I think I totally failed my French listening exams because I like totally guessed most of my stuff. My media exam yesterday was sooo long... two hours and a half, doesn't sound long but try writing nonstop whilst squeezing your brains out for something to write about... I felt like I was going to cry. And I've got a history exam later...T_T;; hidoi desu.
Charlene-chaaaaamaaaaa *squeals and glompz all over the place* OOH~ Me missed you, me missed you *cries* I've had such a traumatic weeeeeeeek~ and In just found out that my finger's never gonna recover *cries again* cuz of some stupid inborn stuff, so my finger's never gonna look the same again...*sniff* Too bad I did'nt sue.
OOH so you're hooked on HYD again??? I dont' like the drawings but I do like it.. except it's dragging waaaay too long. I bought 28 yesterday and they're nowhere near to the end as it was. And I have a really vague feeling that the manga ka doesn't know herself... but yes, it is funny. I do prefer Hanakimi though *laugh* aaand of course, some of my Korean stuff XD. Aaaand DN Angel. AAAAAND.... damn, they're in Korean, can't say in english >_<; Weeelll... I might as well go off... need to study. ^^
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|| Monday, May 21, 2001 || 06:34 p.m.
Geh, Anna-chama! ^^; Don't worry about the sketchbook in the least...your present is taking a lot of time too... ^^;;;;; Gomen nasai...!
Heh, I said I'd blog about our searchengine referrals, so here they are:
Korean Manga Store (Gehehe...tsk XD)
ESF Orchestra and Choir (^_^ Aw, you and your musical talent!)
onnatachi (oro. go figure.)
bishonen- hongkong movie (you can't have both you know? Hmm. XD)
hanakimi (twice! ^o^)
Whee! Yea, I'm into HYD agaaaiin!! Indeed, it is a lengthy series...but I thought it ended at 28 volumes? Same as RK? Well it is long for a shoujo series of its kind anyway, though I just can't seem to get enough of it.
Have you read the entire series? o.o I wanta get the manga ASAP! *clenches fist* I've spent the entire weekend drooling over Hanazawa Rui and Doumyouji Tsukasa on TV, and I want to see how they look drawn! ^o^ Hanazawa Rui ga kakkoi desu yo! Ne, ne, Anna?? *nudge* XD
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|| Monday, May 21, 2001 || 12:08 p.m.
ANNNAAA~~!! *running glomp* O___O!! Youuu're baaack!! ^_____^v Ugh. *checks date of entry* You were back quite a while ago. ^^; Argh, just wrote to say this...I'll definitely blog later but not now--I'm pressed for time. ^^ I'd really love to touch upon our searchengine referrals too. XD
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|| Monday, May 21, 2001 || 09:45 a.m.
Yo~... I've just finished my french orals *cringe* which surprisingly wasn't as hard as I'd anticipated... I got 25/6 outta 30, so... oh well *shrugs*. So I'm taking a little break right now, till *checks watch* 10. It's NOT 9:45 right now cuz this computer's clock sucks. Uggh... I feel sick now.
Charlene, you're going on to hanayori dango? Hmm... I like the series but it's just dragging on too long... hell, it's even longer than RK! And that's just about the longest I've known... Korean manga's usually pretty short as a series cuz it's got more content in one tank than a jap one... full house was really long, 16 tanks.. they're massive, waaay BIGGER than the Japanese manga as well... but anyways... ooh, I still have to send you some manga... hmm... AAAND the sketch book XD really late birthday present, ung? 'Ung' is like the Korean version of 'yeah'... or actually.. it's the same as the Japanese 'Un'. It can go as 'ne' as well, though 'ne' in Korean means yes in a polite way.
Weeell... better study PE now. See yousa~XD
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Friday, May 18, 2001 || 11:57 a.m.
If this entry gets deleted as well, I will maul the school computer.
Hi~ I'm alive and back from the dead, though I'm not kicking. I'm just pinching off a tiny bit of time from my break to blog T_T I'm banned of the computer by my mom. No net, no blog no manga, ZILCH. And it's putting me into the slums...
And so. My account size is HUGE at the moment which is NOT good. I can't reply to any of the emails I've gotten... Sorry Lika dear, I can't reply until at least two weeks (and a half) later when my exams finish *_*. Charlene Deaaar~ a really late congrats on READ! I luved it! OOH Hokutoooo-chaaaaan~ OOH, and you. are. going. to. Japan. omg, you're so lucky... I have to go to Korea this summer for two months. Mornings I go to an institution.. for highschoolers, which won't work on me cuz I'm only in the last level of the secondary school. But, such is life and I have to go to university a year early so I must...T_T
ARGH! The bell rang.. see ya.
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Tuesday, May 15, 2001 || 06:35 p.m.
Anna! o.O!! I read here that H.O.T. is disbanding?!? O_O Not that I like them or even have heard any of their songs, but I know that you do...well I thought this was a pretty shocking piece of news anyway.
Isn't it strange how bands get real famous for a short period of time and then disband? I mean what--get tired of the fame or something? =_= It says there that some of them are going solo and there might be a chance of getting together soon... =/
Mmm....I miss you! You're not on AIM, ICQ or blogging here...have your exams started? ;_; I wonder how long they will be... ;_; Ugh, I am such a pathetic group blogger. ;_;
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|| Sunday, May 13, 2001 || 01:19 p.m.
Ahh, Anna-chama! ;___; It seems we are fated to take turns at computer curfew ne...? *SIGHS* Your mom sounds just like my dad...when are your exams coming?
Mine are almost done, but two more--Geography and Physics/Chem Paper 1. I can't be bothered to use the weekend for study time any longer (as you can see), I've simply studied my motivation out. ^^;
Best of luck for your coming exams, right!? =3;
--Charlene greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Saturday, May 12, 2001 || 08:56 p.m.
Wai waii, you've archived? I loooooooooove you Charlene~XD and _I_ should be the one who's saying soorrrry~ I haven't been blogging cuz my mother's getting on my nerves.. I can't come online... and she's on my case 24/7 about revising. Okay. SO I get STUDY LEAVE mother dear... and I DO study.. so why, WHY can I NOT use the comp??? It's a mystery.
Oh yuck... my exams end on friday while the rest of the year finishes on THURSDAY except for my art class.. it's so unfair!!!!! *wails* and I've gotta live with it...
A belated congrats to you Lex-chaaaaan and thanks for the support! *mwah* luv you people!
Oh and Charlene, are your exams finished? If they are... well... you are one lucky person. SHIT mother's coming, BYE!
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Thursday, May 10, 2001 || 03:08 p.m.
Annaaa~~!! *sing-song* ^___^v I archived! *beams* Aren't I the good little blogger.
^^;;; Gomen, gomen.
I read about your father, and I don't think that anyone else hasn't ever thought this at least once in their life, about their paternal parental unit. o.O;
However, this is not to say that everyone is the same, this is something everyone goes through--because it's not. It's different in every case.
So I can't say I understand completely how you feel, (besides, that would be annoying XD;) but I'm sure that I can relate (if even just a little) to it, and this is what I have to say:
DIE! DIE! DIE, you!!!!!! *shoots venomous poison-dripping glare towards unsuspecting dad*
What a coincidence. My dad pissed the hell outta me last night too. >.>; He doesn't usually go through my room (because if he did I'd killim ><;) but he was going on and on about how I was overusing my compie.
Yes, that everlasting feud between us. Okay, I spend a lot of time on the pc, but I do study. And I don't get crappy grades--maybe they're not the best I could achieve, but they're surely not rock bottom. Can I help it if I study better in the night, when my parents just happen to be asleep and not around to witness their daughter hunched over her books and burning midnight oil, so they say?
And what I'd like to know is, what is my dad doing telling me off for "not keeping my promises" when he himself has recently taken up smoking, which he quit when my mom threatened him with divorce a long time back(for that, and several other reasons)??
Arg, he and I--we're just not on the same frequency. ><; So Anna, things are similar in my household, and life revolves around good grades and unfulfilled promises of rewards in return for them.
And! I'm downloading "Prayer" right now!! *nikoniko*
--Charlene greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

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