|| Tuesday, May 8, 2001 || 10:12 p.m.
Just a quickie before I start on my essay titled "Why is The Little Mermaid seen asd beginning a new era for Disney animated feature?"... do I feel depressed or what. There's not much info on a animation feature made 12 years ago... no matter how much the public liked it.
I hate my dad. I really really do. Why can't he leave me alone??? He just came from a walk with my mom and then came into my room and started ranting about how messy it was... pointing to all my files and saying I must have been from a really low place in society to live in a dump like that. Well FATHER, I learn from what I see and you don't exactly do much in keeping the family peace or keeping the house clean. And for your FUCKING information, those 'dirty files' that look like they've been piled up for the 'last ten years' are my revision for my exams and I swear, if I fail my exams, I'm holding you fucking responsible for my GCSEs. My next year and then a lot of my future depends on these and if you muck me up by making me even MORE fucked up than I am right now, don't start yelling at me just cuz I'm a 'failure' to your mfucking standards. I HATE YOU. You NEVER do ANYTHING to help. It's always 'you're doing this wrong' blady blady blah. If you're so PERFECT, why don't you just go and show me a good example of a NORMAL human being. You were NEVER there when I needed someone, and you always put me into a piss-bad mood. If you think just because you're my father and you pay for me and SHIT that you can say all sorts of stuff that are POINTLESS and only depressing, then think again. I'm not the obedient children my sisters were and by god, I'll be FUCKED if I let you ruin my mental stability like this.
*wipes nose* He couldn't have chosen the worst day to pick on me. I'm really falling into a depression with all the stress people put on me, and all those people AROUND me. Yeah Tin-neechan, you're right. I do need to see a shrink. I'm going insane here. AAAAAAAAAND!*just remembered the reason I logged on to pitas before my...father upset me* Do you happen to have your first version of 'Fool's Paradise'? I reaaaaaaaaally wanna have a look at it agaaaaaaain~ XD
Okay... I'm sorry I went off into another explosion... it's been ages since my father was able to put me into a tearing rage, but seriously, my mental state is not what it used to be, and that says a lot... I see onnatachi and then feel disgusted with myself for putting yet ANOTHER rant... and I can just bet some people are getting annoyed out there... and here I am, putting one of my worst rants on. But have a father like mine, and it'll be one of life's miracles that you don't go insane. He still makes my sisters cry, and for goodness sakes, they've been around him for the past 23, 24 years. Does that indicate how... no one can get used to his 'words'?
*seriously upset*Where's the stupid roof...
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Monday, May 7, 2001 || 04:21 p.m.
YAAAAAAAAAAAAH.... I am so F'ing annoyed~ I've been thinking about what happened last week and ended up screaming my head off... in my notebook, where I was 'talking' to Janice during history. I have very violent habits, and I ended up smashing my fist on the desk which made the teacher, and all the buzzing students shut up and look at me -_-;;. Janice made me feel a little better, after I was in such an emotional mess. My day started out crappy and I have a really bad feeling it's gonna end that way. And I am usually right about these things... I have a very sharp instinct and sixth sense... too bad I'm bragging about it now cuz I feel even crappier about being a showing off bitch. But then, that's the only way I can explain my freak instincts and the even freakier things that actually HAPPEN.
My exams are in two weeks, I'm gonna start getting off my lazy butt to study, cuz I really do have a lot to do. I have 10hours of an Art exam. I have a physics, which is my worst. My history... well, I was reading my German and Chinese history books yesterday, and I really gotta say, I rue the day I changed my subject from Religious Studies to History cuz history is really time-consuming and it's one of the hardest to get a good grade on. My French is a disgrace for someone in set one studying the language for the past four stress-filled years, and my maths is the only one I can actually bet on... and my bio of course. Chem? I think I'm gonna fail. And don't even GET me started on Media Studies, I find myself envying Taku and Cath for dropping media.
Charlene dear, I'm really sorry for filling up this space with this crap. It's becoming a oasis for my rants. I'd go insane without it... thanks you~ *hugs*
# 1 Umeda Hokuto
# 2 Himejima Masao
# 3 Nakatsu Shuuichi
# 4 Nanba Minami
# 5 Sano Izumi
# 6 Yuujirou
# 7 Akiha Hara
# 8 Ashiya Mizuki
# 9 Kayashima Taiki
# 10 Nakao Senri

Soooooooooo... I'm most like Umeda-sensei, hmmmmm? *cackles* lemme try agaaaaain~ on the other hand, NO, I might traumatize myself...
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Saturday, May 5, 2001 || 10:16 p.m.
Yo, Jo-chaaaan~ you like fly to the sky as well? My my... I'm liking you even MORE now XDXD! OOh great layout... it's really pretty and I love that shade of pink. I'm listening to SM Carols right now... F2TS, HOT, Shinhwa, Boa (biiiiiiitch)and SES are all on it... and you want the second fly album? mm...where do you live?
Charlene! Go STRAIGHT to napster and download shinhwa's 'Prayer'... it's beeee-YEW-ti-fuuulll~XD. Oh yeah... I'm back on my dad's laptop... dada-chan's gonna have a fit if he finds out that his darling brand NEW laptop-chan might be a little damaged by his er, FAVE daughter >_>...he's gonna kill me. I've gotta have that cdrive check before he's back from ShenZhen... or else everyone can say 'buh bye' to Anna-chan cuz she'll be busy bouncing off to hell -_-;;.
Mmmm... I really should start studying for my exams... *koff* RIGHT. Knowing me, I'm prolly gonna leave it till the last moment, claiming "But we get STUDY LEAVE for it! I can study THEN! The stupid exam's only in 2 weeks!" I must admit, me saying like that will be very OOC... maybe not, but I am NOT (or at least, I hope not)that irresponsible etc.
OH! Aaaand today's news of the finger! I got it checked by the physiotherapist yesterday and she said it's five degrees less bent than last week... and I'm banned off ALL sports! Oh... and yesterday, everyone came crowding to me left and right, asking me if I really 'stuck up my middle finger at Simran (the bitch who broke my finger and whom everyone in the school not to mention the year HATES btw)and she broke it'. I was like 'WTF?!?!' cuz to BEGIN with, my left RING finger's broken, not the stupid middle finger. Second, I wouldn't swear AT her... she's not worth wasting my breath on. And lastly, no one dares to touch me cuz they prolly still have baaaad and traumatic memories of 'chun li' Anna, the girl who had a nasty punch and who could kick people's heads, not to mention beating the living crap out of anyone who pissed her off. Oh, and let's not forget her glare *sighs*. Simran wouldn't dare put a finger on me. She prolly doesn't know me as the monster that I was since she only came to SIS in year ten... but Steph's my friend, and she once punched Simran's face cuz she pissed off her friend.*sighs on reading the above rant* My old self depresses me... and the 'Anna Chung' of right now is just as depressing. I need to tone down the temper, sarcasm, glaring, death threats etc etc...
Anyways, later Cath asked me if Simran said sorry so I said no, and she got really pissed off at Simran cuz apparantly Simran said yes, of COURSE she apologized (which I never even HEARED)and she was soooo sorry etc etc etc. Weell, she can just go as she likes, I don't give a damn about her. And a huuuuge thanks and apologies to the people who've actually read this far in my psycho entry. I'm a bit depressed right now cuz of my friends and stupid love triangles... I feel so jaded. And sad. And so tired of life.
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Thursday, May 3, 2001 || 05:00 p.m.
YAAAHH~~! I have three frickin exams tomorrow--I SO should NOT be online... *roflmao*
Heh Anna, just wanted to drop a note here, since the coming exams are making me desperate to keep going online and blog... ^^;;; So... "yozeyo" isn't "hello" ne? ^^;; And yes, "Shiri" went international (well at least Asia I think...) and I really really enjoyed that movie!! T_T I cried the both times I saw it at the cinema... *is a weepy sop*
*LOLing at Anna's previous entry* You just crack me right up whenever I read the blog Anna-chama... =D;; I hope you find your darned elusive SQUIGGLE BUTTON soon! And I added a couple of linkies at the side... ^o^
--Charlene greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Thursday, May 3, 2001 || 03:44 p.m.
Oh my gosh...Sakura-san, that must have been terrible... Whoever that kid was, he can just burn in hell. And the mother's not much better if she didn't even apologize... some people are so self-righteous, I swear, and it's mostly the woman's fault the kid turned out that way, if she lives like that. You should get ginny pigs for a pet.. I had one before, and even though it died really early, I remember it most fondly, even after five hamsters. Of course, I love my dog the best right now ^^. I kinda respect you for keeping your temper in check... I mean, I probably wouldn't have been able to. I would have gone and beaten the kid to a pulp... On a much happier note~ Charlene~ eek... Be CAREFUL... that IS kinda freaky... but then again... some people think I'm angry at them when I look at them, but it's really only my habit of looking really intently at something..XD. It does get annoying when someone just screams "STOP staring at me like that!!" in a reaaaaaaaally bitchy tone. Okays, I _was_ in a fight with her (over the dumbest thing about rebounds in netball)... And I really was angry at her. *shrug*...So, feel bette~^^
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Tuesday, May 1, 2001 || 10:58 p.m.
Oops.. I forgot the REAL reason I've logged on to pitas... *nervous niko*I feel like I'm going insane...
I've bought WISH!!! I luv it GODDAMN I NEED THE SQUIGGLE BUTTON!!!!!ARGHARGHARGHARGH! *DEEPbreath* okies. Where was I...yeah, WISH! The art's so cute (need the button damn right) and the characters are so lovable... *counts to ten**mutter*forgetthebuttonforgetthebuttonforgetitforgetit.. OOH...I need to get the rest of it! I only got up to 2.. I'm going to the store tomorrowXD
Ai yiyi TIIIIIIIIN-O.NEE.CHAN! Your blog... I go there everyday to see Toooooyaaaaaaaa-kun (stupid squiggle button) And he's GONE! Hidoi! XO*inserts.....OH.~.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.*silence*
I think I'm gonna die...*grabs aspirin and stumbles away*
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Tuesday, May 1, 2001 || 10:36 p.m.
LEEEXXX-CHAAAN!!! *tackling glomp* Eh heh ^^. So glad to see you've missed me...WHERE THE HELL IS THE SQUIGGLE BUTTON?!?!? I can't TYPE properly with this thing... it's my dad's laptop. My sister's studying in what used to be my room, so I just took me dada's gorg new laptop and now abusing it DAMN IT I NEED THE SQUIGGLE BUTTON! *kicks desk and howls in pain*... Ah hah. SO-, as I was saying before my psycho personality interrupted me, Me missed you too Lex-chan (GODDAMN, I NEED THE BUTTON). And the test? Weeeeell.. it was kinda important, since I only have three tests to take in Korean school... I go to school on saturdays, how sad can that get? I mean YES they go to school on Sats in the local schools and I did too, when I lived in Korea. But this is HONG KONG, not Korea. So while the rest of the people in my school are snoozing or whatever they do on saturday mornings (Which, by the way, I _REALLY_ don't want to know) I, along with the majority of Korean teens go to school.-_-; And needless to say, I've failed. Not to try and sound conceited... but my grades are usually of high standard, and my exams are usually in the 70-90s. But... even though I've mucked up my Korean history exam before, this one was THE absolute worst. And I put bets on my mother that she won't take the 'three weeks in Korea so I didn't learn and I had no textbook' excuse. There's no excuse for my mother. Which is kinda bad really.. doesn't help that she used the be the absolute above A* average student which teachers and students alike adored. Teachers love me yes, but they do find some of my grades in an eyesore mess. Like physics. Or history... last year I got As.. this year a Mfucking C and a B. Gotta try harder...
Oops *sweatdrops* sorry, I got into another depressive ramble again...
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Monday, April 30, 2001 || 01:22 p.m.
Heylo~ long time no see~ anyone miss me? *crickets chirp* okies, I guess not -_-;;.
I haven't been blogging lately becuz my finger's in a splint which makes my life hell to write. Seems that the joint of the finger, and the pivot's broken so the tendon doesn't reach to the rest of my finger... which means I can't lift it. Heh, a big gomen and a smooch for the people I keep boring with my rants about the stupid finger ^^. Other than that though, I haven't had much chance to come online... just a mail check and that's all I have time for. My GCSE mocks are in four weeks and I really should get my lazy butt off, especially since the history exam *cringe* I SUPPOSEDLY aced *wince* turned out to be a disaster. What joy... I failed my Korean history AND Chinese history. -_-;; My Korean history is WAAAAAAY worst than the Chinese score, which is kinda sad really, since I don't even know my own country's history... but Korean's getting harder and harder to understand, and I didn't know much to start with anyways. And it goes on and on...
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Friday, April 27, 2001 || 10:48 p.m.
Ni hao~ Charlene~ (my typing's weird cuz I've got an aluminium splint on me fingaa T__T)XD, hello is not 'yozeyo' but 'an nyung'. "Yozeyo" is a short form of saying 'yuh boh sae yo'<-- don't pronounce them the Jap way. a bit like the Jap's 'moshi moshi'... ^^ you watched shiri? That was a good movie... went international, oh my.
And don't worry about onnatachi here... I'll keep it up to date, so to speak XD. And really good luck with your exams Charlene dear.. I know we all need luck for exams. Goodness knows I do!
I went to the hospital to get my finger checked.. and woo hoo, my tendon's broken >_o;;.. and he asked a really scary question.. REALLY FREAKY, for me at least. "And are there any chances of you being pregnant?"XO!!! I was so startled... I NEVER had sex before, so it freaked me and my mom out...and then he asked when I had my last period and THAT freaked me as well... -_-;; I'm so worn out. Ugh, I'm dragging myself to bed now.. see ya.
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Thursday, April 26, 2001 || 06:01 p.m.
Yozeyo Anna! (I hear that's how they say "Hello" in Korean...? ^^;; I might be wrong, I picked it up from the Korean movie "Shiri"... =D;) Yeah, you already know, so a little note for our readers: If you read my blog, you'll know I'm taking a break from blogging and web activities in general for a while, maybe two or three weeks, due to my exams coming up. Thank gawd Anna will be around to fill this piece of crap up XDDD;;; and I'll, of course, do the same for her when she has her exams. *galomp*
Kay then, maybe I'll drop quick notes here and there, but basically Charlene will be disappearing from here for a while. =D Won't you miss me greeting you to "Hentai R Us"??! *roflmao* Bye Anna! See you soon na? :3;
--Charlene greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Thursday, April 26, 2001 || 04:45 p.m.
Yo, Charlene, go to napster and try a song called 'The war of the internet' by Seo Taiji... it's like techno rock and you might like it, since you like GLAY.. but I dunno.. just try it!
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Thursday, April 26, 2001 || 04:40 p.m.
Jo-chaaaaaan~ Kang Ta all the waaaaaay!!!!! Oh and let's not forgit Woo Hyuk~ I luv Hyuggie-boy~... you know he lives with Tony? That itself isn't weird, but the fanfics! Korean fanfics are so different from the english ones.. Korean fics are more like scripts while the english ones are full out stories... I personally prefer the english ones XD jin jja mi an hae yo~ yuh ruh boon!
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Thursday, April 26, 2001 || 01:13 p.m.
E...ehheh *niko*
I'm at the school's library right now... yeesh, now that my IT coursework is done, I've got ANOTHER one coming up. it SUCKS... ruins my life man..
Lex-chaaaan thanks *glompz, then grabs crossbow* And no, I haven't been to the doctors for me finger. I've never gone to the doctors in HK... except when I got bitten. GOTTA GO! (teacher's seen me and got pissed)
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Wednesday, April 25, 2001 || 11:01 p.m.
OOOOOOOUUUUUUUUCH~ *cringe* my finger is KILLING me... stupid unathletic bitch who can NOT play rounders to save her LIFE hit my finger with the stupid bat, which is, made of metal and hurts like shit. *wince* hence, my reasons for not blogging for a record (?) of a few days...*wince, cringe*
bleeeeergh... My finger is deformed right now. It's purple, blue with red specks and it's bending at an odd angle... I can't straighten it. Youchers. *wince again*
Erm Charlene-dear~ shinhwa... kakkoi bishounen-tachi, ne? I luuuuuuuuuv HyeSung... who was it you liked??? Dong Wan? And how can you not like HOT??? I _LOVE_ HOT!!! Hidoi~ But, apart from that.. it was great catching you on AIM agaiiiin~ Daisuki yo, Charlene-chaaaaaaan~ *niko*
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Monday, April 23, 2001 || 07:58 p.m.
Yesh, yesh, da kick liiiiiiiine-......mmm... MINT skittles? Er, NO, that was NOT a suggestion for the kick line XD, it's a new type of skittles.. And yes, Charlene dearest, me miss you too~ I keep missing you on AIM.... aiyoz woman~ so busy la~ XD
Eyhey, you've got hanakimi 9? MMM.... if you want the rest, I can buy it here and mail it to you... it's out to 14 here. Actually, come to think of it, it's about time #15 came out....-_-;; feels like ages since 14 came out.
Actually, my friend (you know, the one I told you about, Uri... the one Ji yun watever called a 'beach' -_-;;XD Talk about the kettle calling the pot black....)*lol* has GALS... I was gonna borrow it, but loaded with work I am, didn't get a chance >_>. Oh weeeell~ I'm borrowing it later! But one of the things I don't like... they're like.. like...

Me:XD Hai, chopsticks.

ERG! I need S.L.E.E.P!!! I slept at four thirty last night.. and woke at six forty. So late~. But 'niways. I had a history test for the last two periods. Which inevitably put me off steam. Considering the goodish weekend I've had, today was really a piece of crap. I'm seriously considering missing school tomorrow... I'm not just tired. I'm fucking tired.

Yes dear, let's change the kick line.
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Monday, April 23, 2001 || 05:54 p.m.
Ugh. Something funky has been going on with my contact lense today. O_<;; <-- (the exact look on my face I've been going around with all day) After morning assembly, a couple of girls jostled me just as I put my hand to my face, and I ended up poking my eye! *roflmao* I blinked a couple of times, and before I knew it, my lense was on my cheek. >_<;
Went to put it back on, but it hurt so badly, that I took it out again, discovered I'd accidentally flipped it the other side (thus the pain) and put it back on again. But this time it was so dry, it felt as if it would drop out everytime I blinked. Ugh. Finally I managed to borrow some saline solution from a friend and got it back on. *blinkblink* Still feels weird though. T_T
Anyway--yay! More random manga today!! I got GALS! 3 and four other misc manga volumes. *_* Anna-chama, have you read GALS! ? (lol) If you haven't, then go get it!! I'm certain you'll love it, since you became such a fan of Hanakimi when I introduced it to you. ^.~;
And where are you on AIM??! I want to discuss the changing of the end entry line!! (I am getting so sick of it, as I am sure many others are. o_O;) :D
--Charlene greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Monday, April 23, 2001 || 04:08 p.m.
Wah... So that's my Birthday done and gone with... I feel sad~ my mother always says I live for birthdays and presents... and I do, I really do. ^^ Got lots of presents... a biiiiiiiiiiig thank you and glompz to the numerous people who wished me a happy birthday.. it was, it really was, and I owe it to all you people for making it a special day. Thanks and I love you all. Cross my heart.
On a much less sentimental note. I bought L'arc en ciel and dearie me, they are GOOD! I remember a song I once heard and loved. Finale. I love it. It's absolutely beautiful^^. And the Corrs are good, as I expected. Yes I luuv them~ Jo-chaaan! Cute layout!!!! It's sweet ^^ did you draw it?? OOh and me luv KPOP too~ it's good to listen to something I understand ^^. HOT is the yummiest....*drool* XD!
Yo Lex-chan! How can I feel better about that?-_-;; Seeing people fail is NOT good. So! You are NOT going to fail! GOT IT?!?? thank you *niko* XD
Charlene~ dooooooooko???
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Saturday, April 21, 2001 || 06:32 p.m.
....HOOOOLY~ kirei!!!!!!! New layout, new layout!!! Fab job Charlene-chaaaaaaaaaan... I feel so guilty now since you do all the work -_-;; gomen, ne?? XD
Oh, and I didn't get home till just now... Birthday something, I don't know.. all I can think of is that I am reaaally really tired.-_-;;Owww.. my shoulders *cringe*.
Leeex-chaan~ ooh no wonderXD! I luuuuuv Woo Hyuk yeeeees I do~ *leers*XD! Urgh, stupid orders to go and get a video... So tired...-_-; Oh yeah. I flunked the history test and the other two Korean test, I just got away with it. Dunno the marks. I'm so beat. *sighs*
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Saturday, April 21, 2001 || 11:29 a.m.
Yatta~! Finally got the new layout up! You likey, Anna-chama? =3; It's Access-time of KKJ!! (I think, I'm not very sure, but if I am wrong, then whoa. Biiiig embarrassment... ^^;;;)
And let's change the end entry line!!! Where are you on AIM?!? *searches furiously on her list*
--Charlene greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Thursday, April 19, 2001 || 04:47 p.m.
Wai wai~ Lex-chaaan~ , you know kpop??? *gaaaaalompz* I luv you too~ XD
And no... I don't know any canto except for a few TINY bits and swear words XD. Too many canto speakers in my school~ not that I really mind, since one of them's my best friend, but sometimes the guys get really annoying cuz they NEVER speak english, even during the ENGLISH lesson! And my school's an English Schools Foundation... >_<
WAI! My teacher LOVED my IT powerpoint presentation... should I mention that it took a freaking TWO HOURS to load on the work bin???
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Wednesday, April 18, 2001 || 08:43 p.m.
Aaaah~ Lex-san~ (san or chan? You choose ^^), I don't know how to speak Jap.. not really ^^. I'm just fishing around and throws a few bits and pieces at Asuka-chan and then ask if it makes sense XD! French though... so hard! It's not really that bad, but the masc. and fem. is _so_ getting on my nerves! To top it off, my teacher was really strict and all, and back then (maybe even now...) I was really... rebellious?XD And call me 'Anna-chan', 'san' sounds nice but you're still older than me :3 so 'chan' will be nice *niko*
Jo-chaaaaan~ *nikoniko* you like Shinhwa?? And S.E.S.??? and HOT?!?!?? OMG!@!!!!!! I _love_ you!!!! XDXD And yeah, I'm Korean as well~ ^^ though if you read my earlier stuff, it's pretty obviousXD. Hope to see you around~ *wave* ^^^^^^^^^
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Tuesday, April 17, 2001 || 08:54 p.m.
Charlene dear~ *bows down on knees* Gomeeeen~T_T I was really looking forwards to another chat as well...;_; hidoi~ stupid maths!
er...FAT COW??? XDXDXD~ that's hilarious!!! I can't link French to _that_XD~! All I can say is.. er... nothing actually XD! After learning le francais for four years now... I still suck at it... I shoulda learnt Mandarin instead -_-;; french is honestly so confusing. I don't even know how to speak Jap properly, and I've only started reading manga for what, two years now? But my comprehension of Jap is MUCH better than french, that's for sure!
EEK! My art hwk!!! I still have no idea what we're supposed to be doing... atashi no sensei wa...kowai. So, I don't even want to _think_ of the conscenquences of not doing my homework >_< *slinks off to do art hwk...*
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Tuesday, April 17, 2001 || 04:13 p.m.
Aiyiyi, gotta make this short, I've got tuition at 6 and I haven't done the hwk...
Lex-san! I'd LOVE to be linked~ and I've just seen your blog, and YAY~ we're linked ^^. Charlene-chama~ Yeah I loved our chat yesterday as well.. demo... ;_; my mom reminded me I have a maths tutorial today, so I don't think I can come online! Gomen, gomen nasai~~~~~~ T__T
Urgh, gotta go. BTW, I HATE rounders on a disgustingly hot summer (?) day, in a stupid DUSTY turf... bleh, prolly still have dust in my mouth >_<;;
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Tuesday, April 17, 2001 || 02:56 p.m.
Anna-chama~~! =D;; *sheepish grin* Sorry, I've been kinda disinclined to blog for a while. o_O; *galomp* But YEAH! I'm so glad we managed to talk even if it was for about 1/2 hour yesterday! *____* (hehe, kowai...kawaii...why does the Japanese language have words which sound so similar but are worlds apart? For eg. kirei and kirai. o_O;)
Ooh, you take French? o_O; Wow, that's so...cultured. o_O; The only french words I know are "bonjour" and "oh la vache"! (taken off someone's T-shirt with the picture of a fat cow on the front XD)
And! Yes dear, Read will open as soon as possible...hopefully, Alexa and I'll be able to make the deadline which is really soon. Either way, I already have the layout done and most content written up, except for the character bios. I saved the best for the last...nehehe....gonna have fun later... *rubs hands in glee*
New layout underway! Which bishounen shall we have the pleasure of shamelessly putting up for delectable display now, Anna-chama...?
*eyes bug* Now there's Bambi??! What other options were there anyway? Doesn't sound like a whole lot. *blink-twitch*
And Lex-san! Of course you can link to the blog! I and Anna here *tweaks Anna's floppy ear* would be much obliged! Also, regarding the delish bishounen on our layout...that's Sasa-kun of Mint Na Bokura, a really pretty shoujo manga. You should go check it out sometime...there's loads of links on anipike, and I may open a site on it some time in the future as well... XP;
--Charlene greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

|| Monday, April 16, 2001 || 06:43 p.m.
Aiya~ I've FINALLY caught Charlene on AIM~*niko* I've missed her for a reaaaaally long time. No wonder I was going nuts XD. And YES dearie, it's not 'kawaii'... it's 'kowai' in my case XD.
Oi, it's back to school tomorrow... *nervous niko*. I've got... maths, french *cringe*, science and PE... not bad. Except, I, er, FORGOT to hand in my French piece to the teacher before the easter break, dunno what the HELL my Bio hwk was, and it's Rounders for PE tomorrow. Lalala, I live such a happy life don't I??? *blinkblink* Charlene DEAR... Read:Hanakimi _is_ going to open SOON, ne? NE?? Or else I'll have to resort to... *eyes glint and waves voodoo doll around. Oh, and whippy-chan as well ^^* Eh heh ^^.
... WHY did I choose Media Studies??? I'm stuck on a really stupid project right now on DUMBO. My partner... took Bambi. So I was stuck with Dumbo... hidoi!
--Anna greeted, "Welcome to Hentai R Us!"

Onna Tachi is a blog shared by Anna and Charlene, two good friends who met on ICQ and have two special things in common: bishonen and the insanely strong periodic urges to jump them. O_o; Aw there now, don't be scared...do read on...! ;D

Anna is a 15 year old girl who lives in Hongkong, loves art to pieces and isn't as sweet and nice as many of us would like to believe. (kidding! ;D) She worships all bishounen, particularly a certain gay school doctor in Hanakimi...
AIM: Clampomaniac
ICQ: 21935468

Charlene is 15 and from Singapore. She devotes all her time to manga, anime and webdesign and nothing, not even finances, can get in her way of achieving otaku status. *_* She also loves JPOP, Glay and Ayumi Hamasaki in particular.
AIM: Red Hot Hokuto
ICQ: 88912542
Sites: Shizukesa, Spinel

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