|| Sunday, April 15, 2001 || 04:42 p.m.
Hola~ It's HOT here!
Yup. I'm back in HK. ^^;;; as soon as I got off the stupid airbus, I met my mom and then we had a HUGE fight about how I never know how to save money and shiiit like that. -_-;; Boy I feel special, having a nattering little fight with my mother as soooooon as I see her. Says a lot about my life, ne?
Other than that, much more pleasant news. Yeah, RIGHT~ I found out I have an Korean School exam this coming Saturday, which happens to be my friggin' TANJOUBI. Yay, happy birthday to me, I've got exams to cram for. And YAY again, I left my stupid diskettes in Korea which means, I need to find another solution to my stupid IT coursework. Sorry people, I'm back to complaining about my hwk. The joys of school life.
AND oh SUGOI! I've gained 3kg in Korea. My mother was about to kill me. My oh so happy life, can't wish for a better one, can I??
I feel so stupid right now... I just read the stupid rant *cringe* up there. I sound like such a brat...
Sakura-san, you prolly don't even know who I am (people seldom do-_-;;) but I really understand what you mean about the native language thing. I mean, I never had much Korean education to start with, only like two years, but I find the strains of expressing myself in Korean. And it's been only like five years since I've returned to Hong Kong. As for the textbook fiasco.. my friend just told me about it yesterday and although it peeves me off a little... as long as they acknowledge and admit their wrongs from the past, I don't really hold anytihng against the Japanese government. If they DON'T admit it, well, that's another matter. But what's past is past. All we can do is try not to make the same mistakes as our past generations have done.
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Saturday, April 14, 2001 || 02:07 p.m.
A...ano, Tin-oneechan, What exactly IS, Chinese nipple torture? I have a feeling I really REALLY don't want to know but... stupid curiousity killed the cat. -_-;;
My last day in Korea. How saaad. Back to the good(?) old (?!?!?) days of cramming for exams and hwk... did I ever mention that NO ONE does their hwk at home? Unless it's a project or something to type up that is.-"-. So every morning, there's a load of brainiacs (and some morons -_-+++) at my table, cramming to do our science hwk, revision whatever. If I just HAPPEN to have done the stupid assignment, then my file is ravaged, and then when I get it back, it's like a rag. Stupid... And then while THEY get A* or some shit over MY hwk cuz they made it NEAT (of course it's neat, you dimwit teachers, they COPIED it!) and they give ME an A or an A- cuz it's NOT neat!GRRRRRRR*fangs*jeez. And the dumbest thing of all is... I LET THEM. T_T... Stupid, ain't I. Charlene~ As sooon aaaas I get to Hong Kong, I'll put the, er, finishing touches to the damn sketchbook and then send it over~I'll include some photos as well!!! ^^...^^;;; I just realized that my Art hwk... is not done. Which means, that I am, as usual, screwed. Four pieces of shi..no, drawings of roofs. Not just plain sketches, but DETAILED shit. Ye gawds, I hate my teacher. I'd better go and do some work...*grumble*
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Thursday, April 12, 2001 || 10:26 p.m.
O_o;; *Twitch* I just realized that I have a few days left in Korea... two full days to be exact.
... In which time I need to get so much stuff.. manga, the stupid bunny, CDs, birthday presents... CLOTHES!!! Earrings, shoes, a bag, pens, notebooks... kusso!!!!!-_-+++ Makes my day does it not....
Yo Charlene-chama, Thanks for the.... SHIT!!!! T_T sorry, I just realized, I was writing a huuuuge entry + some thanks to Charlene for the links, and the works... and then my STUPID, absolutely stupid computer froze. IT FROZE on me ..... AGAIN!!!!!!!! ARGHARGHARGH!!!
Okay peeps, sorry about the hysteria... I just get incredibly pissed off when something I've worked on for ages just gets wiped out like that! I know everyone feels the same...-_-;; I'm getting reminded of my IT coursework again... *yelps* coursework... SHIMAAAATTTAAAAA~ my HISTORY!! I was supposed to do it during easter... I brought it aaaall the way here... and I haven't touched it! XO~ I'm in such a state of panic...
OOH~ I just finished reading 'Peach Girl' 9! Dunno what it's called in Jap but it's prolly the same as the Korean... who gives >_>. Sae is such a ... bleeping little.. what makes it worst is... WHY AM I THINKING OF A CERTAIN FRIEND OF MINE?!?!?!?!?T__T I'm a bad girl...awful person I am. But then again... the, ahem, 'friend' is a bit like her... except she doesn't go to extremes like Sae does...ooh that little /beeep!/. *puff* Kairi is soo... and Toji... I feel so bad for him, but I can't help encouraging Kairi. Momo would be happy with him. I mean, she really really loved Toji, but it's just.. Kairi can make her smile. Jeez, why is this reminding my about my own mucked up l life.
!!!! My friend just told me there were HAILSTONES in Hong Kong!!! The day before yesterday... man that is bizzar.. absolutely CRAZY! It doesn't even SNOW in HK.. oh wait, there WERE hailstones in HK a few years back. When I was in year 7. O_o;; exactly FOUR years ago... >_> I'm freaked out. Korea right now has a 'hwangsuh' thing... something about natural phenomenons...involving tons of dust riding the wind. Oh goody. No wonder I was having a helluva job trying to brush my hair.-_-;; silly me, writing about the stupid WEATHER. AGAIN. Bah, I should sign off now. I'm going daft.
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Wednesday, April 11, 2001 || 11:07 a.m.
Ooooh, lookie, Anna-chama! Someone's (other than some of my friends that is. <3) noticed us! Hey there Lex-san! *waves* Yeah, I'm glad we share the same sentiments. *smiles*
Yes, Anna-chama, you wanted to know how to link? Hmm, I don't know how to demonstrate here without using html (o_O;) but you can check here for information and maybe even learn a bit more while you're at it! XD XD;; That was one of my fave html tutorial sites ever. <3;
If you still have no idea about it, ask again. I'll see what I can do. =3;
Oh yeah, I have to archive soon, this page is getting awfully lengthy. XD; (yeah, and change the layout and end entry line while I'm at it... >.>;;)
--Charlene screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Wednesday, April 11, 2001 || 09:25 a.m.
Waaii~ you blogged~ agaaaain~ for once! -_-+++++
Yeah exactly.. I see we share our sentiments again XD.
Right now, Korea is absolutely beautiful... there's flowers blooming EVERYWHERE, and pale green leaves growing, the wind blowing the sakura around in swirls... absolutely beautiful. It's all green, yellow and pink here.. and white. People should really come to Korea during the spring when it's at it's full glory~ but then, Korea has four seasons so it's okay all the time.. apart from the summer that is -_-;;
So Charlene-chama... when will you talk to your sweet ole tomodachi agaain??? *taps foot* I'm waaaaaaitng~XD
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Tuesday, April 10, 2001 || 06:41 p.m.
Gomen nasai Anna-chama!!! I'm so bad with group blogging... *weeps* I'll try to make it up though. (This'll be a looong one...so grab a soda. XD)
Hmm, what you said about blogs first of all Anna. I just want to say that I completely agree with that. I've always thought blogging as kind of like an online journal, except a lot less personal. However, in a community as close-knit as ours, I suppose it is inevitable for "wars" to break out, such as the one going on at digital-witch.org right now.
I myself have come pretty close to pointing my finger at a couple of inconsiderate bloggers before, but kept myself in check. ^^; I mean, I respect that people can do what they want with their space and time. I also would like not to waste mine directing my (unwanted) opinions at them and besides, like you mentioned, I've never felt a blog was the place for things like that. *sighs* Just my two cents... (even though I gain amusement from reading other people's blog opinions myself! XD;)
And! About the age issue! Man, that is one of the suckiest stereotypes people have put on me since I started really getting into the Internet and chatting. It's like everyone starts a conversation with "asl?" and if you're not a particular age or gender, people want to have nothing to do with you and you get windows shut in your face just because you're probably not old enough to have a decent conversation with.
That's probably one of the many reasons why I've stopped irc-ing for a long time now. It gets really old besides, and it's also extremely rare to find someone who's not a dickhead and who doesn't want to cyber. >_< AIM AIM all the way! *lifts pompoms*
Okay, on to *coughs* more pleasant topics. Yes, Anna! The OVA was absolutely fantastic! I loved it more than any anime I've ever had the pleasure of watching, and I still do. It's just so completely beautiful...wistful, depressing and yet it comprises action which I've so never seen in any other anime before. Not to put a stereotype on anime in general though, I'm directing this at anime where characters go SD half the time and the most plot you'll get out of it is boy meets girl, evil guy tries to separate them and conquer the world, boy saves the day, boy gets girl. The end. XD
Now, the RK OVA was just so complete in itself. So wonderfully real. (And if I keep going on about it like this, I'm going to seriously have to stay up tonight cos I have two tests tomorrow. =_= Not to mention I'd bore the heck outta our readers. *sweet smile*)
Yaaaah~~! Anna, tell me more about Korea!! I've always known it was a lovely place although I've never been there myself. (possibly going to Tokyo this June though... *winks*) ANd I luuurve sakura! *_* Kirei da ne!
Hehe, okay if this isn't a long blog entry I don't know what is. Love you lots Anna-chama, and (hopefully) I'll talk to you soon! *hug* Oh yeah and I'm working on a present right now...it's just taking shape but I hope you'll like it! <3;
--Charlene screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Monday, April 9, 2001 || 09:18 p.m.
Ye gawds... I've just given myself a headache over the fights people are having via blogs these days... -_-;; ouch *reaches for aspirin*
*sigh* Ookay... I know I prolly don't have any right to say much since I don't even _know_ how to make a blog much less a site... That's Charlene-chan's area. But since when has blogging become a war? It's just like being back in this mailing list I was in. Though that time, it was admittedly a bit of my fault since I _did_ swear at a person (he said that the Japanese culture was all... never mind. It's just not nice -_-;;) yada yada yada, provoked and pissed off to the core I was of course. AND then kicked out of the list (people prolly know what I'm talking about here) But jeezers... is it just me, or is it getting a little out of hand? I have no idea how long this has been dragging on, since I just found out through Tin-neechan's blog, but it's just... it just shows how immature people can be. And before people start shitting to me that *I* who am _only_ turning fifteen on April 21st, which still makes me only 14, have no right to say that seventeen year olds whatever are immature, yuttmuckuh. Anyone want translations???
You don't have to be old to be mature... it all depends on how you grew up and shit. And before I let my REALLY nasty side ( for which I'm known for, believe me) get the better of me... *sigh* just GROW UP!!! YES, there is freedom of speech, blogging, bitching whatEVER, but... sokboyuh, meaning 'I can see your insides' literally, but meaning one can REALLY see your character. Having seen TONS of people being totally bitchy to me, well, I just see another one. Oh... and before hoards of people start yelling at me (if they even know this blog exists to start with -_-;;) I am only talking about the offender.
Sorry... I'm just a little peeved off at getting another headache... and I really hope I didn't offend anyone, even if that might sound a leettle hypocritical.-_-;; I think I _did_ let out my nasty side... gomen.
And Tin... I totally agree with you. -_-;; like I said~ 'great minds think alike' XD XD XD!!!!
On a last (and more cheerful)note: Charlene dear, I'm so sorry I've filled up this blog with BS like this... -_-;; I'll talk to you and then let's get rid of all the BS I wrote in here. Charlene!!! Where ARE you?!? Need to talk about that... *thing*. I just realized that I have no idea what I'm gonna write XD. Atashi wa baka, ne? It's aaaall cuz we haven't had a little chat for AGES!!! *twitch*
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Monday, April 9, 2001 || 10:35 a.m.
PFF-T!!! Onnatachi Hitachi??? Dearie me... Charlene! Your dad's got...hmm... actually, the 'tachi'... XD ah well~
OOH~ kirei!!! Charlene-chama, your new layout at Shizukesa is so gorg! *bounce bounce* seriously~ aiya, the dark background, the fonts... *gush*. The OVA, I've seen, despite warnings from my friend that it's REALLY bloody... too bad I watched it while I was eating >_<. I personally prefer the kenshin anime drawings to the OVA cuz the OVA makes all the characters look so sad and depressed. ALL the time, and they NEVER laugh. -_-;; Life's depressing already, seeing depressed people, especially friends, is really sad for me. -_-;;
Now I'm gonna head out and get some Dduukbokki~~~ *cheers* I've been in Korea for a week and I _still_ haven't had one of my favorite meals~! Hidoi!
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Sunday, April 8, 2001 || 09:29 p.m.
OOH~ purty Sakura~~!!!
I forgot to mention cuz I was having so much fun, but there's Sakura blossoms all over kyong ju~ *squeal*!! There's this place in Korea called kyong ju, where the Shilla dynasty was... and it's a beautiful place. It's also where my grandfather *cringe* lives, so I kinda hate it at the same time O_o;;. WELL, 'niways, I went to KJ for my grandmother's '49th day since death' ceremony... the stupid journey took 5 hours. But wow... the only thing I liked from this trip was all this totally kirei sakura blossoms flying around with the wind... it was so beautiful.
I prolly sounded a bit like an idiot, but I've been a bit worked up, and thinking back to the Sakura is actually very relaxing... ^^ CHARLENE!!! I.NEED.TO.TALK!!!!!XD
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Sunday, April 8, 2001 || 08:59 p.m.
*sigh* jeez... I was on the stupid comp writing a stupid rant about how a man's fidelty should not be so cheap etc. etc... and then there was a wipeout. Bummer.
Actually, it might have been for the best... what I wrote wasn't really nice and it coulda given anyone a helluva headache. So damn.
*cough* I kinda went a little cuRAYzay a few nights back on AIM with my dear onee-chan Tin...(Charlene dear, you gotta teach me how to LINK!XP) aand...*groan* made the biggest boast in the world. To me at least. -_-;; Charlene, should I have a go at a fiiiiic... featuring Sanooooo & Mizuki???*niko* get them a leeettle...drunk. Aaaand *twirls finger* see the conscenquences??? Ne, What do you think??? 'Niways, TIN-NEEEECHAAAAAAAN~ you WILL keep your end of the bargain, ne? Remember the heels, sister dear...XD
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Friday, April 6, 2001 || 11:35 a.m.
Holy...Shit. TIIIIIIN~ ARGH. My stupid computer didn't load things properly so I didn't get a chance to congratulate you~ I prolly got the spelling wrong -_-;; but who cares?!? Wow... I'm really happy for you~^^ ^^~Nee-saaaaaaaama~ chuka~! 'chuka' means 'congrats' in korean, BTW~
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Friday, April 6, 2001 || 11:05 a.m.
Waaii~ so you FINALLY post Charlene-chama...*taps foot* I was beginning to think you were dead or something... Ye gawds, your sleeping schedule's just as hectic as mine... I once had three hours of sleep every night for five days straight, and then I couldn't go to school cuz of it! XP
... I just realized that I'm turning 15 in a couple of weeks time... and it's just weird since it only feels like yesterday when I was thinking of my own fifteen year old sister... when I was six. Now I'm fifteen...-_-;; in Korea I'm SIXTEEN. Jeez, my head aches.
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Thursday, April 5, 2001 || 07:06 p.m.
Ooh! Anna-chama...you've got glasses now? O-O; XD XD;; I used to wear glasses and believe me, I looked awful. That was a few years back though when I was still the skinny nerdy idiot I was, so I'm thankful that I've got contacts now when it *cough* really matters. O_o And whaddaya mean if it's good or bad?! You can walk into a category three movie? That's great, girl! You gotta learn to recognize the better things in life and appreciate them! XD; Here's the bad side of me coming out now...XD! *lmao* I've been so busy with school now, I was just done with two rather important tests at school today...augh. I'm so exhausted.
My sleeping schedule has been so screwed as of late. O_o; I think I had about four hours of sleep last night...and I don't sleep late, I sleep early, wake up at obscene hours, then sleep again, only to sleep past the alarm clock and get nagged at by my mom while dashing to change, brush my teeth and grab breakfast all in five minutes. *lmao* --Charlene screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Wednesday, April 4, 2001 || 09:15 p.m.
*NIKOO~* Charlene-chama!!! I got HANAKIMI~~~~ *squealz* almost all of them available~! OMG~ *nikoniko* and a hair clip with loooootsa cubics on theeem~ *boing~* aaaaand D.N. Angel~ in Korean~~~ *niko niko niko* ^^ ^^ ^^!!! Satoshi: Freak. Anna:>_> am NOT! Sato-kun: -_-;;... Anna: okay, I _do_ have a sugar high... Sato-kun:...only? Anna:-_-++ are you trying to tell me something? *hauls out whip* Sato-kun: er, nope. Nothing. Nothing at all. SEE?? SEE?!? I'm making up totally _lame_ conversations in my head...*shakes head* it's the glasses. Definitely the glasses. My friends' friend saw me for the first time today, while I was wearing these things, and she used honorifics to talk to me... until Jess pointed out that I was the same age as her. -_-;; go fig. They already think I'm waay older than my age here, but with these stupid glasses, they either think I'm a college proffessor or a really scary girl with an evil glare + unholy scowl. To top it off, Jess happens to look WAAY younger, what with her looks and height... plus her tendency to go psychotic over this pop group in Korea...-_-;;. Wow. I even walked into a catagory III movie here, and they didn't question me. Is this good or bad?!?
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Monday, April 2, 2001 || 05:54 p.m.
O_o;a...ara?!? WHAT IS _WRONG_ WITH THIS?!? -_-;; there's something weird about this... very very weird. Charlene-chama~ *huggles* HANAKIMI~ in Korean is very.VERY good.*niko niko* And ....*drools* Korean bishies, as I have found out once again, are just as er, droolsome and _yummy_ as the Japanese ones... XD~ Charlene~ I'll buy some manga if I have any money left -_-;; and then I'll send it to you~ when I get back to HK. ... I just found out that.. I NEED GLASSES. OMG. my mom's been warning me for the past few years about reading in the dark and now it's happened. I've got good eyesight.. except for when I'm tired or hungry. DAMN. glasses... make me look CREEPY. Or so they say >_>. Then again.. it's the Satoshi kinda creepy.. is this good or bad?!?
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Sunday, April 1, 2001 || 08:19 p.m.
Ooh, Anna-chama, is the time over there in Korea really fast? Cos it's only Apr 1st here, and it's Apr 4th there judging by your entries... O_o; And awww, I forgive you! XD;; Naw, really, it's alright that you forgot. Some other time maybe...? *hopeful staaaare* And did I ever mention that I hate you for knowing Japanese Anna? >__<;;; Me wants Hanakimi tooo~~!! *screams* XDD;;
Wah, this blog is so convenient no? We barely ever manage to catch each other on ICQ and now we can get messages which aren't all that late through! *nikoniko* Daaaaisuki yoooo~~~! Oh and btw, I really should think of a better ending entry line...any suggestions pardner? =3;;
-- Charlene screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Wednesday, April 4, 2001 || 11:52 a.m.
...Charlene dear, are you barred from compie-chan again??? *sigh* maaaaan~ you should get a break! I've just found out that the apartement my sister moved into has no sang ga, a small block, building whatever that has stores, markets whatever. Bookstores. AND manga rooms. Which means, I HAVE NO PLACE TO GET MANGA. I have to go aaall the way to this other place. T_T WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!? I can just _bet_ that my sister and mom did this on purpose. They really don't like my reading manga when I used to read _such_ good books like classsics. Jeez~ give me a break! I mean, hell-o~ I'm fed up with all those literature...things... that my mother wants me to read, since age TEN! COME ON! I wasn't even _allowed_ to read manga until I got a personality and will of my own and started to become, er, a bit rebellious. Not that I'm a bad daughter or anything, I'm a very _very_ good daughter by the Korean standards, like using honorifics to my dad and shit like that. But I want a life of my own! MY sisters who happen to be nine and eight years older than me, are absolutely _perfect_people. You know, straight As and stuff like that. T_T.. but then, I love my sisters a LOT. So, I refrain from commment. O_o;; holy..crap. I just read what I've written up there... and I think I've turned into a ranting lunatic. Sorry about the rant. I was just pissed off at the manga stores *sweats*. On a MUCH MORE HAPPIER NOTE! I've bought and borrowed Hanakimi... and I LOVE IT!! It's a bit censored when Hokuto-chan gets kissed, kisses whatEVER, but otherwise~*hums* kakkoi~ Bishies!^^ ^^ ^^*boing* Life is beautiful~
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Tuesday, April 3, 2001 || 07:22 a.m.
ARGHARGH. I'm in Korea now. After an entire night on the stupid plane, I'm finally here. And exhausted. Er...Charlene-chaaaaaaaan? ... your good ol' tomodachi..er... FORGOT to bring the sketchbook *cowers* forgiiiiiive me~~~~ T_T HOLY..SHIT! My gawds, Charlene, you okay? That must be absolutely horrible... it's a bit like what happened to me before last year... and why am I writing this?...I've got nothing better to blog about -_-;; but seriously, Charlene.. be careful! and yeah, I know how repulsive blood is... the problem is, I always hurt myself or accidently rip my mouth T__T poor me;;;;;;;;;; ooooh yeah baby~ Korea's a manga heaven...*sloooww grin* which means purging all ma money is just a matter of time. And what purty bois I see...*fangs*XD On a last note...*kicks HTML* stupid computers, stupid codings. Do us all a favour and make it SIMPLE.
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Friday, March 30, 2001 || 04:30 p.m.
Anna! The sketchbook is doone? *____* Hoe~! I shall be looking forward to it! =D~ Um, also, in your previous entry, you used these signs: > < Nono, whatever you put in them'll be html, so stick with good old brackets. =D
Arg, the side of my mouth has been bleeding from a piece of dry skin I keep peeling away, and it hurrrts right now... *whines* Is it just me or is the smell/taste of blood just repulsive? O_o
Yeees...I know I'm supposed to have better things to blog about... =_=;
-- Charlene screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Thursday, March 29, 2001 || 10:21 a.m.
OH.MY.GODS. I am so screwed. Definitely screwed. Totally dead. I stayed up real late doing my IT coursework. And then I had major problems saving it cuz it was waaaaaaaaaaay to big for the disk. And the stupid powerpoint presentations' TODAY. So here I am, after FINALLY saving it last night/this morning. And then I come to school and WOW the stupid computer says that 'THE DISK IS NOT FORMATTED' and shit like that. Like I said, I am SO TOTALLY screwed. To top it off... I didn't have any dinner OR breakfast so I am DYING here... with a HUGE stomach ache that makes my stomach feel like the intestines are twisted >_>. Oh joy. Maybe I'll be able to skive off IT by going to the medical room saying 'Ms. Ciracio (i think...) I have a TERRIBLE pain in my stomaaaaaaaaaaaaaach...T__T I think I'm going to DIE~'. Worked a few times before anyways XD And speaking of er, pain, if anyone knows how many times I've been in an injury or pain of some shit, they'd freak. Like they'd be doing RIGHT NOW. Urg, gotta get some painkillers ;__;
--AnnaT__T screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Wednesday, March 28, 2001 || 12:50 p.m.
*BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG GRIN* Yatta~ I went through the concert without blinking an eye~ ^__^ WOW I feel so HAPPY!!! No more mondays to slave with~And to top everything,I'm heading to Korea on FRIDAY NIGHT! Er, and canceling my maths tutorial to go shopping since I need to get my sister a graduation prez and also a birthday pres... which reminds me, Charlene-chama, I'VE FINISHED the sketchbook! All I need to do is rip some really BAD pages out and then send it along with your OTHER presents...^__^ Yo Charlene...shit forgot what I was going to say!XO~ Senile old woman I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam...
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Tuesday, March 27, 2001 || 06:03 p.m.
Oh yes! Before I forget, Anna-chama, is there anything you'd like me to put on the side of the blog? Like a links list or something...if you do, gimme a yell and I'll get down to it 'soon as I can! ^_~;
-- Charlene screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Tuesday, March 27, 2001 || 05:49 p.m.
WAHAHAHAHA~~~! Anna-chama, I've finally made it to making an entry huh? *cowers* Don't hit me... *whines pitifully* ^^;;;; Aaaaanyway, I see you've filled Onna Tachi up! Yoshi~! =3
Well, firstly....what do you think you're doing with X16 when here I am without it?!?!? *screams* Aaaargh! You evil woman you! @.@;;
A-a-and you're in the choir? *___* Wow! Honto ni...ni...how do you say talented in nihongo? ^_^;; Congratulations on being able to perform in City Hall! I don't know where that is in Hongkong, but it sounds hella important! O_o;
And, don't be scared...I know what it's like to suffer from stage fright believe me...I've had my share...but stay strong and...and don't think anything bad's gonna happen cos then...it usually will. *nods formly*
And! Anything from Korea?! *gleams and rubs hands together* *lmao* Yes, and you are on a friggin high. Go take some prozac already. O_o
-- Charlene screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Tuesday, March 27, 2001 || 03:50 p.m.
... This is it. The big day. I've been training for the past three months for this and now I'm performing with the rest of the ESF choir and orchestra. In the city hall. yes, the goddamned building meant for very formal affairs. ... and how do I feel? T_T...much more calm than I usually am. Which does, by the way, mean that something BAD might happen. Kowai yo ne....>_<
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Monday, March 26, 2001 || 07:44 p.m.
Ugh, I feel like a slug right now... three hours nonstop standing and singing in a choir of 120 and a girl next to me with a LOUD voice and wrong octave...well... it's painful I tell you. WHEE~ I'm going to KOREAAAAAAAA~~~! It's the best way to get rid of stress I tell you... aiya, aaaaaaaaaall the manga I can buyy...Ne, Charlene-chan, you want anything from Korea? ne? NE?!? ...And can ANYONE tell I'm on a godforsaken sugar high?!? -_-;; Satoshi:...Freak. Anna:O_o;; WHHHHHHHHHHY?!?! Satoshi:...case in point. >_<...
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Sunday, March 25, 2001 || 04:38 p.m.
*sigh* Can anyone help me with my French coursework? It's gonna be making up a HUGE part of my GCSE grading... and I need a LOT of help. ...I need my Sano...
--Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Sunday, March 25, 2001 || 03:53 p.m.
oh lookie lookie... the er, 'typhoon' has gone and now the sun's all bright and merrily shining and disgustinly hot. I just came back from the manga store. And yes, I got X16. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand YES, I KNOW that I shoulda waited. --My mom's gonna kill me. The ASUKA May edition's out...*fanged grin*
-- Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Sunday, March 25, 2001 || 01:09 p.m.
erg.. being a complete computer illiterate is annoying...hoooooooola! X16's out!!!! And right now it's so friggin expensive I can't buy it! HIIIIIDOIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! oh yeah, if anything weird happens here... it's because I still can't figure out ANYTHING for this...*nervous niko* Charlene dear.. you WILL come on ICQ, ne? cuz you know how er, freaky my rants are... OOH... methinks there is a friggin typhoon in Hong Kong.. oh joy.
-- Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Saturday, March 24, 2001 || 07:46 p.m.
CHARLENE!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU WOMAN!??! I've been going on ICQ for AGES and I _STILL_ can't catch you... ARGH ARGH ARGH ...OMG.. men are ASSHOLES!*kicks chair* sorry people.. but SOME guys (not all, mind you) are SOOO.... *sigh* sorry for the rant.. 'niways, CHARLENE-CHAMA... if I don't catch you on ICQ, I'm gonna go stark raving maaaaaaaaad...I'll send Umeda-sensei to torture you..*smirk*
-- Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"

|| Wednesday, March 14, 2001 || 09:39 p.m.
Waii... Charlene-chama... you finally made it! argh.. i know i'm gonna sound hopelessly old fashioned and a bit like a moron but i've never done this before~ XD
-- Anna screamed "Where's my Prozac?!"
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Anna is a 15 year old girl who lives in Hongkong, loves art to pieces and isn't as sweet and nice as many of us would like to believe. (kidding! ;D) She worships all bishounen, particularly a certain gay school doctor in Hanakimi...
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