[ Friday, December 21, 2001 ]
Pei Yi dear, there are 16 volumes of Hanakimi. And yeah... it _is_ a bit long, but then think about RuroKen, AS and HANAYORI DANGO >_<.
Unni, eh, do you wear jewellry? Pierced ears? I might end up sending something you won't ever use, so I'm just checking... same goes for you Charlene-chama. As for Lex-chan, I do believe I've bought what you want... I'll see if I can buy 14 but if I can't... I'll give you the URL for the translations, but later, I'm in a bit of a rush right now ^^;;. Lika-chan, I've got you a VERY nice Shinhwa CD... you can read Chinese yeah? Cuz there are Korean lyrics.. and then an extra CD jacket with the lyrics translated into Chinese. Canto I think... but anyways...
So, Minna-sama, I'll (hopefully) send the packages on Monday... so you'll recieve them by the first week or so in January... sorry for the delay!
Otherwise... today our school's finished the term, and we have a two week holiday. A measly two weeks which will be full of revision, but a holiday no less. And the Harry Potter movie opened in HK YESTERDAY. And I dunno when I'll be able to watch it... maybe Sunday, after my sister arrives in HK. I really hope my sister can bring the Manga I've requested... though she's so busy nowadays... I feel sorry for her.
I feel euphoric... and a bit sick, physically. Euphoric cuz school's finished. Sick cuz I just ate some ice-mochi, which I suspect to be past the 'to be sold by' date... >_<
Ignore the randomness.. you should be used to it by now XD.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 05:57 p.m.

[ Tuesday, December 18, 2001 ]
If anyone will take these damn things off my hands, I will be eternally grateful. My shelf is overflowing with manga, many of which I do NOT want. I did like them before, but some just manage to annoy me now *looks at Fushigi Yuugi*. Don't get me wrong.. it's a great series. But it's not really worth the money I put into it... and Miaka annoys me way too much. I've always scorned idiot girls like her, and jeez, she's supposed to be the same age as me and yet she acts like a five year old!!! Argh! -_-#.
What else do I want to get rid of... er, no one will want these, but I've got almost all of last year's Hana to Yume... and I've got both of this year's. There's also CCD, Korean version Evangelion, some random hanayori dango, Mint na bokura, gundam wing, sailor moon, Daa Daa Daa... -_-++. I would rather buy the full series of something else rather than keep these... so if anyone's coming to HK and wants to buy manga, just tell me. I'll sell them much cheaper than they come... and I keep my manga spotless and good as new! XD. I'm still deciding about X though... oh, add 'Wish' to the list!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 06:21 p.m.

[ Monday, December 17, 2001 ]
...Oh, and Pei Yi? I think I'm sinking into an obsession with Trigun. Any good fics to recommend? XD. And I've visited your Vash site... and loved it muchly I did. Trigun is cool~ I just wish I can buy it instead of just borrowing it >_Tin-unni, you have some very scary cousins... Karen you say? Hmm... well, all I can say is that if you live with her, she'll be a bunch of laughs but you never know when you'll die with a heart attack o.o My own cousin... when I was four and he was two, he almost hit me with a golf club... how on earth he managed to pick that up, I do not know. But I have some pretty weird relations as well.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:10 p.m.

[ Monday, December 17, 2001 ]
Today's physics and bio trip to Ocean Park was a disaster. First off, I'm making a note to all that I am incredibly afraid of rides like roller coasters and the viking ships. I have a very bad memory of puking straight after I went on the Viking boat... as for the other rides, I don't go near. The boat thing was different, my friend forced me, a few years back. Same with Viking boats, cuz I _can_ go on them.. but the one in HK is sooooo crappy, it's TINY! And lasts for like a pathetic three mins? The one I took in Korea's countryside was HUGE and went for more than five mins... of course, I was screaming profanities at my cousins for dragging me up there in the first place.
Anyhow... I ended up waiting for my friends for about an hour... and then I ended up waiting for them for ANOTHER hour. The first part merely annoyed me, as I was tired.. but the second one. Man... I TOLD them I'd be waiting for them... I was just sitting there, waiting for another damn hour,when they call and say blahblah, thinking I was with another person... that really pissed me off but what really took the biscuit was when I heared them laughing. I just snapped at them, telling them I'll be going home, which I did. In all, I don't think it was a very nice trip. Plus I got soaking wet cuz it was RAINING and none of us were expecting it -_-#.
On a slightly different note... a friend of mine came to HK last night, from Korea. He... used to be a crush of mine and he's the only guy I _still_ can't talk to straight in the face. Even now, and before, other guys I've liked, I was always the same, or even more loud cuz they'd be my friend (except for the one right now... Janz says I'm too quiet and sweet in front of him O_o;;). But this one guy... well, he was different. And I always have a special part of me which loves my crush, even if I like other people, cuz unless something really drastic happens, I always carry a certain affection for that person. And this particular guy... I remember liking him very much. It's been over a year and a half ago... but he's still very much the same guy. Tall, lean, good looking... and really nice to boot. Oh, and really smart. He's someone you can be really proud to say 'my boyfriend'. Aw, to hell with all this... I'm just getting corny again.
Lex-chan~ my version of P&P is the BBC (or A&E if you will ^^) version... starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Colin Firth, you know the guy from 'Bridget Jone's Diary'? Mark Darcy, that guy XD. It was really nice... and I liked the costumes^^. Oh... and about Hanakimi, I hope you don't mind me getting you the last two volumes, 15&16... I wanted to get you the others before it, but these were the only available... ^^;; gomen ne! I hope you'll enjoy it...
To everyone I've promised something to, I've got your things, but I might have to send it sometime during this weekend... I want to send it soon, so it can arrive before Christmas, but I've no time at the moment and the post office closes at 5 (I come home around 4)... so gomen ne ^^;;
Lika-chan, would you like to listen to some Korean CDs? It's pop, but it's better than Cantonese, if it's power you want... it's funny, but like two thirds of the Canto pop songs here are Korean ripoffs... but they can't get the same power the song was written for, cuz naturally, the song was written for the singer's unique voice in mind... -_-;; anyhow. You can tell I don't really like Canto pop cuz I haven't heard any good ones yet (no offense guys). But there's so many I want to send... and the Korean CDs here in HK really blow the budget T_T sorry~ maybe I'll send some of my own CDs... or if you have an MD player I can record some and send them to you... *_*. I'll just buy and send you a Shinhwa album. I really do love these guys... Hyesuuung~ (my god, his real name is... *cracks up* Chung Pilgyo. Man... then again, MY name is *looks around* don't tell=_=;; Chung InDeuk. *silence* pronounce it Jhung In Duck... man, do I hate that name). Ahem. Oh yeah... and Shin HyeSung's parents run a small donut shop somewhere near Seoul... I'd always imagined him to be like a richboy, cuz he gives the innocent 'look'... then again, it just might be me. Go and see him here! =3
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:43 p.m.

[ Sunday, December 16, 2001 ]

I am 52.5% British, just like
Hugh Grant
Thought you drive a British sports car you are most likely to have a blowout in LA.

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My, my... I'm not even close to being a Brit, and now I'm like Hugh Grant? O_O;; I'd rather have Colin Firth XDXDXD. Hugh Grant's funny though... ^^;;.
Now, off to find info about Trigun manga...
And I've gotta buy presents.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 01:51 p.m.

[ Sunday, December 16, 2001 ]
Well... it's been a while ^^;;
Give me shame for my hubris, as I had failed the mock on Tuesday. My maths teacher was yelling out 'How could your marks drop from 80 to FORTY-FIVE?!?!?'. The horror. I knew I'd failed the calculator exam, cuz I really wasn't prepared for it... the night before and just before the exam, I had a huge fight with my mom and then some of my friends. I guess... it served me right, somehow. I got an overall A, cuz I got A* for my non and B for my calc.. but I still felt really bad about it. Jeez... the only thing that boosts up my spirits on this matter is that I hadn't learnt a lot of the stuff from the exam. It was afterall, the real exams last year's year11 took in July. But still, bad.
What else... a lot's been going on during the week. Lots of bad stuff, but I finally did get the Pride and Prejudice DVD. And Leareth-chan, I do agree with you, it IS wonderful! Darcy was absolutely _HOT_ and Elizabeth Bennet was lovely. I didn't think Jane was very beautiful, at first, but by the end of the entire series, I think she's angelic... she reminds me of the busts of Venus. Very beautiful ^^. The scenery was wonderful.. and I really wish now that I live in England. Lydia annoyed me immensely, as did Mrs. Bennet, and Mary was just a sod. Wickham, you could tell was a slimeball, and I really wish Darcy could have just beat him up and put him in jail for being the pedophile that he is. Hmph. He was 23 when Georgiana was TEN!!! >_< Nasty!
And... I've watched Trigun. *silence*. Does anyone know where I can find the manga? I seem to have developed an incredible love for Vash... I'd better get Sarah to lend me the rest of the DVDs. She only lent me one!! >_< I really like the art of it, for some bits... Meryl and Milly made me gawk at first, cuz sometimes they really did make me go thud at stating the obvious. As for Vash... *drools* he's so cute! But he should NOT get drunk.
Last, but not least... Charlene, this necklace is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful... how did you know I love flower designs? And the stone! *swoons* Charlene dear, if I hadn't said it before, I'll say it now, SUKI DAAAAA~*! I'm wearing it right now, and wondering what I should get you! AAArgh.. the sketchbook is NOT going to be enough. I've got about half of it done right now... it's 100 pages -_-;.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 01:16 p.m.

[ Monday, December 10, 2001 ]
I have an eating disorder. I didn't have lunch today, so basically, I didn't have anything to eat from the moment I woke up till about four thirty just now... ugh. And I had my mocks today. The maths non-calculator was actually the real paper last year's year 11 had for their GCSE final exams... it was pretty easy, and I ended up checking my answers for the remaining hour... boring. And the PE theory after that was REALLY easy. Twenty minutes to do.. and the rest of the forty mins were spent drawing on the blank page... which I shouldn't have done *_*. And a very nice drawing it was too...
And so I'm a little out of it today. I have a calculator maths mock tomorrow, and I have chem lesson... which reminds me that I haven't given in my leaflet about fertilizers... which was due a month ago. What do I tell my teacher? I love my teacher, yes, and she's quite nice to me, but I've only just about managed to get back into her good graces, and I think I'm dead T_T.
...What else... um, migrane, so I'll be going off now. BBaaaaaai~
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 05:24 p.m.

[ Sunday, December 9, 2001 ]
Firstly, a belated birthday congrats for LEARETH!!! Happy Belated!!! And Welcome back from China... I hope you didn't get _too_ depressed or scared by the beggars. I could tell you stories from my experiences in ShenZhen, a more civilized part of China... it'll make you both laugh and sad.
Secondly, but not any less important, Happy Birthday Aya!!! And Welcome back to you too!!! SengIl Jemi ittge bonae, unni!
DT didn't go so bad on Friday... My parents went to ShenZhen on Sat and are coming back today... Hmm, not much going on in my life, is there? But I do have three mocks for Monday and Tuesday which I should really be studying for. So bye~
Oh.. just one more thing. If you have a lycos ID, try going to Melodybox... fun ^^;; and challenging for me since I don't know how to play the piano, and I'd say the Clarinet is very different from this!! Oh but then again, I think only people with Korean on their computers can actually read most of the stuff.. *smacks head*. And another link! The infamous Mashimaro! My nickname btw XD. I get the weirdest nicknames... but just click on the episodes, and you'll see why the cute marshmallow-like bunny is called 'yubgi'... which means bizaar, crazy, disgusting, psychotic... take your pick XDXD.
Now, really off!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:12 a.m.

[ Thursday, December 6, 2001 ]
Yo... I'm back from the dead. I'm gonna be dead tomorrow anyways, so does it even matter... My media teacher got really pissed off at us today, and so I have to be at school by 7:30am to do my media essay. Dammit, and it wasn't even our fault... I'll elaborate later.
Pei-Yi~ you shouldn't have let your earpierce get blocked!!! T_T sooner or later, you'll probably pierce it again and I'm telling you, it hurts to pierce it again! And seven holes.. well, I can't wear all seven cuz two(one on each ear) are directly above another hole... it's hard to picture, but that's what it's like. If you ever read Tokyo Juliet, and see the main guy's ear (forgot his name...) you'll get what I mean. And do pierce your ears~ just not to the extremes! And a late note, but WELCOME BACK!!!
Lex-chan~ hihihihi!! This time, I really promise I'll send you your email (two or three weeks late? I'm so sorry!!!) tonight! And I'll just reply to the latest one now cuz I've just about got enough time to reply to it before the class finishes. ^^* Love ya~ *hugs*
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:48 a.m.

[ Thursday, December 6, 2001 ]
Yo... I'm back from the dead. I'm gonna be dead tomorrow anyways, so does it even matter... My media teacher got really pissed off at us today, and so I have to be at school by 7:30am to do my media essay. Dammit, and it wasn't even our fault... I'll elaborate later.
Pei-Yi~ you shouldn't have let your earpierce get blocked!!! T_T sooner or later, you'll probably pierce it again and I'm telling you, it hurts to pierce it again! And seven holes.. well, I can't wear all seven cuz two(one on each ear) are directly above another hole... it's hard to picture, but that's what it's like. If you ever read Tokyo Juliet, and see the main guy's ear (forgot his name...) you'll get what I mean. And do pierce your ears~ just not to the extremes! And a late note, but WELCOME BACK!!!
Lex-chan~ hihihihi!! This time, I really promise I'll send you your email (two or three weeks late? I'm so sorry!!!) tonight! And I'll just reply to the latest one now cuz I've just about got enough time to reply to it before the class finishes. ^^* Love ya~ *hugs*
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:48 a.m.

[ Tuesday, December 4, 2001 ]
Oh..... NOOOOOO!!! This can't be happening to me!! I'm turning into a Sailor Moon fan again... I've gone thru phases of this during the past five years, and even before that. The prob is, I don't have the money get involved right now!!! The last time, like two years before, I bought tons of Sailor Stars VCDs... I love Seiya, no, I adore Seiya... And I absolutely HATE Mamoru. He irritates me to no end. Seiya is hoooot. Definitely hot. And Yaaaaaten's cute!!! But... hold on, Yaten, Seiya and Taiki... it's their surnames, yeah? And their given names are 'Kou'?... -_-;; whatever.
Sakura, I'll just say this in Korean, since I can't express it in english without sounding really cliched. Unni, unni new layout jinjja yebbuh~ kurigo Hong Kong eun nuni an onikka duh kuriwo..... aw screw, this is coming out all wrong! 언니, in case you can't make out what I've just written (I sure as hell can't -_-;;) 언니 new layout 진자 예뻐... 감동먹었어! 여기 홍콩은 눈도 안오니까 특히더 맘에 들어~ 우... 여긴 눈은 커녕 에어콘이나 틀고있어... ㅠ.ㅠ really clashes with all the dazzling Christmas decorations we have here -_-;;. And you say you've done the entire thing in two hours? ...you're a genius. Trust me, I don't butter people up unless I'm absolutely sincere, and sincere I am! 언니 멋있어!
Tin-unni, Charlene-chama and Lex-chan, can you guys give me your home addresses? I already have yours imouto-sama ^^*. I have some stuff to send... Just don't expect too much cuz I'm broke ^^;;
Off to bed, me half dead.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:14 p.m.

[ Monday, December 3, 2001 ]
Lika-chan, I got your mail!!! *squeezes* Thank you~ you're such a sweetie... ^^ And the stationary's cute! Cute cute cute~ the name card really touched me, thank you.
Unni, I heart your new layout, I really do. It's pwitty~ =3
Got physics test tomorrow... French role play... maths revision... shiet, I'm off now!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 06:24 p.m.

[ Sunday, December 2, 2001 ]
Guuuuuh... I'm a bit drunk right now. And no, I didn't decide to start drinking, I was just sterilizing my ear and then just went ahead and sterilized half of my earrings, which is to say, a LOT. And I poured liberal amounts of alcohol on them... the fumes were really strong and now I'm dizzy with an upset stomach. Guhhh..
Jack's birthday today... didn't really do much at the beach. Took them the better part of two hours to actually get the fire going properly, and I only had about ten marshmallows... that's all I had during the five hour bbq. Wonderful. By now, most of you know that if I have too many sweets with no proper food, I get sick. Well hahaha, I had a huge amount of marshmallows, an ice popsicle, some juice from Japan (obviously disgustingly sweet)... and a tiny bit of ice cream cake. Guuuuuh... I want to go and just puke. But doesn't happen very easily, I'm afraid.
Otherwise... this morning, I bought two necklaces. Both are made of pearls, black and white pearls... can't really explain, but I fell in love with them. It's really just one black pearl after a white one... and these are oval ones. Anyways, that just about wiped out all my money... yay me. I am not spending this much... ever again. Well, not for a long time anyways, no money! But HanatoYume1's out, and... no, Anna, STOP.
...School tomorrow. Drat.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:12 p.m.

[ Saturday, December 1, 2001 ]
>_< It's late, I'm tired so I'll make this short.
I got my ears pierced again. Seven holes... jeez, I am a hypocrite. Not so long ago, I said having too many holes in the ears made me queasy, but then I was referring to the girls in my school cuz a lot of them have 15+ holes in their ears... I wouldn't be surprised if the rims of their ears just fell off. -_-;;. Okay fine, I say seven, but it's actually only five... it's seven cuz when I first got my ears pierced at age 5, the holes were too high, and in Korea, it's really ugly to have high pierces... you can't get lots of ring to fit your ears. So I got new pierces just underneath... so it's low down and pretty. I got three pierces that day, two on my left and one on my right. And today, I got one on each side, just below the bone, cuz no matter what, I am NOT punching a hole thru my bone. -_-;; Didn't hurt much, but the earrings used were fucking THICK... almost a mm I swear. So when I changed it to a gold one when I came back home, the frigging thing started bleeding. Aw hell. I kinda regret it now. -_-;; Diiiiiu.
And Lika-chan, great new layout!! It's so cuuute! And no, I didn't read your latest fic, as requested... but just the title, Okonomiyaki?!? In a lemon fic? Dear, just WHAT evil story have you cooked up this time? And no pun intended.
Tired, I am off to bed. After cooling down the damn throbbing ache on my ears -_-#.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:13 p.m.

[ Friday, November 30, 2001 ]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR UNNI!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOOOO YOUUUUUU~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!! *sparkles and confetti flies* Happy Birthday Unni!!! May this year of your life be full of happiness and joy and _health_... and prosperity and ALL you deserve!!! And yes Unni, I meant the latter in a good way XDXDXD!
Wah, gotta go, Jaaa~
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 06:44 p.m.

[ Thursday, November 29, 2001 ]
Anoooo.... Christmas is coming!!! I only just realized that today was the friggin 29th of NOVEMBER. Which means that December is two days away. Wow... another year gone so fast. T_T I'm gonna be so broke with buying presents!
Hmm... wishlist... wishlist, hey?
Anna's Wishlist:
Saiyuki Gaiden, a huge bunch of manhwa from Korea (I Wish4, Shin Romeo and Juliet 8&9, Yaya5, Hanakimi15, Cashgirl3-5, Penguin Brothers2, Audition10, Satan Diaries1,5 and 6 if it's out... etc XD), and... hmm, not much more than that. All I want is the manga from Korea... oh, and some CDs from Korea as well. I wish I can go to Korea this winter... but I can't until next summer cuz of my exams, they're right after all the long breaks *scowls*. Maybe Chinese New Year... No wait, I _do_ have something I really want. The BBC (or was it A&E..??) version of Pride and Prejudice. You know, the one with Colin Firth as Darcy... wasn't he the guy who did watzisname in 'Bridget Jone's Diary'? I think so... and man, this guy is JUST the guy to be Darcy. Bridget Jone's Diary... why didn't I see the similarity before!?? It's so much like 'Pride and Prejudice'!!!
Eh, and are you okay Lika-chan? I really hope you're feeling better... *pats*.
Gotta go, I've gotta tutor now! Ja!!!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 04:32 p.m.

[ Wednesday, November 28, 2001 ]
Er... shiet.
I've been reading less manga for the past few days... and I've been reading books. *gasps* Wow, Anna's finally reading books for real after a year-long hiatus. O_o;;. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I really loved before... and I'm reading it again, enjoyin it once more very much. Much much happieness reading it... but it's a library version. I never liked borrowing from the library, especially if it's a book I like because... well, I don't want to return it =_=. And then it goes overdue... which is quite silly of me. But I hate departing with books I love, and I did love quite a few, like the huge one of myths and legends of the world... if I remember correctly, Charlene-chama also loved reading Greek myths, by far my favourite. XD The similarities we find in ourselves... okay, liking Greek myths isn't that uncommon, since it's probably the best loved of all old myths. But man... ^^;;. And btw, Congrats on your moving Charlene!!! I hope you have much happiness in this house! You also owe me an email, sister dear.
*wince* Ouch, my wrist... today was the last day for basketball. I was trying to pass the ball to Abby, a low bounce pass. Just then Petrina slashed her hand, trying to block my pass... her wrist came slashing down, mine came up, trying to block her. And Petrina's really skinny... so there was this huge crack, and I just gave a yell. ^^;; Another bruise for me... I really wish I could stop getting injured, since today Pamela managed to crash into me twice. Once, I landed very weirdly, with the ball clutched between my chest and leg, so the result was quite painful. I really did feel sorry for poor Taku who had to coach us.
And news on my media project, I've finally managed to make 31:16 seconds. Yay for me, since Ms. Wilson only did expect around 15~20 seconds. But I still have some frames to scan and colour... and then it'll probably be about 40~50 seconds, if I'm lucky. ^^;; I hope I won't muck it up... too much XO.
Lex-chan... that's so horrible... >_< the same thing happened to me, but I guess it's a different story since I lost my files when I'd got a new computer last year. But all the same... I hope you manage to get it working properly again. And your email! I'm so sorry, I haven't been answering my mail for about a week now... I'll reply as soon as possible!!! Oh yeah, I've bought Saiyuki 6 now!!! YAYAYYYY!!! Now all I want is the Gaiden... they brought in tons of Saiyuki manga yesterday, in the manga shop next to my block. But no gaiden -_-;;. Oh, and I bought RIBON 1 today. -_-;; I feel like I've just wasted my money but I haven't read it thru yet. ^^;;
Now me off to do my media evaluation...
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:25 p.m.

[ Monday, November 26, 2001 ]
Argh argh ARGH!!! Unni, that's IT!!! You are moving to HONG KONG!! I'll let you stay at my place, and we can raid the manga stores near my house. And I have Hye Sung hanging all over the place *looks at door and drools* eh. I have a huge poster of him on the door, which is right next to the monitor XD. Then in my sleeping room, I have him again on the wall, Shinhwa right next to it and then another one of Hye Sung staring down at my pillow XDXD. Crazy aren't I, especially when I do have some other posters to put up... like say Satoshi from DN Angel or Kaori and Yoshitsune from... eh, 'yorozuya' something... O_O;;. Bleh, never mind that, I wouldn't take Hye Sung off for a million bucks, unless it's a VERY good one of him. So, don't let me get any more off track. HyeSung! MinWoo!! JIIIN!!! Dong Wan & ERIIIIIC~ let's go get 'em sis! XD And you can ask me whatever it was by email... damn, we'll kill AIM together.
So what else is new... Ooh, I really do want to watch Harry Potter~ ;_; HK's always so slow at movies. I think it's coming out around Christmas time. And as for Harry and Draco... they're so cuuute~ I've seen them cuz the toy stores in UNY have these previews of Harry Potter so they'll get more kids buying the merchandise. Works very well, I might as well say. But Draco seems so cuuuuute~ and with that face, seeing him as a slimeball would be FUN *grin*. As for Harry, as I was telling onee-chan yesterday, he is CUTE! So call me a pedo like Jan does, but he's only 3 years younger than me! And then there's HyeSung of course!
*smiles*You know, last night I got home around 10:30 cuz of my media... blue eyes was there, as was three others. BE and his friend were like kids, I swear... "... I can't wait any longer!" and they started punching through their mobile phones to get their Christmas ringtones! XD So cute~ -_-;; but then Peter started teasing me about my feet. My feet are size... 4~5. 230~235mm maybe? At anyrate... tiny. And his were HUGE, I swear my foot was less than two thirds the size of his. And he was like "I'm perfectly normal!" -_-;; then Aaron started lecturing me on how bad high heels were... -_-;;.
Oh, I just saw these three Japanese guys on Channel V... 'W-inds'. Cute! And their voices~ or rather, the main guy's voice was nice... reminded me a bit of Kohei (or was it him... I only caught a glimpse of him O_O;; haven't been paying much attention to music these days). ^^
And why, WHY does this keep happening to me? I'm sick again. Of course, my mom doesn't know, cuz I didn't tell her... but I've got momsal kamgi, which is like a cold... flu symptoms but you feel very strange and your skin+flesh hurts. Which is why it's a bit painful for me to be typing right now. *winces*
As for you Lika-imouto, veddy dirty miiiind dear~ as your older sister, I demand you to keep going! Maybe your other predictions about X will come true as well! Arashi and Sorata... ^^ so sweet!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 06:14 p.m.

[ Saturday, November 24, 2001 ]
Hmm... I've been reading and watchin 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen. I've always loved this particular classic more than any other. Maybe it's cuz Jane Eyre kinda pissed me off, or maybe cuz I so admire Elizabeth Bennet from P&P. I've started reading 'Sense and Sensibility' and 'Emma', but I never really got far from a few chapters. As for P&P, I've read the book maybe five six times during sporadic bursts of _real_ (-_-;;) book reading. And I still love it. One of my oldest traits is that when I am fixated by something, I work at it with a passion. Up until I started reading manga, which was less than three years ago (I didn't even TOUCH Japanese stuff till about a year ago... and I didn't go near the Korean translated ones till around a year and a half ago), I was an avid reader. I was famed for reading hours on end everyday, often reading the same book repeatedly until the book itself was in tatters. Take a look at Mark Twain's 'Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn', the original version. I had and read it since early 1995, and I still read it, although it's a rare occasion. The cover's about to fall off, the spine's battered... ^^;; my poor book. I'm quite fond of it too XD. But years passed, I grew increasingly rebellious against my mother, and I was getting sick of her wanting me to become her perfect nerd. I loved reading, yes, but I wasn't prepared to read only classics for the rest of my life. Manga was strictly forbidden. But now... much has changed. Although I still maintain the good reader's mind, and I have the intelligence from the books I've read as a child (Greek Myths do wonders in classical literature), I rarely read good books. It's always manga manga manga. Not strictly bad, but I do wonder where I'd be now if I had never opened the Korean manhwa that fateful day. Would I be any more intelligent than I am now? But if I'd never discovered my love for manga (good story and good art in one? you need an answer?), I'd never be here, typing away at Onnatachi. I'd have never known Tin-neechan nor Charlene-chama, nor even dear friends like Lex-chan or Lika-chan. How can I regret that day, when I now have the best friends and soul sisters I can ever dream of? I know I don't regret the choice, and I know I love all of you very much. Heh, but then again, even if I wasn't a manga freak, I would have met you guys anyway, cuz in my two insane brain-sisters' case, I can hardly imagine anyone else who thinks the on the same brainwave as we do, and for the other two, well~ it was FATE! The Future is Determined *Fuuma's voice booms* Muhwahwhahwahwaaaahahhaaa!!! *Anna sweatdrops*
^^ Eh, so where was I?
Ah yes... forget about that. Futago-chan, I'd already said it, but your new Shizukesa layout is gorgeous! Very... how should I say, dark? Don't know how to express it, but you'd be very good at messing with people's minds Futago dearest. And unni! *stares* If AIM kicked you out the other night, I am _so_ going to throw a nuke at them! XD As for you Lex-chan, I'm hoping to catch you online tonight or tomorrow morning (I'm anticipating both) but if not~ well, your wish list has not gone unnoticed. Which reminds me, Unni, WHAT DO YOU WANT?! I'm getting desperate! If I send this really pretty glass thing, it'll break. Duh. And if I send manga, who knows if someone will open it and boggle at the bishies? How much does it cost to send a stuffed animal??!?! *gets frantic*
Oh, and satschool test results were crap. I passed 50 for one, and were below 50 for the other two. The other two, I might note was out of 90 and 81 but still, it peeved me off. -__-;;. Bah, me off to do some work now.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 09:58 p.m.

[ Thursday, November 22, 2001 ]
Oro? O_o;; where's Lika-chan's blog? I can't find it anywhere~ and I couldn't find it in school either O_O;;.
Yesterday was parents evening... and unlike the one from a few years back, I'm so happy~ cuz I got my predicted grade, all the teachers complimented my mom and me... and I guess cuz it was the first time the school allowed the students to come. I don't know... it's just the things my teachers told me and my mom, it made me feel GOOD, making me feel as though I really were intelligent. And I was really surprised when my art teacher said that I had a spark of genius in me that people rarely had, and when I was in a good condition, my work was the best in the class. Considering the fact that I'd always felt overshadowed by Daniel... I was pretty much shocked and VERY happy. But he also said that I was only the best when everything was alright with me. My work is frequently disrupted... either because of people talking to me, my frustration at my work, my frustration at my friends and in the most serious case, at myself. Something in the lines of inconsistent brilliant work... nah, I'll stop now. But there are times when I do work at art with a passion... I don't talk to anyone, and I don't hear anyone, the only thing there is me and my art, the materials being the only thing which can express what my mind is seeing. Then the inspiration stops, and I go around in circles. -_-;; It's like a writers block I tell you. And really annoying too.
Otherwise... I haven't been too happy with my RL lately. There's so much to do, this idiot got all my media work deleted by accident (and boy was I furious... three weeks of my work just gone down the drain)... and my friends as well. Even manga has lost it's touch *gasp*. I think I'm going down the drain again... and it's depressing. And, I absolutely HATE the Handling Data part of Maths. It just doesn't SEEM like maths... maybe it's cuz Algebra is the strongest point I have, but I just HATE anything to do with data and numbers. I can't handle it well, and I never will so hahahah. Mr.S said that 'out of her group, a very very good group, Anna can easily be counted as one of the top two or three'. Which made me very happy, but at the moment, Korean maths is at the end of me, and I want to kill all mathematicians.
Blah, enough bragging. I have my history to do.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 07:44 p.m.

[ Tuesday, November 20, 2001 ]
Lika-chan, I loved that fiiiiiiiic!!! *bounce* Karen... you write a wonderful Karen! And as for the email, don't mind me. I'll just hack at you when you get back from the nightmares of essays. =3Which, I have to write pretty soon as well. I'd rather do one on Romeo and Juliet, but damn, I need my own novel. So I'm doing Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'. I always loved it the most out of Jane Austen's works, and I know I'll like reading it again... but there is a slight problem and that being that my book is in Korea, thanks to my sister. Well~ it was hers to start with but she started and didn't read it for like half a year, during which I had to sneak the book out and finished it in three hours. -_-;; My sister the mathematician, I the arts and literature. Oh no, hold on... I _do_ like maths... O_o;; I get confused about my subjects at times, cuz in Korea, during high school, you're in different classes. For the mathematical and science driven kids, they get the "I'kwa" and for the more artsy and literatures/language kids it's the "Mun'Kwa". I always thought of myself as a mun'kwa person, but I've always loved both science, art, drama, music and maths... O_o;; and English. =_= can anyone help me decide which 'kwa' to go in??? I need to choose my university majors soon, and I need to think them all through. Man... I've got a year and a half left in Hong Kong... I'll go back, and I'll be taking my University Entrance Exams in less than two years. That's really scary actually.
People! Go and listen to Yanni's 'Almost a whisper'... gorgeous music, and Yanni's the best... with Yuhki Kuramoto, of course. ^^;;
Oh... and you know, I've had to stay after school yesterday and today? And... *laughs* there's this guy I really like, genuinely and truly; honestly. I've been watching this guy since... hell I don't remember. I've known him since year seven (I'm in year 11 right now), and one of my clearest memories of the past years are accentuated with '***** you JERK!!!' or '***** you ASSHOLE!!!' etc etc. I've even gotten something like that written in my old autograph books. *smiles giddily* And I've realized in the past year that I think of him very fondly. And he's matured... but he's still really funny, though most people don't know it. And most of all... he's SMART. Man... I don't know, but I've grown with the stereotype of 'no work and all play' caucasians wherever I lived... and this isn't my opinion but the sad truth in HK that most of the caucasians get lower grades in general than the asians. But this guy... you'd never know, but his grades are probably in the top ten or something like that. I took a look at his grades, the ones the mocks made last May... and shit, straight As and A*s! I was so proud of my own report and then I saw his... damn. I still had those two stupid Bs in History and PE. -_-;; (I just realized I sounded like the people I HATE). But seriously... I admire and respect brains in a person, and brains he certainly does, as well as looks. He's quite tall... a darkish brown like blond, big blue eyes and well shaped physique. ^^;;; I sound stupid, I know... but he's a lot of things that would appeal. And I do like him a lot. *laughs*
Well, back to the point, he's in my media class... and he's just back from the Rugby tour to Taiwan. So he was there as well... *laughs and twirls* we were talking, mainly me, Abs and Natz... with him commenting occasionally. Then the subject of who we like came on. It's strange, that I'm more than halfway through 15, and I still get really shy about these things. But I do speak openly about who I like (at times and only to my friends)... and my habit just came and bit me in the arse. So BlueEyes was like "So who is it?" and I was just like "*stare* I'm not telling _you_" like really incredulous. I just laughed and said "For the moment... sore wa himitsu desu!" Then, Blue Eyes said something about "Speaking English" (he's English... and he's always telling me to 'respect and speak English' XD)... so I said "I can't tell~ cuz ***** here might tell him...". I feel so lame writing this up here, but I'm in such a good mood~ Neways, he's just like "It's not like I'm going to TELL him or anything... I probably don't even know the guy" so I just laughed and said "Oh you know him alright~ very well actually~". There's more but I can't possibly drone on without boring you guys. And so~ ^^ I'm still smiling like an idiot (I never grin O_O) and I feel really lighthearted. Oh and the nerve of him to say "... yup, Anna's short as well" during french today... we were lining up for our marks on coursework, and him and Big John were teasing Ellen about her height. I said something, HE said something... when he said I was short, Big John was just like "Woah shit *****, don't piss her"*punch*"...off." ^^;; Blue Eyes probably never got over me hitting him when we were younger. Oh, and before you guys get any weird ideas, Big John's called 'Big' John cuz... he's 6'2 the last time I checked, and that was two years ago. There was another Jon in our class... and there's about five more Jons in our year. XD, so I christened him 'Big John' and big john he stayed.
Well... it's getting late, and I need sleep. Bye~ and sweet dreams! *gasp* it's parent's evening tomorrow!!! O_O;;
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:11 p.m.

[ Sunday, November 18, 2001 ]
O_o;; I'm so jealous of all you guys living in the States and the UK! And Canada too... and wherever they show Harry Potter!!! I think it's coming to HK around the 20th of December. Curse the damn HK asswipes... we always get movies really late. So... I won't be able to watch it for another month or so. DAMN. And Lika-chan? Expect something in your email... something which _might_ make you happy XP. I'm still working on it though...
I didn't get to catch you online Lex! T_T I knew I should have waken up earlier! Gomeeen ne~ And I'll mail you back as soon as possible! And Saiyuki Gaiden is like IMPOSSIBLE to get here. I might have to order it *curses* which takes like a fortnight or maybe even three weeks... but it's prolly better this way. I am SO looking forward to the gaiden!
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 04:36 p.m.

[ Sunday, November 18, 2001 ]
Hey Anna~~ XD
Thanks so much for saying that...I feel so stupidly happy now. ^_^;;; (And you should see me stupidly happy...it brings a whole new meaning to being well, stupidly happy. -_-;;) And as for you being unproductive, I think not! Haha! You're the one taking all the amazing classes people probably haven't even heard of here in boring Singapore. You draw amazingly well--you write! Amazingly well. You are effectively trilingual and accomplished in almost everything you put your mind to. So many things about you that set you apart from so many others! ^_^v
And! About Arashi! What's great is that you love her as much as I do and we both love X! (I'd been following the most recent ASUKA updates here so I know what goes on in X17 and man it's making me happy too! XD) What's scary is, that I once said that exact same thing about me falling in love with Arashi if I were a lesbian in my blog! *can't be bothered to dig up the exact entry in the archives* Muwahaha!! Yet more evidence of us being separated at birth! XD We just need the official documents and we're all set! ^_^v
And now's my turn to say "feel better now!" ^_^ So many people have immense fun with you. And I know how it feels when things pile up and you find yourself looking at it differently. Tisn't a very good feeling, but sometimes it works. *shrugs*
--Charlene by the stony jade phoenix @ 12:50 p.m.

[ Saturday, November 17, 2001 ]
Hmm... I've read my previous couple of entries today when I was half sane, and I'd been feeling incredibly embarrassed and ashamed... and an email from a certain person I hold dear convinced me to delete the entries. And I really was planning to delete them. And so... tihs is the last I'll say referring to them, and to that person, I owe you and a lot of other people apologies. And I really, honestly do appreciate what you've said to me. It has made me think and helped me get some facts straight. A really big hugs to you. You know who you are.
Today's exams went without a hitch... which probably means that I've flunked it. Happens all the time. If you half think you've flunked an exam, you usually end up doing quite well, and vice versa. So a big 'hmm' on how the world works.*cue for weird music*
And yes, I'm being very weird today, aw but what the hell. I bought... *gets ready to dodge* Saiyuki7, HanatoYume 24 and... X17!!!!! *flees* The last two were on Airmail... stupid Anna, buying all that stuff when she could have waited for a week or two! XD but shucks, who cares? I sure as hell don't, since I've just recently noticed that my life's going downhill and I'm just not up to the challenges anymore. So hahaha, and I'm just going to go and have a rest now... before I go insane. And a note to all readers: I am usually not of a very sane mind when it's late, I'm tired and I'm supposed to be doing something else. Beware the wicked witch.
As for you Charlene-chan, it doesn't matter whether you're social or not... you could be a leper and I'd still be your best friend. And you're one of the sweetest and most sensitive person I've ever known... so it really doesn't matter whether you're anti-social or not, does it? Besides, I bet you are so not anti-social! Look at me! All I do is sit in front of the LCD and do mindless surfing around or just read manga~ at least you do something productive! And... just to spur your X fandom a bit more... X 17 made me HAPPY! Yeaah~ and trust me, Arashi's my favourite in X. Absolutely beautiful man~ my wallpaper's of Arashi... *swoons* If I was a lesbian and if she was real, I'd be head-over-heels in love with her! As for that humour site... it's absolutely hilarious! Quite rude in some places though~ it took me the better part of two seconds for my brain to actually register what the HELL those things were. XDXDXD.
Lex-chan, how many volumes of Saiyuki do you actually have? I'm missing six, and I don't know what's going on T_T. And I want the gaiden~ The Ant problem. That brings back old memories... in Cavendish Heights where I used to live, there were tons of ants around cuz Cavendish Heights is on Jardine's Lookout... a hill to be specific. And ants bothered me... but the really big, FAST and incredibly durable ones took the last straw. I started squishing them around... and when THAT didn't work, I'll leave it to your imaginations. Let's just say that it involved a large crystal block. And a pissed off Anna. Bugs bother me a lot as well... but not as much as spiders do. I watched this horror movie when I was... six, I think. I think it was called 'The Arachnids'... I used to get nightmares. And this morning, there was a spider... >_< bad bad bad... Then there was this time when I as talking to Min Jung. I saw this HUGE red SOMETHING and just screamed. I don't scream. Anna does NOT scream. It just so happened that I did and right into my physics teacher's ear, since he was standing right behind me. Eh, poor Mr. A... he looked really bewildered.
Quite a random note.... but I hate the climate at times. It's usually annoyingly humid here in HK. But lately it's been so dry... 43% I think it was today. I've been getting static shocks all day, and dunno if I ever mentioned it, but I absolutely HATE getting the electric shock. My sisters got fed up with me yelping whenever I tried opening the car door in Korea -_-;;
^^;;... now let me go off to bed before I drop dead.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 10:50 p.m.

[ Thursday, November 15, 2001 ]
... DAMMIT. I just had a huge entry... full of nice stuff (for ONCE) and then the computer crashed and deleted it. ... I'll just summarise it and won't add the links cuz I've got no more time.
Charlene-chama.... I'm so glad you're feeling better! It wouldn't do to have you sick, nono~... and I'll be looking forward to the next Shizukesa update =3. And... if you ever need a hand with the translating or articles... or even with fanart contributions, just ask. My translations will be from the Korean version, of course, but Korean and Jap are practically identical in many ways... and if anything seems weird, I can always check with the jap version XD (I can't believe I have all of BOTH versions...) but I really do want to help, and just ask if you need or want any ^^.
Unni~ I hope you're feeling better! And I'll pray that you don't have the same allergies as I do... cuz that would be the end of takoyaki and shrimps, ne? XD I'd recommend a cream I use for my allergies but it's a Korean one and they wouldn't have one overseas... so that's tough. And gimme your address will ya? I'll be buying you a b-day prezzie... any requests? Manga? Artbooks? Photos? Drawings? All of them? XDXD just say da word sista-mine.
Lex-chan~ t'is not your fault I'm obsessed~ though you DID introduce me to it! But I guess it was inevitable... I always thought the art was good. I was drawn to it... I'll be getting #7 around Saturday (ack! Korean school exams! Media!) and I need a CHAT with you! BTW, they don't sell the gaiden anywhere! NOOOO-... and 53? That is just... just... okies, even way back, I always saw Goku with Sanzo cuz Goku was most devoted to Sanzo... and they did share a special relationship. ^^;;;;
And my biggest rant on Shakespeare *checks time* I love Romeo and Juliet, and I'll tell you more later! Ja!
Oh and PS.. you know the French coursework I did when I was half crazed with fever and did in ten mins? I got an A for it XDXDXD! ACK! It's parent's evening next week!O_O;;
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 08:03 p.m.

[ Thursday, November 15, 2001 ]
Oof. Back to blogging again! I've been a lot better than my blog says so...better change it soon. The comments a lot of people have put up regarding my "wretchedness" helped a lot too. XD XD
I finally completed Shizukesa's new layout yesterday, which really made me happy. I delight in the tiny things. I also got new bedsheets and pillows! Weehee! My mom got a grand total of six new pillows, three of which were vacuum-flattened so they were no problem, but the other three were huge. O_o; And guess who had to lug them all the way down crowded Orchard Road looking like a dip. LOL
I still get that dratted giddiness when I travel on public transport, but otherwise have been feeling just fine. I am planning to go down to the library later on to borrow a couple of books. Then I'll come back and html-ize my layout, and finally really actually go scanning so my site updates don't just smply have to consist of a new layout and nothing else.
*re-reads the entry and thinks how boring she is* Geesh.
--Charlene by the stony jade phoenix @ 01:51 p.m.

[ Wednesday, November 14, 2001 ]
WOOHOO~~! You archived futago!! XDD Yay you. I swear I'll blog here later today...I'm gonna go bedsheet shopping soon! :3 Take care.
--Charlene by the stony jade phoenix @ 12:17 p.m.

[ Tuesday, November 13, 2001 ]
Yeyhey~ I've actually managed to archive this baby. It's nothing amazing, but considering my level of computer knowledge... *shakes head* it's a miracle.
I wore my winter uniform today... and Mr. S was in a really bad mood... so go figure out what happened next. I did tuck in my shirt; he said it wasn't tucked in. I was wearing gray slacks, GRAY is allowed but nooo it wasn't the drab dark gray of the regulation (may look okay on guys but it looks like CRAP on girls) so he wrote in RED in my diary about blah blah shit. Then, he saw the inside cover of my diary... and the bastard wrote a big 'V' in it... meaning verbal warning. Bleh. Bad mood, I'll blog tomorrow.
--Anna by the stony jade phoenix @ 11:43 p.m.

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